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In today’s society, a patient’s initial encounter with your practice is almost certainly the result of what they read or hear about in the media, whether online or offline.

Medical advertising is, therefore, imperative in expanding your practice and marketing your services as a medical professional. There are many ways to connect with current and potential patients and build awareness for your medical practice and reputation.

However, in medical marketing, you need a social media marketing specialist who uses suitable marketing campaigns for your medical practice and services.

Work with us, the UK’s top award-winning healthcare marketing agency with over ten years of experience providing robust marketing campaigns and building trusted brands for multiple healthcare professionals across the country.

Our company also employs digital, social, and content experts and our health marketing specialists to provide you with flexible external support.

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Why Use Us?

We are a medical marketing agency that embraces the latest technologies and employs an integrated marketing strategy to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals.

We cover all the offline and online marketing grounds. We base all our strategies on comprehensive research and thorough data analysis to reach the target audience and improve patient acquisition.

We have a wide network spanning over a hundred organisations internationally. We are a healthcare marketing agency specialising in medical marketing and online advertising for doctors.

Our team utilises a variety of certifications from leading ad platforms to attract qualified patients to our clients.

Types of Advertising for Doctors

There are various types of advertising for doctors. The following are some of them:

Digital Advertising and Paid Media

We choose the best combination of advertising channels to connect with your specific target market and convert website visitors into qualified leads.

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click or paid advertising for doctors uses paid search ads on search engines such as Google search and Bing so you can appear on top of search results. This focuses on text ads on search engines.

When an internet user types the right keywords related to your services, your online ads will appear in the search engine results. In paid advertising, medical ads will show potential patients and leads needing your expertise or services.

Here at Growth Giants we can offer Doctor pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns, where advertisers bid on ad placement alongside search results to have their ads appear next to relevant content on Google.

Social Media Marketing for Doctors

This online advertising uses social media platforms and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market medical practices and services, engage with existing patients, and find potential customers or new patients.

Facebook advertising is the most accessible platform to get your name on. Now that Facebook owns Instagram, you can easily reach a larger audience across social media channels to enhance your online reputation.

Programmatic Advertising for Doctors

This type of digital marketing for doctors uses automated technology to buy advertising space and optimise digital campaigns.

Programmatic advertising uses data and algorithms to serve ads to the target user.

Inbound Marketing for Doctors

This is a systematic approach to enhancing patient acquisition. It involves strategic planning and setup for marketing campaigns to increase traffic, generate leads, and acquire new patients.

Inbound marketing involves creating content that prospective patients find or need. You attract patients to your practice website by providing valuable information or content that can be extremely helpful for them.

Inbound marketing starts with assessing your practice website and existing marketing efforts.

Video Marketing For doctors

Video advertising for doctors is a marketing strategy that uses video content to promote medical practices and services. Most doctors should know that videos should be a part of their marketing plan.

Healthcare video content marketing is one of the most effective ways of increasing awareness and communicating with a wider range of prospective patients. Potential customers consume and retain video content far better than text content.

It is an effective strategy where medical experts can encourage patients to build trust, promote health, share success stories, and educate patients. These video contents can significantly drive organic search traffic.

Creating videos to communicate relevant information about patient experience, novel medical procedures, healthcare practices, and treatment options significantly contributes to your patient acquisition marketing campaigns.

Some of the advantages of video content are:

  • Easy to consume
  • High rate of social media shares
  • Boosts conversion rates
  • Higher visibility to a wide international audience
  • Improves trust and credibility

Here are also some of the most common types of video marketing for doctors:

  • Physician introduction videos
  • Educational video content
  • Patient experience or testimonials

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Since more and more people search for helpful information about their medical conditions online, SEO will take advantage of this by building your online presence.

SEO improves your web presence by improving your website’s ranking in search results on Google, Bing and other search engines. Increasing your website’s organic ranking significantly drives new clients to your website.

SEO marketing for doctors can help your website pages appear in relevant and valuable search results so you can reach more patients looking for your medical practice and services.

Therefore, high-quality educational website content is imperative to showcase your expertise in the field, establish authority, and be favourable in Google searches.

Online Review Management

Many positive online reviews mean a lot in the healthcare industry. Reviews play a role in search engine rankings, click-through rates, and patient acquisition.

More than ever, patients decide which healthcare providers to choose and are drawn to those with many positive reviews. Before even starting to look for your services, people first check on review sites.

With our online review management services, we can help you get more 5-star online reviews. With the right platform, we can address issues with patients before they leave unfavourable reviews.

Our reviews manager collects feedback from patients and sends them to your clinic so that you can take immediate action and turn the potentially bad review into a good one.

Encourage patients to leave reviews. Review sites can also help you run your medical practice more efficiently and provide higher-quality patient care.

Email marketing FOR doctors

This is a low-cost and effective marketing strategy. It is a convenient platform for patients to communicate with their doctors. It is also a suitable medium where doctors organise a mailing list containing news, discounts, and other pertinent information.

Branding and Messaging

Brand Messaging Workshops

With the stiff competition in the healthcare industry, you may be easily confused with other physicians or other practices in your area. Let people know you and get your message right with proper branding.

We can build a messaging platform where you can easily clarify your message to all your patients.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

A logo or font choice can make or break your marketing in the healthcare sector. However, a strong brand identity may foster patient trust and perceived legitimacy.

Business cards, letterhead, digital ad layouts, logos, and internal brand identity manuals can refresh your image. Look great and memorable with proper branding.

Website Development

Website planning and development are very instrumental in growing your medical practice.

Medical Practice websites

A medical practice website aims to bring in more patients looking for the kind of practice you do. It is an ideal platform to build an online reputation, share patient experience, build trust, and showcase your expertise.

A professionally-designed website is one of the most effective ways of reaching people around the globe, and a generic site will not do you any good.

A website with high-quality and unique content, user-friendly landing pages, and customer SEO can deliver rapid growth in patient volume. An effective website is built to showcase your practice and services and to meet your objectives.

Another way of enhancing web presence is by getting online medical directories. This is a solid way to increase your visibility and market your practice.

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Content Marketing for Doctors

In content marketing, you can create videos, text, and images to attract new patients, retain current patients and engage with prospects. Good content builds trust and relationships and eventually improves practice growth.

Engaging with patients online by creating and disseminating relevant and valuable content through either short videos, blog posts, infomercials, or long videos is a powerful marketing strategy.

If you are interested in finding out more information about our social media marketing for Doctors, be sure to check that page out for more information.

Mobile Marketing for doctors

Smartphones are now essential in people’s everyday use and marketing and business campaigns due to their accessibility.

Mobile marketing is an online marketing technique aiming to reach the target audience on their phones through websites, email, SMS, MMS, or social media platforms.

Websites not optimised for mobile devices or aren’t accessible on any screen size are good as having none. Furthermore, many people will leave if a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load.

On the other hand, a mobile-friendly healthcare website allows mobile visitors to easily and conveniently explore your site while focusing on your ideal patient base.

Referral Marketing for doctors

Referral marketing helps build a patient base and practice growth. The following are the types of referral marketing:

  • Sentiment-based Referral Program
  • Newsletters and e-Flyers to other doctors and patients
  • Online networking through blogs, public relations, and social media

Costs of Advertising for Doctors

The costs of advertising for doctors depend on the services you want. Here are the average prices of the different marketing strategies:


  • £394.75 per day
  • £901.50 monthly retainer
  • £1556.25 per campaign

organic Social Media Marketing

  • £650 per day
  • £1,120 monthly retainer
  • £400 per campaign

  • £430 per day
  • £587.50 monthly retainer
  • £266 per campaign

Content marketing

  • £725 per day
  • £817.90 monthly retainer
  • £325 per campaign


  • £725 per day
  • £1040.90 monthly retainer
  • £1016.60 per campaign

Website build

  • £5452.30

Website marketing and development

  • £684.28 per day
  • £738 monthly retainer
  • £2412.50 per project

Benefits of Advertising for Doctors

Here are some of the benefits of healthcare advertising:

Grow Your Patient Base

You can attract more patients and convert them into potential leads with offline and online advertising campaigns.

Increased Online Visibility

Online advertising is the fastest way to reach patients in this internet-run society. Having your practice and services online can get your career far.

Here at Growth Giants, we can offer many different lead generation packages for Doctors, so feel free to click the link to learn more.

Keep Patients Engaged

By targeting the right demographics, gender, age, and area of interest of your audience, you can keep them engaged with relevant, personalised and timely information about your medical practice and services.

Connect with a Larger Audience Across Multiple Channels

By using different platforms in online advertising, you can connect with more patients across these channels all at once.

Enhanced Patient Experience and Patient Retention

Healthcare advertising is today’s effective way to build relationships with patients and keep them engaged through their healthcare journey.

Promotion of Products and Services

With the help of online advertising strategies such as SEO, social media, content, and email marketing, doctors can promote healthcare practices, products and services to a diverse audience.

Build Reputation

Enhancing online reputation through accumulating positive reviews and referrals increases the patient base.

What is Advertising for Doctors?

Healthcare advertising is a process of strategic communications designed to retain current patients, attract more healthcare consumers, and keep patients informed about your practice and services.

It is a marketing plan that integrates communication strategies, omnichannel, and targeted online and offline techniques to deliver information to the public, drive patient engagement and accelerate practice growth.

Healthcare advertising involves a large degree of influence in expanding patient access to healthcare solutions. The doctor’s advice, experience, achievements, and expertise are a part of effective online advertising for doctors.

More importantly, it focuses on patient care and needs. To establish a deeper connection with patients, a marketing campaign should consider medical concerns, patient experience, and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about advertising for doctors.

Do doctors need to advertise?

The quick answer is yes if you want to compete online with your competitors.

How do you advertise in a clinic?

  • Take a look at the market.
  • Select the platform that suits you best.
  • Make sure to negotiate.
  • Leave the designing to the pros.
  • Keep your success in check.


Healthcare advertising is essential for a doctor’s medical practice to grow and succeed. A strategic healthcare marketing plan enables you to reach a wider range of audience, maintain lasting relationships with patients, and build trust and reputation.

As your website practice manager, we can increase your visibility online, improve your practice and service recognition, and eventually get you to a better position in the healthcare industry.

With the competitive nature of the present health industry, you need to have a strong healthcare advertising strategy. Our team of medical marketing experts is perfectly capable of promoting your practice, expanding your reach, and growing your career.

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We utilise advertising strategies most suitable to your objectives ranging from SEO and designing mobile-friendly websites to content marketing campaigns.

If you are anywhere in the UK and need an advertising agency that can help you build a reputation and lead in your area of practice, give us a call. Together, let us bring your healthcare solutions closer to your patients.

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