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Video can be a great marketing tool for event planners to make your brand stand out and create a good impression for clients, which is why so many event planners are looking to have video marketing carried out for their business

At Growth Giants, our team consists of Video Marketing Specialists with over a decade of experience working across the UK. For a company or an independent event planner, we can help you better understand video marketing and how you can utilise it to your benefit. 

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In the event planning business, you must consider versatility to cover all the bases. Not only can you highlight your business and your services, but you can showcase client testimonials and offer video tips and advice for planning events.

Many event planners already have the engaging, interactive personality that works best for this marketing. They also know what it takes to create thriving followings on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and others. 


Why Use Us?

We are a video marketing company of skilled event professionals who know the right way to make videos. We can do all the work for your video projects, from script writing to the final production, providing the message you want to convey in your video.

With our team of specialists, you can take all the management off your hands because we build long-lasting relationships to work with you and provide a return on investment from your video projects. We create result-driven videos. We also advise your video distribution strategy, making them more reliable and effective.

Working with our company provides you with more benefits than other video marketing companies. From animations to client testimonials – product videos to live stream events. Whatever video you’re looking at investing in, you’ve come to the right place.

Our leading marketing management will make the work of your team easy. You can easily monitor the production process and ensure that deadlines are met along with your budget. With video marketing, we can generate traffic, leads, and attendees.

If you want to get the most out of your video, you should check out our event planner social media marketing services to maximise your videos potential.
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We don’t outsource projects to other agencies or companies, keeping the cost per video more affordable. We turn videos around quickly, meaning your videos can be released as soon as possible. We can take care of your message from start to finish and deliver professional videos with impact.

As video marketing specialists, we aim to help people create better, more effective, and more engaging video content – whatever their goals. With video marketing for event planners, people can focus on their business with reduced tedious work.

We value the needs and goals of event planners, so we make sure that our services should be affordable, and we create unique videos as they are. We also grow with the advancement of technology, so we always strive to do better and create new things to help your business succeed. 

Types of Video Marketing for Event Planners

Your videos should invite, engage and help convert the viewers. Creating a video for your event is a perfect format to communicate what your event is all about. Here are the three main stages your viewers will go through in researching and converting online.

Awareness Stage Videos

We use video during the awareness stage. People started registering for the event through the information, so making your video more attractive can get the attention of more viewers. You’re competing against much online content; therefore, creating a brand impact is challenging.

Consideration Stage Videos

As they reach the consideration stage, they’ll know who you are, but they want to hear more about your event for specific reasons. To achieve retention and return, the key is giving them valuable, relevant, understandable information that meets their purpose of considering the event.

Decision Stage Videos

Your viewer is now in the decision stage. They’re trying to decide if your event is suitable for them. It is where it’s even more critical to match the right video to the right person because their concerns are becoming more specific. Your video will be longer because it will contain even more detail.

Now that you understand how you should promote your video, here are different types of event planning videos you can use for your event marketing timeline.

Costs of Video Marketing for Event Planners

Video Marketing for Event Planners costs approximately £5,000 – £50,000, and you can guarantee that you’ll have a team of specialists working on your video. 

The overall cost of hiring a video marketing company depends on your production needs, including pre-production, length of the video, locations, crew, equipment, actors, voiceover artists, video editing, and more.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Event Planners

It is time to put it to your business if you also have that engaging personality to grow through social media and video marketing. And when you do, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Video Marketing for Event Planners.

Additionally, if you use a video ranking service like Video Veggie to rank your videos in YouTube too, then you can see some amazing results.

Increased ROI

A marketing video is made to produce a return on investment and look at the part.

A consistent investment into various forms of video, including short-form animation-type videos, and advertisements, yields ROIs far exceeding their all-text counterparts.

Better brand visibility

Videos have a much more significant impact than text or images alone. They’re more tempting, aesthetically attractive, and hold our concentration longer. With the video’s features, people can easily find your event. For marketers, video’s communicative power and share-ability greatly heighten brand awareness. It also aids in attracting inbound links.

Increased reputation 

With marketing videos, the visual mark left by a brand is potent and long-lasting. We seem to enjoy the creative works that videos bring. 

Increase Organic Traffic

Using video marketing can increase the rate of visitors to your website. And many of those web users turn into customers.

What is Video Marketing for Event Planners

Video marketing for event planners or event marketing videos uses video content to promote events, such as conferences, product launches, training workshops, seminars, and trade shows.

While the primary goal of event videos is to persuade prospective attendees to buy tickets, they’re also used to create interest and engagement during and after the event.

One form of event marketing connects your event planners with their customers and catches their attention on the internet. Through video marketing, your organic search engine rankings may improve and put your event planning business at the top of the search results.

In addition, if you are solely focused on generating as many new leads as you possibly can for your event planner business, you should take a look at our lead generation services for this industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered questions everyone needs to know about.

How to structure your video?

Creating a compelling video to market your event starts with creating an outline or script. It includes an introduction, a summary of what the viewer can expect, the main content, and a call to action to lead viewers to your other content video where their interest lies. 

Once you have the script, ensure that the video will flow evenly. Record and edit your video. Ensure you reach your video’s point, focusing on the value you deliver.

Why should you use video to promote your event?

The video might be your tool if you want to engage pre-existing or new audiences online with your event. You should use videos to promote your event because of the following reasons.

  • Your audience can better understand your event when they see what it looks like in action, what it sounds like, and how others are reacting to it, and you can showcase some of your preparation work for the event to give viewers a taste of what’s to come. 
  • With video, you can narrow your focus on specific elements of your event in a way that’s better remembered and understood by your audience.
  • Video captures your event so viewers can better understand what it is about and how it fits in with their goals.  
  • Creating a video can share more information about your event that attracts people to make time for the event that is worth their experience.
  • A video that shows them what to expect can help them feel excited about what they’ll learn and experience from your event.


For a successful business, you need to know how to drive sign-ups, improve event attendance, and build a lasting legacy for your event. It is to be able to communicate the message you want to convey about your events, and this communicated power is embedded in videos. 

Video marketing is the best way to yield positive results in promoting your business. And our team of professional specialists can provide the marketing services you need nationwide through our best video editing software. 

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