Video Marketing For Life Insurance Companies

Life insurance is not viewed as a commodity like food, housing or transportation, so consumers must market term life insurance products and whole life insurance policies to become educated and realize their benefits for their family’s financial future.

As an insurance agent, you guide clients with financial planning. To reach out to them, you will need a video marketing strategy for them to find you. And we are a leading digital growth marketing agency with over ten years of experience as video marketing specialists working with clients across financial sectors in the UK you can trust.

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This article will discuss what you need about video marketing and how videos can improve your conversion rate. In marketing for life insurance, you should know how to showcase the features of your insurance policies by utilizing video marketing because people can easily understand the product through a well-crafted video message. 

Partnering with a Video Marketing Company means getting your content marketing team. Get in touch today to learn how video marketing can grow your insurance agency.

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Specialists in Life Insurance Video Marketing

We are a global team of expert video content creators with all the skills you need for a perfect video. It is all here in one place. 

At Video Marketing Company, we use real-time analytics to deliver personalized growth marketing strategies. Our results-driven approach brings you effective video marketing strategies that work directly for your brand.

Video marketing is a massive opportunity for every life insurance company to be more successful by creating valuable videos for their target market. It will ultimately lead to more insurance sales because viewers will have a better experience.

We are more than a personalized video vendor. We can be your partner. If you still haven’t started using videos to boost life insurance sales, now’s the time to partner with our team of experts. Reach out more about how we can help your insurance business or brand grow.

‍What is Video Marketing for Life Insurance Companies

Video marketing uses content to reach your desired audience and promote your brand, service, or product. In the insurance industry, video marketing isn’t only about sales. You can use it to encourage website visits, social media engagement, email signups, and improve customer service.

It is a part of digital marketing that can help your insurance brand stand out in one of the most competitive sectors. Visuals can also help you to explain complex products or services in a way that will engage your audience. 

In addition, if you are solely focused on generating as many new leads as you possibly can for your life insurance company, check out our lead generation services for this industry.

The Benefits of Life Insurance Video Marketing

Use video marketing to increase your brand awareness, educate prospects, capture leads and sell. Here are the video marketing benefits you can get from investing in our digital marketing.

Videos Build Credibility and Trust

Video is the perfect way to build your brand. Also, videos will educate and inform your audience about your company and the policies you offer. These details are helpful in the decision-making process of finding the ideal insurance policy for you with a personal plan builder and if you prefer a single payment or monthly pay-out.

Videos Encourage Social Shares

Consumers share videos with others if they find them valuable and engaging. You can increase your site’s online traffic and get more leads by insurance videos that people would love to watch and share.

Videos Make Your Agency More Noticeable

Video can be an effective tool to make your insurance company rise above the clutter. Pay attention and put efforts into video SEO practice to achieve its full potential. This practice optimises your insurance marketing video to rank higher on Google. 

Videos Break Down Insurance Techy Explanation

Video can be an ideal medium to simplify complex insurance concepts like insurance. It explains how your life insurance policy works by showing it in action. Hence, it makes it easier for potential clients to understand your insurance agency and services. 

Why Choose Us?

We understand insurance, and with various insurance firms to choose from, it is essential to reach out to their target customers effectively. We know how to make video marketing work for your business, which means that we are the company that can help you create stunning insurance marketing videos for your customers to understand your service better.

Experience fully managed video service with us. Our service includes everything & everyone needed to create your video content. From concept to the final video, we do it all. Each video is assigned to an expert video team & a customer success manager who can focus on fulfilling every unique need. 

Experience peace of mind with our customer-centric video solution. It includes unlimited revisions, payment protection, and a copyright transfer. You will be worry-free working with us because we deliver your original video content that is perfect based on the end goals, subject & audience and that you can use anywhere.

We offer cost-effective production, including planning, creative, video production and campaign roll-out, with transparent pricing. The project is delivered within a fixed budget allocated at the start. 

With our team, you can quickly communicate your concerns and share feedback and approvals. Finally, you can send and receive files with ease.

If you are worried that your videos wont get the engagement that they deserve, you can always check out our life insurance company social media marketing services in order to maximise your videos potential.

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What Makes Good Video Marketing for Life Insurance Firms?

To make good video marketing for life insurance, you should include the following things in creating your videos. 

Educate your Clients 

Use video marketing to educate your audience. With video marketing, you can make content that explains how insurance works. If someone has questions about your products, they can view your videos before making a deal. The videos help clients feel confident about getting an insurance policy that converts more web visitors into satisfied customers. 

Show your Personality

Highlight in your videos what sets your business apart. Don’t waste time creating videos that don’t do your company justice.

Remember calls to action.

If you want someone to browse your website or follow you on social media, add a call to action to take the desired action. You can also include text in your videos that links to your website and encourages viewers to check it out for more information.

Types of Video Marketing We Offer for Life Insurance Companies 

Insurance companies use video marketing through ads, promotions, and product overviews. When selecting the types of videos you will make, the essential thing is that they are fit for purpose. Here is some video marketing we offer for life insurance companies that can serve as your options. 

“Who We Are” Videos

A brief introductory video on who your agency is and what your agency does. This branding video touches on your values, services, and the markets you write. You can include these on the homepage of your website or use them in introductory emails. Keep the videos brief and informative.

Social Proof and Testimonials

You can highlight your customer service or expertise, but prospective customers may still be wary. Having an existing client explain their experience with your agency can be reassuring to someone who has never done business with you.

Risk Management Tips

Prospective and current clients will always look for the value-added of working with your agency. Offering risk management videos and resources for your clients can be a great way to set yourself stand out from the competition.


Explainer videos are one of the most significant categories of online video content. It can explain anything from how your service works to explaining a concept or how to do something.

How Much Does Video Marketing Cost for Life Insurance Companies?

You can expect to spend an average cost of video marketing between $5,000-10,000. The price can vary according to the type of videos and can also increase substantially when hiring the following

  • Film Team
  • Script Writer 
  • Video Editor

Instead of settling for a low-quality freelancer for one poorly-executed video, use professional quality video marketing specialists like our video marketing company so that you continue to maintain the kind of video output needed for true success in marketing.

Client Testimonials

Here is what our clients say.

“Video marketing company is an excellent agency to work with! They were thorough, responsive and customer-centred. They have helped us highlight our clients’ success stories with our insurance agency. They have worked hard to build the relationship we gained from the videos they made for our business.”

“Working with their team has been an absolute pleasure. They listened to our needs and ensured we met the high-quality work, precisely what we were looking for. Now, they have become our long-term partners in fulfilling our video needs.”

“Video marketing company knows exactly how insurance works. The team is structured, organized and highly competent. They have helped us increase sales, and we are proud of the outcome of our insurance marketing campaigns together with them.” 


Do you have more questions about video marketing for life insurance? We’ve got the answers for you.

Why use videos in marketing life insurance?

Here is why you should be marketing via video to increase your life insurance sales.

  • It’s highly efficient.
  • It’s consistent.
  • It was cheap.
  • It’s easy.
  • It’s necessary.
  • It’s current.

How to use video marketing?

You can use video marketing in a variety of ways to amplify life insurance sales, including:

  • Showcasing customer testimonials.
  • Explaining the types of coverage available.
  • Highlighting your agency’s value.
  • Generating an FAQ series.
  • Welcoming new clients.
  • Running promotions.

What videos should you post about life insurance?

Here are some video marketing ideas you can use to market your insurance agency. 

  • Client Testimonials
  • Agent Mission Statement
  • Personalized Videos for Prospects
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Interview Local Business Owners
  • Post-Claim Client Interviews
  • Welcome Aboard Video
  • Sales Video For Prospects
  • Funny Skit About Insurance
  • Year in Review Slideshow Video
  • Safety Education Videos
  • Claims Process Explanation
  • Staff Member Interview

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Life insurance is also critical, but few of us are planning on dying any time soon, so we tend not to think about how we would leave our loved ones in the event of uncertainties. It is a service your clients will only seek out on their own because they are unaware of the living benefit they can enjoy. So, people need to be reminded of this service with life insurance video marketing.

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Invest your money in a long-term strategy instead of wasting it on something you regret. Video marketing is the best way to market your agency! Contact us today.

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