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Practising great medicine is not enough. You will also need great practice in healthcare marketing to make yourself discovered and remembered memorably. Invest in videos to demonstrate your expertise with authoritative content that builds trust from your patients. We have above ten years of experience as Video Marketing for Doctors Specialists working across the UK to help you. 

As a digital marketing company, we offer a wide range of marketing services. Through video marketing, we aim to help you attract new patients, manage your reputation, and publish social content to promote yourself across the internet and achieve medical practice growth.

We are a team of experienced, creative, and strategic medical marketing experts passionate about helping medical practitioners attract more patients to reach their growth goals. More than digital experts, we also have people with deep healthcare experience who will strategise, write, manage, and execute your marketing program.

Video is becoming a more meaningful form of marketing content. You can create videos with far more empathy through the video’s visual and auditory nature than you can with written content to educate patients. Read this article on video marketing for doctors to learn more about how we work and what we can offer. 

If you are solely focused on generating as many new leads as you possibly can for your doctor business, check out our lead generation services for this industry.

We can bring you to your potential clients by integrating videos into your marketing strategy. Be confident, and get ready to record and present! You’re on your way to the goal with each video. Get more patients in your office!

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Why Choose Us?

Video Marketing is only one of the facets of an effective medical marketing plan, but it covers the strategies and methods to achieve various objectives around growing your practice. These activities can be both online and offline.

Preparing an effective plan and executing the strategic mix requires experience, measurement and ongoing analysis. And we can be the partner who can help you achieve your targets.

We aim to provide a service that fulfils your objective and delights your website visitors and others. We perform these services using creativity, technology, and processes designed to deliver a timely, accurate and complete service. Our services provide options with a reasonable and upfront fixed price to complete your project, so you pay no more than agreed.

If you also want to share your videos across social media platforms but worried they won’t get the engagement and interaction that they deserve, you should definitely head over to our doctor social media marketing services to find out how you can maximise your video’s potential.

Having healthcare experience, we know what we are doing and understand your needs more than anyone else, as well as the rules of your profession. So you can feel more confident and comfortable talking about your goals in achieving practice growth with us. 

With our team, you will have to worry less because we offer straightforward advice to make decisions simpler and include content drafting, design, technology and optimisation. You can benefit from local and international expertise and our global insights from working with medical professionals in most English-speaking countries. 

Our team builds strong relationships with the clients. We are friendly and are always available to work and help with your medical practices over the long term. You can guarantee that you will be treated with respect by all our team members and will conduct all dealings in a polite, timely and professional manner.

We take the lead in creating concepts, planning, scripting and storyboarding strategically-sound videos designed with your medical practice to build trust and educate patients. During the video production process, we will be on-set directing the shoot, overseeing editing, and delivering the finished product to you.

We combine targeted digital marketing with a patient coordination call centre. With these, we can confidently offer practices a higher-speed approach to gaining new patients that ensures consistent, relevant messaging from the consultation phase to booking an appointment.

Types of Video Marketing for Doctors

Many popular forms of video marketing for doctors are available in the UK. Here are the main categories that will help you align the purpose of your videos:

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are branding to create a perception about the practice and generate awareness. They can include videos of internal training, company events, speeches and anything that speaks to the culture of the course.

Marketing Campain Videos 

It focuses on the products and services you offer and could resemble more of an advertisement that encourages patients to “buy” from you and includes demonstrations and how-tos. 

Content Marketing Videos 

It tells a story with educational, entertaining, or thought leadership content that includes a call to action that allows patients to subscribe to your content or attend an open house in your office.

Now that you have a framework or approach, you may think about what specific videos you want to create.

Promotional Videos

You may consider different types of promotional videos,

Welcome Videos

Office Tour: The nature of your office space can help draw patients to your practice. This video can highlight the areas in which they’ll be spending time, including the waiting room and exam room. At the same time, it can show what it is like to work or be treated inside your office.

“Meet the staff” or Physician Introduction: Choosing a new medical practice is a highly personal decision, so patients want to know who will care for them. This video may also introduce your entire medical team because each person plays an important role. 

Special offer: This video may include announcements about special deals on specific services or products. It will allow patients to understand the recommendations to avoid room for confusion. 

Success Videos/ Patient testimonials: Patient testimonials establish social proof from patients about their experiences. It narrates patients’ journeys they went through before and after treatment.

Educational VIDEO

Physicians offer services that might be more complex than others. Educational videos can help explain these procedures and their benefits to bring more patients into your routine.

Speciality Education: Individuals not only come to watch videos when they are already experiencing specific health problems, but they would also be interested in learning prevention and healthcare tips to improve their lifestyle before the worse. This video demonstrates or explains steps or reminders to alleviate health conditions. 

Pre- or Post-treatment Instruction Videos: Other patients prefer to look into specific procedures to care for their health. It serves as a step-by-step basis for the before and after process. 

Medical Procedure videos: Sometimes, patients feel anxious about how they will undergo treatments. Having able to watch medical procedures can somehow help them feel comfortable.

Patient FAQ videos: Responding to patient FAQs through a video is wise, as many inquiries likely require a somewhat detailed reply. A video explanation can be more understandable than a written explanation because patients don’t have to leave anything to interpretation.

Inspirational Videos

Distil your core message, values, and vision into a compelling narrative.


Online videos do not only come with pure filming, but you can tell your story via pictures, drawings, and fun visual elements.

Costs of Video Marketing for Doctors

The cost of healthcare video marketing for doctors can range anywhere from £1,070 for an introductory video to £45,000 for a premium video. At the same time, in-house solutions usually run less than £4,500 (for the equipment).

You also need to know that the cost varies according to the following factors:

Video Length

The longer the video, the more work in post-editing; the more work required post-editing, the higher the cost. 

Video Style

The production cost depends on the time required to accomplish objectives according to the concept of the video format.

Script Development

Script development falls under the video production process’s concept planning and pre-production umbrella. The method includes video concept, storyboarding, and scripting. 

Music Licensing

Music licensing is another area for your budget to add musical works to enhance the video. 

Location Costs

Another cost to consider is the allocation of your filming space. Using your own office space or a public location for your film can save some money here. But if you want to rent a studio for your video production, you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Production Crew

There will be a whole team producing the video. And it will require compensation to make your video production dreams a reality. Some staff you may need to account for include:

  • Director
  • Camera operator
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Make-up and Hair
  • Editor
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The costs for post-production include video editing, transcribing interviews, creating animations, adding necessary stock footage, and more.

Here are sample packages of video production,

6 Video Package – £4,500

It includes all standard production expenses (music, stock photography and video, scripting assistance), including our travel to your office. 

  • Video shoot time – 6 hours or less

12 Video Package – £6,200

It includes all standard production expenses (music, stock photography and video, scripting assistance), including our travel to your office. 

  • Video shoot time – 6 to 10 hours

Photo (Slideshow Video) Package – £800

You will supply photos for

  • Practice Overview
  • Before and After Gallery
  • Special Event Highlights

You can add a professional voiceover for an additional fee. 

Benefits of Video Marketing for Doctors

You might wonder what videos can do for your practice. Here are the essential benefits of creating video marketing for doctors, 

Brand Awareness

Creating videos enhances relationships with prospects through the establishment of the know-like-trust factor. Doctor videos will help patients feel an emotional connection with them. 

We suggest using a video ranking service such as Video Veggie to rank your videos in YouTube as well, you can see some great results by doing this and would recommend it wholeheartedly


Most people find videos more engaging than reading text. At the same time, video explanations are more effective at helping people retain information. You can increase your retention rates by adding videos to your website.


Any online marketing would be incomplete without some video marketing.

Increase Web Traffic 

Videos increase organic search traffic by upping backlinks and social shares.

Increased Patient Conversion Rate

A compelling presenter in a video may significantly impact consumer behaviour and cause someone to convert into a lead compared to simply reading from the search results.

Increase Online Visibility

Video can attract more consumers’ attention than any other medium. You can use it to establish awareness about your practice as a content tool to showcase yourself as an expert in your field. 

Establish Trust & Confidence

Videos leave people with a positive impression of practice, and businesses with video content are more trustworthy.

Simplify, Educate & Engage

Doctor videos can simplify a message and help clients retain more information than text, which is especially useful when educating patients about complex conditions and treatments.

Better Engagement

An online video can engage your audience for more than a few seconds. You can be creative with the kind of media you put out, from animated videos to intriguing explanations and even podcasts. The possibilities are endless. 

Improved SEO

Videos allow more people to see your site, and SEO is also easier with video because it is responsive across different gadgets. You can reach a larger group of web users because many video platforms adjust to various screen layouts and are optimised to be mobile-friendly.  

Higher ROI

Video Marketing generates ROI. Video Marketing is not a trivial marketing undertaking, but high-quality videos can deliver an excellent return on investment. 

Reach Decision Makers

Consumers actively seek out videos about the items and services they are interested in. Videos inform customers, help form a long-term relationship with your target market, and have a better chance to influence buying choices.

Provides Shareable Content for Social Media

Social media values video content and marketing will be successful through proper video placement. Video content keeps people on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and video content is readily shared by people who watch it. By producing precious and engaging video content, you can leverage the power of social media to your advantage.

What is Video Marketing for Doctors?

Video marketing for doctors is simply a subset of content marketing that uses videos to help patients with answers to their questions, understand your service, and promote something interesting. It is a vehicle that moves consumers or web users to your services.

Video marketing for doctors is your opportunity to make a good impression on high-value prospects. At the same time, you educate them and prove that you can handle any problem they have. As a doctor, you must explain complex conditions and treatments that can be easily understood and captivate the viewers’ attention. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about video marketing for doctors that we have answered for you.

Why should doctors create videos for marketing?

In both cases, video is significantly more powerful than words. By using videos, potential patients may learn more quickly. People can meet doctors more quickly and efficiently with a video.

Videos are a far more visible and powerful tool to develop trust while teaching people better promotion techniques. Advertising is a crucial tactic for the medical sector if it wants to attract new patients. For medical advertising content to be profitable, video is an essential element.

How is healthcare video marketing unique?

Healthcare video marketing is distinct since it includes instructional components. To interest viewers, doctors must explain complex problems and treatments straightforwardly and succinctly.

Other industries’ marketing specialists do not experience these difficulties. Given that it may foster much greater empathy through visual or audiovisual features than writing, video can be one of the most effective teaching tools.

Video does a great job of evoking empathy, making it easier for you to tell one doctor’s practice from another.

What is the most common video mistake a doctor makes?

Video investment avoidance is a highly common practice. However, when doctors attempt to create a video, they frequently run into several issues that reduce the efficiency of their video marketing.

  • Unnecessarily long videos
  • No distribution plan
  • Low-quality audio
  • Poor lighting


Patients no longer go straight to the healthcare office; instead, they head online. They search for their health through websites and want to watch more and read less. That is why Video Marketing for Doctors is an effective way to get discovered, convert more leads into a patient, and increase practice revenues.

Don’t wait to lose your patients to the internet, local competitors and more extensive medical practices. Video is engaging, easy to consume, entertaining, and highly shareable. Through video marketing, you can show your expertise, differentiate your practice, bring in more new patient inquiries and help them with healthcare decisions with the right doctor.

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