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In today’s digital age, a solid online presence is just as crucial as your physical presence, and a construction website is one of the most binding components of your brand’s online presence. However, a poorly designed website could drive potential customers away.

This is where construction website design comes in. Your website should be designed to provide a good user experience and bring in more leads. If you need help in any aspect of your construction company website, be it the design elements or content management system, we can help.

We are a UK-based digital marketing agency offering a full range of creative website design services to help clients fulfil their business goals. Our specialists have over 15 years of combined experience creating websites that deliver tangible results.

By employing the latest trends in the construction industry and cutting-edge technology in web development, we can provide an innovative website experience for your target audience and improve customer interaction and engagement.

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What is Web Design for Construction Companies?

Nowadays, a company without a website is almost impossible to stand out and may even be deemed unreliable to most people. In many ways, a construction business needs a good construction website to establish its brand as an expert in the industry.

Construction websites are the quickest way to present your work, draw in new clients, and establish contacts with possible business partners. It also provides prospects and customers convenience in requesting your services from anywhere at any time.

However, a mere website will not suffice. Without a good website design, your audience may immediately have a bad impression of your business, and you’ll miss out on potential customers.

Website design and development make a website visually appealing, user-friendly, and accessible across different devices. The website design includes the graphics, colours, layout and the images placed, whereas web development entails creating an intuitive user interface that is responsive across search engines and devices.

Therefore, a compelling construction website design can give an excellent first impression, builds trust, and establish authority.

If you need help with your construction website’s creative aspects, give us a call.


The Benefits of Web Design for Construction Companies

These are some of the most important advantages of a construction website designed by an experienced marketing agency specialising in web design.

Increases Sales

A well-thought-out website will get more visitors and aid in turning those visits into leads, undoubtedly increasing sales.

Enhances Credibility

You need a cutting-edge website if you wish to outperform your competitors. The most recent design trends must be incorporated, and the website language must be persuasive and engaging to direct visitors to a particular call to action.

This will put you ahead of your rivals, improving your credibility in the construction industry.

Once we have built your website out, we can also carry out link building for construction companies to help your new site rank well in Google’s Search Engine! Be sure to check out that page if this is something you may be interested.

Creates a Strong First Impression

Building your website with the help of experts in design and development will guarantee a strong and engaging first impression.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Because Google prioritises user experience, a poorly designed and outdated website will negatively impact your website performance and, consequently, your search engine ranking.

To stay at the top of search engine results, you must invest in a quality website that complies with Google’s guidelines.

Minimise Bounce Rates

Your website’s users are more likely to explore further if it is professionally designed. A compelling and engaging website design helps users stay longer and navigate your pages.

Unlike in poorly designed websites, there is a high chance that users don’t leave after looking at your home page.

Why Choose Us?

If you need a flexible, device-independent website that has significant customer value, we can help. We are a UK-based digital marketing agency offering a full range of creative website design solutions to clients in the construction industry.

Our professional team of website designers and developers are perfectly capable of building websites that are user-friendly, fully responsive, and hand-crafted.

Having over 15 years of developing and designing hundreds of construction websites in various projects for happy clients, you can be confident that you are in capable hands.

We employ the latest trends in the construction industry and digital marketing and conduct in-depth research about your construction company, target audience and competition to achieve a custom construction company website design.

With our refined and proven procedures in place, we can guarantee that every project is completed on schedule, with the highest level of quality, and within the allotted budget.

We ensure the process goes smoothly, from the initial planning and technical specification to the design of each page and the development of your content management system.

Here at Growth Giant, we don’t just offer web design. Our team can help with all aspects of construction company lead generation, so you can put your feet up and let us do all of the hard work for you.

We integrate trust, respect, value, and personality while preserving human connection at the core of everything we do. That is how we establish reliable relationships and services to support construction companies.

What Makes Good Web Design for Construction Companies?

To pique the interest of potential clients, it’s critical to have a highly-ranked, aesthetically pleasing, and professional website. Here are some of the top design features that make good web design:

Easy to Navigate

Poor navigation can discourage users from engaging with your website content. Users should be able to access information quickly and efficiently to make them stay longer on your page.

An adequately designed, simple, self-explanatory navigation will help them find the necessary information.

Responsive Design

Users may access your website via laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. With a responsive design, you can be confident that your website will adjust to multiple screen sizes so that users can access it from any device.

Page Speed

Page speed is a critical element of website design. Visitors may immediately leave your website if your pages take too long to load. A good website design ensures your pages load quickly so visitors can access information promptly.

Style Guide

A style guide helps keep a consistent brand identity on your website. It ensures consistency across pages whenever someone adds an element to your site, maintaining a cohesive site.

Purposeful Visuals

A page might become overwhelming and difficult to read if too many photos and videos are on it. Utilizing visual components strategically will help you balance clear visuals and content. This keeps visitors interested by providing a focus of interest for interaction.

Good Copy

Clear copywriting keeps visitors engaged on your page longer. A quality, concise copy is as important as the overall website design. The text should be appropriate with your site layout so visitors can easily follow.

Call-to-action Buttons

A well-designed CTA will get your prospect to the next step of the purchasing process. A CTA can be in the form of leaving their contact information or email address. By integrating CTA buttons, you’ll drive meaningful leads.

Other Specific Features:

  • A clear menu linking to important pages such as portfolio and company details
  • Subtle animation effects and crisp imagery
  • Simple design layout that features the company data and logo
  • Easily accessible contact form and social links
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Types of Web Design We Offer for Construction Companies

Single Page Websites

Websites with one-page designs present all of your information on a single page. Users can scroll down to see all the content of a single page.

Because it has so many different applications, this design may be incredibly flexible. It can be used to promote products by narrating the company’s history, or it can be used to share your background information and line of work.

Static Websites

A static website receives little to no user interaction and often has the same design across all platforms.

These websites typically serve as informational tools rather than platforms for selling products and services due to their straightforward design and limited capacity for visitor interaction.

Dynamic Websites

In contrast to static websites, dynamic websites enable user interaction with the page content, resulting in a more engaging website design.

They can also persuasively communicate facts and the advantages of a good or service through an appealing display.

We can actually offer a variety of SEO services for construction companies, so if this is something you might be interested in, do feel free to read our page discussing this further.

Responsive Design

A responsive website design adjusts the layout and information display. Whether it is being viewed on a PC browser or a mobile device, the website can adjust itself to fill any size screen with the most important content.

Many websites and organisations benefit from this style of design since it makes it easier for internet users to navigate through information and items on various devices.

Liquid Design

A responsive website design functions similarly to a liquid website design, except that the layout of the page is not altered based on the screen size.

This design compresses or stretches the entire webpage to fit the selected window size. This is useful for websites that wish to avoid cramping information based on browser size.

Fixed Design

A website can be made with a fixed design that stays the same regardless of the window or screen size. Whether a user is accessing the site on a computer monitor or a mobile device, the site uses strict resolution and will open to those precise measures.

With the rigid resolution, designers can build a specific website layout consistent across all surfing devices.

How Much Does Web Design Cost for Construction Companies?

Generally, the cost of web design can be around £13 to £10,000 a month, depending on your preferred type and size of the website and whether you use a DIY website builder or outsource your projects to a professional.

A DIY platform can cost between £13 and £220 per month, whereas outsourced projects to a web designer can cost between £250 and £10,000+ per project.

Client Testimonials

If you’re still behind the fence, here’s what our clients say about our services:

Since hiring this company to create our new website, we’ve seen a 100% increase in the number of online contact forms that are filled out and sent to us. We worked closely with their web designers to create a website that met our needs. We ended up with a website that is aesthetically pleasing, organised, and useful. We value your assistance and all of your efforts. I’m grateful. -Chin

This business developed a new website for our construction company. They did a fantastic job and were a pleasure to work with. The team took our suggestions and added all the elements we needed for a beautiful website as we discussed our thoughts for the website. We were pleasantly surprised by the outcome, and we highly suggest them! -Wan

This marketing company is an excellent choice for all of your website needs. They were a pleasure to deal with as we created and maintained our website. They typically answered every request within hours, if not minutes, demonstrating their exceptional responsiveness. They were experienced and understanding and helped us at every step of the procedure. They would be my go-to choice for anyone looking to develop or improve a website. – Rey


Why do construction companies need a website?

A website should be a necessity for all construction companies. This is the most efficient tool to promote your product, attract new clientele and connect to potential partners. Every construction firm should be able to build a site as it is easy to buy products and request assistance.

The internet is also helpful in generating a solid online presence and increasing sales. In addition, having an impressive website design can allow for seamless communication with your customers with product updates. Moreover, the system offers feedback, questions and complaints to users.

How do I choose a Website Design Company?

You must first consider the type of website you need and your goals for your new website before locating the ideal web design firm for your organisation. Your budget must also be taken into account.

The next step is to look up local businesses online and read client endorsements or reviews to ensure your chosen firm has a solid track record.

How long does it take to build a website?

If you hired a reputable web company, it would take 1 to 4 months to build one from scratch.

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Nowadays, website design and development are critical factors contributing to a company’s growth. An effective website design brings results that reflect on leads, sales, or page visits. If you’re ready for a website primed to rank your business, please call us.

We are a UK-based marketing company specialising in web design. We have behind us massive experience working on different projects for various industries with impressive results.

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We conduct extensive research on your business, target market, and competitors to deliver a bespoke construction website design. We employ the most recent developments in digital marketing and the construction sector to stand out from the tight competition.

When you collaborate with our team, you have an entire army of skilled and committed individuals to help realise your business goals.

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