Search engine optimisation services are a vital part of any digital marketing efforts and can be invaluable for gathering web traffic in any industry. However, many site owners do not know how to approach SEO, especially not if they are still partway through the web design of their own site.

Without good SEO, it can be hard to manage your own online marketing, especially when search engine rankings are involved. As a cheaper alternative to paid ads, it is important to have a stable base of SEO built up for your site so that you can keep drawing in new customers.

We at Growth Giants can offer excellent search engine optimisation services, handled bespoke for each individual client that we take on. If you want reliable SEO without the hassle of having to do it all by yourself then working with an SEO agency is the best way to keep moving forward.


What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, relates to the search ranking systems that most search engines use.
When you search for something on a site like Google, the results you are given are selected in order of how high-quality they are, with the most relevant and highest-quality result placing first in the search (after the Google ads).

What are Search Engine Optimisation Services?

SEO is the process of improving your site to boost its position in these results. For example, doing some basic SEO to your site might shift it up Google rankings, putting it closer to appearing on the first pace of results (where most of the customers will look).

SEO can cover a lot of factors, from web design and web development to your target audience and online visibility. Countless little details go into calculating your search ranking scores, and only an experienced UK SEO company can help you get the results that you need quickly.

How Does SEO Work?

Boosting your site up the search results means that it is more likely to appear on the front page in relevant searches. The higher your website appears, the more likely you are to attract more customers since most of them will choose a site on that first page instead of looking deeper into the results.

SEO techniques aim to appease the algorithms that search engines use, boosting a site’s overall quality through careful changes and tweaks to the web development and web design sides of the site itself. Even something as small as a new paragraph in a blog post can influence the results.

This makes SEO a very precise field: every change to a site can either improve or damage the way it ranks for certain terms. Good search engine optimisation is about knowing what to target and how to improve rankings in the right ways.

Why is SEO Important?

Without SEO, your website can only really be discovered through paid advertising and the occasional fluke of an internet user stumbling onto your business. While you could rely on paid advertising, it is not sustainable, and waiting for organic visitors will not get you many sales.

Through search engine optimisation, you can gather more organic traffic without actually paying for any more advertising. A business that isn’t using SEO is always going to fall behind one that is, purely because of the low costs and useful benefits that good SEO can provide.

Platforms like Google, the most notable search engine in the world, are vital for SEO. Any new site can be found through Google, but most websites are buried beneath thousands of Google organic search results. Even Google AdWords and other marketing options will not push them that high in search engine results.

Our services can help push a website higher in Google results – and the higher your website is on Google, the more Google users are going to see it. This leads to more traffic via Google results, increasing the number of sales and customers you get.


With SEO, UK companies can effectively target whatever terms they think will lead them to SEO success. This can become an affordable way to get more potential customers, targeting search terms that are likely to be used by people looking for products or services like yours.

A Google search engine term like “budget chairs” would be a great thing for a company selling low-cost chairs to target, whereas a company selling fancier high-cost designs would want to target another term. In this way, you can filter our audiences that are not looking for your specific niche, ensuring a more consistent audience.

Targeting via sites like Google means understanding Google searches. A Google search for a term can have many quirks, and not everybody uses Google in the same way. However, Google makes it easy to see which terms people are trying to Google for, meaning that you can target that subset of Google users easily.


SEO is effectively an easy way to earn free website traffic – it is able to achieve results similar to Google Ads marketing campaigns without costing nearly as much. SEO works based on how you approach it, meaning that the traffic can be carefully selected using certain terms.

While not all traffic will become more customers, it can still result in increased visibility for your business. This does not just apply to business, either: online courses use SEO to attract prospective students, and informational sites use SEO to drive more traffic towards themselves instead of misinformation.

Google search traffic who looked up relevant terms on Google is the best audience to gather. If somebody uses Google to look for something you sell, you ideally want them to find you through Google. If they Google something unrelated, they probably are not going to become a customer or visitor.

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Services

SEO can be a valuable content marketing tool, too. Since SEO works on a page-by-page basis, agencies like us can refine a specific web page to target certain searches.

This can make it an especially powerful tool for combining with other digital marketing services since it does not cost as much as conventional advertising.

Beyond that, local SEO opens up a lot of opportunities to target gaps that competitors have missed or will try to focus on a particular aspect of your products and services that get the most attention.

With some careful planning, it can be used to market the products that are most likely to sell or turn the most profit.

Benefits of SEO

SEO has a lot of other assorted benefits, all of which vary depending on the exact SEO services and strategies used. However, high-quality search engine optimisation can confer a lot of useful upsides, even if they were not the intended reason for you to start looking at deeper SEO work for your business.

  • A wider marketing funnel.
  • Fresh new content geared directly towards your audience.
  • A better user experience.
  • Increased chances to passively gather organic traffic.
  • 24/7 promotion towards your target audiences.
  • No additional costs, unlike regular advertising.
  • Improved PPC advertising success.
  • A great ROI due to the low investment needed to set local SEO tweaks up.
  • The ability to immediately roll back or change any SEO efforts that backfired.

Why Choose Growth Giants for your SEO?

Growth Giants is a UK-based SEO company with a wide range of past SEO campaign results under its belt, providing all kinds of search engine optimisation services alongside a whole host of online sales and marketing options. We have worked with thousands of clients across hundreds of industries, all within the UK alone.

Our Services

Our past experience has allowed us to refine our organic search engine optimisation work, and we can deliver high-quality SEO services to any company with ease. Our dedicated team of online marketing experts can help you build the perfect SEO campaign for your business.

We can work with companies of all sizes, from a local business needing local SEO services to an international website that is struggling to appear in Google results. Our award-winning work has landed us with a great reputation and a long list of five-star reviews, making us one of the best SEO companies for UK businesses as a whole.

Get In Touch

If you want to know more about the local SEO services we can offer, then get in touch with our expert digital marketing staff and see what might be right for you. We can talk you through each option and help you figure out how local SEO can be applied to your own business best.

Types of SEO Services We Offer

We offer quite a long list of fairly standardised mobile-friendly SEO services, as well as bespoke SEO UK-wide. This means that we can combine tried-and-true methods with bespoke work that other SEO companies would not take the chance on, giving your business exactly what it needs to succeed.

Our main forms of SEO are:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO, or on-site SEO, is all about website optimisation. An optimized new website can not only increase its ranking (and therefore the website’s visibility), but it can also improve lead generation and make visitors more likely to convert.
This includes steps like:

Improving Keywords

The keywords used on your website influence how your SEO works, even if they were added unintentionally. If your website is ranking highly for the wrong terms, then you will be getting visitors who are looking for services you do not offer or are expecting a different kind of business.

Many businesses struggle with local SEO until they adjust their keywords. It can take a professional’s eye to notice when a certain term is drawing the wrong kinds of organic search traffic or nudging a purely local business outside of its own area of operations to attract people in other areas and countries.

Tweaking Metadata

The metadata used on a page is there to tell Google (and other search engines) what that page contains. Using this correctly can give you a leg up against competitors since it not only improves rankings in search results but gives the visitors an idea of what to expect.

However, if metadata is handled incorrectly, or copied straight from website content, then there can be problems. A large part of our initial on-site work is improving a website’s metadata, removing any duplicate pages or incorrect terms that might be causing problems.

Linking Internally

Links between your own web pages can actually make a huge difference. Inserting the right links within your website itself aids navigation, but it can also provide better rankings in search engines, especially if you do it in the correct way.

We can incorporate all three of these on-site SEO techniques to help build the perfect digital marketing strategy for your website. All of them are useful; they just have to be approached in the right way and with a good understanding of how they work.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is anything that does not inherently involve changing your website – the parts of optimization that rely on awareness, trust, exposure, and getting your company out there. This is a major part of all digital marketing, and SEO for business is no exception.

This includes steps like:

Researching Competitors

Digital marketing competitors aiming for the same niches as your business can be a good example to research and follow since they will often have an understanding of markets that you do not. However, directly copying them is always destined to fail.

Instead, we can provide a range of tactics that use research of your competitors without necessarily trying to strong-arm them out of the way. For example, we can locate holes in their business’ marketing to try and pinpoint markets that they have missed or keywords that they have overlooked.

Building Links

Link building is perhaps the most important part of off-site SEO: UK businesses rely on it heavily, as do businesses from all other parts of the world. By building links from other sites to your own, you can improve your SEO and search engine rankings without any extra effort.

Good link building translates the ‘authority’ of the original site back to your own, meaning that stronger links from more trustworthy sites give out better results. This is a core part of our SEO work, and we can provide it on whatever scale suits your website best.

Article Pitching

Pitching articles to third-party blogs and sites allow us to get links back from them, something that can massively boost your business’ SEO and search rankings as long as the right keywords are used. Links coming back to your website can be one of the most effective SEO tactics you will ever use.

By pitching to the right places – either to post an article that we have written or to have the site owner write one of their own – we can get new website links from legitimate websites. These have value, and SEO power and might even bring in some natural traffic from fans of the original blog.

Local SEO

Our local SEO efforts can improve your local presence and standing in local search results. Local SEO uses the same services as our other options but with a core focus on local presence, local search results, local services, and websites that serve local areas.

Through local SEO, we can focus our normal efforts on local search keywords, building up a solid local SEO baseline that will only attract people using a local search term. For example, “healing maps in London” is a local search phrase due to the use of a place name.

Thanks to this, local SEO services become incredibly valuable for small businesses.

How Much Does UK SEO Cost?

The average SEO UK cost can vary heavily based on the kind of work done, the total time it will take place over, and what kind of agency you work with.

In general, you should expect to pay anything from £1000 to £9000 per month for serious agency work and up to £1000 an hour for consultant work. The cheaper you go, the more risky the services become since cheap local SEO can involve dangerous ‘black hat’ methods that will eventually backfire.

Local Work

A local search is a local search, and that means your services need to be targeted at your local area. If you are trying to capture a local search audience with general keywords, then it becomes a lot harder to ensure that you are only getting people within close proximity to your business.
However, local services often cost slightly less since they are handled on a smaller scale. This can make them more affordable for a smaller business that only targets their local area.

Our Work

We offer affordable local SEO UK-wide, keeping the local SEO cost UK customers pay at a reasonable level for their business. All of our award-winning work is bespoke, so we can adjust the competitive price of the work itself to match your own budget.


Is SEO worth it?

SEO is worth it as long as you have a reputable brand backing you up. An award-winning business like ours can provide the services that you need, whereas an untrustworthy website SEO business might resort to black-hat methods that get you penalised on search engines.

Is SEO Dead?

SEO is far from dead and is actually becoming a larger business with each passing year. SEO works extremely well – but good SEO works as long as you have a decent company to provide it with the right services.

Is SEO good for small businesses?

SEO is great for any business, including a small business with a brand new website. Even a small business website can benefit heavily from our services, and like many agencies, we are able to tailor our website services to match the scale of each business we work with.


If you want to know more about our SEO services, then get in touch and talk with our experts about what exact services we can offer. We are not just an SEO company but a source of e-commerce development, project management, and website construction.

Whatever services you need, we can aim to provide them quickly and effectively, keeping your free time available for other business matters.

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