Advertising is the core of your business, and even small businesses need good digital advertising to survive. Not only does it help grow your brand, but the right kind of marketing can turn Google search users into full-blown consumers with very little effort.

We are a professional advertising company that has offered reliable marketing solutions to many brands helping to create and deliver excellent ads and ad campaigns to almost any internet platform.

We can provide reliable marketing results to any company. We are advertisers who try to match customers’ expectations and succeed where other ad campaigns may have failed, using a mixture of resources (insights, access to the industry, case studies) to build an effective marketing strategy.


What is Advertising?

Advertising is a marketing exercise that aims to gather up more ‘conversions’ from clients. This could be sales or more complex events like success at getting a business to partner with your company.

To advertise, agencies like ours need to create an ad, something with the ability to drive consumers towards a platform or service.

A large part of our work revolves around developing a strategy that can do this job well.

How Does Advertising Work?

Advertising works by drawing attention to products or services.

Success in digital advertising means getting the names of brands or businesses out to a wider audience and spreading it through communication channels like social media or search engine platforms.

Attention and Awareness

Getting knowledge of brands out into the world on a global (or even local) scale can increase the amount of attention it gets, leading to more business and customer awareness. This is the main goal of most advertising agencies.

Why is Advertising Important?

Without customer awareness, UK companies can’t draw in more sales. Having your brand seen and recognised is vital for getting more future business.

Even the most fun and creative services will go ignored if there is no budget set aside for marketing campaigns or advertising agencies.

Benefits of Advertising

Advertising agencies like ours can offer multiple major benefits, all of which come from the skill of the agency itself. A few examples include:

  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Attracting more customers.
  • Higher sales volume.
  • The ability to advertise country-wide.
  • More data and insights to use for future advertising campaigns.
  • An easier understanding of customer value.
  • More chances to build customer commitment and loyalty.
  • Cross-platform marketing across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
  • Professional content creation services.
  • Case studies to base future advertising solutions on.

Why Choose Growth Giants for Advertising Services?

We have been one of the best advertising agencies in the UK for a while now, having worked on advertising tasks for thousands of different clients across dozens of industries. Our expertise has only grown with time, and our team offers decades of combined experience.

Our UK Advertising

We can work as a UK digital advertising agency for companies of any size, backed up by our reputation within the UK digital advertising and marketing industry.

Our five-star reviews and multiple awards speak volumes about the importance, quality and results of our advertising solutions.

Types of Advertising We Offer

Our UK advertising spans multiple platforms – like any good advertising company, we can target various kinds of media owners for marketing purposes.

However, choosing the right media platforms for marketing campaigns is an important part of the process.

TV Advertising

Simple UK Television ads can spread awareness easily but rely on creative advertising for them to stick with audiences long-term.

Our team can gather up the resources to deliver creative, direct TV advertisements – this relies on a flexible budget and a strategy of how you want to use TV as a media channel going forward.


The UK Television’s effectiveness as an advertising media channel can vary heavily, meaning that businesses like yours want good advertising agencies like ours backing them up. Even the UK TV network being used matters – some may target the UK, others Europe, and some are nearly global.

Radio Advertising

Using UK Radio advertising can be a good substitute for television, but it has a different kind of marketing audience.

Like TV, radio effectiveness depends on the creative and direct nature of the ad, as well as the radio’s target audience and the kind of product, news or service that you are selling.

Location and Target Audience

For example, some UK projects may do better on Europe-wide radio channels, but not more global ones. Statistics might also show that UK listeners may respond to advertising for certain products at certain times but not others, making radio effectiveness very time-sensitive.

Outdoor Advertising

Advertising on a UK billboard, banner or even the side of a UK bus can work well for marketing purposes.
These are all quite common in the UK and Europe but are also used in global marketing too. This advertising service can take a lot of resources but can also be very effective.


Since UK outdoor advertising relies on good visual media, creative designs need to be employed.
With limited space, our advertising team will have to come up with creative visuals that still mention things such as company awards, dates of events, or any other relevant information that the public should see.

Print Advertising

Print advertising can be widespread, but knowing where to focus is important.

A professional advertising agency like us can pinpoint the statistics and news related to different parts of the Europe market – or even expand that to global coverage – and figure out which print ads might be best.


Businesses advertising through print often have limits to stick to, so our agency can help create the perfect advertising materials for physical news flyers, a billboard sign, or any other print media.
Again, vital information like date or business phone/mobile numbers needs to be included there as well.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing and advertising is one of the spots where our agency can thrive the most, putting together an effective strategy based on statistics and customer value details.

Not only does it require creative advertising ideas, but also a focus on knowing your target audience.

Widespread Reach

A social media account allows you to put out posts and messages that anybody can see, with more people finding these through either search results or the posts spreading around. If we focus on building awareness, our agency can get you noticed in a wide range of niches.

How Much Does Advertising Cost?

UK businesses typically have to pay around £800 to £1,600 for a day of TV advertising, £650 per day for social media marketing, £2 per thousand listeners for a radio ad and anything from £10 to £200 for print.
Of course, these are all estimates – ones that we aim to beat.

Learn More

If you want to find out more about what we offer and the prices we aim for, then you can contact us directly to talk with our agency experts.

Bespoke Work

Each marketing arrangement our agency takes on is bespoke, and we tailor each service to the client – that is how we have won awards.


Is Advertising Worth It?

An advertising agency can be necessary in the modern business world. Even if statistics do not show it, most businesses are advertising – meaning that they can outpace businesses without an advertising agency or service.

Advertising Company

Advertising is about media and statistics and knowing where to focus your attention. Working with our agency can get you the service you need, point your focus in the right direction, and give you access to valuable statistics from real-world marketing experience and tools.

Is Advertising a Fixed Cost?

Advertising is rarely a fixed cost. Certain media types, like radio, might have particular “events” (in this case, 30-second ads) that are a fixed price, but channels like social media are more flexible. This allows us to use past statistics to optimise the cost compared to the potential outcome.

Top Advertising Agencies

Even our own UK services are not a fixed cost. We focus on results, meaning that we will tailor our work to each client based on recent statistics, news, and client preferences. Even details like the date, time of year, or current temperature can impact the marketing opportunities and events for certain businesses.


Advertising is not just about putting a page in the news and hoping to get attention – it is a way of building up a larger customer base, getting noticed, and spreading your reach. The hard part is knowing how to do it and which methods to target – which is something we (and our multiple marketing awards) can provide for you.

Contact Us

If you want to know more details about our services, pricing or anything else specifically, then you can contact us and talk to us at any time. Our specialists and experts are standing by, ready for their next big project – and we hope it will be you.

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