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Traditional advertisements are no longer enough to attract patients into your office in today’s digital age. People now are going to the internet to search for their doctors and healthcare providers online. Sometimes, they google healthcare-related inquiries and later find good doctors they can approach. 

If you want your medical website to appear at the top of the search engine results and become a relevant source of their queries, improve your SEO with our team at SEO for Doctors Company.

Whether you have a small or a brand-new practice, getting your website to the highest rankings in Google’s search results is one of the best ways you can for your private practice’s success. We are a team of experienced healthcare content writers and SEO experts passionate about marketing. 

We understand the importance of getting your website found in relevant searches for over a decade of our experience as SEO for doctors specialists working across the UK. We can help you connect your healthcare practices to your patients through proven SEO techniques. 

We offer SEO for doctors and medical practices that can help your private practices reach a greater audience, find new patients, and build a trusted digital presence that lasts. We can make your online visibility and practice’s credibility grow across the internet. 

You must position yourself at the top of Google to get new prospective patients. Partner with an SEO expert to do your online searches for new appointments. Contact us today.  

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Why Choose Us?

We are a marketing company that specialises in SEO for Doctors. We help doctors, medical clinics, and other healthcare professionals grow their private practice by improving their online presence.

Our company provides search engine optimisation services for doctors to help them optimise their websites. To manage and improve web presence in search engines and achieve higher rankings in relevant search results, increasing traffic and revenue earned from patients’ search and ultimately drive leads, phone calls, office visits, and purchases from organic searches.

Here at Growth Giants we offer everything from SEO services to lead generation for doctors and more. Our main goal is to help clients achieve there business goals through digital marketing.

We offer SEO Services under pricing plans and packages that suit every budget. It includes the following areas: 

  • SEO for Doctors Audit 
  • Medical Websites SEO
  • Localised Medical Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing & Backlink Building
  • Online Review Generation for great Local SEO

Search patterns in the healthcare industry are constantly changing, and we can move quickly as your business does. We have a vital follow-up process that allows for constant testing, adjusting, and tweaking to the strategy behind the campaign and your website.

Our award-winning team has combined SEO experience, specifically growing doctor’s practices for over a decade. We align our goals with your company’s goals. Our company has worked with numerous healthcare organisations in nearly every niche and speciality, helping them grow their search engine optimisation.

If your business doesn’t have the expertise in SEO, and your team doesn’t have the time to improve your website when you don’t see results like traffic, it is time for you to hire an SEO company. With our partnership, we can help you with the following: 

  • Grow your business in a competitive or healthcare industry
  • Support your recent expansion or product launch
  • Increase your revenue, sales, and conversion rates
  • Improve your ranking for valuable search results

Our company has worked with numerous healthcare organisations in nearly every niche and speciality, helping them grow their search engine optimization. It has built our strong track record, and you can read them through the case studies and reviews on our website.

Every doctor who partners with us, regardless of the company size, gets a dedicated account manager and a team of medical SEO doctor specialists behind them that support the planning, creation, tracking, and optimising of their medical SEO process at each step. 

We deliver marketing strategies to our partner organisations that are developed by our team of medical marketing experts. Our digital and referral growth programs allow us to evolve how patients connect to providers.

Our services are your all-in-one digital marketing partner. From compelling web designs to end-to-end online marketing solutions, we’ll take control of your web presence to let you focus on your patients.

Our company believes that the best doctors should be on the first page of Google search results regardless of their financial clout. In this way, our modest monthly fees enable talented physicians to compete against large hospital groups.

Our vision is to allow businesses to make a difference in the world that aligns with our values. Our company represents the values of caring, honesty, vulnerability, tenacity, and ingenuity.

We are on-page SEO experts recognised by the best tool providers in the business for scientific search engine optimization expertise. We are also a certified Google Partner. We demonstrated Google Ads skills and expertise by passing assessments and earning certifications to earn this recognition.

Types of SEO for Doctors

There are many different types of SEO for Doctors available in the UK.

On-page SEO 

Traditionally, On-page SEO is things you can see if you pull up a page and analyse it from an SEO perspective. Often these are things you see if you’re just a plain old visitor coming to check out the site too. It focuses on features you can control on your sites, like technical elements, content quality, and your site’s appearance. SEO for on-page factors includes, 

  • HTML/Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Engaging page content
  • Keyword Research

Off-page SEO 

It focuses on activities outside of the pages on your website. It is what search engines are looking for: links to your website. Those are vast signals of trust and relevance. A crucial part of off-page SEO is thinking through the following: 

  • Digital PR and social media advertising 
  • Earned Links from credible websites 
  • Brand discussion around the web through online forums

Off-page SEO can be separated into different types

  • Natural
  • Manual
  • Created

If you don’t have a website already built out yet, our team can offer bespoke doctor web design too, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, take a look at our page for more information.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to all the SEO activities that help to improve your site and make it easier for visitors to navigate. Technical SEO is where we get to bring in all of our developer friends and analyse the areas from a code level, dig into the server set up and do an analysis of things which improves,

  • Page speed
  • Crawlability
  • Indexability

Here are the common types of technical SEO optimisations. 

  • Robots.txt files
  • Sitemaps
  • Site navigation
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Security
  • URL structure
  • Page speed
  • Internal linking
  • Structured data

Here at Growth Giants we also offer exclusive doctor link building services, which is aimed for those happy with their website but just wanting the extra big of power to help you and your company out with the rankings.

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Costs of SEO for Doctors

Most SEO projects for Doctors cost between £1300-£4500 per month. A project-based SEO will range between £4500-£27000, and hourly rates for consultants fall between £90-£270 per hour. Overall, SEO prices range from £90 to £27000+.

The following factors influence the price of SEO for Doctors,

  • SEO pricing model
  • SEO goals
  • SEO aggressiveness
  • SEO plan
  • Service provider’s experience
  • Service provider’s location
  • Client business’s size

Here are some of the sample plans,

Silver Plan

  • £2200 / month
  • 150 keyphrases optimised
  • 30 pages optimised
  • Six content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter
  • Eight custom dashboards
  • Phone call, lead, and revenue tracking dashboard

Gold Plan

  • £4500 / month
  • 200 keyphrases optimised
  • 40 pages optimised
  • 12 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter
  • Eight custom dashboards
  • Phone call, lead, and revenue tracking dashboard

Diamond Plan

  • £7000 / month
  • 300 keyphrases optimised
  • 60 pages optimised
  • 24 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter
  • Ten custom dashboards
  • Phone call, lead, and revenue tracking dashboard

You can customise your budget plan with a free audit through our website.

Benefits of SEO for Doctors

Applying SEO for Doctors to your marketing strategy results in many benefits to your medical practice.

Online Visibility

Most people use Google as one of their search engines, and by appearing on top of a search listing, you provide a solid endorsement of your medical practice. Potential patients tend to trust an approach more when it seems high in search engine rankings. 

If your website features in the top listings, potential patients will be able to locate and find you. So, investing in a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy is imperative to become more visible. It will marginally increase the chances of a potential patient booking an appointment with you and becoming a loyal patient.

Reliable and Credible

Local keywords entered in search engines unconsciously register in the minds of potential patients. They might not realise it, but they automatically lend credibility to websites with a higher ranking. It can directly link the vote of confidence of a patient to the Google rankings.

Spend Less on Acquiring New Patients 

Investing in SEO can bring a long-term benefit, a cost-effective boost in gaining new patients for years to come from organic searches. Doing it right can help you continuously achieve your objective without spending another cent on publications and advertisements. on

Improve Practice Website Traffic

Online traffic will not make you money but marketing yourself to more people increases the chances of attracting potential customers. Furthermore, visitors who come to your website are qualified leads as they have already shown an intent to avail of services at your practice or a similar one.

Generate Positive ROI

SEO is essentially a digital marketing strategy that focuses on qualified leads that have an interest in your services or something similar. It allows SEO for doctors to provide a higher ROI than other advertisement options.

With SEO, you don’t have to make efforts to force people to trust your practice. But you only have to convey your method’s credibility to your potential patients and make your website on the first page of search results, so they can find you and check you immediately.

What is SEO for Doctors?

Search engine optimization or SEO for Doctor’s services are digital marketing services that improve rankings in search results for keywords related to your speciality. These improved rankings increase the business’s visibility in search engines and drive qualified traffic to its website.

SEO for Doctors involves optimising your site and content for search engines. The more optimised it is, the more likely your site or page will appear on Google’s search engine results pages on topics related to your practice.

The primary goal of Google and other search engines is to accurately answer the question you’re searching for by providing you with a list of web pages helpfully ranked from the most relevant to the least appropriate.

Therefore, to organise a site or article well on Google, you need relevant content, authority, and expertise for relevant keywords that potential patients are searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about SEO for Doctors? Please read the questions we have answered.

Why is SEO important to doctors?

You might have the best website, but it is useless if your patients cannot find it. It is because your website is not optimised for the keywords patients use to see a doctor on the internet, which means that they do not appear on the first page of search engine results. It makes it very hard for the patients to find your website.

So, SEO is important to position your medical practice at the top of search results. With this, you can attain visibility to drive more high-quality traffic to your site through organic searches.

SEO perfectly aligns with how many patients find their doctors or look up health information online these days. Getting your SEO strategy right can increase your practice’s online visibility and website engagement, helping you bring in more new patients. Without it, you’d miss enormous opportunities to get patients searching for your services.

Do doctors need digital marketing?

With technological advancement, people browse ailments, book appointments and read reviews before visiting a hospital. Thus, doctors need digital marketing to build a solid and authoritative online presence and relationship with their patients through social media channels, tools and techniques.

Digital marketing is an effective tactic in branding and advertising medical practices. It advertises your services to a broader range of the public and helps better manage its brand image and attract new patients than traditional advertising methods.


With so many people using the internet to find healthcare services near them, they must give search engine optimization attention. Investing in SEO for doctors is always a good idea to protect and keep your medical practice growing long-term. SEO helps you prepare for the curve against scenarios that could negatively impact your business.

We are one of the best healthcare digital marketing companies in the UK. Suppose you are interested in learning more about SEO optimisation and SEO services and their prices. In that case, Book a free consultation today and talk to our SEO experts to know what can best fit into your digital marketing plan.

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If you have questions regarding the article’s content, don’t hesitate to contact us online. Please visit our website to learn about our latest projects by reading online reviews and case studies with our previous clients.

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