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Therapists are vital in our society because they treat mental illness and help us explore our feelings, and thoughts, plus understand our patterns of behaviour. Therapists need a private practice website design to reach more clients and grow their businesses. Your therapy website is your first impression, and it sets the tone for the rest of your business. A great therapist website communicates what is unique about your private practice so that clients feel comfortable coming to see you and stay engaged with their treatment plan.

We are a U.K based Agency, and we have been providing web design for family therapist for many years. We can design you a complete website from scratch, or if you already have an existing site, we can update it with new functionality to help you increase your online presence and profits.

Today we will discuss everything you need to know about therapist websites design.

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What is Web Design for Therapists?

Web design is the process of creating a website that is user-friendly and reflects the therapist’s services. We help therapists to build a website that is functional, professional, and easy to use. All websites must be optimised for mobile devices, including responsive designs that automatically adjust the layout according to the device used.

Our Web designers are highly specialised and can create clean code and graphic elements such as logos or photos while keeping up with changing trends in coding styles (CSS3). They may also know HTML5, allowing them to access features like video embedding or audio streaming through plugins like Wistia or Soundcloud. Al this is to ensure you create for you a good therapist website that will be loved by search engines and clients looking for your services.

The Benefits of therapists’ Web Design

The following are benefits of therapist website design:

Reduce bounce rate on own site

The higher the bounce rate, the more likely users will leave your site and never return for your exceptional physical therapy services. It can be a severe problem for therapists who need their clients to stick around and help them make money. But don’t worry, we create excellent therapy websites to make your visitors stay an enquire on your services.

Keep up with competitors’

People are more likely to trust sites that have similar designs and branding to their favourite sites. It means you can’t afford to get left behind in the race for web design leadership. You don’t want to be left behind by other businesses in your industry. We ensure your website is as user-friendly and visually appealing as possible to allow visitors to find physiotherapy services easily.

Boost Revenue for your own website

Psychotherapy is a relatively expensive profession, so it’s essential to keep your site looking as professional as possible. It will help you attract new patients and keep old ones coming back. It will increase your revenue in the long run.

We can also carry out link building for Therapist Companies to help your new site rank well in Google’s search engine! Make sure to check that page out if that is something you would be interested.

Why Choose Us?

We have been designing websites in the U.K for many years, and we know what it takes to create an effective, professional counseling website to help you achieve your goals. Our team has a proven track record of success with many types of therapist firms.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to our clients, ensuring they feel supported throughout building their websites or e-commerce sites. We also offer free consultations with one of our experts so they can walk you through what kind of website design would suit your business needs.

Here at Growth Giants, we don’t just offer web design, either. Our team can help with all aspects of Therapists lead generation, so you can put your feet up, and let us do all the hard work for you!

What Makes Good Website Design For Therapists Firms?

A good website should be responsive and easy to navigate. The user experience has become increasingly important, especially considering that many people will likely access your website from their mobile devices. If you have been looking for a therapist with good web design skills and experience, we would love to help with your project.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified graphic designers who will work with you directly or via our team of copywriters and marketing experts so that we can build a fantastic site for you. We pride ourselves on creating user-friendly, visually pleasing websites and delivering information effectively through every page on the site.

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Types of Web Design We Offer for Therapists

We offer the following types of website designs

Dynamic Web Design

Dynamic Web Design is a website that uses graphics and photos to create an appealing look while displaying real-time content on the screen.

It is a website that offers the best user experience because it doesn’t require visitors to download any software or plugins before they can view your site or revisit it later on. You will also see fewer errors with dynamic sites because they load faster than static ones.

At Growth Giants we can also offer a variety of SEO services for Therapist Companies too, so if this is something you would be interested, be sure to check out our page discussing this in more detail.

Liquid web design

Liquid web design can change depending on the screen size and resolution. However, the layouts or text will not change to fit the small screens, but it stretches and shrinks all pages to do it. Our experts will asses your first before designing this type of website.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design is a website that adapts to the device you’re using to view it. So, it appears it’s been designed specifically for that device. It is excellent for people with many different devices in their homes. They can go to the site on their device and experience the same.

How Much Does Web Design Cost for Therapist Companies?

The average cost for web design in the U.K ranges from £ 100 to £600. The cost varies depending on the type and complexity of the work. We offer affordable web design services for therapists’ firms at a price that is right for your budget.

We don’t charge for minor updates and revisions, so you can rest assured that we will not be taking advantage of you. We have a range of packages that can be tailored to suit your needs. We are happy to discuss this with you and offer you a free consultation so we can find out exactly what you need from your website.

Client Testimonials

Here are our client’s testimonials;

“Our website was designed and built by the team from this company. We were very pleased with how quickly the team completed the design of our website.”

“The bounce rate has significantly reduced after they design our website, and we have witnessed an increase in our customers after helping us design it. We appreciate how much effort they put into it, so thank you!”

“This team has helped us save a lot of money in marketing. We used to spend a lot of money on traditional marketing. They build us a good website, and our revenue has increased significantly.”


What is the difference between a website and a blog?

A blog is a site that publishes articles regularly, usually daily or weekly. A website has more pages than just one article; it usually has more than one page. Websites are designed to be used by people who want to read more about your service in one place without having to search through different websites.

How long does it take to redesign a website?

Redesigning a website takes between 2-3 months. It depends on your needs and the complexity of the website. Our web designers will ensure that your website is complete within two months.

Why do I need a web designer?

You need a web designer to help you create a website that is responsive and easy to navigate. A good website will make an impression with your visitors, hence hiring your services. We will help you to strengthen your online strategies through quality web design.

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Therapists are vital in our society because they help us deal with mental illness. They need an excellent website to impress their clients and grow their revenue. We are a U.K based company, and we help therapists with web design services.

We have a team of designers and developers who can create a website that reflects your brand, helps you reach potential clients, and is easy to navigate. We’ve been in the business for many years, helping hundreds of therapists with their websites while maintaining high standards for quality artistry.

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We believe that our web design company can help you improve your online presence. We offer a wide range of services for therapists, including all aspects of website development and maintenance. Please get in touch with us today and get web design services at an affordable price.

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