Advertising for Architects

Advertising is the core of the modern business world and having effective marketing strategies is often a requirement if you want to succeed. Architecture marketing is no exception, and architecture firms like yours can see excellent results if they employ the right marketing tactics.

Of course, advertising covers a lot of different niches and strategies that are all meant for different things. 

Rushing ahead with the first architectural marketing ideas you can come up with is very risky – you want a professional to handle the bulk of the work.

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We can provide businesses in any industry – architecture firms included – with the marketing expertise and tools necessary to get themselves noticed. 

Whether you want to market on social media platforms or advertise directly on Google, we can help you with every step of the process.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, do not hesitate to get in touch with us – or keep reading to see a detailed breakdown of a few marketing strategies we can work with.


What is Advertising for Architecture Firms?

Marketing, at its heart, is about results. Digital marketing efforts are meant to draw in more customers, gather up more sales, and improve the overall performance of your business by presenting your products or services to more people.

A business in a relatively niche industry like architecture will often rely heavily on advertising to get more customers. 

The more competitive the field, the bigger the impact of good marketing will be.

By advertising directly to customers, you get more control over what they are seeing and how you are trying to appeal to them. 

Good architecture marketing requires an understanding of how to market products well and who you are actually trying to market them towards.

Even if you are following distinct marketing strategies, a large part of digital marketing is understanding that you can’t just follow a pre-built plan. 

Advertising your architecture firm involves looking at what you can offer, the identity behind your brand, and various other factors that will change the way your marketing works.

We have worked with countless businesses across a huge range of industries, and each one has required new, bespoke marketing efforts. 

There is no easy solution when it comes to marketing, and careful planning is important for every step of the process.

Here at Growth Giants, we also offer video marketing for architectures too, so take a look at that at as option, too.

The Benefits of Advertising Architecture Services

Digital marketing services like ours are able to offer a range of core marketing benefits, ensuring that your architecture firm gets a stronger internet presence and more attention from your target audiences.

If you are wanting to overhaul your advertising strategies, then we can give you the following advantages over your competitors:

  • Greater levels of brand awareness.
  • More traffic from potential clients and customers.
  • Higher sales volumes.
  • More ways to approach digital marketing country-wide or even across multiple countries.
  • An extreme amount of data that you can use to reinforce your existing marketing strategies.
  • More customer insights and details about who is buying your products or services.
  • Cross-platform marketing across all devices.
  • Much higher-quality content and more ways to market that content to potential clients.
  • Additional case studies and past documents to compare your performance to or to use as a guideline for future success.

We always focus on developing the best marketing strategies for each client we take on, providing them with all of our marketing tools and skills to give them the best results possible. We can tailor our work to match your architectural services and long-term goals.

The main goal of advertising is to generate more leads for your architecture website, it’s that simple. Be sure to look through our lead generation services for architectures if this is of interest to you.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the most stable, reliable and consistent digital marketing groups in the UK that provide services to architecture firms, giving you the best treatment and results possible while making sure that we do not go over your budget or boundaries.

Our past marketing efforts have seen us working alongside a range of construction and architecture firms, and we have advertised hundreds of individual architectural services. This has given us a lot of experience with marketing architecture firms correctly and effectively.

All of our expert staff are fully qualified and have been well-trained to handle marketing architecture firms. 

They understand the kind of architectural services that you might offer, and they know how to create a new marketing campaign that perfectly suits your needs.

Thanks to our wide range of experience, we know how to use more than just Google Ads and a few other marketing tools. 

We develop a solid marketing strategy for each client we take on and pinpoint opportunities in the architecture industry that might be worth pursuing.

Whatever your long-term goals are, we aim to provide the most cohesive marketing strategy you will ever see. 

Each one of our marketing strategies is completely bespoke and easily adapted to suit future projects or architecture services.

What Makes Good Advertising for Architecture Firms?

Good advertising strategies are simple on paper but hard to construct in practice. Even the most basic architectural marketing ideas can actually take a while to put into action.

We can provide a massive range of architecture marketing and advertising options, adapting them to suit your needs and goals – but you still need to know what you are aiming for. The best way to do that is to understand how architectural firms can be marketed effectively.

Experience with Marketing Strategies

Experience is everything. Without an understanding of the overall marketing goals you have or how to achieve them, it becomes basically impossible to know which way you should be aiming. Even the best marketing techniques become worthless if there is nowhere to use them.

All marketing is built on the back of another piece of marketing, and you need to gradually figure out the structure of each campaign. 

A specialist company like us can make this much easier, allowing you to focus on your own responsibilities while we handle the hard parts of marketing.

Our varied and in-depth experience has given us more skills and points of expertise than many other advertising companies. 

We have worked with a range of groups, specifically within the architecture industry, and we know how to market those companies very well.

Target Audiences and Prospective Clients

Marketing is pointless if you are not targeting it at anybody. Having a target audience in mind allows you to tailor your marketing towards that audience rather than having to rely on generic and vague marketing techniques that will not necessarily get your business any attention.

You can’t please everybody, but you can at least aim to please the groups that are likely to buy your products. 

If you do not have a target audience in mind, then we can use industry data (or data from your past customers) to help you build up an idea of who wants your architectural services.

Without a target audience, you are stuck marketing towards whichever group seems the most profitable, but that is often a self-defeating thing to do. 

Good marketing is not a shotgun that sprays ads all over the place – it is a rifle that aims for specific points where you can get the best results.

Short-Term Success

Taking short-term goals into account is important for architecture marketing. Architecture firms can be at an inherent disadvantage when they need short-term profits since architecture can be quite a niche industry, and each project can take a while to complete.

Understanding your short-term goals is important for marketing purposes, especially if those goals are relevant to the success and survival of your architecture firm. 

For example, being able to attract potential clients can be really important if you have not been able to turn a profit and are slowly losing money.

We can adapt our marketing campaigns to meet your immediate goals, whether they are one-time goals (like expanding into a new target market) or a repeated goal (like finding new business contacts and companies to work with).

Long-Term Goals

Good long-term goals are an important part of advertising architectural firms. While short-term goals can keep your architecture firm afloat, most architectural firms need to have a plan in mind for the future.

Online marketing is best when it can be adapted to suit your new business plans or marketing strategies. 

Rigid marketing tactics can become a huge detriment if the rest of the industry is evolving, or your customers’ preferences are changing.

We put a lot of care into how we plan our clients’ marketing strategies, and we always make sure that there are ways to back off or change tactics if your long-term goals change. Being flexible is a key part of marketing your services to the right people at the right time.


A large part of each architecture marketing plan we create comes from the data we gather. 

This could be anything from information on your target audiences to lists of more clients that have expressed an interest in your business, or even just details on useful social media feeds.

Online marketing relies on data, but many architecture firms are not set up to collect this relevant information. 

Understanding new technologies in the architectural industry is useful but not as useful as looking at the numbers behind your website visitors or the viability of a social media marketing campaign.

Each marketing plan we create is based on countless streams of data, whether they are taken from a more successful firm or dealing with the industry as a whole. 

Unlike traditional marketing, every tool we use can provide us with even more direct marketing data to use.


Perhaps the most important part of digital marketing is the marketing plan you follow. Each potential client you approach or sales pitch you make should be part of a calculated strategy.

This does not mean that you have to go for the fastest marketing strategy or the marketing plan that creates the most prospective clients. 

Marketing for architects can be a very complex field, and having any kind of consistent plan gives you an advantage over other firms that do not.

We have worked with many architectural firms in the past that were trying to market themselves without a plan. Each time, we have helped them focus on marketing their architectural firms through carefully planned and effective marketing techniques.

Types of Advertising We Offer for Architects

Advertising is not a single monolithic strategy. While a lot of advertising tricks and techniques can blend together if they are used correctly, they are still distinct parts of the same marketing plan that can require some extra care to use together well.

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We offer a range of advertising options to our clients, all of which can be used independently or as part of a larger overarching plan. Either way, we are able to tailor them to your specific needs and requirements, giving you the results you want in the long run.

We have a lot of services, and it would be impossible to list each and every one of them. Here are just a few of the many marketing strategies that we can work with.

Digital Marketing as a Whole

Digital marketing covers a lot of different factors and techniques, but the whole process is a very effective way of marketing your business. 

Whether you are relying on old techniques or new technologies, relying on digital marketing is never a bad thing.

In many ways, digital marketing has become the new standard. It never requires public speaking skills, new technologies, physical billboards, or even a physical store that people can be directed to. 

For many businesses, it is the main way that they advertise themselves and their products.

Instead of relying on newspaper ads or public speaking via TV ads, you can turn to digital methods as a cheaper, easier and far more flexible alternative. 

There are very few situations where digital is a worse option, and it can make a huge difference to your marketing results.

PPC for Architects

Pay-per-click advertising allows us to promote architectural firms through direct ad placements. 

These paid ads are the fastest way to create awareness amongst potential customers and are generally visible on both search engines and standard websites.

This gives your business a lot of reach, and these ads can be aimed at specific target audiences to prevent irrelevant clicks or wasted ad budgets. 

However, this takes some trial and error to get right, making planning and data incredibly important.

Our PPC work is some of our best, and we have helped plenty of architecture firms guide new clients into their conversion funnel. 

Even if you just want to build brand awareness, creating content that is memorable and using it as ad copy can be an extremely effective marketing tactic.

SEO for Architects

Search engine optimization is a great choice for architects marketing on a low budget, providing organic traffic and spreading brand awareness through natural search results. Of course, it can also be incredibly complex.

SEO can make it easier to draw in prospective clients without having to spend money on advertising to them specifically. 

It is cheaper than conventional advertising but can still have the same reach and allows for a lot more content marketing opportunities.

We have the necessary skills to use SEO marketing for architects, improving your internet presence and search engine optimization rankings over time. 

Dedicating even a small amount of time and effort to SEO makes a significant difference to your overall marketing results.

Social Media Marketing for Architects

Approaching social media marketing properly requires all the same steps as regular content marketing: understanding trends, choosing the right sites, and working out which target audiences offer the most likely potential clients.

Many architecture firms struggle with social media marketing due to the nature of social media in general, since it can be hard to boil architecture services down to basic details. As another form of content marketing, it requires some careful planning to get it right.

Social media is also the basis of your firm’s reputation among the general public. Every social media post you make reflects on your business, and you will not want to give clients signs that your firm’s brand would be risky or not worth the money they are spending on your services.

Whether it us used to help with building trust or as a marketing tool, we can provide content marketing support for your social media channels. Social media is often the first thing some potential clients will see, so getting it right the first time is extremely important.

Be sure to take a look at our social media marketing for architects if you’re interested.

Email Marketing for Architects

Email marketing can be just as effective as normal content marketing, giving you a direct way to contact potential clients. However, it has to be handled very carefully to be effective since many potential clients will write off advertising emails as spam.

Email advertisements can require new skills and techniques that many firms do not have experience with, meaning that most architects want to turn to services like ours instead. The risk of scaring away potential customers can be a serious concern for many firms.

We can provide an in-depth email marketing service built around the idea of creating effective and well-thought-out emails that are not going to be ignored by the recipients. 

While email marketing can be risky, it becomes much easier with an experienced advertisement firm at the helm to keep each email appropriate and well-written.

Video Marketing for Architects

Video marketing for architects can seem strange at first, but it is one of the best ways to demonstrate your skills or past successes to potential clients. 

Creating the right kind of video content for video advertising means looking into the media you can actually produce to represent your firm.

Many architectural firms will create videos showing a fly-through of their finished products compared to 3D plans or even just a breakdown of the services they offer. 

Demonstrating something unique is the core of video advertising, and we can help make that possible.

If you want somebody to take up your video advertising plans and turn them into something that will get results, then contact us and let us know what you need. 

Even the most basic video ideas can be twisted into something new and unique, giving you an edge when it comes to marketing your firm.

Virtual Reality Marketing for Architects

Virtual reality hardware is one of the new technologies that not all firms have picked up on yet. However, using virtual reality for marketing reasons can actually make a huge difference to how many clients you capture – it is a great way to nudge them into your conversion funnel.

Not only does VR demonstrate that your firm is aware of the latest technologies, but it also provides you with a great way to get users engaged with your past work. A VR tour of digital models representing a finished space can give them a more hands-on experience, something that might tip them over the edge and get them to convert.

We can help you establish VR advertising materials, whether that means creating VR website content or producing something that you can use for people already in the sales funnel.

How Much Does Advertising Usually Cost for Architecture Companies?

The cost of marketing for architects can vary heavily, with the exact price of the overall advertising efforts changing with even the smallest of adjustments. 

Everything, from the structure of your marketing strategy to the amount of paid ads you run, will alter the total cost.

Of course, there is also some randomness involved. No marketing, for architects or otherwise, is going to be one hundred per cent perfect. Some ads may cost more and earn less than expected, or a potential client may not follow through with their purchase.

The average architecture firm will spend around 10% of their annual revenue on advertising, more if they are a smaller struggling company that is desperately relying on advertising to bring in more business.


If you are paying on a daily basis for short-term services, then the average architectural firm spends around £400 per day on the work. This includes the higher-end architectural firm companies, so the actual cost of many services will be a lot smaller.


A long-term monthly retainer tends to be somewhere in the realm of just under £1000. Again, this is affected by all kinds of factors, so it will not always be within that range.

Client Testimonials

“We were struggling to create websites or pages that were getting traction online, and our social media accounts were practically dead. Thanks to this outside help, we’re getting our name placed in relevant publications and we’re getting more business than ever!”

“Marketing was a big part of our business development, but we didn’t have a go-to resource for how to get it right. The lead generation help we’re received has given us a lot of ideal clients and saved us from running out of funds.”

“Getting into industry magazines did not help with advertising. Overhauling our social media marketing made a huge difference to how many customers we’re getting on a monthly basis.”


Are architectural fees relevant?

Listing your architectural fees can be an important part of your advertising work. Hiding your pricing (especially if you have lower fees than your competitors) just makes it more likely that you will get irrelevant clicks, and it also hides a possible selling point in a very competitive industry.

Of course, you do not always want to include prices on advertising material. It depends on how effective your current materials are and whether or not listing the fees would actually provide any meaningful benefit over keeping the ads as they already are.

Are lead generation services useful?

Lead generation is technically a kind of advertising, and we can offer excellent lead generation services to architects marketing themselves in specific ways. Even a simple lead, like making sure a client signs up for a newsletter, can be a valuable outcome.

Are client demands easy to predict?

Understanding your client’s demands and needs is an important part of getting your marketing correct. We have a range of strategies that can help you get a better handle on what they want, such as the client demand pyramid method or long documents of raw data.

Clients can be tough to predict, and sometimes something that should have succeeded simply does not. There is always going to be a degree of random chance in marketing and planning around that can be an important part of building up a consistent plan.

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We can offer a massive range of different marketing and advertising services to help your architectural business stay afloat. All of our services are bespoke, allowing us to tailor our approach to meet your needs or overall business goals.

Marketing for architects involves a lot of individual pieces that all have to mesh together perfectly, and that can be tough to achieve without a plan.

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Our expertise means that we can get a new plan set up for you extremely quickly, providing the tools and skills you need to get your marketing completely reworked. Whether you are stuck in a dead-end or unsure which path to take, we are happy to help you push forward.

If you want to know more about what we can offer and the kind of work that we can do, then feel free to get in touch and talk with some of our specialists. We can help break down the different services we have on offer and find the options that work best for you.

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