Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies

Today, finishing a construction project requires more than just being on time and within budget, given the proliferation of online competitors for your company. There is a call for a greater or more pressing demand for greater exposure. This is where social media marketing comes in.

The word-of-mouth referral system and the yellow pages, which many construction companies used to rely on, have been primarily replaced by social media marketing. If your company needs more exposure through social media channels, we can help get you out there!

We are UK’s top digital marketing agency specialising in social media marketing and advertising. We offer specialised full-scale social media marketing and management to help local businesses improve brand recognition, drive more leads, and increase conversion rates.

With over 20 years of expertise in the industry, we have perfected the art of digital marketing using social media platforms. If you’re ready for a reliable social media marketing strategy, please give us a call.

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What is Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies?

Social media marketing (SMM) is any unpaid activity using your social media channels. This includes interacting with customers through social media platforms to develop your business, boost revenues, and improve website traffic.

It involves using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter to market your products and services, engage with prospects and customers, and reach a wider audience.

In today’s internet-driven society, social media platforms have emerged as vital sources of news and information. A solid social media presence has become a driving factor in search rankings and digital marketing.

Social platforms have significantly transformed how modern businesses promote their brand, sell their services, and interact with customers. They are incredibly instrumental in building a company’s reputation, and help increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase revenue.

Social media marketing for construction companies includes the core marketing areas, namely customer information, connection and interaction. With social media’s massive volume of users, it is unrivalled in its marketing utility.

Social media marketing also offers data analytics features specifically designed to help marketers monitor the efficacy of their campaigns and find new opportunities for interaction.

With the right social media marketing strategy, you can have an invaluable resource to leverage dynamic customer interaction and boost marketing outcomes.

Any business will undoubtedly benefit from customised social media marketing strategies that instantaneously reach various target demographics.

If you have not yet got a professional video created for your construction company, this could be a great thing to look at doing alongside your social media marketing campaign. Check out the link to learn more about our video services for construction companies today.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies

Social media marketing has immense benefits for your construction business. These are some of its top advantages:

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Having a website without enough social sharing puts your web marketing efforts in vain. With your social media accounts, you can share your website links across all social media platforms to boost your web exposure.

Though social media does not directly affect search engine rankings, it can significantly help improve organic traffic and boost local SEO. Search engines perceive increased “likes”, collective shares and overall social media visibility as a form of citation or backlinks.

Establish a Network

Every day, networking with professionals in the construction industry takes place on social media networking sites, including Twitter conversations and regular social media engagement.

A social media platform provides opportunities to build networks and communities with potential clients, existing customers, and co-construction companies which helps enhance industry authority.

Improved Brand Awareness

The importance of social media for brand recognition and awareness cannot be more emphasised. When the user on the other end of the internet is prepared to make a purchase or if someone asks them for a recommendation, you want to be at the top of their list.

Hence, a robust social presence is required to promote your business and construction crew.

Increased Website Traffic

Social marketing and networking are among the best inbound marketing techniques for driving visitors to your website. The more followers on your social media account, the more traffic you drive to your website.

A successful digital marketing effort rides on the success of a properly designed social media campaign. If you are yet to have a website set up for your construction company, we offer full web design services for construction companies too.

Drive More Qualified Leads

With social media, you can run targeted social media advertising campaigns to get highly qualified leads.

Referral System

Social media marketing is the digital equivalent of what your business has always done to “spread the word”. Social media users employ digital word-of-mouth by sharing and re-posting your social media posts which increases your chances of reaching potential customers

Increase Revenue

Revenue is always a top priority in social media marketing for construction companies. It is the measure of the results of a marketing effort. You can build a local community and widen your reach simultaneously when you share valuable content.

The right social media strategy enables you to build a lasting relationship with potential clients so that you will always be at the top of their minds when they need your construction services.

Why Choose Us?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency with over 20 years of expertise, serving clients across the UK by generating more traffic and qualified leads that are essential for business success.

We develop results-driven marketing campaigns that optimise your social media efforts, generate targeted results and grow your online reputation. We are committed to helping businesses gain a competitive advantage through social media marketing.

What was once a single-man operation has grown into a full-service digital marketing firm that helps hundreds of construction businesses across the country.

As we expand, we keep refining our procedures and investing in cutting-edge equipment and supplies to deliver the best possible services. We work closely with your team and conduct in-depth research about your industry and target audience.

Our digital marketing team goes beyond to ensure that our marketing initiatives support the long-term success and sustainable growth of your construction company.

We employ cutting-edge technology in digital marketing, social media and construction trends to ensure tailored and strategic social media marketing campaigns.

As a renowned leader in digital marketing, we have over 500 employees across the UK. We work closely to ensure a smooth process when implementing social media marketing for construction companies.

You can rely on us to provide unique construction marketing solutions for all of your construction projects that fit your long-term strategic objectives.

You may also be interested in a more traditional style of marketing for your construction company. If this is the case be sure to check out our construction company advertising services page.

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What Makes Good Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies?

Aside from utilising the best social media platforms, relevant and compelling content marketing is still the cornerstone of a good marketing campaign. The following are key to good social media marketing for construction companies:

  • Featuring a construction project
  • Sharing visual content of how you select construction subs
  • Posting explainer how-to videos
  • Posting behind-the-scenes images or videos
  • Posting before and after images
  • Regular updates on project progress
  • Crowdsource ideas
  • Sharing what your daily work looks like
  • Share DIY builders’ tips, such as “garden backyard ideas.”
  • Sharing your company’s story, including your history, difficulties, and how you managed them.
  • Sharing common building project problems
  • Collaborating with other construction companies
  • Sharing trivia, including info about prominent innovators in the construction history
  • Highlighting heavy equipment to pique interest
  • Sharing your community contributions
  • Sharing your political stand, such as supporting women in the construction industry
  • Getting involved with trending challenges, such as the ice bucket challenge in recognition of ALS patients
  • Creating polls and calls to make a caption of your photo
  • Share online reviews of satisfied customers and industry events

Types of Social Media Marketing We Offer for Construction Companies

Content Creation and Marketing

A social media content strategy is a must in any marketing effort. We help create engaging and compelling content directed to the target audience and use hashtags and the right keywords.

The social platforms we employ will depend on where your audience is most active. This social media content strategy aims to publish and share the content at the right place and time.


This kind of service would include all your requirements for marketing on that platform without having to do a single thing yourself. It would be focused on a single social media network.

Most construction companies use some of the most popular social media platforms, including Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Influencer Marketing

Finding relevant influencers is difficult, but this is where we make it easier for your. Our team is home to some of the most influential individuals in the country. We can organise promotional collaborations with your brand, and nurture a long-term relationship with them.

Social Media Management

This entails creating and disseminating content, keeping track of mentions and engagement, expanding a network of followers and influencers, and summarising and evaluating the outcomes of our marketing initiatives.

Depending on your goals and target market, this process can utilise one or more social media channels. We create and post scheduled content, engage with potential customers, monitor social media trends, and analyse social media platform performance.

Paid social media marketing is also known as social media advertising. Through tailored advertisements that address specific demographics, these social media campaigns aim to boost brand awareness.

We use social media data to analyse your audience’s characteristics, pinpoint customers’ needs and preferences, and create a social media advertising campaign that outperforms the competition.

Creation and Branding of Social Media Profiles

By giving brands a social media presence that accurately represents who they are as a company, this service makes it simple for potential customers to identify brands on various platforms and understand what they will be getting when they interact.

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost for Construction Companies?

The average cost of social media marketing will depend on your industry, the services you require, and the expertise of the agency you hire.

A basic package with three posts per week can cost between £45 – £499 per month, whereas high-level plans can cost around £299+ per month. Furthermore, lead generation and strategy development can cost £899 per month.

If you hire a freelancer, the rates can range from £15 to £60 per hour, depending on their level of expertise.

Client Testimonials

If you’re still unsure, here are some client testimonials you can read so you can get a glimpse of what it’s like to work with us:

Usually, I wouldn’t write a compliment, but I have to commend the team for consistently finding solutions to our digital marketing problems. This company not only looked after one of our corporate accounts, but we are also happy to entrust all four of our companies—including the most recent addition of a new branch—to them. They are the ones who follow us and offer workable answers to fresh marketing material and ideals when our internal marketing falls short. They serve as a working arm that is always watching over our affairs. We have never stayed with a digital marketing company for over three years, but we did with this one, and we anticipate staying for a very long time. -Saks

Our establishment of a digital presence in the local market has been dramatically enhanced by this marketing team. This company and its very skilled and dedicated experts have never once fallen short of meeting our needs or expectations. They have always been responsive, adaptable, and forward-thinking. Over the course of our last three years of business, it has been a pleasure working with them. -Calvin

We tried a lot of agencies, some of which are huge names in the marketing field, even with ten years of expertise, and none is equal to this company. Their staff is comprehensive and knowledgable. They have doubled the amount of traffic. Since we’ve been in our business for six years, we’ve begun outsourcing marketing tasks. Unlike this team, which gives even little companies like us 100% of their work, other agencies ignore smaller companies like us from the beginning. We are delighted to have discovered them thanks to a friend’s recommendation. – Tin


Here are quick answers to the most commonly asked questions about social media marketing:

Why should I use social media for my construction business?

These modern days have gone digital, and most people are on social media. Social media is the best way to reach people if you want to grow your business, improve brand awareness, promote sponsored content or gain qualified leads.

What social media platforms should I use?

It depends on your target audience. Facebook is a terrific place to start, but as a professional social media marketing agency, we prefer to get to know you on a more personal level.

Every brand is different, so choosing which platform to invest time in depends on your audience, what goods and services your company offers, and the objectives you want to achieve.

Why do construction companies need a digital marketing strategy?

A company’s marketing is essential in optimizing its results in business activities. You can only get the audience you want with the proper marketing campaign. In addition, the lack of internet visibility could cause companies to lose market share and suffer slow profits.

Construction marketing strategies are designed primarily through paid or unpaid media to reach commercial objectives. This enables businesses to contact consumers through their website, wherever they are.

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For any business, especially construction businesses, using a social media marketing network should always be a top priority. If you lack the experience, knowledge, and competencies necessary to develop, implement, monitor, and optimise social media campaigns, leave the job to us.

We are among the UK’s finest digital marketing agencies, with over 20 years of delivering reliable marketing solutions to clients across the country. We help local, and national businesses drive leads and maintain sustainable business growth.

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To provide the best services possible, we continue to hone our techniques and invest in state-of-the-art tools and resources.

Today’s social media landscape can be daunting, but with our army of experts at your disposal, your business can catch up with the ever-changing trends in social media.

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