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Archaeologists are an important part of the cultural heritage industry. They are responsible for recording the findings from archaeological excavation and artefacts they find during their work so that they can be studied further by historians and other experts.

We’ve been in the business of advertising for archaeologists for some time and we’ve been doing it well. Our company wants to help people discover the world of archaeology.

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We believe that when someone encounters a great ad, they’ll be inspired to learn more and encourage collaborative archaeology initiatives taking place.

We are focused on creating ads that are entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking.  In this article, we guide you through everything you need to know about advertising for archaeologists and the best strategies to implement for marketing archaeology.


What is Advertising for Archeologists?

Advertising for Archeologists is a type of marketing that involves the promotion of theoretical archaeology findings, finding out more about cultural property, and various research related to archaeology.

The purpose of advertising for archaeologists is to inform the public about the types of historical archaeology, cultural heritage, and community archaeology project taking place.

It also allows you to reach out directly to potential archaeological institutes social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re an archaeologist you need a budget set aside specifically for advertising. At our company, we have advertising packages that are tailored to your needs.

Here at Growth Giants, we also offer video marketing for archaeologists too, so take a look at that as an option, too.

The Benefits of Advertising for Archeologists

Advertising for archaeologists is a great way to get your archaeological practice out there. It also helps you reach more people and get leads for potential clients. You can use advertising to promote your archaeological sites, which is beneficial if you are looking for a new archaeological institute to partner with.

Advertising allows you to reach a wider audience than just those who know about archaeology in general, which means that there’s no limit on how many people will see the ads.

We can get started by creating an ad on social media that talks about what you do as an archaeologist. It will help people understand why they should hire you or refer their friends to someone who does this kind of work. The more information that gets shared online, the better chance there is of getting new clients.

The main goal of advertising is to generate more leads for your archaeology website, it’s that simple. Be sure to look through our lead generation services for archaeologists if this is of interest to you.

Why Choose Us?

Archaeologists need a lot of help with their marketing. They’re used to working in the field, and they don’t have time to spend on things like social media ads, email marketing campaigns, or web design. That’s where we come in.

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As the UK’s leading advertising agency for archaeologists, we have years of experience working with archaeologist firms. We know what it takes to make a successful campaign—and we can do it all from our offices in the UK Our team is made up of experts who will help you with your advertising needs, no matter how big or small they may be.

Types of Advertising We Offer To Archeologists

We offer 3 types of advertisements for archaeologists:

TV Advertisements

TV commercials are the most effective way to introduce your brand to a wide audience. They’re seen by millions of viewers every day, so they can reach a lot of different people at once.

The problem is that they’re expensive. That’s why we offer our TV commercials at a very affordable rate. Our TV ads are designed to be short and sweet—just long enough to get your message across before moving on to the next ad break.

Outdoor Advertisements

Outdoor advertising works like TV advertising, but it’s even more effective because it’s out in the open where everyone can see it.  Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach potential customers who are walking around or driving by your location at the time of your ad’s broadcast.

It’s also great for reaching people who are in their cars when they see it. Outdoor ads are a great way for companies who want exposure without having to pay for an expensive television campaign, too.

Social Media Advertising

Our social media advertising is simple and effective. We will help you reach your audience’s social media ads. With our deep understanding of the archaeological market, we’ll make sure that every dollar spent on advertising is spent wisely.

Our experts will ensure that you reach potential customers directly through their channels—whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other platform they use regularly.

Be sure to take a look at our social media marketing for archaeologists if you’re interested.

How Much Does Advertising Cost for archaeologist Companies in the UK?

The average cost of TV advertising for archaeologist companies in the U.K is between £3000 – £30000. It can vary, depending on several factors such as the size of your company, single product or service or multiple products/services, and the type of advertising you want to run.

The main reason that this is so high is that TV advertising is expensive. The costs involved with buying airtime, producing commercials and airing them are all significant and need to be factored into any budgeting decision.

Testimonials From our Archeologists Clients

“We had difficulties in advertising but this company helped us get the biggest number in human participants involved with our antiquities market. The advertising for my archaeological practice has been very helpful.”

“We highly recommended the company for advertisements, they have tailored packages for everyone’s needs and they can get varied groups interested with the projects you run through there effective camping”

“Sometimes it is hard to know where to begin with when you want to advertise your project in the community archaeology. This company helped us with social media advertisement with archaeologists focus to ensure we get the right target audience. We were able to get more clients to our firm. Thank you so much”


What is the average cost for archaeologist advertisements?

The average cost of TV advertising for archaeologist companies in the U.K is between £3000 – £30000. But it can also depend on other factors such type of product and service that you’re advertising.

What are the benefits of advertisements for archaeologists?

Some of the benefits of advertisements for archaeologists include the following: An increase in brand awareness, increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

What are types of advertisements for archaeologists do we offer?

At our company, we offer Tv advertisements, outdoor advertisements, and social media advertisements.

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You’re an archaeologist, and you deserve the best. We are here to help you get the word out about your work so that people can learn more about what you do and how important it is to our culture.

We specialise in advertising services for archaeologists, offering TV advertisements, outdoor advertisements, and social media advertisements at an affordable price.

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As the UK’s leading advertising agency for archaeologists, we have years of experience working with archaeologist firms. We’ve got all sorts of creative ideas that will help you reach your target audience—and help them learn more about your firm.

Our team of experts would love to hear from you at any time. If you require more information on advertising your archaeological company please do get in touch, we’re happy to help.

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