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Good web design is the heart and soul of any online company. Not only does it create the first impression of your business for anybody who visits your company website, but it can also directly influence the way that potential customers engage with you.

A professionally designed website can be used as a marketing tool, a sales platform, a space to promote new products, a lead generator, a customer service tool, or even just a way to get customers to contact you. However, you can’t do any of this without a decent website design.

We at Growth Giants know how to design websites that match our client’s brand identity and online marketing tactics, as well as make sure that they work across both desktop and mobile devices. If you want the best design work possible, then you need to work with professional web designers.


What is Web Design?

Web design is the art of creating a new website or altering an existing website in any major way. While most web design focuses on the visuals and layout, there can also be web design techniques that are more geared towards tweaking the backend, such as making it load faster.

Form and Function

Good web design is a combination of functions and aesthetics, with the best websites using a perfect balance of both. However, web site design is rarely ever “finished”, and a site will routinely see updates or tweaks as the company, industry, and market evolves.


Professional web design can involve major tools and techniques, like using a content management system or focusing on search engine optimisation, to get specific results. Web development services like ours need to understand every part of the web design process, even if they are only relevant to certain clients.

How Does Web Design Work?

Website design – and web development – work under the idea of several different roles coming together. This means artists, coders, writers, graphic designers, marketers, bug testers and technical experts all pooling their skills into a single website design.

As such, website design can be quite a tough field since there always needs to be a balance in how the design is constructed. For example, while you can make unlimited revisions to a website that you own, getting responsive websites might mean cutting some graphic design elements.

Why is Web Design Important?

Web design changes how your target audience perceives your entire brand and how new visitors will see your business moving forward. This can have a direct impact on business success and your overall marketing efforts, making good website design a must-have.

First Impressions

A well-designed website is going to make your company look better to anybody that stumbles across it, either intentionally or by accident. In many cases, people will choose near-identical services based on which website looks the most trustworthy.

First Impression Benefits

Poor first impressions can lose sales, and this is a very common problem that many site owners do not realise. A risky-looking or badly-designed site does not fill the customer with confidence, and they might even fear that your site is outdated.


Online stores and other digital platforms rely on good website design to function correctly. Customers who go through the whole process of using an e-commerce system might be ready to purchase something, but if the website design makes it too complex, these potential customers may simply switch to a different website.

Sales Benefits

The better you design a site, the easier it becomes to nudge visitors towards sales. A UK-based e-commerce business with a well-made website is far more likely to get random sales than one which has a very basic e-commerce business platform with no flair or additional effort.

Technical Aspects

Beyond that, your website design influences the technical side of your page. A new website that loads slowly will see fewer visitors than an identical one which loads quickly, and a site that is only adjusted for certain screen sizes may not load on mobile apps or browsers.

Technical Benefits

An e-commerce platform is especially important when it comes to technical tweaks. Even one mistake can make it impossible to conduct business easily through the site, and you may lose business that was already within your grasp due to a few technical hiccups.

Benefits of Web Design

Web design can have a range of benefits for your company, ranging from the obvious to the not-so-obvious. These include:

  • Improved internet search rankings.
  • A redesigned space made using a combination of different opinions and preferences.
  • Better first impressions.
  • Increases in revenue.
  • Refinement of an existing site to make it load faster and perform better.
  • Easier ways to handle ongoing support (such as adding new features).
  • Establishing a solid brand identity.
  • Reducing bounce rate (the amount of users ‘bouncing off’ the site).

Why Choose Growth Giants for UK Website Design Services?

Growth Giants are a UK-based web design company (and web development company) with a range of website design and online marketing services.

Our expert team of web designers and digital marketing experts have spent years building up experience, working with countless clients over the years and providing exceptional service at every turn.


We aim to provide a reliable, high-quality and cost-effective solution for each client, offering a completely bespoke design for every website that can match the exact requirements we are given.

With so many past success stories, we understand the business needs of each client and create websites that take full advantage of our skills.


All our websites are made to hit the most affordable price possible for each customer, providing a complete solution to their website problems and business needs.

Our great customer service team and excellent designers can offer unlimited revisions to our design services, tweaking the results until you get the exact website you were looking for.

Get In Touch

If you are interested in becoming our next project or just want to talk to our friendly team about what we offer, then get in touch! Our development process is heavily focused on our clients’ needs, and we are always willing to follow their ideas, needs and requirements as required.

Our Web Designers

The variety of professionals working under us has allowed us to tackle countless different projects in the past, all of them completely different. All of our website designers are fully trained in using common website design tools, along with content management system software and other relevant applications.

Design Skills

Through our expert website designers, we can handle everything from content management of blogs and search engine optimisation to setting up e-commerce online stores. Our award-winning work and wealth of previous experience have given us the expertise we need to produce excellent results time and time again.

Contact Us

All of our website designers are ready to work on whatever projects we take on next, so do not hesitate to contact us and ask about particular services or skills that we can offer. Each of our website designers can take on a range of niches, goals,

Types of Web Design We Offer

With so many different kinds of web design work on offer, our web designers are able to fill a variety of roles within the greater web design umbrella. Our web development services are varied and highly flexible, meaning that we can create whatever website our clients need us to.

Single Page Web Design

Single page website design is basically the process of web design applied to only one page, meaning that an entire company website can be accessed with a single click.

This can suit a small business very well and works perfectly on a wide range of screen sizes thanks to the mobile-friendly layout options.

This kind of single-page work can take highly skilled web designers to pull it off, but it can be an effective option for many of the websites (or individual website pages) found online.

Whether it is used to sell products, tell a narrative story or just offer a mobile-friendly design for a simple site, we can help create exactly what you need.

Static Website Web Design

A static website design offers very little user functionality and is often used to sell products, spread information, or act as a reference for some other website (such as a page directing visitors to the intended site’s new address). The visual design is the most notable part, so a good design agency matters a lot here.

Our dedicated team can help you create reliable, effective static websites that provide intentionally limited functionality without compromising the website design as a whole. Whatever the reason for the website is, we can match it to our clients every single time.

Dynamic Website Web Design

A dynamic website design involves a lot of interaction with users, often relying on some in-depth code and specially-designed features that most websites lack.

This could be something as simple as an embedded set of features or as complex as tools that have been coded into the site specifically.

Why Dynamic?

This can be great for marketing campaigns, making a great first impression on your home page, or filling a particular niche – if not all three at once.

These websites tend to lead to meaningful digital experiences, as well as a high chance of customers returning to use any practical features built into the site.

Tools like font generators, online design software, company name availability checkers and grammar-checking websites all have heavy user interaction.

The company behind a platform like this can leverage the success of the website to promote their business, and small businesses may even treat the website as one of their core products.

Responsive Design Web Design

A responsive website design is meant to handle different screen sizes with ease, automatically changing the layout and general design of the site to match each browser. This allows the websites to scale themselves to fit a computer screen, mobile device, or even a dynamically-adjusted window size.

Why Responsive?

A fully responsive website can be viewed on almost any device, allowing a business to spread itself around a little further by capturing audiences across all platforms.

Even if your business mainly targets mobile users, it never hurts to have a desktop-compatible site since that will just bring in more potential customers anyway.

With a responsive web design, companies do not need to worry about how a site will appear on one platform over another. This can take a while to set up, but it enables full compatibility with all major platforms, something that can matter in any industry and niche.

Liquid Design Web Design

Liquid design is slightly different to responsive design, even if it gets the same kind of results in general. Instead of changing the design, the entire site is designed to shrink or grow depending on the device viewing it, meaning that no information or artwork is lost.

While this will not always work for every site, it can be a great option for design-focused sites, where shrinking it down and removing some detail would ruin the entire point.

It can also be a great option to use with devices that allow easy zooming since the user can quickly adjust the zoom if it does not quite match up perfectly.

Fixed Design Web Design

A fixed design will never change size, no matter what window you are viewing it on. This consistent resolution can be important for a business that needs a certain design to always look the same or in situations where a page needs to look consistent across all platforms.

This may not be the most practical option for smaller screens, but it can still be a valuable technique to have available. In the right situations, it can help a lot, making sure that a website never changes or gets its layout distorted across different platforms.

How Much Do UK Web Design Services Cost?

Different services from a web design company like us can have wildly different prices since no two elements of the design process are going to be exactly the same. Getting a new website built from scratch requires different things to e-commerce development services, for example.

Bespoke Work

Using our work as an example, every project is bespoke and unique. No two clients will want the same things, and we make sure to match our pricing to the actual services that they are asking for.


As an average, all across the UK, a simple website could cost you anything between £750 to £7000 in total, depending on the scale, scope, and amount of custom coding involved. There is not really a set cost for website design because each project can be vastly different from the last.

Our Work

We can offer nationwide web design services all throughout the UK, providing bespoke design results that match the needs and budgets of our clients.

As a professional website design company, we know how to come up with a fair plan that does not push our clients over budget for features that they will not need.

Web Design vs Web Development

Web design is the process of building a website’s visuals, from the look and feel of individual pages to the art assets that decorate it. Web development, on the other hand, is more about the technical side, changing and tweaking functional elements to make it all work properly.

Using Them Together

These two halves are inherently linked, and our web design company can provide both with ease. The final product needs to be a combination of both: something that looks and feels good to explore while also acting as an effective marketing tool and general company website.

We have a range of different specialists that can work well in both fields, allowing us to create the perfect website for your needs with very little hassle.

Talk With Us

Even if you want to use website-builder tools that do not require coding, we can still insert our own to tweak and refine elements of how the site looks and functions, making it stand out and operate in a way that other sites do not. You can contact our experts to learn more.


Does Web Design Help SEO?

Website design can be an important part of both the user experience and SEO effectiveness. A poor site design can increase bounce-off rates, make the site appear less relevant, and even slow downloading times, all of which can impact SEO scores and drop your site’s search rankings.

Is Web Design Expensive?

Website design does not ever have to be expensive – it all depends on what the design actually ends up changing. It is entirely possible to redesign your entire website on a tight budget, but more time-consuming and bespoke features can quickly start to increase the cost.

However, a good website also leads to more revenue, especially for an e-commerce site. This can make it well worth the cost in the long term.

Is a Web Design Company Worth It?

A professional company like ours is important for getting good website design services and results. Your business will always perform better with a great website, and trying to design it yourself can take your attention away from other business matters.

On top of that, website design is a tricky business with a lot of ways to make mistakes. Accidentally breaking your own website can completely ruin your e-commerce platform, and you might not know how to change things back.


As a professional website design company, we can offer everything you might need to get your website in order quickly, effectively, and within your own budget limits. Our excellent staff are always on standby and ready to get to work on our next project, no matter whose website it happens to involve.

If you want to know more about what we offer and how we can tailor our bespoke services to your needs, then contact us and let us know what you are looking for. A simple discussion is all we need to understand what you are looking for and how we can provide it.

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