Lead Generation for Event Planners

Event planning as an industry is expected to continue to be in high demand for many years to come. If you’re wondering why you’re not landing client after client, you may need lead generation.

Lead generation is the process of drawing potential customers to your business, sparking their interest and nurturing it, with the ultimate objective of turning them into qualified leads or paying clients.

Generating high-quality leads is one big challenge for any type of business, including an event planning business. How do you find and persuade prospective clients to become qualified leads? This is where we come in.

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We are a lead generation specialist with over 25 years of experience creating lead generation campaigns for event planning businesses in the UK. We implement a strong lead generation plan customised to your goals and needs.

We are a team of event marketing specialists with a solid background in lead generation. With our combined lead generation efforts, you’ll see mere visitors transition to new leads.


Why Use Us?

We are a UK-based top-notch digital marketing agency that specialises in lead generation. Our team is composed of event marketing strategists who, with solid experiences in lead generation, understand the complexities of event planning and the challenges of landing new clients.

Since 1995, we have been producing marketing campaigns that give outcomes that matter to an old or new business by integrating strategy, creativity, and technical expertise.

Our strategic approach earned us the top-performing digital marketing agency in the country, surpassing 30 other shortlisted agencies across Europe. We are the only agency awarded the Most Recommended Digital Marketing Agency in the UK for five consecutive years.

We focus on what matters to your event planning business: lead generation. We deliver revenue-generating leads that move your event-planning business forward.

We offer a full-service lead-generation strategy to each event planner and employ a combination of digital tools and platforms to increase visibility and interaction and ultimately generate leads.

Our years of expertise have taught us that while every channel has a unique set of benefits, their utility is maximised when strategically combined.

We construct a customised generation strategy for each event planner based on their objectives and requirements.

Your workload shouldn’t be the only thing that’s increasing, but also your leads. If you choose us as your event marketing agency, our team will help make your event planning business more scalable and profitable.

Here at Growth Giants we offer event planner social media marketing services. If your business is not getting enough sales leads, you need to hire a lead generation company.


Types of Lead Generation for Event Planners

There are different types of strategies to generate leads for event planners. You can employ an offline or an online approach. Some of the offline methods are the following:

  • Targetting small to medium-sized companies through cold calls or keeping in touch with HR people, letting them know you are available when they need event planners.
  • Attend trade fairs, meetup groups, and conferences to establish good connections.
  • Employ affiliates to spread your business name or your event management company.
  • When holding events, always make sure that your attendees notice your brand.

On the other hand, the online approach includes social media marketing, running paid ads, content and SEO. Some of the top online approaches are the following:

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising is among the top best methods for helping your event planning business reach quality leads. PPC ads are paid advertisements that show up at the top of search results pages.

PPC advertisements are beneficial for your event planning company. They assist your company in generating more leads that result in client acquisition.

Using specific long-tail keywords brings better leads for your campaign. An example of a long-tail keyword is “event management and service in the UK”. It reveals what the potential customer is looking for.

Proper keyword selection is employed to appear on the search results of relevant leads. Specific keywords drive and yield leads that are specifically looking for services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most efficient ways to drive new leads and is the foundation of a successful business plan. It is a strategy where we create relevant content for the target audience. How can valuable content generate leads?

Creating content and presenting it to the target audience in an informational and educational way raises awareness and drive attendance. The content sparks the interest of your target audience and calls them to attend your conferences.

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Creating content includes inputting the right keywords to increase visibility. With the right content marketing efforts, you can definitely reach those people interested in your event planning services and raise your brand awareness.

This is especially relevant to event planners who often rely on attendance at their major events, bringing income.

It may not be a quick method to get new leads, but it drives results over time and can potentially fill your lead funnel for your event management business with qualified leads.

Focus on industry-related topics to attract leads needing an event organiser.

Social Media Marketing

A social media campaign is beneficial for an event planning business since it is a quick and easy way to engage with current clients and potential customers by posting images or videos on social media groups.

Social media is a platform where an event planner can reach a larger audience, generating leads in the process.

It is also a venue where an event organiser can hold virtual events. Facebook is an ideal example of a platform with an extensive number of users where having an online can be greatly influential.

Because a social media platform has a large number of users, it is a perfect strategy to make your business brand known, reach potential customers and develop brand awareness.

You can also obtain new leads through paid social ads. A user’s social media timeline is smoothly integrated with ads that are relevant to them and their requirements.

There are a number of interested individuals and companies in social media looking for your assistance. Social media ads are the best way to reach these leads or expose these leads to your events and service.

If you need help advertising your event planner company, check out our advertising for event planners page for more info on what we can do to help.


SEO is a digital marketing strategy that can help your website or event planning business appear in relevant search results of people interested in your event management business. It plays a vital role in increasing event visibility.

It involves using the right keywords on your web pages to increase website traffic and drive more leads.

Because almost everyone uses the internet to look for your services, appearing at the top of search engine results increases the chances of people visiting your website.

A good practice for you is to have a website accessible to Google to ensure that an interested person can find your events page.

Through SEO, you can enhance engagement with an interested audience and further expand your company’s reach.

If you are interested solely in SEO for your event planner business, check out the link and check out our page for more information.

B2C Event Marketing

B2C or business-to-customer events are designed to intrigue customers or future clients of your brand or event planning business.

Holding B2C events, including in-person events, virtual events or conferences, is an effective strategy as lead generation campaigns.

Your event marketing campaign should concentrate on building a strong relationship between your brand and your leads and audience.

Cost of Lead Generation for Event Planners

The average industry price of generating leads varies with the company size, marketing channels, and sector.

The cost per lead can be between £25 to £150. High-quality leads will typically be more expensive.

The cost will depend on your agreed price with a lead generation company, the cost of the service you are selling, and the volume of leads you are getting.

Benefits of Lead Generation for Event Planners

The benefits of lead generation for event management businesses are immense. They are essential to sustain your events management business.

The following benefits will give you an idea of how crucial leads are:

Expand Your Campaign

Lead generation lets you learn about your prospects. It can get you engagements outside your marketing campaigns, maybe from companies and other professionals you never thought would need you.

Grow Your Options and Followers

You can build a community of prospective clients and followers interested in your business from a large audience through the right marketing campaign and effective communications, which are a huge part of lead generation.

Your followers can potentially be your advocates, too.

Accumulate Customer Reviews

As event lead planners, you know well that social proof is everything to grow in the industry. Reviews help build reputation and credibility.

You can use each review as an add-on to your marketing campaign.

Boost Your Revenue

Generating interest from your audience increases your brand’s ability to reach prospects. This makes it easier to convert leads to sales.

Generate More Event Management Opportunities

Not only does lead generation help with finding prospects, but it also presents business opportunities. A company might ask you to host a conference, for example, where you can gain access to their audience.

Improve Lead Quality

With lead generation, you can take a highly targeted approach when you create content. If your idea of a topic can cater to each interested person o resonate with each person, you will improve lead quality and eventually increase your conversion rates.

What is Lead Generation for Event Planners?

Lead generation for an event planning business involves attracting and converting your target audience or prospective clients to avail of your assistance.

Generating leads also involves harnessing the power of online platforms to maximise your company’s reach. Without leads, your job title is nothing but a name without growth and revenue.

Lead generation builds visibility and credibility for your company and interest and trust from your target audience. High-quality leads matter because these drive traffic from prospective clients.

This means more events and money for you. You will surely flourish in the industry with a proper lead-generation strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top questions we often get from our clients:

How do you generate leads?

We generate leads by employing various methods, from online to offline means. We use the appropriate platform for your target audience.

How can the quality of the leads you produce be guaranteed?

At the start of our contract, we agree on certain criteria that a lead must meet. We only send you leads that meet these criteria.

What happens if leads don’t convert?

We can guarantee that the leads we supply meet your criteria. But beyond that is already up to your sales department to convert these leads into customers.

The sales department can contact these leads via phone, email, or automated sales sequence.

What is the cost per lead?

Generally, more focused and specific lead criteria will cost more. As a guide, the cost per lead can range from £25 to £60.

What makes you different from other lead generation companies?

We don’t just generate leads. We put quality over quantity. We listen to your needs and goals. We create quality content which serves as the core of our lead generation process.

We continually monitor and improve campaigns to generate the best results. We provide transparent reports. If you want to focus on sales, contact us today.


For your event planning business to be successful, it needs the right event lead generation strategy.

The process of lead generation can be time-consuming and difficult as you have to determine the right platform, create quality content, make contact with the right person or company, and attend seminars, among others.

But without lead generation, your business is a sitting duck. That’s why we’re here.

We are a specialised lead-generating company in the UK that offers full lead-generation assistance by leveraging the potential of offline and online platforms.

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With a successful lead generation campaign, we can help you reach millions of potential clients and gather your company’s leads of the highest calibre.

We assist companies across the UK in boosting their customer acquisition through effective lead-generation campaigns catered to their goals.

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