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We are an award-winning PPC agency based in London and have served various clients across the UK. Our digital marketing services are some of the best in the field, and we can provide PPC management to help your brand increase revenue through digital platforms.

Searching for PPC UK means that you are interested in obtaining more sales through your digital platforms, and we can help. We provide PPC advertising and other PPC services from our base in London to all forms of businesses, helping you to obtain the audience you desire.

With an effective PPC campaign, combined with data research, you will be able to reach your business goals and achieve a high revenue.

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What is Pay Per Click?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and this is a form of digital marketing in which advertisers will pay out every time an ad is used. Pay per click is a form of paid advertising that essentially pays for clicks, instead of waiting for an audience to come organically or through optimisation techniques.

Organisations of all sizes and in all industries rely on PPC campaigns to reach their desired audience. It can be used across the internet, from search engines like Google to social media sites like Facebook, to bring new clients to your work.

Our digital agency offers PPC campaigns which are an effective tool to market to a specific audience without the work of other SEO strategies.

How Does PPC Work?

Like other forms of digital marketing, PPC advertising aims to have more people coming to your site and, therefore, more revenue. The digital marketing industry is full of advertising tactics that aim to generate conversions from your online content into business revenue, and pay per click advertising is an example of this.

This is a form of paid advertising in which a business will pay the cost for every click. For example, to push your link up on Google, you can work with Google Ads and generate a PPC campaign. Once your link has been clicked, you will have to pay Google a small fee and pay this out every time your link is used.
In successful campaigns, this fee is trivial because the sales this attention can generate will outweigh the costs the company requires to host your link.

There are different ways that a PPC agency can get your link onto these platforms. For example, Google Shopping Campaigns require organisations to bid for placement. The highest bidder will get the top spot in search results and have to pay a small fee whenever their advertisement is accessed.

As SEO strategies have shown us, to see success online, your link needs to be ranked highly in search results. There are a lot of marketing services that are focused on improving the SEO of your online platforms and some creative ways to achieve this, but PPC advertising essentially does this work for you.

In our PPC management service, clients will pay for us to acquire these top placements, such as at the top of Google search results, and then will only have to pay more whenever these Google ads are clicked on by users. A PPC campaign can be a great tool for those with a limited ad spend and can be a way to obtain more sales online, improving the overall SEO as well.

The more traffic you get, which can be achieved by working with a PPC agency, the better authority it will seem to have and, therefore, organically be ranked higher in search results over time.

Why is Pay Per Click Important?

PPC management is a way to improve the performance of your website, and it is used by companies to gain more online leads. Like other forms of digital marketing, the main purpose of PPC campaigns is to get more leads online and to increase the revenue of the business.

Whereas other forms of marketing require you to get creative or spend a lot of money on advertising, PPC is suitable for those who do not want to pay a lot but still get great results. All forms of business, from pharmacies to law firms, rely on PPC services to reach their desired audience.

Pay per click focuses on keywords and is a great way to reach a very niche audience. You can bid with a Google Premier Partner to become a top link in their search results based on specific keywords. This puts you right in front of clients that are looking for what you can offer, and you will only pay per click, meaning you only spend money when the link is used.

It is a great service for specialised companies, like a pharmacy, as well as any small business due to the way it reaches a very specific audience and costs less than other forms of marketing.

As PPC specialists, we can help create new PPC campaigns or work on any existing campaigns that may not be yielding the best results. PPC is a way to reach the clientele your business needs and improve the performance of your online platforms without all of the creative tools that usually goes into digital marketing.

Benefits of PPC

As a leading PPC agency, we have worked with many clients over the years and provide a range of PPC services to suit all needs.

Our PPC specialists can help develop successful PPC campaigns that provide a full range of benefits, including:

  • Cost-effective digital marketing

To reach your target audience, a lot of data needs to be collected, and many digital marketing campaigns do not get off the ground for months until this is complete. With this data, you can begin creating content and paying for advertising that may bring in your desired client base.

To get this done right, you will have to work with a marketing agency. Marketing agencies in England can charge thousands for any service they provide, which is not accessible to all sectors. PPC skips all of this and still helps you to obtain more leads through targeted web placement.

Instead of paying for a whole campaign, including content creation, and for a market team to oversee everything, you can pay per click.

  • Positive ROI

In a related case, pay per click advertising campaigns are easy to measure and, therefore, can be easy to predict in terms of the value they offer.

  • Instantly improves performance

Unlike any other marketing campaign, PPC campaigns can provide instant results.

There is no need to develop strong relationships with your audience or pay for data research, as you can simply start advertising and get paid whenever someone uses your link.

There are PPC slots available across the internet for you to use, and a specialised PPC company will get you in the right places.

  • Drive warm leads

Warm leads refer to instant sales, which is what PPC management is all about obtaining.

Pay per click advertising puts your site in front of clients as they are looking for what you offer.

  • Improve future SEO strategies

While there are many benefits that PPC management can provide compared to other SEO or digital marketing services, it can also contribute to future success in this field as you can monitor the performance of specific keywords through a PPC service before moving on to any other marketing campaign.

Why Choose Growth Giants for Pay Per Click Services?

As an award-winning PPC agency, we have carried out PPC campaigns for thousands of clients in various industries throughout the UK. Our team is highly experienced in all forms of paid marketing, meaning your search for success is over.

The company has worked with customers for decades in paid marketing and continues to provide some of the best account management services in the UK. Based in London, our paid marketing service is available to clients across the country.

This company is data-driven, which is why we see so much success. We have worked with companies across the country who are looking for cost-effective PPC management.

As PPC specialists, we understand what works when it comes to any pay per click campaign, and our team is award-winning. We offer all clients a dedicated account manager who will oversee the entire campaign, as well as search engine research and award-winning marketing techniques.

To work with us, you can get in touch through our London base or contact us online.

Types of PPC Ads We Offer

We offer many different kinds of PPC advertising in our marketing service, including:

Display PPC Ads

Display PPC advertising uses text and images to target viewers on industry-specific websites which will be related to the work of your company.

Search PPC Ads

This is the most common kind of PPC advertising, and they appear in search results. This is a way of getting your website at the top of specific search terms, reaching audiences who are actively looking for what you offer.

Social PPC Ads

Social media paid advertising is one of the fastest-growing PPC services this agency offers.
These ads appear on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and are programmed to reach your audience based on the hobbies and interests their account currently interacts with.

Remarketing PPC Ads

Remarketing PPC is a way to double your turnovers by focusing on existing clients. These ads will remind customers who have already used the website for your services to compel them to buy.

This is one of the cheaper PPC services offered by our agency as there is lower competition when you are focusing on existing clients, and the audience is incredibly specific.

Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon is one of the biggest shopping platforms on the internet today, and this paid advertising service allows businesses to capitalise on this.

For this kind of service, our agency will place sponsored posts in the relevant search term, helping you stand out against other companies in the same field.

Local Services PPC Ads

This is an ideal service for any local company that relies on a specific audience base and relies on account information as well as location search terms.

YouTube PPC Ads

YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming services on the internet, and our agency works with the ad team to help your promotion show up in relevant search terms.

How Much Do UK Pay Per Click Services Cost?

A PPC agency can charge anything from £20 per hour to £100 per hour based on the work they need to do and your location.

To learn more about our costs and to request a quote, get in touch with our team today or contact our London base.


Both PPC and SEO focus on where your link appears in search results. What sets the two apart is the timing, as PPC can make your link appear high in search terms instantly, whereas SEO is more a long-term game.

There is a lot more work that goes into search engine optimisation, compared to pay per click, and the results can take longer to appear.


Is Pay Per Click worth it?

If you want to reach a specific audience and increase your number of customers, PPC can provide instant results. When working with a reputable PPC management team, it is possible to have your link at the top of search results within minutes compared to the long game of search engine optimisation.

Is Pay Per Click good for small businesses?

PPC allows you to focus on specific key terms so you can reach your niche without any additional digital marketing. Any company can benefit from PPC, including small businesses with a limited marketing fund.

Is Pay Per Click Legit?

PPC is simply a way of paying for traffic on your site instead of playing the long game of content optimisation. It is a legit way to do this, as long as you use a reputable PPC management. It can also contribute to further SEO efforts.


We are a leading PPC management agency in the UK that can help companies gain more customers to their digital pages.

To learn more about what we do, contact the team today.

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