Advertising for Resin Flooring Installers

Running a resin flooring specialist company can be rewarding when things are going well, but one of the biggest challenges in the industry is that of finding more customers. How do you get people interested in the resin floor systems that your epoxy flooring company offers?

Well, we are here to help as a specialist company working on advertising for companies installing epoxy resin floors for private customers, commercial kitchens, and anything in between. With years of experience working in the marketing industry, we are here to help you get your resin floors in front of the clients who need them.

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We have years of experience working with epoxy flooring installer clients across the UK and pride ourselves in our ability to advertise your business to the customers who most need it for their next project.

Below, we will talk you through our services and how to maximise the return on your ads, bringing more leads to your website and encouraging anyone who might search for a similar business to contact you immediately.


What is Advertising for Resin Floor Installers?

There are many different types of ads available, from videos to static web ads to email campaigns to sponsored search results. All of these have their own advantages and disadvantages, and most clients like to use some combination of the various options to get the highest quality results.

Whether it is a sign in a public place or a video ad on YouTube, the point of the exercise is to make people aware of your range of low-maintenance, hard-wearing epoxy resin floor products and services so that they choose to use your company for their next personal, industrial, or commercial epoxy flooring projects.

The Benefits of Resin Flooring Installers Advertising

The benefits are simple: more customers becoming aware of your flooring products and installation services for resin floors, which means more growth and greater success for your business.

In order to grow your company in the UK, you need to create an awareness of it. You need customers to find your services and choose you as their first choice of supplier for flooring projects in their location. 

Ultimately the main benefit of resin flooring installers advertising it that it is a great way to get more leads for your business. Here at Growth Giants, we can offer many different lead generation packages for resin flooring installer companies, so feel free to click the link to learn more.

Why Choose Us?

Our range of high-quality options allows targeted advertisements to potential customers across the UK, offering your products and services as a leading choice for any sort of project, from patios to garage floors, industrial surfaces, and hygienic commercial kitchen flooring.

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With years of experience working with epoxy floor installer companies across the UK, we know what sort of advertisement works best to sell epoxy coating materials, floor screeding, and epoxy floors to customers in a huge range of different sectors and how to reach every one of those sectors with targeted advertisements for the right kind of epoxy resin floors for their needs.

What Makes Good Advertising for Resin Flooring Installer Firms?

Knowing your commercial audience is vital to a good advert for resin floor installation. There is no point in showing advertisements to potential customers who have no plans to change their garage floor, and broad ad blitzes are likely to be a waste of money.

Resin floor firms are a specialist industry, offering low-maintenance industrial products to a very small pool of potential customers in need of hygienic epoxy floor surfacing. That means you need to advertise directly to that pool of customers.

Google search ads are one of the most effective options for attracting new epoxy floor customers to your business. People searching for related terms are already interested in buying epoxy resin floor products, so you only need to convince them that your company is the one to go with to redo their garage floor or supply other ground materials and chemical flooring products.

Types of Advertising We Offer for Resin Flooring Installers

There are several different types of advertisement that we offer customers, all of which have their own advantages.

Google search adverts

Google search marketing is the best way to market your products directly to the people most likely to use them. If you are trying to sell niche chemical products like epoxy flooring, then marketing directly to the people who are searching for that thing is going to get you the best value for money.

Facebook adverts

Facebook is a very broad marketing tool. We can target ad spend to specific demographics, but there is no guarantee those people will have any interest in buying resin flooring. It is an easy way to reach a very wide range of people very quickly, however.

Video adverts

Video advertisement is more expensive and higher effort to produce than alternative options, but it can be very rewarding: people notice videos, and the click-through rate can be high.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media experts will help you develop an effective strategy for reaching new audiences on these platforms, whether it’s through paid ads or organic engagement.

If you are interested in finding out more about our social media marketing for resin flooring installer companies, feel free to check out that link for more.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is an advertising model that uses keywords or key phrases to drive traffic to websites or landing pages. SEM also includes resin flooring installers pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns, where advertisers bid on ad placement alongside search results to have their ads appear next to relevant content on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other platforms. SEM may include all forms of internet marketing, including email marketing, video marketing and social media marketing (SMM).

How Much Does Advertising Cost for Resin Flooring Installers Companies?

There is no flat rate for advertisement placement. The costs will depend on a huge number of factors: the type of ad, the placement, the length the ad runs for, and the demographic targeting of the ad. All of these factors and more can affect your costs.

Client Testimonials

“Great ad reach – our client base just keeps growing!”

“Very happy with the results!”

“They made the ad placement process seem simple.”


What Is Floor Screed?

Floor screed is a non-slip material designed for high safety in potentially dangerous industrial environments.

Is Resin Flooring Good?

Resin flooring materials are some of the most durable and easy to maintain options on the market at the moment.

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With years of experience in marketing for resin flooring firms, we promise great results every single time. If you are interested, get in touch via the form on our website, and we will discuss options with you.

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