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Suppose you have a wedding planning business or an event planner in all areas. You might be worrying that managing events in a digital space requires more effort than your past events.

We can help your event planning business with our web design services.

Whether it is wedding planning or high-stakes events, event planning is not a simple process, and organisers have become demanding in making events possible and successful. With numerous companies who work in the same field, it is challenging to make your company stand out from the rest. 

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Business cards are no longer enough to represent your business, so you need a unique website to show your clients that you are the event planner they are looking for. As event planners and organisers, you must develop dedicated event planner websites.

With our team of web designers, coders, and programmers, we can offer the best and most reliable solution and event management services to establish the ultimate event planner website design that you need. We’ve got the tools for your website. 

We have a decade of experience working with companies across the UK, and we can help you drive leads to your event planning website and keep them on it. 

Remember that your website is the face of your business that showcases your best work, targets your potential audience, and tells a story about you as a professional event planner. So you must invest in its design. 

To learn more about what needs to consider in creating your official and brilliant event-planning websites, check out this article!


Why Use Us?

Our company specialises in talent management as well as event planning. The different visual elements of this site are engaging and pleasing to the eye. As web designers, we can create websites of any size with any functionality.

Our team could accomplish a remarkable sales feat in a short time, qualifying us for membership in the Envato Power Elite program. At the same time, we celebrate, support, and are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

We understand that every customer and your clients have different needs, requiring many other solutions. So, we present samples that would enable you to choose layouts that meet your needs. 

We also provide the most cutting-edge and high-quality theme collections to build the website you’ve always wanted.

They are straightforward to operate and maintain, compatible with current web browsers, and mobile-friendly. We’ll work with you to design a one-of-a-kind web area and promote your event to capacity.

The greatest players in the market have recognised us as the leading web design firm for our award-winning technology, attentive client service, and positive employee environment. And we have a certification for being a fantastic place to work.

Here at Growth Giants, we don’t just offer web design, either. Our team can help you out will all aspects of event planner lead generation, so you can leave all the hard work to us!


Types of Web Design for Event Planners

Here are two types of website design to choose between when creating your spectacular event planner website design available in the UK. Let us build your online visibility with sophistication.

Registration Website

Registration is a type of website best for successful events that don’t last long, are held in a single location, and require minimal information to introduce. Generally, there will be only a single page of information and a call to action that takes the user to register.

Marketing Website

For more complicated events, you should employ a marketing website. This kind of event frequently spans several days, occurs in different places, has multiple registration options, and requires more than one webpage to describe adequately.

If you already have an existing website, our company offers the interactive tools you need to envision their events in your space.

We can also offer you a wide variety of SEO services for event planners, if this sounds like something you would be interested, check out the link for more information.

Sell a Striking Vision of Your Webspace

Using Photo-Realistic 3D to show prospects what you can convey in their vision can create a connection and thus bring them towards your business. Our diagramming tools will also enable you to update existing layouts, save new templates and satisfy current safety guidelines.

Collaborate in Real-time

By providing planners with the resources they need to keep all clients, vendors, and stakeholders informed, you can work effectively and establish yourself as the ideal venue partner.

Add Floor Plans to Your Website

Improve the planner experience on your webspace with Interactive Floor Plans. Give planners the complete picture of your interface. dramatically

Costs of Web Design for Event Planners

On average, expect to pay around £100 per year for a basic web design for event planners, with website prices going up to £10,000 and beyond for a vast, complex website in the UK. 

Alternatively, we also offer a more cost-effective solution, a pre-made theme layout, to build your event-planning business website. It will still require some basic web design knowledge, but it’s a significant way to get a professional-looking website in the long run without spending much money. 

Here are the website costs to consider,

  • Cost for Time 
  • Cost for the hosting and management
  • Where are you based
  • Cloud backups / FTP Backups / Database Backups
  • Website CMS updates and applied patches.
  • GDPR notice and privacy policy
  • SSL certificate for secure encrypted browser
  • Email and contact form for leads

Benefits of Web Design for Event Planners

Event planning is no longer only about properly organising an event with high-quality expectations but more about the attendees’ experience. Having web design can grow your business and has many benefits. 

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Broaden Your Audience Spectrum

People now search for events of their interest towards Google. It means potential attendees would not be able to learn about your event without your website. Creating web design would allow people to reach you. 

Communicate Your Brand 

Through an aesthetically appealing website, you will be able to promote events. Make your website your event brand advocate. It is only achievable if you have a website with a lively layout and handy interface.

Once we have fully built your website out, we can also carry out link building for event planner companies to help your new site rank well in Google’s search engine! Be sure to check that page out if it sounds like something you would be interested in.

Analyse Your Active Audience

One of the great benefits of having an event website is insightful event analytics. It will provide you with audience demographics to help you understand your audience.

Answers to Questions 

Answering inquiries related to your event manually can be time-consuming and stressful. When mentioned on your event website, an important, detailed and organised date can save you a big time from headaches.

For Integrating Networking Platforms

Networking is one of the motives why people attend an event. Integrate networking platforms into your event website and engage your attendees before, during and after the event.


An event website is a primary source to provide attendees with event info, sessions, speakers, agendas, and more. Participants learn everything they need to hear about the meeting or event, and you gather everything needed to deliver with digital ease.

Marketing Flexibility

It gives your event the focused attention it deserves.

Competitive Advantage

An engaging event website can be essential when facing a crowded conference marketplace. The invitation and event website can be your first chance, and maybe the only option, to amaze them and give them a natural feel for what’s in store. This build-in excitement can capture new interest while enticing loyal ones to return to your following events.

  • Wedding events
  • Corporate events
  • Business events
  • Nonprofit events
  • Personal/ own event

What is Web Design for Event Planners?

A web design for event planners or event websites is the virtual equivalent of a physical event in the real world. It offers convenience and potency to both organisers and attendees. Not having an event website directly results in decreased credibility.

An event website is more dynamic. It is created for events that need to capture potential attendees’ attention. The purpose of creating a website design for event planners and organisers is to be able to market the event and convince participants to attend and, at the same time, to showcase the best works of the company for prospects.  

This website can include videos and more information, leading to a registration site. And to achieve the goals of attracting customers and gaining their trust for upcoming events, the event website must be responsive, branded, contain all the event info and, most significantly, be accessible and easy to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most popular questions about web design for event planners and what to expect from a web design company. 

How do I create an event planning website?

An event registration website should be able to function without much supervision if it is set up correctly. You must check how many people have registered for each event before adding new ones. Of course, the site itself needs to be set up first. We can help you with that!

How much do event planners charge in the UK?

Event coordinators typically bill on a percentage basis. The standard for the sector is 10% to 15% of the whole event budget. However, the most skilled event organisers frequently demand minimal payment.

Are event planners in high demand?

Event planner jobs are expected to increase by 18% between 2021 and 2031, substantially more significant than the average job growth rate. Over the next ten years, there are expected to be 16,600 openings for event planners.


Events are no longer limited to physical gathering and participation, but it has advanced to virtual setups. Now that it has been more challenging for event planners, a marketing tool is one step to establishing an online presence and enhancing brand awareness.

At Growth Giants, our team of professional web design specialists can help you.

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If you want to read and hear more about our full-service event planning and the prices we can offer, answer the enquiry form. And talk with our team of professional web designers to create a customised website for your specific event planning business. 

We look forward to hearing from you and designing your website, helping you achieve growth goals for your business in corporate and social events and even in the wedding planning industry.

If you have any questions regarding the content on this website, don’t hesitate to contact our web design for event planners company.

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