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If you’re an event planner considering adding link building to your list of services, there are better approaches than getting as many inbound links as possible to boost the search rank. But rest assured, carrying out high quality building campaigns is our job. 

Link Building is one of the most important parts of a thriving event planner SEO campaign, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood.

Here at Growth Giants, we have the best approach you need to build or improve your backlink profile.

Our team of experienced link-building specialists are committed to your event planning business and your client’s satisfaction. We strive to provide the best wholesale fulfilment available at an affordable price.

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For over a decade, we have ranked sites professionally as Link Building for Event Planners Specialists. We have observed the changes to the search engine algorithms, studied the patents filed by Google, analysed numerous websites, and applied long-term strategies to rank locally and across the UK.

Get link-building with a guaranteed traffic increase. You need a company that offers affordable prices, and we are a good fit for you. Read the article to learn more about link-building for event planners. 


Why Use Us?

Our Link Building for Planners Company is, first and foremost, a resource for event planning businesses and organisations. We understand that relevance is essential, and we will only create links from sites relevant to you because we protect every event site of our clients.

Our main goal is to provide an ROI to you, the event planner and your client. Even though your client will never know we exist, we care about each site we rank. We understand that this site or event listings are the lifeblood of the business. 

Outsourcing to an experienced in-house link-building team allows the small agency to focus on acquiring new clients and managing existing ones without worrying about fulfilment, creating synergy and efficiency.

We assure you that while working with us, you will have access to all deliverables and receive transparent reporting. Hiring us can help you save time and money while increasing your profits with our excellent link-building services at the best prices.

We make link-building easy. Our dedicated support team will go to work analysing competitors and matching the brand with relevant, high-quality backlinks. We manage the entire process, from content creation and anchor text optimisation to manual outreach and link placement. 

Our link-building strategy goes beyond direct targeting. We include deep event link building in every campaign to create a complex link network to capture more organic traffic and longtail search opportunities. 

We understand that building links is complex and requires great effort. We are here to provide solutions, and our link-building campaigns include

  • Diverse Set of Link Types
  • Robust Package of Links 
  • Niche Relevancy
  • Anchor Text Ratio Audit
  • Future Link Mapping
  • Link Indexation

In marketing events, you need to create a dedicated event page on your event listing sites that lists previous and upcoming events with full descriptions. It has the benefit of accumulating many ongoing links to the same page over time.  

Growth Giants can help you generate more event planner leads, through our link building services.

Types of Link Building for Event Planners

Here are essential links to optimise your event planning website to understand how event link building works. 

Internal Links 

A hyperlink sends web readers from one page to another within your website. Interlinking your content can guide users through it naturally and allows them to stay on your website for longer as they are redirected around your site. Another purpose of internal links is to contribute to your website’s crawlability.

Internal links also help search engines understand your site structure, see how the content on your site is related, and identify the essential pages on your site. All of which can boost your search rankings and enable your content to be more easily found by users.

We can also offer social media marketing services for event planer companies as well, be sure to look through that page if you are interested.

External Links 

External links are also known as or also known as outbound links. It is a hyperlink that leads from your website to another resource. Linking to high-authority resources is considered to be a good SEO practice.

External links can also harm your search engine rankings when linking out to other people too much, so you need to understand how exactly links work. Creating outbound links to legitimate sites will value your visitors and boost your site’s authority. 


Backlinks are also known as inbound links. They are links and connections created by another website to your website. Links are a huge ranking factor. The more links you have directing to your site, the more traffic flow you will get from them. 

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Backlinks have the most significant impact on a website’s SEO. There are many different types of backlinks.

  • Editorial Backlinks
  • Relationship-Based Backlinks
  • Guest Blogging
  • General Directories
  • Niche Directories
  • Header, Footer, and Sidebar Links
  • Paid Links
  • Profile Backlinks
  • Webinar Links
  • Free Tool Links
  • Sponsorship/Acknowledgment Backlinks
  • Badge Backlinks
  • Press Release Backlinks
  • Comment Backlinks
  • Forum Links

Costs of Link Building for Event Planners

If you are considering an outsourced event link-building campaign, the price can vary from £100 to over £1,500 per link. A typical campaign budget is £5,000-£20,000 per month, often tied to content marketing activity with secondary KPIs.

Here are the factors which impact the event link-building cost.

  • Content
  • Creative Flexibility
  • Brand Strength
  • Link Quality
  • Industry

Benefits of Link Building for Event Planners

There are many benefits to Link Building for Event Planners, including:

Increase Domain Authority

One of the essential benefits of link building is boosting your website’s Domain Authority (DA). With a high number of backlinks, your DA increases, predicting how your event websites will likely rank on search engines.

Enhances Brand Visibility

The primary purpose of event link building is to raise the SERPs. But before this is achieved, other complementary brands and websites must link to your website. You become more visible to audiences you’d probably not be able to reach otherwise.

Establishes Brand Authority

Trust is all about authority. Other brands with a solid following and voice recommend you to establish brand authority in the event planning industry. In the online space, recommendations are via brand mentions and backlinks. Getting links from respected platforms is the goal. 

Boost Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is visiting you get from other websites without the visitors searching for you on Google. This traffic tells Google that your content is valuable, especially if such visits come from high DA websites.

Broadens Revenue Opportunities

When websites link to your pages, you’ll have more direct traffic clicking through. This inbound traffic enables you to present various conversion mechanisms to boost revenue.

Get Your Web Page Indexed Quickly

Getting quality backlinks can help your webpage get indexed quickly. When authority websites link to your page, Google views your page as genuine.

The higher the reputation and authority of the other websites, the better. Making sure you have quality content on your site will increase the likelihood of indexing while also maximising the benefits of event link building.

Natural Promotion

Link-building provides natural promotion because it genuinely helps web users find valuable information with the surrounding content on your website. So your link placements will maintain the web user’s positive experience but enhance it.

Reduces Bounce Rates

Link building also includes internal links. It allows users and search engines to navigate your site easily, establishes the information hierarchy for your website, and spreads link equity around your website. It results in lower bounce rates because users will only leave your site for so long.

If you are an event planner who wants to enjoy link-building benefits, consider partnering with a link-building company like ours.

What is Link Building for Event Planners 

Link building improves website visibility and traffic by using local, national or international events to get links back to your website.

However, it is a tedious process requiring proper resource allocation and time. Hence, a link-building technique with appropriate implementation avoids slowing your business’s growth. 

Link-building strategies can include manual outreach, broken link-building and guest blogging to as many relevant websites as possible. A reputable service can solve your low-traffic problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, you may find the answers through the frequently asked questions we have answered about link building for event planners.

How to turn events into link-building opportunities?

Every event you know in the industry can give you some great link-building opportunities. You should see the following to incorporate them into your link-building promotion and secure valuable links.

  • Industry Events – What’s Happening in Your Industry?
  • Your Company Events – What’s Happening in Your Company Each Month?
  • Relevant Holidays – Seasonal Opportunities
  • Initiatives – Events You Create Yourself

What is the importance of event link building?

Event link building is essential to the success of your event website. It is only possible to rank with search engines by acquiring backlinks, which is why the event-linking building is vital.

  • Increases Your Rank 
  • Drives Website Traffic
  • Increases Brand Exposure

Why should you build links by hosting events?

Build links by hosting events because you can build connections with your community. Hosting events is an excellent strategy for obtaining valuable links you cannot get anywhere else. With hosting events, you will be able to gain.

  • Lots of Easily Obtainable Links
  • Links On Otherwise Difficult Domains
  • “Geo-Relevant” Links
  • Local Citations 
  • Diverse Links


Suppose you are running an event planning business. In that case, you are not only limited to organising local client events but can also start hosting local events relevant to your company values to build more links and establish your brand.

Nothing is impossible with our Link Building for Event Planners Company, whether local or outside your city. We got the safest high-quality link-building campaigns that you need.

We understand how links work, and we create bespoke solutions with the best types of links that are useful for your website.

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Our team of link-building specialists is waiting for you. Say hello, and we will be glad to help you grow your business with your event listing websites.

If you have questions regarding this article’s content on link-building techniques, please call us at Link Building for Event Planners Company to discuss your needs.

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