Advertising for Event Planners

As an event planner, you know that marketing and advertising your services require special consideration. Growing an audience is one of the main goals of an event-planning business.

You can, of course, advertise your events and your services. However, staying on top of the most recent trends in event marketing can be challenging when you operate in a highly competitive market.

That’s where we come in. We can help you showcase your event planning services and events with an effective event marketing strategy and get you ahead of the competition.

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We are a leading UK-based advertising company with over 20 years of expertise in implementing effective marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses across different industries in the country.

Our marketing specialists have a solid background in offline and online marketing in the event industry. We develop customised marketing plans according to your goals and your company’s current status in the market.

If you want your event-planning business to grow its client base and get ahead of the competition, we can be a marketing manager you can count on.


Why Use Us?

We are an advertising agency that embraces the latest technologies and employs integrated marketing strategies to promote your event and event planning business.

We have a vast network spanning over a hundred organisations internationally. We are a digital marketing agency specialising in events marketing with full consideration of your fixed marketing budget.

We have over 20 years of experience in marketing events, helping event management businesses enhance their marketing efforts or implement effective marketing strategies.

We employ every aspect of traditional and digital marketing. We base our methods on in-depth research and data analysis to promote your event and encourage more attendees.

To promote your event and your company’s services, we develop a unique marketing strategy employing various popular marketing techniques, including social media, SEO, PPC, and content marketing.

If you want to take your business or your upcoming event to the next level, we can help you establish and implement a solid marketing plan to promote your event and services.

Types of Advertising for Event Planners

Depending on the nature of your business, marketing can take many different forms and is essential to business growth and success.


Getting out there and participating in the event planning industry might lead to beneficial marketing opportunities for your event planning business. Networking allows you to gain new ideas and learn about other events on-trend.

Here are some ways you can network:

  • Attend conferences, workshops, and trade shows
  • Interact with other business professionals and organisations on social media
  • Join organisations or social clubs in your area
  • Give out a business card unique to your company

Digital Marketing

Most likely, your next client is online searching for the best event planners, which is why digital marketing should be a part of the marketing plan of an event planner.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Because most people rely on the Internet for information, it is a must for an event-planning business to have a website with valuable and high-quality content.

In SEO, we conduct keyword research and website optimisation so that you can rank high on search engine results pages when prospective clients search for your services. Your target audience can quickly locate you using specific keywords or phrases.

For example, if a user searches for “best event planning business in the UK,” your website containing those search terms will quickly be at the top of search engine results. Ranking high on search engines will enhance your visibility and attract potential clients to your business.

Web Design

Your event website design reflects your event planning business. A visually appealing modern web design can help you attract new clients and entice them to browse your past events and other content.

A unique event website can build brand recognition with your audience and target market. A customised event website can earn your business more leads and potential clients.

A responsive design is also essential to ensure your website looks good on all devices.

Google AdWords

Google Ads is one of the most instrumental parts of a marketing plan. Through this marketing strategy, your ads appear in front of potential customers searching for your event-planning services.

Through Google Ads, you can reach your target market based on keywords, monitor how well your ads are performing through Google analytics, and ensure that you rank high in search results.

An effective marketing plan is essential in ensuring the success of a Google Ad campaign. Essential details and precise information should be included in the event marketing message that lets your audience know your services.

The following are indicators that your marketing campaigns are going well:

  • A high click-through-rate
  • A high conversion rate

Social Media

As an event planner, you know the importance of social media marketing efforts. Social media channels have always been a part of an effective marketing strategy because of the large audience you can reach with them.

You are naturally creative and organised as an event planner, qualities needed to produce amazing social media marketing efforts. However, maintaining the profiles, communicating with your followers frequently, and increasing interaction on your social media posts can take time and effort.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter have billions of users combined. You can easily reach a huge audience through social media posts and boost all aspects of an event marketing plan.

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Your marketing content can be about successful events, business partners, event participants, and future events. Live streaming to promote your event and hashtags can help you reach new clients while keeping new clients updated.

You can also build relationships with current clients through social media channels, especially when you share photos, send messages, and engage with event participants when live streaming.

With over a billion active social media users, chances are high that many will be interested in your next event or trade show.

If you are interested in finding out more information about our social media marketing for event planner companies, be sure to check out that link for more information.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a crucial aspect of all marketing strategies. It is the core component of a marketing plan that leads to the long-term success of an event planning business.

This is an event marketing strategy in which event planners create content relevant to their target market.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC is paid search advertising that gets your advertisements in front of your target market and helps drive traffic to your website.

A PPC campaign is one of the most cost-effective marketing activities, as you can set a marketing budget and stick to it. Using PPC means you don’t pay any dime unless a user clicks on your ad.

Several factors to include in a event planner pay-per-click marketing campaign are the keywords most often searched by your audience, the location, time, competing ads of other event planners, and device type of users.

Cost of Advertising for Event Planners

The costs of advertising depend on the services you want. Here are the average prices of the different marketing strategies:

SEO (search engine optimisation)

  • £394.75 per day
  • £901.50 monthly retainer
  • £1556.25 per campaign

Organic Social Media Marketing

  • £650 per day
  • £1,120 monthly retainer
  • £400 per campaign

  • £430 per day
  • £587.50 monthly retainer
  • £266 per campaign

Content marketing

  • £725 per day
  • £817.90 monthly retainer
  • £325 per campaign


  • £725 per day
  • £1040.90 monthly retainer
  • £1016.60 per campaign

Website build

  • £5452.30

Website marketing and development

  • £684.28 per day
  • £738 monthly retainer
  • £2412.50 per project

Benefits of Advertising for Event Planners

Event marketing brings so many benefits to event planning businesses. The following are some of them:

Brand Exposure and Increased Visibility

You have the chance to network with a variety of people who could be interested in your business. With good advertising, you can stand out from the competition.

You can have the potential to develop your brands over time and increase your global recognition when advertising campaigns are executed successfully.

The commercials that a company runs will have a significant impact on its reputation. After all, clients will be more familiar with the brand and may decide to use the company for their future needs.

Reach Your Target Market

Reaching the people interested in your services is typically challenging, mainly when so many other businesses advertise their products or services.

You can target your desired market with the correct advertising techniques and reach the right people.

Increase Customer Base

Advertising can improve the number of regular clients your company receives, especially when the strategies are used successfully.

Improved Reputation

Businesses that use a lot of advertising have a better chance of winning over customers’ trust and building a solid reputation. After all, the more they promote their goods and services via television and the Internet, the more people will be aware of them.

More clients will be inspired to test the goods and services and then offer feedback. Positive reviews enhance a business’s reputation.

Increased Sales

Advertising may help businesses reach as many potential new customers as possible, which is another terrific strategy for growing daily sales. Therefore, companies must work to make their advertising relatable and relevant.

The correct market will be drawn in by the adverts in this manner.

Growth Opportunities

Advertisements might open up new growth prospects for your business. One benefit is targeting specific customers using adverts based on their demographics and preferences.

This enables the company to concentrate its marketing efforts on the population segments most likely to purchase the goods and services it provides.

What is Advertising for Event Planners?

Advertising can take on various shapes depending on your company’s type and size, but it is crucial to its expansion and success.

Marketing your event and services is crucial if you want to increase the number of your current clients. To boost revenue, you must draw more attendees to your upcoming event. Marketing events can build your credibility and boost sales and raise brand awareness.

Event organisers can also promote specific events for a target market and their services. Gaining interest in their events and drawing sizable crowds might help businesses attract repeat customers.

Additionally, event planners can sell their services to attendees subtly through the course of their existing duties. Successful events might result in recommendations and leads for new customers.

At Growth Giants we offer a wide variety of lead generation for Event Planner companies, be sure to check out the link for more information.

Hiring a marketing professional ensures you devote sufficient time and resources to focusing on your primary duties of satisfying your customers without sacrificing your marketing efforts.

One best practice that helps an event marketing plan is studying previous events. This allows you to identify your strengths and areas you can improve on. This is why you need a marketing specialist for your event planning business.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about advertising for event planners, here are some of the frequently asked questions we get:

Does my business need to advertise?

If a company wants to attract new clients, it usually needs to reach out to an audience, and for many companies, advertising makes the most sense.

Advertising can be a good choice if:

  • you want to reach a large audience
  • you want to reach your target market
  • you want to increase your client base
  • you want to enhance brand awareness

How much should I spend on advertising?

Employ advertising campaigns that can be tested and modified along the way if you want to maximise your investment. You may manage and control expenditures using online advertising. Increase your online campaigns’ return on investment by measuring the results of your efforts.

Hiring an advertising agency is also best to ensure you waste no resources. You may learn more about internet advertising costs, including pay-per-click advertising, from a marketing agency.

Where are the best places to advertise online?

In the modern age, it is best to advertise on web pages and other online platforms. You can advertise online through:

  • search engines like Bing and Google
  • social media like Facebook and Instagram
  • websites
  • paid search ads

Do I need an advertising agency?

As a general rule, only consider working with an advertising agency if you anticipate spending more than £10,000 on advertising. Typically, agency costs will account for 15% of your advertising budget.

Find an agency with experience in the event planning industry. Examine examples of their prior work, and find out if there are happy clients you can contact or reviews you can read.

How long does it take to see advertising results?

It depends on the campaign you are conducting and the goals you have set for yourself. A short-term deal advertised online might have virtually immediate results. An ongoing marketing campaign for several months may be necessary to build your brand’s reputation.

You can estimate how long a campaign will need to run to accomplish its goals if you track its effectiveness. Monitoring what happens will allow you to determine when and how your advertising needs to change if you are still waiting to see the desired results.

Online advertising typically yields the quickest results.


As an event planner, you must keep up with the most recent event trends because your industry is highly competitive. It is essential to be flexible and always prepared to plan various activities.

During various event planning processes, it might be challenging to concentrate on specific events and define your primary client profile because each kind you serve has its challenges.

You must find the time and funding to manage your marketing strategies, advertise your event planning company, and manage numerous other projects simultaneously.

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But to succeed in the event planning business, you need a solid marketing strategy.

If you are anywhere in the UK, we can help you successfully market your event planning services and upcoming events by considering your goals, promotion efforts, marketing budget, engagement activities, and target market.

You can rely on us to employ the latest marketing tools and strategies to help you boost your brand awareness, client acquisition and revenue. You wouldn’t want to be left behind. Give us a call.

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