PPC For Life Insurance Companies

PPC marketing is a proven strategy you can implement to help your term life insurance brand stand out from the competition. PPC is a pay-per-click in which marketers charge for every click on their ad campaigns. It is a way of buying visits to your site while matching each person with the insurance policy that fits their needs. 

These days, bringing in new clients when relying only on referrals is difficult, so you have to improve your marketing efforts with pay-per-click advertising. And here we are to help you save time and make every deal profitable. 

We are a digital marketing solutions provider with over ten years of experience as PPC marketing specialists working with clients across the UK. We provide insurance agents with PPC management services to help them cater to potential customers or attract new demographics. Our suite of tools makes digital distribution simple, quoting fast, and growth inevitable.

Digital platforms like Google and Facebook are essential tools designed to help you grow your insurance agency. It requires persistent and consistent ads, and our PPC Marketing Company can help you do that. We don’t give up until we attain the results you hoped for. 

In this article, we have included what you should know about PPC marketing. We cover the basics of ads on different platforms so you can grow your business.

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Specialists in Life Insurance PPC

Our team comprises award-winning advertisers, designers, and developers, and we know how much it takes to get accurate results online. We also focus on the metrics representing your insurance the most, such as leads and revenue generated. Hitting these goals can move your insurance business forward, and our customer’s success is the full measure of our performance. 

At PPC Marketing Company, our team of specialists better understand the insurance industry’s clients because we became licensed agents. From there, we have seen the growing need to serve the insurance agent who sells policies one at a time. So our team of specialists are here to address that need by providing agencies with access to an easy-to-build website platform. 

They are experts in their field and know what they are doing. They have guided successful PPC marketing campaigns countless times and can help you identify precisely what is needed for your advertisement. You will feel confident and reassured with our team of experts working on your account.

We have worked for many of the country’s major insurance carriers. We helped them launch online marketing programs that generated countless insurance leads.

We built quote engines and online claim systems. We don’t only give the tools for your marketing, but we also provide the training that you need because we deliver excellent service that supports you fast, accurately and friendly.

Contact our team of PPC marketing specialists so your website can rank high in search engine results pages (SERPS).


‍What is PPC for Life Insurance Companies

Pay-per-click (PPC) for life insurance agencies is a paid internet marketing method in which an agent pays for each click received by their ads. It works by placing bids on ad space using Google Ads, which puts your ads at the top of SERPS and above organic search results. 

Using PPC insurance advertising allows you to pay for short, concise ads on search engines that rank at the top of the typical listings in Google’s results pages. It helps your potential customers find you more easily.

Expose your business to people who are curiously searching for life insurance. Drive more qualified site traffic, leads and sales with PPC insurance marketing services.

If you are interested in other ways we generate leads for life insurance companies, be sure to have a read of our dedicated life insurance company lead generation page to find out more information.

The Benefits of Life Insurance PPC

Life Insurance PPC is a very effective tool for driving quality traffic to your site. So it can significantly contribute to your business goals whether you use Facebook or Google to market your insurance business. Here is why.

Gain Control

Paid ads allow you to decide which searches bring up your ads since you’re paying to be seen and control where and when you’re automatically relevant when those insurance-based searches come across.

PPC Increases Sales 

Each click is a new visitor or leads coming to your website. And every new site visitor is a conversion opportunity. Paid advertising allows you to reach more people courtesy of guaranteed page-one visibility and appear to highly targeted groups of potential insurance buyers.

Increasing sales through PPC means

  • Generating more leads
  • Improve conversions

Works Quickly

Paid ads are the key to instant first-page visibility. They help ensure the right people notice you immediately without months and months of work to get ranked by the search engines.

Pay-per-click begins producing results almost instantly. They give you more control over who sees your agency online and guarantee a spot on your strategically selected search results on page one.

PPC is Measurable & Trackable

You can see how your campaigns perform, including impressions, clicks, conversions, the traffic you’re receiving and how the results correlate to your budget. It provides a better understanding of the behaviour and search patterns of the customers.

Why Choose Us?

Potential customers have yet to disappear or stop needing insurance. There are still plenty of prospects, but consumer behaviour has changed over time, so reaching them may take a different approach.

We are passionate about helping insurance agencies reach their goals. So when you choose our PPC management company as your digital marketing agency, you’ll get a custom plan that fits your individual needs and goals because we deliver revenue-generating digital marketing solutions.

With PPC insurance advertising, you can immediately get the results. When your ads are created and published, they can drive traffic directly to your website.

Life insurance PPC marketing will allow your company to gain more clients. As a result, it also promotes better brand awareness to potential and existing clients. The more people see your ads, and the more potential customers will recognize your brand.

We have extensive experience in the digital marketing field and have the results to prove it. Plus, we have also worked with insurance agencies before, so we often know what your campaign needs before you do.

We are not only a PPC marketing agency, but we provide complete digital marketing services. We can run your PPC ads with other digital marketing campaigns that work together for your benefit. Just like you give your clients all insurance coverage, we’ll provide you with any insurance marketing strategies you need.

Creating a successful PPC campaign requires experience and extensive knowledge. If you are interested in seeing what a solid PPC marketing strategy could do for your agency, get in touch with our experts. Our certified PPC management team offers your agency the expertise and support it deserves.

What Makes Good PPC For Life Insurance Firms?

To make a good PPC for Life Insurance, you should incorporate the following elements in achieving results-driven PPC insurance agency campaigns. 

Demographics targeting

This focus on only those most likely to make a purchase is a great way to ensure a reasonable conversion rate and ROI. Plus, you can use this information to help create ad copy that appeals to this group.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the fundamental building blocks of search engines, SEO, and PPC. As a result, it’s wise to build a few ads around terms and phrases that prospects use when searching for insurance coverage. We perform keyword research to help you determine which keywords will be relevant and profitable for your business.

Excellent Ad Copy

The ad copy is how we can capture the attention of your target audience, so we spend time crafting that by keeping the message consistent. Using the same ad copy and landing page for both ads requires either sending one demographic to a page made for the other or creating a generic ad copy and using a neutral landing page like your homepage. 

Ad campaign structure

When organized well, the data you gather can help you optimize and group your campaigns. It keeps the ads, keywords, and landing pages relevant and targeted.

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Types of PPC We Offer for Life Insurance Companies 

You will find various online advertising options that charge you per click on your website.

It is one of the most common PPC advertising types. You set up campaigns by writing ad copy, selecting relevant keywords and choosing a relevant landing page on your site.

Additionally we can also carry out SEO for life insurance companies throughout the UK, so please do feel free to get in touch with us today if this sounds like something you may be interested in.

Display Advertising

Display ads are banner, image or text ads that appear on different websites, selected to target particular audiences. These ads will link to your website. They generally return a lower click-through rate than search ads but can help build brand awareness.

Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have high numbers of users who could be your potential customers. PPC advertising on this ad platform can help you achieve higher click-through rates on your website. Campaigns can help increase awareness of your product or services. You can use the channels to target specific demographics and interests.

Our social media marketing for life insurance companies has helped hundreds over the years, why not chat to us today on what we can do to help you and your business grow to the next level.

Retargeting PPC Advertising

Retargeting uses cookies on a user’s browser to show them specific ads based on their previous online actions. It is also called remarketing.

Price Comparison Website Advertising

Price comparison or aggregator websites gather and display prices and special offers from various providers. It includes comparison websites for hotels or insurance. Users click through on the interest offers and buy directly from the merchant or the price comparison portal.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers create PPC ads promoting your products or services and place these on search engines, price comparison websites, targeted content sites, and heavily-trafficked websites.

If you want to organize your campaigns, the data you get helps you optimize them and group them so the keywords, advertisements, and landing pages are all relevant. Here’s how to structure your campaigns:


Focus your campaign on the type of marketing you want to run, the target market and product, and your budget. 

Ad Group

Within your campaign, you’ll create ad groups based on the specific search intent you are searching for. For example, someone looking for “best term life” has a different purpose than someone looking for “cheapest term life”. The result is the same, but the first focus on quality, and the second focuses on cost.


Using similar words in the keywords, ads, and landing pages allows you to keep everything relevant. And if you find that you have more than ten keywords in an ad group, break it down into more groups.


For each ad group, write 2-3 ads. Focus on the words that distinguish that ad group from the others and speak to that offer. Over time you will test and refine your ads, so try to create ads that differ.

There are many platforms where you can use PPC marketing, such as Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and more. Here are the most popular forms of PPC advertising.

  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • Remarketing Ads.
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Paid Social ads
  • Gmail Sponsored Ads

How Much Does PPC Cost for Life Insurance Companies?

Anyone with any budget can advertise. You will need to invest a little more effort, but you can make PPC work with the right target audience. PPC pricing depends on factors like your industry, PPC manager, and preferred ads network. 

Typically, businesses spend $9000 to $10,000 on monthly PPC management, with average PPC costs including $2.59 per click and $3.12 per 1000 impressions. Its price varies depending on the metrics.

  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Cost per mille (CPM)
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per conversion
  • Invalid click rate

Client Testimonials

Feel free to read some of the testimonials shared by our previous clients who have worked with us.

“We worked with some external partners until we found a PPC Marketing Company. They have been great to work with to improve our PPC campaign. They are highly professional, our entire team has learned a lot from their expertise, and I recommended them to others.”

“Their team has been continuously guiding us during our campaign. We get the purchased services and learn about the foundational elements of PPC that need to be laid to drive results. They are a great company!”

“We are grateful that PPC Marketing Company has helped us generate new insurance prospects for our site. We are excited to see the more significant impact we can make as a non-profit thanks to the changes we have begun to make. We are happy to have them as we work together on the next phase.”

We will be happy to hear your feedback to improve our services.


We have answered the common questions you want to know. 

How to Use PPC for your insurance company?

Creating PPC campaigns should be worth the budget. To make the most out of the advertisement, here are several methods to use PPC for your insurance company to acquire more clients.

  • Create ads for every kind of insurance you offer
  • Use ads to publicize deals that you’re offering on insurance. 
  • Target ads to specific locations. 
  •  Create ads based on demographic trends
  • Target the people looking to change

How Does PPC Insurance Advertising Affect Your Business?

The main benefit PPC insurance advertising has for insurance agencies like yours is acquiring new clients and increasing your conversion rates. Our experts cover all the details of your PPC campaign to ensure it aligns with the services and goals of your company.

High-Quality Leads and Conversions

Leads generated by pay-per-click advertising are likely to become conversions because you’re targeting people actively searching for the insurance products you offer!

Targeted, Niche Advertising

PPC insurance advertising allows you to target particular internet users. These users not only fall under the demographic of your potential customer but also qualify as hot lead actively searching for what you offer! This method also accounts for ad remarketing, so you can secure business from even more of these leads.

Do PPC ads help insurance agencies?

Yes, definitely! A PPC ad with a strong headline, a concise description, and an appropriate landing page is a winning combination that can convert site visitors into paying customers. The more relevant and targeted you make them, the better your chances of gaining a new customer.

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When staying competitive in the insurance industry is challenging, you are lucky because you have us. You can still improve your lead generation and brand awareness by making your company more visible with PPC marketing specialists. 

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