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We are one of the top link building services in the UK and work with a variety of clients.

Our team develops custom link building services and can work on any link building campaign to help your content perform better. Link building is an important aspect of content marketing that connects your brand with other relevant websites and can improve search engine rankings.

The link building process is a complex one which is why we provide a variety of link building services to customers across the country. As a leading link building agency, we can work with all needs and create quality links to your content so it will improve your results in search engines.

In this guide, we are going to be sharing why link building is important for your business and what goes into a link building campaign. We can work with you to develop a bespoke link building strategy that works for your brand and offers the increased attention you desire.

If you want to increase website traffic or improve the way your content performs on social media, then you should rely on our expert link building services.

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What is Link Building?

Link building is a form of content marketing that aims to increase the way your website ranks on search engine result pages. It is a form of search engine optimisation that can result in more traffic to your site and can therefore increase sales.

Link building is a way of connecting your website or content with other relevant websites to increase the authority your brand has in a select industry.

Authority and relevancy are two of the factors that search engines, such as Google, consider when it comes to ranking their result pages, and including high-quality backlinks in your content can show this. If you are deemed an authority or trustworthy website, your link will appear higher in results which means you will attract more traffic.

Audiences typically use the first page of results when looking for anything, so you want to make sure you appear here to attract the attention you deserve.

It is not easy to find high-quality links which can either direct audiences to other relevant sites from your page or bring organic traffic to your page from other sites, but this is why it is an effective SEO strategy.
Natural link building is something that can be done independently, but it takes a long time to build links with other website owners and may not help you reach the SEO metrics you desire.

This is why working with a UK link building agency that can develop a tailored link building strategy for your brand using their own connections and expertise is a great idea for all forms of businesses.

How Does Link Building Work?

Link building is the practice of obtaining links to your website from other websites, and this is known as backlinks. Obtaining high-quality backlinks is a tricky process but one that can pay off greatly in terms of the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website.

Links to your website can improve the authority of your site and therefore make you rank higher in search engine results, such as Google. SEO agencies focus on improving this placement of your link in results through various means such as adding relevant keywords to your content, improving the response time of your website, or link building.

Link builders will offer what is known as an SEO link building strategy as this is focusing on obtaining quality links to your content to improve your ranking on search engines.

Google claims that a good way to determine the authority of one website and therefore consider it a trustworthy link is if it is referred to by other website owners. This referral comes from building links.
Connecting relevant articles or web pages is an effective way to increase the organic traffic that site owners experience. By linking your content to another’s work, you will get referral traffic which is their audience coming to your site. This is something that is done across the internet, from private blog networks to business sites. Links remain one of the most important elements of SEO, and it is something that should be included in your digital marketing campaign if you want to see more traffic online.
A link building project will usually begin with quality content, which needs to be present on your website for other website owners to be interested in you in the first place. With your quality content, you can begin searching for other relevant pages across the internet and develop a relationship with the creator so you can share link packages.

Finding placement sites and connecting your work to another high-quality article is a difficult and timely process. Many people will try to force this process, which results in using spam links on their site. Poor links like this, however, have the opposite effect on your SEO on Google and all other search engines, so it should be avoided.

To give yourself domain authority, which will get you to rank higher in results, you not only have to find relevant links but also quality ones too. There is a lot of work that goes into obtaining a client link, from finding the relevant articles, sharing SEO metrics, and developing a relationship with the website owner before any backlinks can be published which is why working with a link building team is a great option.
Link builders will do the work necessary for you to improve domain authority by delivering high-quality links. These links will increase website traffic, resulting in more sales for your business.

Why is Link Building Important?

Valuable backlinks can be an asset to your website, and it is an effective tool for search engine optimisation. Search engine rankings determine how much website traffic you will see, so you should aim to be on the first few pages.

When your audience searches relevant keywords for your services, you should have high link placements to ensure they see your website and are willing to click. Whenever you make a search on Google or search engines, it is usually the first few pages of resource pages that are noticed. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about improving your link placements in Google results so you can increase traffic to your site.

Link building strategies are developed for this purpose, as sharing links with other relevant websites can improve domain authority and therefore make you appear higher on the results pages.

Link building companies and the link building methods they use will get people onto your site so they can see the amazing content you publish and pay for your services. Link building, along with guest posts and any other SEO strategy, is a way for you to get more traffic onto your website and quality links are a way for other websites to be associated with your brand.

With quality link building services, your website is connected to other authoritative voices in your industry, which is a way to show audiences the value that you can offer.

If you are spending a lot of time on developing quality content but are not seeing the kind of numbers you think you should be, link building strategies offered by a link building company could be the solution.

Benefits of Link Building

UK link building companies can help improve your domain authority through quality link building. There are many kinds of link building services that can increase traffic to your website, such as guest posts and bespoke link building, and all of them have the same benefits.

With quality link building, you can experience benefits such as:

  • Website credibility

When you build links with other quality websites, you will be improving the credibility of your domain. Relevant backlinks to your content are essentially a vote of confidence from another website owner, and it is a way of verifying that your website is legit.

This is why Google and other search engines consider backlinks when determining the ranking of their results, and the more quality ones you have, the greater domain authority your website is shown to hold.

  • Increase traffic

One client link could be all it takes to get more traffic onto your website as you are sharing an audience with another site. Link builders can guarantee an increase in traffic on your website due to the referral traffic that will come from being shared on another platform.

The more people that come to your site for content, the greater audience you have for your products and services.

  • Higher site metrics and SEO ranking

Being seen as a domain authority is the gift that will keep on giving. Being connected to other quality sites, which is what SEO link building is focused on, will continue to increase the important SEO metrics that determine how your website will perform in Google results in the future.

  • Greater relationship with your niche

All businesses have a niche of some sort, and while there may be a lot of competition within this niche, link building can help with that. UK link building requires relationships to be developed between your company and others, locally or otherwise.

While SEO agencies do this work for you by using their vast list of contacts, it is still a good idea for your website to be connected with others of a similar niche. Collaborations, through link acquisition, are a great way to share traffic with others in your industry as well as attract your intended audience easily.

  • Reduced bounce rate

A talented SEO team will think of everything when it comes to your link building campaign to ensure the best results possible. This means considering everything that impacts the SEO of a website and how to avoid a high bounce rate.

The bounce rate is something Google considers when ranking search results, and it refers to the number of single-page sessions on your site. This is when people will click on your website only to leave after visiting one page, and it is a sign that your website is not a domain authority.

This is why a link building strategy should not just include backlinks, which is when other websites share your work, but also outbound links too. You can connect your audiences to other websites in your niche as well as other relevant pages on your site to make people stay longer.

  • Improved sales and revenue

The main purpose of link building is to obtain a higher rate of traffic to your website. This means more people will be using your website and seeing your brand online, whether that is because the link building process has improved your search engine ranking or because they were referred to you from another site.
Regardless of how the additional traffic from link building comes to your site, it all offers the same benefit. With more people seeing your brand and interacting with your work, the more sales you can secure.

Link building packages are an investment in terms of time if you do it independently or money when working with a link building company, but it can be worth it due to the increased sales it offers.

Why Choose Growth Giants for Link Building Services?

There are many benefits that link building can provide, which is why you will see a great deal of link building companies trying to sell their services to you across the internet.

What sets our link building service apart from the rest is the experience we have in the field and the success we have brought to our clients. As a leading link building company in the UK, we offer a variety of link building packages that can be tailored to suit your needs and help you increase internet traffic.

We offer some of the best link building services in the country, all of which rely on white hat link building for the best results. White hat link building is involved in any link building strategies that conform to Google’s guidelines. This is what we offer in all of our link building packages.

Not only will you be getting quality links delivered by our expert link building services, but they are also what the search engines want, which can improve results. This is a great way to show domain authority and will continue to benefit your website in the future.

This is not something all link building companies can guarantee, which is what sets us apart.

Any link building package bought from our link builders is legit and effective. We have great connections across the board, allowing us to develop quality backlinks with other authoritative sites in your industry.

If for some reason, you are not happy with the work we do, we can provide a refund and return policy in which all links removed forever.

Working with a link building agency makes sure that all of the hard work is done for you, from creating quality content to developing relationships within your niche. As expert link builders, we have a lot of experience in this work and can ensure success for all of our clients.

If you are interested in our link building packages or want to learn more, get in touch today.

Types of Link Building Services We Offer

We offer a complete link building service to our customers in the UK. There is a lot of work that goes into link building, which is why we offer a variety of link building packages to suit every need, including:

Guest Post Backlinks

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to get quality backlinks to your site, and it is included in our link building packages. For guest posts, you will write content for another site where it will be published to their audience with credit to your site.

This is a tool used in link building to gain referral traffic and show your authority within a set industry. You can submit a guest post to another quality site in your industry, through which will be backlinks to your site.

Link building companies, like us, have a great range of connections with other authoritative sites, so we can help create guest posts for you to increase traffic.

Outreach Backlinks

For this, the link building agency will reach out to websites with a high domain authority to request them to share your backlink.

Outreaching for backlinks may require a guest post to be created, so it can be published on the site or a fee if you are working independently. Link building companies have plenty of connections across the industry and have a list of contacts that can be used for this part of link building packages.

Tier 2 Backlinks

A tier 2 link building service is a way of increasing traffic on a web page that is not performing well. These links can be used to connect one page of your site to another or for another site with more authority to essentially advertise this poorly performing page.

The more pages on your site that you include in a link building service, the greater the benefits will be, as it can improve the overall domain authority of your site.

Press Release Backlinks

Press releases are a way to share upcoming goods and services with the media, and they are used widely online for this purpose. Press releases will contain backlinks to your website and will be shared with other sites, as well as with bloggers and influencers as a way to promote your work.

These link building packages are ideal for companies looking to make a sale or to create interest in their latest services.

Wikipedia Backlinks

Link building companies can connect your website to a relevant Wikipedia page to provide consistent referral traffic. Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites on the internet, and it is used across the world for information and sources.

If your website is a reference link on a relevant Wikipedia page, you will see a drastic increase in traffic from across the world.

Local Backlinks

As well as being able to connect you with sites across the world, a link building agency in the UK can also connect you to a local link building service.

This is where your link will be shared with other businesses in your area, helping you to obtain local clientele.

How Much Does Link Building Cost?

Link building companies in the UK can charge anything from £200 to £800 per month, depending on the link building packages they offer. Link building packages can usually be paid for on a subscription basis to provide consistent traffic.

To learn more about the cost of our link building service or to request a quote, get in touch today.

What Matters When it Comes to Link Building?

For link building to work and be as effective as you desire, some factors should be considered. This is something the link building agency can provide through their services.

Link building will be successful based on:

  • The global popularity of the connected sites
  • The local popularity of inbound links
  • How relevant is the anchor text of the link
  • The context in which the link is used
  • The placement of the link in content
  • Where the link comes from, as this should always be authoritative sites

While it is possible to try link building on your own, working with link building companies guarantees success. As there is a lot that goes into a successful link building campaign, it is best to work with those who have the experience and contacts to get it right.


Does Link Building Still Work?

Link building continues to be one of the most important features of SEO for all websites. It is a way of showing authority in your industry which is one of the features that Google looks for when determining how to rank search results.

If you want to attract more traffic to your website and online content, then you need to have a good connection with other websites in your field, which is what link building provides.

What Are Link Building Campaigns?

Link building campaigns are provided by link building companies as a way to market their services.
A link building campaign will include all of the research necessary to get your link building process off the ground, helping you to connect with other websites in your niche and improve the authority of your website for better SEO.

Is Link Building Expensive?

Link building, like all other forms of digital marketing, is an investment. It is possible to work alone when creating a link building campaign, but many sites will require some kind of fee to feature your link or guest post.

Working with a link building agency could be a better use of your time and money as their work can ensure success in this SEO effort. Successful link building will result in more traffic to your website and can improve revenue through this new customer base.


We are a leading link building agency based in the UK and have a variety of link building services available for our clients. With years of experience in the field and a good range of contacts, we can offer a successful link building campaign every time and help our customers obtain more internet traffic to their content.

There are many benefits to link building, including increased revenue, so it is something you will want to get right.

To request a quote or work with us, please get in touch with our team today.

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