Web Design for Life Insurance Companies

Whether you’re a small or growing insurance company, standing out from the competition is one way to keep your customer base growing. Your insurance company requires an excellent website to propel your firm and boost your digital presence.

However, you need more than just a beautiful website design. Your insurance website design must capture the essence of your brand to serve as an effective marketing tool, a sales booster, and a lead magnet. This is where a web design agency comes in.

We are an all-around web development specialist providing bespoke website designs for different industries across the UK. With over a decade of expertise in the industry, we have established ourselves as one of the top web development companies in the country.

We have a team of graphic designers, web developers, content creators, and SEO experts who can get your insurance website to the top of the search results. From optimising pages to complex website design, they’ve done it all.

If you want a custom insurance website design for your insurance company, we can help.

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What is Web Design for Life Insurance Companies?

In today’s digital landscape, your website is the first point of contact for a large portion of your audience and potential customers. Without an up-to-date and well-designed website, you risk estranging a large part of your target audience before they even learn about you.

With innovative designs and functionality, your website design can help you communicate your mission and vision, demonstrate thought leadership, and engage your audience. It has the potential to attract potential customers and assist them in learning about and engaging with your brand and insurance services.

Website designs with pleasant details about your insurance services and products attract your clients. Contents should be displayed on your website appropriately to convince visitors and users to avail of your products easily.

The Benefits of Life insurance Web Design

The benefits of a good website design for any insurance company are endless. The following are some of them:

Helps Establish Credibility

People’s first contact with your insurance company is almost always through your website, which they can access from anywhere, at any time. You must demonstrate that your company is dependable, trustworthy, and worth pursuing.

A well-designed website with a personalised domain demonstrates that you are serious and professional. All at the same, regularly updated blogs, social channels, and customer reviews put a face to your company and show that you’re committed.

Once we have built your website out, we can also carry out link building for life insurance companies to help your new site rank well in Google’s search engine!

Builds Trust

A well-thought-out and designed website and making a solid first impression can build trust in your brand and your company among visitors.

Strong, clean, and engaging visuals and consideration for user experience and your audience are all ways your website’s design can foster trust among your audience and potential customers.

It Helps Stand Out From the Competition

Robust branding and compatible fonts, colours, and creative layouts can easily set you apart from your competitors and demonstrate your company’s professionalism.

Increase Revenue

An engaging website will attract more customers and convert them into prospects.

Minimise Bounce Rate

A professionally designed landing page entices visitors to dig deeper into your company.


Why Choose us?

Hiring professional web designers and developers to create a custom website specifically tailored to your business is one way to ensure your site is well-designed. Establishing a website requires professional skills and resources, such as software coding and development.

The user interface and experience, operation, style, and content are frequently the focus of website design. Professional web design templates are an excellent low-cost option, but our custom web design can be a game changer and take your online presence to the next level.

We are a website design agency that has been in the industry for over a decade, handling website design elements and optimisation to maintain a robust digital presence for companies and businesses all over the UK.

Our skilled professionals are up-to-date on the latest website design trend, toolss, and search engine requirements. They can ensure you get the type of website that your insurance agency needs.

We have assisted corporations from various industries, particularly the insurance industry, in obtaining creative, design, and development work at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing service quality or reliability.

When it comes to web work, you must have access to talented individuals who understand your business and precisely what you require. That is why we are taking a collaborative approach with you and with one another to find the best solutions as quickly as possible.

We employ the appropriate techniques and tailor them to your requirements, resulting in a better-fitting website. We consider modern aesthetics, user experience, search engine optimisation, and data capture accuracy.

We have always been the top-choice website agency for many companies because our services are personal, timely, and of excellent value. So if you ever need a new website design or other web works, do not hesitate to contact us.

At Growth Giants, we don’t just offer web design. Our team of experts can also help with all aspects of life insurance company lead generation, this allows you to put your feet up and let us do all of the hard work for you.

What Makes Good Website Design for Insurance Companies

An insurance website design should include the following main pages:

  • About page
  • Services page
  • Homepage
  • Quote page
  • Contact page

The best insurance website design also includes the following features and elements:

  • Social media links
  • Description of products
  • Many images
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Contact form

The most promising insurance website design also considers user experience and usability. The following are a few things customers want from an insurance agency website:

Easy Access and Ease of Navigation

An insurance website should make it simple for visitors to find the information they need. An easily navigable website provides potential clients with effective information architecture, offering users straight-to-the-point information and less time to complete basic tasks.

It should be evident which page the user is on and how to proceed to the next step of the user journey. An insurance website design should include one CTA button on each website that links to your other pages or a search bar on the homepage.

Appealing Visuals

The colour scheme, photos, and text on your life insurance website design should look nice and credible to visitors while accommodating your industry and potential customer.

Choice and Personalisation

Insurance customers want to feel they are in control and getting the best deal possible. However, terms used in the insurance industry are complex, making it hard for a potential customer to process different information.

Giving users more control means assisting them in understanding the risks and making informed decisions about their application. The best insurance website offers clear options by comparing different policies side by side and explaining these policies, coverage, and risks in simple terms.


When it comes to insurance, people frequently seek guidance and reassurance. Users buy insurance to protect their life, home, health, or valuables. Users must have the impression that they are being well served during this process.

A good insurance website makes the online experience of assisting, guiding, and assuring users more intimate and personal.

Core Web Vitals

When optimising your insurance website, there are three SEO factors to consider:

  • Large Content Paint (LCP) – the time a page takes to load its content
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – the amount of visual content layout shift on a page
  • First Input Delay (FID) – the time it takes for a page to become interactive
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Types of Web Design We Offer for Insurance Companies

We look for the most useful ways to display your content on your website so that visitors find it interesting and useful. Depending on the application and functionality of your insurance website, we employ various web design elements and layouts to achieve this.

Static Page Layout

Static page layout is one of the most fundamental types of website design. This layout allows you to create a website with pre-defined page dimensions that are fixed. Static configurations maintain these dimensions regardless of browser or device.

The only advantage of this website design is that it is simple to set up. The disadvantages include incompatibility with other devices or browsers and creating a separate website for mobiles.

Liquid Design Layout

This layout, also known as fluid design, uses flexible units rather than fixed units that static layout use. With its flexibility, the website pages fill the width of any device’s screen.

While this layout can still work, you risk providing a poor user experience by stretching your site too far or squeezing information onto the page.

The advantages of this design include the following:

  • Easier to set up
  • No info is cut on pages

Disadvantages include:

  • When a screen is wide, information is stretched to fit the screen and may appear unappealing.
  • When a screen is smaller, information is smooshed together to fit the screen, making reading and browsing difficult.

Adaptive Website Layout

This website layout detects the size of a website and adjusts to it using CSS queries. As the name implies, it adapts to the website automatically, providing the best user experience for visitors.

Advantages of this layout include:

  • it is easy to set up
  • the website can adapt to each browser size
  • it takes less time to develop than responsive layouts

Disadvantages include:

  • not full responsive
  • varying device width can cause the website to have too much or too little space

Dynamic Website Layout

This layout is an excellent choice for people with little knowledge of HTML. Websites with this layout can simultaneously deliver content to users visiting a page. Furthermore, you can build a database of features and information.

The web coding automatically assembles the parts from your database to create the webpage when a user requests a page.

Advantages include:

  • User interactivity
  • Increased functionality
  • Requires fewer coding skills

Disadvantages include:

  • More complex to set up with its different functionalities
  • Due to the variety of elements and page compositions, they tend to load more slowly

Responsive Design Layout

This is the most common website layout style since it enables your site to work on all devices and perfectly fills the available browser space. This responsive website design is built with a mobile-first approach.

Advantages include:

  • mobile friendly
  • excellent user experience on all devices

Disadvantage include:

  • more complex and takes more time to build

We can also offer a wide variety of SEO services for life insurance companies too, so if this is something you might be interested in, do feel free to read our page discussing this in more detail.

Single Page Layout

As the name suggests, this layout uses one page, where a user scrolls down to learn more about you and your insurance products. It has a navigation menu with links to different sections of your page.

Advantages include:

  • easy to build
  • helps create a clean and simple website design

Disadvantages include:

  • not applicable to companies that sell products online
  • not appropriate for businesses that need multiple web pages

How Much Does Web Design Cost for Insurance Companies?

The cost depends on the type and size of the website you need. You can spend as little as £13 to as high as 10,000 a month for a full website build. It also depends on whether you use a DIY website builder or outsource the project.

Building a website using a DIY platform typically costs £13 and £220 monthly. Some free DIY options, however, can only create basic and restrictive websites.

Outsourcing website design and development to a web development specialist can cost between £200 and £10,000+ for a project. A large part of the cost will cover the talent and service of the web designer.

You may also resort to a freelance developer for your website design. You receive a more personalised service. However, freelancers do not have a broad range of experience like a website agency. They typically charge £15 – £75 per hour.

Using an offshore web company is one of the cheapest. It can cost £5 – £20 per hour, which often sounds too cheap to be true.

Here are the types of websites and their respective designer cost:


Features include 1-5 mobile-friendly pages, a contact page, and a landing page.

£200 – £500

Small business

Features include several pages, social media integration, a ‘Google my Business’ page, and Google Analytics and Maps.

£500 – £1,000


Features include e-commerce tools, an order management system, delivery tracking functions, and live chat.

£1,000 – £2,500


Features include advanced functionality, unlimited subpages, bespoke design elements and database population.

£2,500 – £10,000

Client Testimonials

If you are curious about the quality of our services, here are some testimonials from our previous clients:

“I found this website agency online after getting frustrated by a sloppy new website design I made for my health insurance website. They provide in-depth and easy-to-understand explanations about website design elements and homepage optimisation. This gave me the impression that they have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, so I decided to avail my insurance business of their services. It only took less than two years with them, and we now have a booming health insurance company.”

“They worked closely with us throughout. Indeed, functional insurance websites are critical nowadays for the success of any insurance business. Their web development company offers their services for any insurance type.”

“This website specialist has helped us get our life insurance website on the market. They explain the advantages and disadvantages of the options available by showing various website design examples. They also stress the importance of the effective use of insurance website design. They are available 24/7 and are quick to respond. Without them, I can’t imagine where our insurance company would be. We are an extremely satisfied customer.”

“The web design and development guys are incredibly knowledgeable and updated with all the latest Google challenges and trends. Our clients dramatically increased after outsourcing this company’s services.”


For quick tips and info, here are the most commonly asked questions we get:

Why should I hire a professional web development agency for my website design?

Web design specialists like ourselves have the ideal web development solutions because we adopt the latest development tools, trends, and strategies to ensure that your insurance website attracts more visitors and converts them into new leads.

We can turn your business ideas into innovative and user-friendly insurance websites that will help you reach your target market and provide them with an efficient user experience.

Do I have a say in the graphic design process?

Definitely! We aim to satisfy you, and we value your feedback and ideas. You can give us any website you want, and we will gladly simulate it while creating an insurance website that is consistent and representative of your insurance agency.

How long does it take to complete a functional insurance website design?

Typically, this is up to the client. We can build your website in the time frame specified by the client. This will, of course, affect the cost of our services, especially if you require a more complex insurance website design.

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Today’s consumers turn to internet sites to find anything they need. You should not miss out on this valuable marketing channel. Compelling and functional insurance websites can give your company credibility and help you effectively connect with your target market.

Web design is, therefore, one of the most critical aspects of your digital marketing campaign. A functional insurance website can significantly help an insurance company attract more leads and increase sales.

With our website designs and solutions, you can have an effective insurance website design to help your company achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. We prioritise your ideas and your insurance company’s requirements while developing a website design plan.

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We are a full-service web development firm that creates custom website designs for a variety of industries nationally. With our years of expertise in the industry, we have developed an incredible reputation for efficient work with excellent results, which made us a top choice of different businesses across the UK.

Our professional website specialists lead in all aspects of web development and optimisation, and they can help your insurance business grow through fitting marketing channels.

You can rest assured that we follow the highest web development standards, innovative and creative design, and cost-effective and user-friendly web services.

If you are anywhere in the UK, do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form.

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