Link Building For Life Insurance Companies

Links to your site are among the most critical factors in search results. Insurance backlinks have hyperlinked that point to your insurance agency’s website. We ensure you have the essential insurance backlinks to your site to win in search engine real estate.

We are a digital marketing agency dedicated to delivering great marketing and creating pipelines of exclusive leads for independent insurance agencies. Our Link Building Company is here to provide the best insurance marketing in the industry.

With over ten years of experience as industry specialists working with clients across the UK, we have established a good reputation focusing only on building the best links for your insurance company. We provide high-quality build-linking services over link quantity.

This article will discuss everything you have to learn to build insurance backlinks to your firm’s website to improve your online SEO, organic traffic, and inbound leads. Understanding and implementing link-building techniques will enhance your visibility in search engines, more traffic, and more insurance leads.

We understand the problems with technology. Customers rely on the internet more than ever, comparing prices from different competitors in the insurance industry and learning more about your company with a single search. We can help your agency reach more clients online while assisting website visitors 24/7.

The more links your insurance agency website has, and the more beneficial those links are, the more trustworthy it will seem and the higher it will rank! Start building links to your site today.  

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Specialists in Life Insurance Link Building

When you’re ready to use link-building for your SEO strategy, the best option for insurance agencies is to work with a link-building agency.

Our Link Building Company specialises in link building and SEO. It has teams of experts involved in advanced content marketing and link-building strategies since the early times of the internet to work on your campaign.

Our quality team includes digital strategists, writers, financiers and experienced marketing professionals who understand your business’ ins and outs and possess the skills to scale your company’s exposure in online search through content marketing and link building.

We write original content, handle the outreach, secure high-DA link placement, select relevant publishers, and deliver robust hyperlinks that boost your insurance company’s lead-generation efforts. Treat us as a virtual extension of your team.

Aside from helping you acquire links back to your website, we also work with crafting onsite content. For all articles you need, our experienced copywriters will help you create an arsenal of content that satisfies your patients and accelerates your overall marketing campaign. 

Here at link building company, we focus on quality content and publishers. Our focus on quality ensures our clients take the appropriate long-term view of their online marketing and search engine strategies.

‍What is Link Building for Life Insurance Companies

Link building is building hyperlinks to a website to improve search engine visibility. Link Building is also one of the most important parts of a successful life insurance company SEO campaign. Common link-building strategies include content marketing, building valuable tools, email outreach, broken link building and public relations.

Link building for insurance companies utilizes links from external sources to boost. Life insurance companies use link building to grow their authority and gradually climb the rankings of the search engine results page (SERP). Earning more backlinks from high-authority sources will increase your brand visibility in search engines.

The Benefits of Life Insurance Link Building

You may need more time to convince yourself that link-building is worth all that effort. Read on some of the benefits that link building can have to support your insurance brand.

Brand & Content Visibility

You can gain access to more diverse readers, increasing the reach of your material by releasing your work on outside sources. In this way, your brand can reach more web users.

Referral Traffic

One of the most significant benefits of resource page link building is the generation of referral traffic. Your website is where your actual conversions occur, so the more people you have coming to your site, the more direct revenue you will receive.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Link building, as a strategy, first emerged to increase your rankings and visibility in search engines. Higher rankings mean more traffic from search engines, which means more opportunities for conversion.

Ongoing Traffic & Returns

Another significant advantage of link building is its power to generate steady returns. When you build links, they’re almost always permanent. It gives link-building the ability to create compounding returns, multiplying your return on investment (ROI) the longer you pursue the strategy. It means you’ll see less of a recovery early on, but after a few months of consistent commitment, you’ll start seeing better and better returns.

Why Choose Us?

Executing an effective link-building strategy takes time, effort, and experience, so we are still here. Our clients love us because we only have quality content from a professional UK-based writing team. We run and follow a transparent process from publisher outreach to order completion.

Our company has provided expert content marketing and link-building services for insurance companies and local businesses for over ten years. As a team, we are dedicated to creating the highest quality content for link acquisition on any budget. 

We take a content-marketing approach to link building & media brand mentions, acquiring links for our clients through content publication on high-authority publications, focusing on quality and relevance. 

We have good relationships with hundreds of publishers, editors, journalists, and other media members, and the full-time staff is constantly dedicated to building more relationships. We also allow our clients to choose the publishers on which their content will appear and then approve that content before we pitch it to the publications.

We communicate everything to our clients, share real-time progress reports in a shared document, and proactively report to our clients with weekly status updates in a shared document. 

We guarantee our services or your money back. If we fail to acquire any agreed-upon deliverables, you may swap for another service or publisher of equal value or get a refund. We charge only for what we deliver.

We are more reliable than depending on contractors and much less expensive than hiring an internal employee to handle the work.

Insurance companies can find more success with link building. If you want your link-building and SEO strategies to be successful, you must find the right partner for your company.

When you choose us, you can guarantee the best the industry offers. Our services are entirely white-hat, transparent, and risk-free.

Here at Growth Giants we can help you generate more life insurance company leads, through out link building services.

What Makes Good Link Building For Life Insurance Firms?

Effective link-building requires researching your audience, planning your strategy, exercising communication, creating excellent content, and remaining persistent as you face adversity. What makes link-building effective is a good quality link for life insurance firms. Here are some of the important qualities of good links in common. 

Strong Surrounding Content

You should house your link in solid content. If the content needs to be better written, it probably isn’t be accepted by publishers and will turn visitors away. A full range will ensure your link gets placed and stays active for the long run, which can improve your insurance company’s reputation. 

Strongly Linked Content

It would help if you powerfully wrote the piece you linked to. If you link to an unuseful page, readers won’t be satisfied, and publishers might remove the link eventually. Instead, connect to an article with a compelling argument or one that contains original research you are citing in the new piece. 

Contextual Value and Relevance

Google looks at the contextual value of your links to determine whether or not they are “natural.” It means you must pay attention to your context and only publish precious links for your target audience. At the same time, make sure your link is contextually relevant. People won’t follow it if the content is unsuitable for the company.

Domain Strength

The domain authority strength of your link sources is the most significant indicator of a link’s potential value. The higher your source’s authority, the better—though it will also be harder to get the link.

General Diversity

Google is highly sophisticated and can detect patterns in links reasonably easily. If it sees a way, it interprets an action as being manual, possibly manipulative, and it could trigger a red flag that penalises you. Diversifying your strategy is the best way around this.

Source Diversity

Building too many links on a single site will look shady, and you’ll earn less authority over time. Attracting links naturally can help mitigate this risk, but you can also choose new publishers in your manual backlink-building efforts.

Link Scale

When you first start, you’ll be relegated to leveraging low-authority sources. It is a good deal at first, as your domain authority will probably be low, and even low-authority sources can give you significant results. However, as you spend more time, your results plateau.

Consider the following factors to identify links worth building.

  • Authority of the page
  • Authority of the site
  • Relevancy of the site
  • Link’s position on the page
  • Link anchor text
  • Link co-occurrences
  • Is the link from a guest post?
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Types of Link Building We Offer for Life Insurance Companies 

Internal Links 

Internal links are links that connect pages on the same website. It helps site visitors find their way through your website. 

Internal linking includes

  • Linking pages with similar and relevant content
  • Using anchor text
  • Linking old articles when writing a new one
  • Updating old pieces with new internal links
  • Avoiding no follow tag

External Links

External links are links pointing to another domain. They do a favour for the page you are connecting to by providing some credibility and offering your users relevant information. Creating excellent site content is the best strategy for gaining more external links.


A backlink is an inbound link from another site that links to your domain—the more insurance backlinks, the better, which can generate through content marketing. Content is the key that unlocks excellent backlinks. Here are certain types of content that work best for the link-building we deliver. 

  • Visual assets
  • List posts
  • Original research and data
  • In-depth ultimate guides

Manual Outreach Backlinks

It involves reaching out to other websites and asking for a backlink for SEO value. It can be via social and email outreach. You can connect with bloggers and journalists through the following steps without ending up in their spam folders.

  • Find likely linkers
  • Find their email address
  • Send them a personalized script

Natural Editorial Backlinks

Natural editorial backlinks are backlinks that you don’t ask for. These come from quality content that bloggers discover on their own and link because they believe it will add value to their content. It’s hard to achieve but meaningful on an SEO level. 

Additionally we can also offer social media marketing services for life insurance companies as well, so be sure to look through that should you be interested.

How Much Does Link Building Cost for Life Insurance Companies?

Link-building pricing for life insurance companies can vary from $100 to over $1,500 per link. A standard campaign budget is $5,000-$20,000/month, often tied to the content marketing activity with secondary KPIs.

It’s important to understand that when you pay for link building, you mostly pay for the work that goes into creating a high-quality backlink. It includes

Link Building Services

Keyword research

Keyword Research is vital in link-building strategy. It is all about identifying important and relevant keywords to the insurance industry and websites. Keywords are those words people use to search when finding information about your industry, which is directly related to the search results for which your website ranks.

For link building, keyword research aims to identify the following.

  • Keyword themes important to the insurance industry
  • The pages on your site tailored to the keywords
  • Other sites with overlapping relevance in your keyword themes.
  • Content opportunities within identified keyword themes.


Efforts for your marketing campaigns might be wasted because of poor content on your page. To secure the links your website deserves, the content must be intentional about promoting your websites where your links make sense.


Link building is all about developing relationships. This is a long-term tactic and it is not something you can manipulate for the sake of a link alone. Being active and consistently engaged in community events can help build quality links.

Pricing Models

Good link-building companies understand those factors and put in time and effort to produce the most effective insurance campaign based on that data. There are two pricing models for the general link-building strategy.

  • Price-Per-Link Building Service
  • Guest Posting & Blogger Outreach Link Building Pricing

When you have strict requirements, a custom link-building strategy is usually better than per-link pricing to ensure you build a personal plan to get links that meet your internal expectations. Since custom outreach involves planning, content development, marketing, outreach, and research, the most common pricing models are:

  • Retainer Pricing
  • Hourly Pricing
  • Hybrid Pricing

Feel free to spend extra when it is worth the price.

Client Testimonials

Meet our satisfied customers who have shared their experiences with our services. 

“Been working with a link-building company for the past few years, and we are happy with the search engine results. Our productivity in the industry has improved with more clients coming to our agency. Communication has been excellent, they frequently report every detail of their work, and the efforts paid off.”

“It is my first time hiring an agency team for link building. These guys are great to work with because they have high writing quality and are very well organized. I won’t ever regret having met them, and up until now, they have never failed our business. We have developed more relationships with local companies who link to our website articles about insurance topics. The content they make is impressive.” 

“Link Building Company team not only work solely on their tasks, but they also provide training teaching us ways to target my demographic. Their services are not only limited to link building, but they also shared their on-page SEO tips, which helped a lot. I highly recommend them to small businesses and corporations, especially to an insurance agent in the industry.”


For more queries, we have prepared the answers to the questions you might want to ask.

Where can I build insurance backlinks?

Creating your business accounts on these sites will increase search visibility, traffic, and leads through your website. As a bonus, you will also get more visibility and insurance leads directly through each platform you claim your insurance business. 

There are many ways to earn backlinks for your insurance website. Here are some of the link-building opportunities for many insurance websites:

  • Testimonial links
  • Local sponsorships
  • Business partnerships
  • Guest posts
  • Social profiles
  • Citations

What is the link-building process?

Suppose you want to build excellent links to your insurance website. Follow the following step-by-step process.

  • Research
  • Outreach
  • Organize
  • Follow up
  • Report

But it does not end there, take the conversations you have started and build on them to create genuine relationships.

What are the best link-building techniques?

Here are the best link-building techniques that can apply to insurance websites. Your tactics depend on your resources, creativity, niche, audience, and available time.

  • Content-based link building
  • Guest blogging
  • Broken link-building
  • Link reclamation
  • Non-linking brand mentions
  • Non-linking images

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Link building is one of the most beneficial, cost-efficient, and powerful strategies you can implement for your brand online. We perform manual guest blogger outreach, broken link building, curated link acquisition, link insertions, podcasting, webinars and other advanced link-building strategies.

With our link-building services, you get an extremely high-touch approach, ensuring you and your clients acquire the highest quality backlinks for improved search rankings. When companies need long-term, sustainable search results, they engage link-building companies for the highest quality external links.

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Whatever your link-building goals, our team can be adaptive and scalable to meet your long-term SEO goals by providing the highest quality content for acquiring the industry’s best backlinks. 

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