Web Design for Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers live and die by their websites. Even the most basic of website tweaks can completely change the way that customers interact with your business and how many you are able to attract to your services – something that matters a lot in the highly competitive mortgage industry.

If your current website design is not fit for your company anymore, then getting a brand new website can often be the best way forward. Our website design service can ensure that you get an entirely bespoke mortgage broker website: an entirely custom design that will help your company stay ahead in the industry.

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We can provide a range of different mortgage broker website types and options, right down to the individual designs and layouts of each site. Our web design specialists are happy to tailor each new project to your needs, following whatever design specifications and website requirements you might have.


Web Design for Mortgage Broker Websites

Mortgage brokers rely heavily on getting new inquiries rather than seeking out new clients directly. A large part of most mortgage broker business will come from people finding your mortgage company – and there is no better place to present your case and unique selling points than a dedicated website.

However, putting together a good mortgage broker website is not just about getting yourself noticed. It can have multiple benefits, all of which can be vital for the long-term success of your mortgage business.

Boosted Traffic

A better website can mean increased traffic, and more traffic means more potential customers. Anybody who stumbles onto a mortgage website is probably looking for mortgage advisers or mortgage brokers -but a new website is likely to bring in new customers, leading to more work and revenue as a whole.

Of course, some traffic is better than others. Drawing users in by hosting relevant content and valuable information is always better than misleading them – you want to attract people that will be likely to convert and actually contact you about mortgage services.

An Improved Reputation

Another major benefit of a good website is improving your own reputation. Useful and relevant website content, a high-quality site design, quick loading times and a reliable set of site features can all makes your website the preferred place to turn to for services like yours.

A distinct, unique website can be important for building awareness and giving your business a presence in the mind of anybody who visits. Potential clients can’t be turned into paying customers if they do not know that your business exists.

Lower Bounce Rates

The bounce rates of your site show how many people have arrived, taken one look at your content and vanished before they could explore anything further. Even if users are exploring a few pages, there is always a chance that they will simply leave, and there can be a range of reasons why.

It does not take much for a potential customer to switch to a different website. Some may try a different website as soon as they encounter loading delays or find useful information locked off by a sign-up screen. Building a new website to counter this problem can be a very effective strategy for a business of any scale.

More Leads

Better mortgage broker websites will gather up more leads, allowing your mortgage broker company to target more people that you already know have an interest in your services. Great service does not mean much if you have nobody to market it towards.

Naturally, gaining leads through your website content can be a very effective option since it usually means that those leads are “exclusive” – they are specific to your business. This gives you more flexibility in dealing with them since you are not one of multiple companies that the customer is considering.

What is Web Design for Mortgage Broker Companies?

Web design can take on many forms, and the exact way that we tackle each requirement or situation depends on what the client wants and needs. There is not a perfect method of web design that works for each company, and our website support team understand that very well.

Our mortgage website solutions are tailored to each client, making sure that they get something that suits their needs and requirements specifically. This includes everything from the visual website design to the deeper SEO services involved in marketing it correctly.

Website Design

At its core, website design is about the visuals and aesthetics. A large part of using any website is navigating it, reading content and looking at examples of past work. As you might expect, this means that a good mortgage broker website needs to show off a lot of examples and promising information – all of which is easy to find.

Even small details, like the placement of specific buttons or links, can matter. The average mortgage business can’t afford to risk customers missing important content or getting lost on their website, and it is very easy to forget that they do not know your site as you do.

The quality of a page can matter as well. You want a website that will instil your visitors with confidence in your abilities and skills, rather than a mortgage website that looks cheap or hastily set up.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of adding particular keywords to your website to change how it appears in search results. SEO can be an excellent way to reach for a certain target audience without needing any ongoing support from paid advertising platforms.

For example, we can use SEO to tweak landing pages and site content to better match the clients that you want to attract. If your company website talks a lot about “getting that dream project started”, then searches using phrases like that will bring up your website far more often. SEO takes advantage of this, and you can use SEO to capture entirely new market audiences.

Making SEO tweaks to landing pages is usually the key to this. A page titled “get your dream project started” with multiple mentions of the phrase “dream project started” will appear very often in search results like “mortgage broker get dream project started”. If you want to carve out a niche in the mortgage market, then SEO is the best way to do it.

Remember that SEO is a specific service, not an end goal. Using SEO alongside marketing is very effective, and our website designers can employ SEO tactics to boost rankings. However, SEO on its own only helps refine your website’s audiences – not using SEO is a huge mistake, but it also is not a miracle cure solution for lost clients or poor site performance.

Website Improvements

General website improvements have a connection to Search Engine Optimisation, but they are also just useful in day-to-day operations. A business website that loads quickly and does not lag or crash is going to be higher-quality overall, something that customers will recognise.

There is also the fact that most search engines use “Spider” bots to crawl the internet, checking to see how well-made and effective websites are. If your site loads faster and is higher-quality overall, then it will appear higher in search results, making it much more visible.

Some website improvements can also just make the site a bit more comfortable to use. Improving navigation on a well-laid-out website or adding more mobile-friendly features can make a big difference, even if it does not technically bring extra traffic to the site itself.

Digital Marketing

A better site can provide you with even more tools to use for marketing services. Most digital marketing or social media marketing services are meant to point potential clients towards your mortgage website, so you need pages and content that suit those marketing services.

For example, your social media marketing campaigns might involve you promoting discounts or other offers. Having a dedicated landing page for that social media marketing campaign allows you to promote those things in more depth while also making improvements to your site content.

Services like mortgage calculators can be another good example. People might rely on them to figure out if they can get their dream project started, but there is no point advertising a calculator if your business website does not actually offer one. Updating your mortgage website with a new feature like this can make all the difference.

The Benefits of Mortgage Website Web Design

There are numerous reasons why you might want to overhaul mortgage websites, and not just for the benefits mentioned above.

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Mortgage broker websites are part of a very competitive field where every step above the competition counts, and that means using whatever tools necessary to get ahead.

In general, making greater-scope improvements to mortgage broker websites can result in benefits like:

  • Much higher traffic.
  • An improved reputation.
  • More brand awareness.
  • Higher search engine rankings.
  • More visits from relevant users interested in what you can offer.
  • More enquiries.
  • More leads.
  • Higher website conversions and total conversion rates.
  • More direct sales.
  • Higher revenue.
  • A wider client base.
  • Increased chances of repeat business.

Updating your website also has one other core benefit that many people forget: the ability to keep working on the site itself. Reworking your website can help you clear up awkwardly-coded pages or past design mistakes, making it much easier to expand the site in the near future.

Increased Credibility

Another benefit of web design for Mortgage Broker companies is that it increases credibility even when you run a digital marketing campaign.

When someone visits your website and sees how professional it looks and how easy it is to navigate around, they’ll gain confidence that you know what you are doing.

Once we have built your website out, we can also carry out link building for mortgage broker companies to help your new site rank well in Google’s search engine. Make sure to take a look through that page if this is something that may interest you.

Why Choose Us?

We at Growth Giants can provide a wide range of different services and tools for creating all kinds of mortgage websites, from basic professional designs to unique multimedia site layouts. Whatever you and your business need, we are here to help get your dream project started.

Our support team have worked with many mortgage companies in the past, from larger company brand names with a range of mortgage products to smaller, independent mortgage businesses. We always tailor our work and creative services to the needs of our clients, using our industry knowledge to offer an outstanding range of potential solutions.

We have an expert team of designers that can do any design services you need, from building a new landing page to designing a new logo – tackling your business needs directly. If you are not sure how to get your dream project started off right, then you can always talk to our team directly and discuss the options available.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, then feel free to contact us and talk with some of our support staff. The more we know about each other, the easier it becomes to find a design strategy and plan that works best for your business.

At Growth Giants, we don’t just offer web design, either. Our team can help with all aspects of Mortgage Brokers lead generation so you can put your feet up, and let u do all the hard work for you!

What Makes Good Website Design For Mortgage Broker Firms?

There are no exact website designs that work best for every single company, so it all depends on what you need to get your next dream project started and perfect your own website. For each business that wants a new logo design, there will be a company looking for an improved content management system and a long list of new landing pages.

The mortgage and real estate markets can be very competitive, so you need to do whatever it takes to bump your business ahead of the competition. Our experts are always willing to talk with clients, discussing their options and the long-term plan they want to follow going forward.

A good website design is whichever option serves your needs best. Whether you are marketing to new clients, trying to find new prospects in a specific target market, capturing natural traffic through SEO or just building up your site’s technical side, we are here to help.

Types of Web Design We Offer for Mortgage Brokers

We can offer multiple distinct kinds of web design to our clients, all with their own benefits and intended goals.

Dynamic Designs

Dynamic website designs are engaging and focused on user interactions. These are often the default option for most clients since the majority of websites on the internet are dynamic: using multiple pages, clickable links, and online payment or account processing systems.

Static Designs

Static designs are essentially just standalone online flyers. They have few features or interactive options but are a very direct way of presenting information about a business.

Content Management System Designs

We can provide clients with access to a full CMS system that allows them to create and manage content on their own, rather than needing to pass every idea along to us. This allows you to keep your own marketing staff and designers involved if you have any.

This can be important if your marketing team are heavily connected to the current website or if you have a plan in place that requires their direct assistance. This can be a good way to get your dream project started off right if you have been building a complex marketing plan.

Fully Outsourced Designs

Otherwise, we can keep the entire process within our own team. This is the best option for smaller businesses that might not have their own dedicated marketing or creative team or can’t spare more manpower to help with the site design.

This is just as effective for getting your dream project started and can be the better choice if your mortgage company is focused on other goals. Outsourcing the entire web design service to us allows us to follow your plan ourselves, aiming to create the perfect website for your needs.

The Modern Website Design

This type of website design is one of the most popular because it’s easy to use and looks great on any device. It has a clean and simple layout, making it easy for users to quickly find what they’re looking for.

It also works well with search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing, which helps increase your site’s traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.

We can actually offer a variety SEO services for Mortgage Brokers too, so if this is something you might be interested in, do feel free to read our page discussing this further.

How Much Does Web Design Cost for Mortgage Companies?

Website costs can vary heavily throughout the UK, with individual sites ranging from anywhere between £25 per hour for work to well over £100. The scope, scale, complexity and bespoke work involved in trying to create a site will change the price significantly, making it hard to find an average.

We always aim to create websites that are affordable, good-looking, and functional. If you want to know what kind of projected average we can quote for your website plan, you can contact our team to talk directly to an expert. Our services are highly flexible, and we aim for the best possible results in every situation.

Client Testimonials

“Our company was really struggling to get traction. The new website looks amazing, and we’ve seen an increase in traffic far faster than we expected.”

“We’ve seen a large increase in the amount of inquiries about our mortgage services, and overall site traffic has gotten better each month since the new site was rolled out. Growth Giants have been nothing but helpful throughout the entire project.”

“After our in-house website designer left, we didn’t have the time or skills to correct the mistakes that were costing us mortgage clients. A full site remodel completely fixed the problem and made our client base grow almost immediately.”


Are mobile websites important?

Mobile websites can be vital for any company, especially in the mortgage industry. Mobile devices make up a large portion of all internet traffic, including visitors interested in your mortgage service.

Should I redesign my entire website?

Our web designing service is meant to help give you the best website possible. In some cases, this means building a new site from scratch – but in others, it could simply mean overhauling the site that you already have with new features and content.

Which service works best for me?

Our experts can help you find the right combination of services and features to build the perfect website for you, right down to the overall design and layout.

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If you want to know more about all of the features and options that we can provide, then do not hesitate to contact us and talk with our experts.

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