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We are a leading social media agency in the UK and can provide a range of digital marketing services to clients across the nation.

Social media management plays a huge role in all forms of businesses these days, as it can contribute to business growth, increased revenue, and brand awareness. Social media is used widely across the globe, and it is an effective tool for all sectors as it can bring their services and products directly to an intended audience.

Social media marketing is a way of advertising your goods and services to a wide audience using these digital platforms. A social media agency, such as us, will help develop an effective marketing strategy for your business, offering accurate insights into your audience and platforms as well as providing engaging content to draw attention.

There is a lot of work that goes into social marketing, which is why working with a dedicated social media team is a great idea across the board. With our expertise and skillset, we can work with all kinds of businesses and have worked on some of the best social media campaigns in the UK over the years.

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What is Social Marketing?

Social marketing is a very effective form of digital marketing that allows all kinds of businesses to reach a wide audience. No matter how small the business is, it is possible to obtain high levels of audience engagement using social media.

The power that social media holds over digital marketing is evident in the total number of social ad spend that the largest businesses contribute to every year. Working on social media, such as through influencer marketing or pushing your own brand across sites like Instagram and Facebook, can be a lucrative tool for all kinds of business, and it is a great way to reach your target audience in modern times.

Having a social media presence is vital for any brand as it is a way of improving brand awareness and reaching your desired audience. Using social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, allows you to effectively get into the homes and hands of your desired audience and encourages them to engage with you. This audience engagement can then lead to sales and increased revenue for the business.

While you might have spent a lot of money on developing a new website and have paid a lot for the content that goes on it, none of this will ever pay off if people do not see it. A way to generate organic traffic to your website and get people aware of the work you do is through social media.

From medium-sized businesses to large corporations, social media is a way to get noticed. People are now finding out where to shop, where to eat, what to buy, and where they should go from social media, and you will not be included in this without a social presence.

Social media marketing is a way of not only getting your brand onto these sites through social media profiles but also the optimisation of your content to ensure you are being seen. Working with a social media team is a way to ensure consistently yielded positive results from your social media work and can help with other digital marketing services as well.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Social media marketing works to leverage the power of your social media and to increase traffic to your site. It is a way of not only getting onto social media but a way of being seen by the right people.

Social marketing, such as Facebook advertising, is used by all forms of businesses these days, from a fast-food restaurant to the Irish Football Association, because this is where the majority of your audience will spend their time. Social media is accessible to anyone with a smartphone, which can open your brand up to a wider audience than ever before.

It is not enough to simply be on these social media platforms but you need to optimise your content, so you are open to a broad range of people.

To get your website or social media content to be seen by such a wide range of people, digital marketing tactics need to be used. Not all kinds of digital marketing will work for the social media channels that are currently available, which is why a top integrated marketing agency like ourselves or Loud Mouth media combine the two.

Social media services are now part of the digital marketing packages that you can expect from any marketing and advertising agency in the UK if they are worth working with.

There are various forms of marketing that we can include in our social media campaigns to ensure the best success for our clients. We will develop a digital strategy for our clients, based on their intended audience and the work they produce, to help them get noticed.

A digital agency like ours gives you access to a variety of services that can contribute to an effective social media strategy, including content creation, influencer marketing, and social media advertising like Instagram advertising that can be used on specific sites for a select audience.

There is a lot of work that goes into social media for businesses, which is why working with a marketing agency is a great way to go. For productive and effective social media marketing campaigns, a combination of a passion for the work you do is needed alongside the technical skills and experience that are required for search engine optimization on this scale.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Social media is perhaps the most important form of digital marketing these days because everyone uses social media in some capacity. Most online sales are generated using social media, as this is where your audience is and how they will find the work you do.

It is clear to see the value and importance of social media by looking at any other advertising agency based in the UK. Companies such as Webhound Media, United Kingdom DMT, and United Kingdom Rozee Digital, as well as ourselves, are now offering marketing campaigns specifically focused on social growth. Connecting with a communications manager or web development specialist will also bring up the importance of social media advertising, as this is going to be a key part of any digital strategy they can provide.

Social media platforms have a large audience base, and they are being used around the globe. If you want to get your own brand noticed, then you need to be on social media and reach this audience with effective marketing strategies.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media agencies can help any business open up to the world of social media and the amazing reach these sites offer. Social media has a worldwide user base and is highly versatile, which is why there should be a focus on the social media management of your brand above almost all other forms of digital marketing because it has the best success rate.

There are many benefits to using social media for marketing, and it can be something that will change the course of your business forever. Social media agencies, like us, can help you use social media to obtain these benefits:

  • Humanises business and improves credibility

A marketing agency can help you use social media as a way to improve the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand by humanising it. It is a good idea to develop a relationship with your intended audience, and social media can allow for this personalisation.

This is why working with an influencer marketing agency can be an effective form of advertising for all kinds of industries, as an influencer is a familiar face. Influencers use social media to talk about their lives and interests while also participating in paid advertising from brands. Learning about a new business or product from someone you trust is an effective marketing strategy which is why this is offered by many social media agencies.

As well as working with influencer marketing, it is possible to turn your business into a marketing tool through the content you publish online. You can make your brand become a character of sorts, as something that audiences recognise and can interact with on social media to improve the credibility of the business and ensure sales down the line.

For this to work, you need consistent content creation, which can be difficult to manage when running a business. This is where social media agencies come in, with their contacts and professional web development skills that can help you make the most out of these sites.

  • Drive traffic to your site or store

Social media is a creative approach to SEO services. It is possible to use paid social marketing and consistent content creation to drive traffic to your website. With more traffic to your site, the greater the search engine optimization of this link will be.

Various industries use social media as a way to bring people to their sites. You have most likely spent a lot of time developing your digital landscape, mastering web design, and creating a website for your business. However, with all of the competition out there, it can be hard to get the attention you deserve which is where social media comes in.

Through your own content as well as paid ads across social republic sites, you can increase traffic to your site or store. Social media is often used for lead generation, as it not only puts your brand in the hands of your audience but can also direct them where to go. People find out about brands from social media and will interact with them this way, too, using social media to find where they need to shop or visit or more.

  • Increase brand awareness

All the work that a marketing agency does is to increase brand awareness. Without brand awareness, there will be no traffic on your site and no sales. Social media is a great tool for brand awareness as it is a way of making your name known to your audience and beyond.

Consistently uploading content and using content marketing strategies, such as app marketing, is a way to get your name out there. The more that you do this, the greater the awareness of your business will be. The aim of any social media strategy offered by a PR agency is to develop the relationship between your brand and your clients.

Social media marketing companies also focus on this aspect and will help you use social media to generate a good brand image. It is this image that is being sold to your audience and is what they will interact with as you eventually become more memorable.

  • Generate leads and sales

Lead generation is another great benefit of social media and is something a good marketer can guarantee from this kind of work. The digital landscape of social media sites is vast, and these platforms can become a one-stop-shop for any client you desire.

Various industries have seen success in generating leads and sales through their social media content. Not only can the content link your audience to the other work you do online, but there is also an interconnecting system – social shopping. This can be used to transform the viewers of your social content and paid advertising into paying customers.

Being able to shop using social media makes things easier for the customer, meaning they are more likely to pay for your services.

This kind of conversion optimization is offered by many a social media agency worth using, such as Pico Digital Marketing, Web Bureau, and our company, to help you maximise your digital tools for greater revenue in the business.

Why Choose Growth Giants for Social Media Marketing Services?

We are a leading social media agency in the UK and have provided social media management to various industries across the UK. Our company has years of experience in the field of social media management and marketing, allowing us to provide top content marketing to every client.

We have a variety of marketing packages available, combining the work of our creative agency and SEO experts to provide an unbeatable social campaign for every client. It is this quality of work that has helped us develop a great reputation in the UK for the work we do.

Social marketing is ideal for all kinds of business, which is why we accept all clients. We work with businesses of all sizes and have hundreds of five-star reviews from past clients due to the quality of work we offer.

Each client will get a dedicated managing director who will oversee the social project management, ensuring the greatest results from everything we do. Our team offers social media marketing, as well as other forms of digital marketing such as email marketing services.

To learn more about the work we do or to request a quote, get in touch with our team today.

Types of Social Media Marketing We Offer

We offer a variety of social media marketing for our clients across the UK, including:

Photo Ads

This is perhaps the most common kind of paid social advertising that you will see, and it can be highly effective. It is a way of attracting attention on social media, or any website, using imagery that represents your brand well.

For this kind of paid social advertising to work, you need to rely on high-quality imagery that can be used across the internet, like in email marketing and on social platforms.

Video Ads

Videos on social media need to be made to a specific quality and length. It has been reported by analytics such as Google Ads and other social media agency research that videos longer than one minute do not get watched in full if watched at all.

For videos to work in your favour, they need to be engaging and informative as well as short. This kind of media can be used across sites, as almost all social media now uses video advertising in some manner.

Stories Ads

This is a form of paid social advertising that takes place on Instagram. Instagram is a predominately image-based app, and stories are a way of sharing images, videos, and content for a short window of time.

This is a very lucrative business for all industries as it has been reported by Instagram Business that over half of Instagram users will buy a product or visit a website that they have seen through stories. This site currently has over one billion users worldwide, so this is great too for social media agencies to provide.

Messenger Ads

Content marketing does not just apply to the posts that appear on a user’s feed as messaging applications, like Facebook Messenger, can also spread your message. The web design of these applications means that brand advertisements will appear in between conversations users have, and the on-site optimization that this provides can be incredible.

It is a modern approach to email marketing, as it is a way of getting into your audience’s inbox.

How Much Do Social Media Marketing Services Cost?

The average cost of social media marketing in the UK can start at £15 per hour, with packages being around £2,000 depending on the company’s expertise.

We offer PPC services across the UK and can provide packages for our clients. To learn more about what we offer and request a quote, get in touch with our team today.


Is Social Media Marketing worth it?

Social media marketing is a way to share your digital ethos with the world. It is a way to connect with your desired audience and bring them to your site. An effective social media campaign will make all other forms of digital marketing, such as web design, pay off as it can increase traffic.

This is only the case if you have a reputable brand monitoring your digital footprint and working on your social media channels for you.

Is Social Media Marketing cost-effective?

Social media marketing is an investment, but it can pay off in increased leads, revenue, and sales. Working with a reputable company gives you access to some of the best materials in the business, ensuring a greater reach with your social channels and therefore increased online traffic.

If you use tools such as the right keywords and target your audience effectively, social media marketing is highly cost-effective in all industries.


As one of the leading marketing agencies in the UK, we help all kinds of businesses use social media to obtain more sales and revenue.

Social media is widely used and is a highly versatile tool when it comes to marketing campaigns, which is why every brand should have a social media presence of some kind.

If you are interested in making better use of social media and want to reach your audience effectively, get in touch with us today. We can provide marketing packages for all of our clients, helping you to optimise your online content.

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