Lead Generation

Good lead generation can be one of the most important things your business will ever need. Without a solid lead generation process forming the basis of a company’s workflow, they can end up with very few potential customers and nowhere to expand their influence.

Knowing how to generate leads can be easy, but implementing a successful lead generation campaign is much harder. Larger companies dedicate entire sales teams to the inbound lead generation process, not knowing if they will see a return on their investment.

Working with a professional is always the best option, especially as a smaller business. We at Growth Giants can provide a wide range of lead generation strategies, tools, and services, all handled in a completely bespoke way to match the needs of each client.


What is Lead Generation?

The lead generation process has one simple goal: to uncover more marketing leads. In general, the term ‘leads’ refers to any potential marketing target who has an interest in something your company is selling – whether that is a single person, a household, or even an entire company.

Lead generation covers the process of identifying and attracting potential customers or sales prospects, then converting them into a full lead by getting them interested in a product. From there, they can become “qualified leads” – leads who have been contacted directly.

The entire process is essentially focused around creating a target audience, finding new leads that can become part of that audience, and then working out how to market towards them.
Without a lead generation strategy, a company would have to rely on whatever potential customers stumbled across them naturally, which is not sustainable.

Why is Lead Generation Important?

A person who shows interest in your company’s product or service is a potential customer. However, people can’t know if they want your product or service until they are exposed to it – which is why sales and marketing often focus on spreading awareness of that product or service.

A company’s product usually is not enough to attract potential customers unless it goes viral online or solves a highly specific problem, and direct marketing campaigns may not lead to the immediate sales numbers you need.

However, spreading awareness of your brand can often start to gather up leads that you may be able to capture and convert.

The lead generation process creates more potential customers by exposing more people to the product or service you are trying to sell, turning potential leads into brand new leads that you can market to. This is the most reliable way to attract potential customers – as long as it is handled correctly.

Each individual lead has value, and some can be incredibly precious. A particularly successful lead generation attempt can lead to a company acquiring the business of a very valuable client that would normally have been completely out of their reach.

Benefits of Lead Generation

Good lead generation strategies allow you to do many things, including:

  • Expanding your target audience through spreading awareness of your brand.
  • Selling to more people and increasing overall revenue.
  • Increasing total awareness of your brand – which can also translate into social media follower numbers or loyal repeat customers.
  • Replacing other marketing strategies that were too expensive and unprofitable to rely on.
  • Converting more people into a paying customer.
  • Cherry-picking leads to focus on the most profitable targets.
  • Generating leads in new market sectors or business opportunities.
  • Snowball your lead generation strategy into a state where new leads are turning up on their own.

Beyond all of that, lead generation also forms a strong foundation for future marketing strategies and business opportunities. It gives you an excellent starting point and a wide range of potential customers but does not lock you into a single method of capitalising on those leads.

Why Choose Growth Giants for your Lead Generation?

Growth Giants boasts a marketing team comprised of multiple experienced sales, marketing and lead generation experts, with a range of qualifications and certifications to back up the work that we have done.

With over ten years of combined experience, we are able to provide the best lead generation campaign for each client, completely bespoke. We have worked with countless clients in the past, using our lead generation efforts to get them the marketing they need consistently and affordably.

Not only can our sales teams and lead generation experts work with companies of any size, but we can take on completely bespoke tasks to make sure that our lead generation marketing techniques suit your business. Our excellent reputation and a long list of five-star reviews have made us one of the top lead generation companies in the industry.

Types of Lead Generation We Offer

We offer a range of different lead generation strategies and services in the UK, all of which can be used for very different purposes and goals. Our lead generation tools allow us to approach each project with the right strategy in mind, helping us generate the leads you need quickly and reliably.

These lead generation strategies can also be used alongside one another, allowing our marketing team to put together a multi-pronged marketing strategy that targets many audiences at once. The more prospective customers we can push into your conversion funnel and towards your sales team, the better.

SEO Lead Generation

The SEO lead generation strategy involves the use of SEO (search engine optimization) to place marketing material or relevant content on results in search engines.

This can be one of the easiest ways to spread awareness of your brand since we can tailor the SEO to target relevant searches and in-market audiences.

A combination of good lead-generation software and SEO knowledge means that we can build quality leads from people who are already searching for a product like your own. This makes it incredibly easy to focus on inbound leads, making new customer acquisition incredibly simple and hands-off.

This can be great for both long-standing companies and early-stage startups, pushing your company website (or high-quality content related to your product or service) into the results for relevant searches.
That way, only potential leads with an interest in that niche or industry will see your content, ensuring that no effort or budget is wasted.

Our SEO experts can use our wide range of lead generation tools to help you get the quality leads you need from the internet, all while helping boost your own content marketing quality. This allows us to target two issues at once, giving you twice the benefits with only one set of content and site tweaks.

PPC Lead Generation

PPC lead generation is heavily focused on lead generation marketing, using paid marketing techniques or platforms to approach potential leads and spread awareness about a brand. This kind of lead generation strategy can cost more to set up, but the results can be worth it.

Not only does PPC offer more ways to target specific audiences or subsets of people, but it can help us push your brand name with more force instead of relying on natural traffic.

This means that we can intentionally target high-quality leads and use specially-created ads to capture them or aim for a wider audience and capture even more leads through generalised ads.

PPC often requires some care and planning, meaning that we would discuss every step of the process to make sure that it was lining up with your expectations. However, once in place, a PPC campaign allows us to generate leads at an incredible rate with only minimal ad expenses.

Our sales and marketing experts know how to build effective PPC advertising content that can help push your brand even further, allowing you to gather leads through paid channels quickly. We can help you optimize the marketing as a whole, ensuring that you get the results you need for a lower budget.

Social Media Lead Generation

Social media is a prime channel for lead generation. Not only can successful lead generation create even more influence throughout the platform, but social media posts can often be shared around to spread themselves further, especially if they happen to go viral.

Even if we use paid social media advertising features, the end result is still the same: easy lead generation that can be spread around to specific audiences as needed.

Not only does social media allow us to focus on one target audience, but it can also draw in more leads from regular traffic that happened to see the same posts.

Different social media platforms have different audiences, but having profiles on the most popular cones can be a huge boon to lead generation. Even occasional news posts can be enough to garner some more attention and leads, especially if hashtags or other features are used correctly.

Getting high-quality leads from social media can take some effort, but once we improve lead quality, the leads will just keep coming. Whether you have existing customers on social media or have only just set up an account, we can turn your preferred social platforms into an effective lead generation tool.

Video Marketing Lead Generation

Video marketing can seem like a niche option at first, but it can be surprisingly effective on the right platforms. Our content marketing specialists can help you create video marketing material that will perfectly target the audiences you want, latching onto lead generation trends that work to maximise each video’s impact.

Video marketing can drive a higher level of engagement, especially if people stumble across the videos themselves rather than being forced to watch one as an ad. The right strategies and video content can result in a huge amount of generated leads, especially if the videos are targeted at a certain major audience.

There is also the fact that the contents of the videos matter a lot, too. We can work with you to produce video content that generates leads and informs an audience of core details about your product or service, essentially skipping a huge part of the sales funnel by telling people the basics right away.

Beyond that, a video’s contents are bolstered by the way it is titled, tagged, posted and shared with other people. Even something small, like a one-word change in the title, can increase engagement or get the video trending in particular audiences – which means that the marketing element is still very important.

If you need lead generation results and want to include videos in your marketing strategy, then we can use our own lead generation tools to help you produce video content that works. Our staff are experts at content marketing for this kind of purpose.

Email Marketing Lead Generation

Direct email marketing for lead generation can be a very effective way of gathering more attention and awareness, replacing passive inbound lead generation with a more active form of outbound lead collection. This can be a great lead capture option, seeking out people who may already have an interest in your product.

Identifying the right target audience is always the first step since email marketing relies on finding people who are willing to look deeper into the offers or messages we send.

Looking at your existing customers and previously-generated leads can help a lot, so our experts will take the time to build up an idea of who we should be targeting.

From there, we can build a high-quality marketing campaign that aims to target potential leads “at the source”, pulling people who otherwise would not know about your product into the sales funnel. The more successful lead generation emails we send, the more we can refine your targeted audience segments.

Email marketing requires more sales work than most other options, but we can work with your sales reps to come up with a strategy that provides both sales and marketing experience at once. Each email needs to gather attention and interest without being too forced, ensuring that future sales are always within reach.

Advertising Lead Generation

General advertising is one of the more conventional services that we provide, but it can still be used for excellent lead generation purposes.

Standard sales and marketing material can work really well in the context of trying to generate leads, especially with an expert backing up your choices and decisions.

Our advertising and sales team know how to put advertisements together, and we can work with your own sales team to develop a series of ads that suit your needs. Then, we can arrange for them to be displayed in areas (or towards audiences) that will create more reliable leads.

This works for both inbound leads (using ads to passively gather interest) and outbound leads (sending ads directly to customers as an active sales process). Either way, audiences learn about your business and are exposed to a snapshot of content that will hopefully get people invested in what you can offer.

The kind of ad we use can influence the lead quality and amount substantially, so we will work with your sales team to create ads that fit your lead generation needs perfectly. The more accurate and well-constructed the ads are, the easier it becomes to collect huge amounts of relevant leads.

Our Lead Generation Process

We use a range of lead generation tools and techniques to get each sales-qualified lead for our clients, but the process that we use is very heavily influenced by their industry and bespoke needs. As such, we are very careful to work with our clients, giving them what they ask for.

Client Requirements

Before we start any work on lead generation, we make sure to ask our clients all about the results that they actually want. The more we know about your needs and requirements, the easier it becomes to build up a strategy that works for you.

For example, you may simply want to build brand awareness or chase warm leads using a clear call-to-action in a piece of content. Some of our clients even ask for a “lead magnet”, something that is given away for free to gather contact information for later use as a lead option.

Targeting Audiences

Understanding the lead generation trends related to audiences can be tough, and we make sure to talk with our clients about this kind of detail before starting our work. If you have already used a lead magnet or have a long list of customer audience details, then this speeds things up dramatically.

However, hitting the right marketing alignment for your targeted audience requires planning. We will help you figure out which marketing alignment and audience options suit your business best, then figure out ways to target them specifically.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound lead generation involves creating content that attracts users looking inwards – such as banner ads on sites or promotional posts that appear on social media platforms. These result in marketing-qualified leads that have expressed a clear interest in your company or services.
It is important to remember that inbound marketing is usually quite widespread: it can be posts or ads that appear for users outside of your intended audience.

This can often mean that they will unintentionally bring in more customers and leads, which can be a huge boon to certain smaller companies with a limited marketing budget.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is more focused on pursuing particular audiences or users, sending emails or other direct forms of communication to grasp their attention. Often known as “interruption marketing”, this can be annoying if done wrong but incredibly powerful if done correctly.

While poor outbound marketing can reflect badly on your company if it annoys people too often, it also opens you up to a larger audience. It involves pushing content onto an audience rather than letting them experience it at their own pace, but it can be surprisingly effective if handled well (such as through an opt-in form).

Lead Qualification

Qualifying leads means sorting through all of the gathered data to find the high-quality leads, setting aside the rest for potential later use. “Unqualified” leads are any lead that is not actually likely to make a purchase or is not going to make a purchase big enough to actually pursue them as a customer.

Leads can be qualified in different ways, usually in sequence, as the potential customer gets further down the sales process.

What is an Unqualified Lead?

Unqualified leads are leads that have not been nurtured and are simply there in the background, waiting to be investigated in-depth. Without extra nurturing, these tend to fizzle out or not lead to a sale, making them fairly worthless unless you put some effort into building them up.

What is a Marketing Qualified Lead?

Marketing qualified leads are leads that are ready to be marketed towards, usually ones that have a high chance of potential sales. These are distinct from unqualified leads due to the fact that they have been checked over and are a good prospect, even if they still need to be approached.

What is a Sales Qualified Lead?

Sales qualified customer leads are any leads that are likely to lead to a conversion and are ready to be connected to sales reps or channelled into a sales funnel. These are the ideal kinds of lead to aim for since they require very little work to give you a sale or two.

What is a Product Qualified Lead?

A product qualified lead is a lead that has shown a strong indication of interest in a certain product – people who sign up to freemium models, free trials, newsletters about an item, or have placed it on a wish list on your online storefront.

These are people who usually need to be marketed a specific thing, requiring some extra focus when trying to draw them in. However, a sale is almost guaranteed as long as they are shown the right content and products or services.

What is a Conversion Qualified Lead?

A conversion qualified lead is any lead that has already converted on a site, such as visiting your landing page or submitting a form.

These conversions depend on what you as a company consider to be a valuable conversion, but the end result is still the same.

Depending on the conversion, this might open customers up to more marketing options. If they arrive at your landing page through inbound marketing, they could convert by signing up to a mailing list, allowing you to switch to outbound marketing instead.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the first thing most potential customers will see, even if you get their attention through inbound marketing tactics.

Other than a blog post they might have been linked to, a landing page can be the first impression they will get of your entire company.

This means that if your landing page is bad, conversions will drop accordingly.

Our staff can help you update and refine your website to better suit the kinds of customers you are trying to attract or even help create specific landing pages meant just for certain ads. This latter technique can make a massive difference and gives you more control over what visitors see first.

Lead Management

Once we have high-quality leads, we need to manage them appropriately. We always prioritise good-quality leads, making sure to discuss each new major lead with your team to ensure that we are aiming for the right audiences and goals.

It is important that we nurture leads you intend to keep, which means engaging with excellent-quality leads before they go cold again.

We will share all the lead information we have with you and will recommend ways of getting them onto landing pages or into your conversion funnel.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a system that allows us to calculate how valuable a certain prospect is. Under lead scoring, we might be able to tell if one sales-qualified lead is better than the other or judge different high-quality leads to see which would be worth focusing on first.

Our lead scoring system is designed for both our benefit and your own. A good lead scoring model like ours helps teams decide which prospects are most valuable in the sales funnel, which can be an important part of lead management once the leads begin to flood in.

Lead scoring is not just about good lead management, though. We can also use lead scoring to judge suitability with your business – identifying groups outside your targeted audience that might still be worth building relationships with or targeted groups that are not worth pursuing anymore.

Working With Your Sales Team to Generate Leads

We are fully prepared to work with your own staff to help create the perfect leads strategy for your needs, whether that means reworking landing pages and writing a blog post for natural inbound marketing or using more direct tactics to try and gather up sales.

Whatever you are looking for, we can talk it over with you and figure out a plan that works perfectly, tweaking it as needed to react to its performance. Leads can be hard to generate, and we want to get as many high-quality leads as possible for our clients.

How Much Does Lead Generation Cost?

The cost of lead generation varies heavily depending on the type, quality, scale and amount of leads you are getting, which can make it especially hard to plan ahead without a budget already in mind. Different industries can also cost more to market for various outside reasons.

Leads can also be different cost levels when targeting individual people compared to business leads since the latter are much more valuable – and expensive – as a side-effect of how much money they can provide the company that gets them.

Individual customers

It is hard to judge individual costs of new customer acquisition results since most lead generation techniques will gather multiple customers. For example, you might spend £100 to get 10 new leads – but half of those could be big spenders who want a very pricey product, making your money back.

Generally, you want to think of smaller leads in terms of advertising spend – if you are paying £100 to create an ad that only 10 people see, you are in trouble.

However, if that £100 creates an ad that 3,000 people see and only 10 convert immediately, you have spent your money well because that is 2,990 people who could become customers in the future.

Remember that leads and marketing often overlap, too. An ad might only generate a handful of leads, but it will still have the same results as any regular ad, which means that you will also gather more regular customers that you were not initially targeting.


In terms of businesses and companies, a single high-quality business lead (taking into account every element of actually getting that lead) can cost anywhere from around £60 to well over £200.
Some higher-tier companies can have leads reaching the four-digit mark, usually because they are a high-value client that can generate a lot of revenue.

There is no perfect way to approach each industry, and expected costs may not always line up with what you actually pay. Business leads can also change based on circumstances, with some companies being valued higher because of changes to their structure or the suppliers that they use.

It is very common to see larger businesses announce that they are looking for new suppliers, causing a mad dash for companies in that industry to try and work with them.

This can be risky and time-consuming, but if handled correctly, it can land you with a huge client. Of course, we would only approach situations like this if you agreed to it, given the risk involved.

Are cheaper leads better?

Remember that cheaper leads are not necessarily always what you want. Paying more for a higher-paying customer or more valuable business leads can actually make it easier to turn a profit – leads usually cost more because they are likely to be more profitable.

A cheaper lead can sometimes be less valuable overall, which usually means that they are not quite as effective for marketing purposes. A less valuable lead is often one that will not actually result in a worthwhile sale, cutting your revenue.

Naturally, this means that marketing qualified lead strategies need to target a good balance of leads. Ones that are too expensive might only be a “one trick pony” that leads to a single large conversion and nothing more, while ones that are too cheap can cost more than they actually provide.

The end goal of lead generation is to turn a profit, both in the short term and the long term. Each successful lead is going to create revenue, but if a lead pays out less than it costs to acquire it, then you are making a loss.


Is Lead Generation Sales or Marketing?

Technically, lead generation falls under the sales team umbrella in most cases – but the process itself is more of a collaboration between the two fields. Marketing spreads awareness of a product or service while sales draw them for a final sale, and using both together effectively is a core part of lead generation.

Is Generating Leads Hard?

Trying to generate leads yourself can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. By outsourcing the process of generating leads to companies like us, you can skip a lot of the hassle while also getting a higher lead quality than you would be able to manage on your own.

What are the Benefits of External Lead Generation Compared to Internal?

Internal lead generation teams can seem simpler and cheaper at first, but that can quickly go wrong. Not only do external lead generation services like ours cost less overall (since you do not pay employee salaries), but there is no training involved, allowing for an easier running start.

On top of that, groups like us can focus solely on the lead generation and sales process, meaning that we can put our full weight behind it. This is a lot more effective than picking out two members of your sales team and giving them the job, especially if they have other duties as well.


We at Growth Giants are experts in the field of generating leads, creating the ideal strategies to keep your list of potential customers growing without straining your budget too much. Every project we take on is handled in an entirely unique way, adjusted to suit the needs of each client.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, then get in touch and talk with some of our expert lead generation specialists. We have a wide range of different tools and techniques on offer, all well-suited to giving your business the boost in customers that it needs – and deserves.

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