Advertising for Boiler Installers

A heating and boiler installation business needs to advertise to stay competitive. With boiler servicing remaining quite a competitive industry, the average boiler company might struggle to gather potential customers, especially if they are still relatively new and unknown.

Services like boiler repair and boiler replacement are always in demand, but capturing that demand is another issue entirely. We are a leading UK business growth company that knows how to target, attract and work with any target audience from almost any industry, including boiler servicing.

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We can provide your central heating systems and boiler installation business with the advertising skills and assets needed to start drawing in prospective customers, using your own campaigns and marketing platforms to bolster your business.

The boiler industries are not easy to work with, but we can help each boiler company find their place in the market. To learn more about our services, contact some of our expert staff down below to find out more – or keep reading to get a breakdown of what we can offer and why it is important.


What is Advertising for a Boiler Installation Business?

Our advertising services have been used across countless industries, and boiler installers are no exception. Advertising is not just about getting your name out there but about targeting the right groups of people to make sales and keep your company afloat.

A boiler installation business often needs to keep a constant flow of new potential clients coming in since most properties only need boiler servicing every few years. Boiler repairs might be needed more often, but the point is still the same: boiler servicing companies need customers to succeed.

The best way to gather up more potential clients is through advertising on a variety of platforms, using data-driven techniques and tactics to help nudge visitors into your sales funnel. Even getting a few new customers a month could be the difference a small business needs to grow.

The Benefits of Boiler Installer Advertising

Boiler installation advertising has a range of core benefits, including some that might not be immediately obvious. It is important to understand the impact that advertising your boiler installations would have on your business, especially as a smaller company.

Using even the most straightforward methods of advertising your boiler installation business can lead to many different benefits, including:

  • More ways to target specific customers and audiences.
  • Greater visibility.
  • Increased sales and conversions.
  • More opportunities to gain extra revenue.
  • A higher chance of potential customers seeing your brand name and remembering it in the future.
  • More ways to quantify and compare details related to your marketing and audiences.
  • Better tools for marketing directly to relevant audiences.
  • Improved customer retention.
  • A lot of flexibility over how you approach your advertising goals.
  • Deeper insights into what makes your marketing work.
  • More ways to improve and tweak parts of your marketing that are not finding any success.
  • A lot more customer data to use for marketing and advertising purposes.

Of course, the exact benefits you see will always be different. No two companies have identical marketing strategies, and there is not a perfect way to tackle each and every marketing goal. 

Even with that in mind, a boiler installation business can really benefit from even the most simple and straightforward advertising work. It only takes a few changes to start targeting particular audiences or aiming for higher levels of customer engagement and awareness.

Why Choose Us?

At Growth Giants, our advertising services have allowed us to work with countless clients throughout a wide range of different industries, including the boiler repair market. We have quickly become one of the most reputable companies in our field, providing UK businesses with the marketing assistance they need to grow their audiences.

All of our past work has allowed us to build up a good range of skills and tactics when it comes to advertising for a boiler installation business. Whatever your company needs, we can work with you to provide the right services for each and every marketing goal you have.

We treat each new client’s requirements as a bespoke project, offering the exact services you need to tackle your current marketing problems. We can make sure that you get the exact services you need, along with tailored services that match your business’s exact goals.

What Makes Good Advertising For Boiler Installation Firms?

Good advertising for new boiler replacement and boiler repair services involves understanding the market properly – something that we can guarantee. Our past work has allowed us to get very precise with how we advertise boiler installations, making sure that we can provide whatever our client needs.

Boiler installation is a distinct process and industry with a lot of specific information surrounding it, meaning that we always aim to create an adverting strategy that feels appropriate.

Our high-quality advertising is not just about the services we provide – we can also offer:

  • Expertise about the industry you are in.
  • An understanding of how to target your local area.
  • Experts that know how to create relevant content for advertising purposes.
  • Tools to help us easily find and compare more data about your ad performance.
  • Website building skills to refine your own site as needed.
  • A good level of boiler installation knowledge for approaching each ad campaign correctly.
  • Social media marketing skills.
  • A deeper understanding of SEO and the role your website has in advertising.
  • Multiple points of view from different experts who all have their own sets of experience.
  • Full, open communication with our customers.

We will always work on advertising based on your boiler installation services, talking with your own staff and experts to make sure that we are taking your advertising in the right direction.

Types of Advertising We Offer for Boiler Installers

We can provide a long list of different advertising options for dealing with your specific needs, right down to the exact markets and target audiences that you want to aim for. All of our work can be tailored to your specific business and service needs.

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We have a large variety of different advertising options on offer, all of which can be tailored to suit your business specifically. Feel free to contact some of our expert staff if you want to know more about each service that we can provide or have specific requirements and needs that we have to meet.

Google Advertising

Google is one of the most important advertising platforms in the world, and using it correctly can be an important step toward marketing your boiler installation services correctly. Our experts know how to turn Google’s platforms and advertising service into a perfect tool for your advertising needs.

Paid ads are easy to set up using the Google Ads management tools and service, allowing us to promote any boiler company through careful use of keywords and marketing bids. Developing good paid ads can require a lot of care and nuanced planning, but the end result is always worth it.

Google ads are able to appear on almost any site, spreading across the Google network. The highly configurable settings mean that we can choose to only target people in your target audience, using advertising data to refine the search terms and demographics we are aiming for.

Image Ads

If text ads in the search results are not enough, we can also help you develop image ads that appear on more site types. These can be part of their own campaigns or a core part of your marketing, depending on who you want to target – and how you want to do it.

Image ads can be a very tricky thing to develop, especially if you only have limited materials to work with. We can help your business come up with image ads that will work well, drawing in the right audiences through a good combination of text and images.

Video Ads

If you are looking to create any kind of video advertising content for heating systems, then we can also provide the tools and experts necessary to handle it. Google allows for a range of different video ads, with a lot of options on how they are marketed and who they appear for.

We can also help you figure out which kinds of video content you would want to create as boiler installers – for example, quick promotional videos about gas boilers or videos designed to advertise a particular service that you offer.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of targeting each major keyword and improving your web pages, advertising your website through organic traffic and appearances in search results rather than ads. SEO allows you to generate new leads and spread your company’s reach further, but it can require a professional touch to do well.

We offer a variety of SEO services and options, all of which can help your boiler installation business grow further without having to rely on paid-for ads or other more expensive tools. 

SEO also has the added benefit of drawing new visitors directly to your site and content, something that can be invaluable for businesses that struggle to get prospects to convert and make actual purchases.

Our SEO service and skills are all handled by trained professionals that understand the specifics of SEO, right down to how certain keywords should be handled. Our search engine optimization service is just as effective for gathering customers as it is for building awareness and spreading your company’s name around the internet.

This is often seen as a “free” option. While not free in all senses, it is cheaper than other advertising tools. Creating content is free, reworking site content is free, optimizing metadata is free, adjusting images is free, and making the website run better is free – if done correctly.

Site Quality

Advertising is not just about making paid advertisements and directing people to your website.

Customers will not want to make a purchase if they do not trust the web pages that they are landing on, and even the most basic of flaws can make over a quarter of your potential customers turn away from your business.

Your heating and boiler installation business might not have any website experts on standby, and even some decently-skilled web designers can struggle when it comes to making the site higher quality. This does not just mean high-quality looks but also things like loading times, layouts, information accessibility, and your entire purchasing (or booking/scheduling) system.

Making your site better can have a dramatic impact on how many prospective customers are actually becoming paying customers. Our experts are able to take a look at your boiler company website and plan out changes for each potential issue, right down to fundamental problems with the layouts of certain landing pages.


We can help write all of the necessary high-quality content for your boiler company, giving your business website things like heating and boiler guide articles, horror stories of boiler repairs and breakdowns of gas boilers compared to other options. All of this is vital for building up a good SEO presence.

We can also advertise your heating and boiler company through content placement campaigns: campaigns where we pay another website to host content with a link back to your site. This can promote your business, draw in more leads, and even generate more income while also improving your search engine rankings.

Writing boiler installation and central heating installation content requires an understanding of boiler installation. We will work with your boiler installers and boiler repair specialists to make sure that we are creating the perfect content to advertise your business with.

Content needs to fit with the right keywords to be suitable for marketing. An article about a gas boiler should link to a page about gas boilers, contain information about gas boilers, and ideally be titled something related to a gas boiler service.

Social Media

Creating a new boiler business profile on a social media platform can be useful, but advertising through social media is even better. Google ads management (and similar tools) takes care of search engines, but many people keep their online presence to social media platforms.

We can create a range of social media advertising campaigns that aim to gather lead options, contact details, new boiler job interests and form entries. All of these can be invaluable things to have, and even one customer with an interest in a boiler job from you can make a big difference to a smaller company’s success.

If you are interested in finding out more about our social media marketing for boiler installer businesses, be sure to check out that link for more info.

Advertising services like boiler repair through social media can take two different methods: free advertising and paid advertising.

Just having a social media can improve your presence in search engines, but boiler installation companies might want to look into the paid advertising options instead. A boiler company can build awareness very quickly by targeting the right markets through social media, and ads are a great way to do that.

However, all social media platforms are different. We can help your boiler company advertise through each channel you want to use, making sure to use the best options and strategies for each site to get the best possible results.

If you are interested in finding out more about our social media marketing for boiler installers businesses, be sure to check out that link for more.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is an advertising model that uses keywords or key phrases to drive traffic to websites or landing pages. SEM also includes boiler installers pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns, where advertisers bid on ad placement alongside search results to have their ads appear next to relevant connect on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other platforms. SEM may include all forms of internet marketing, including email marketing, video marketing and social media marketing (SMM)

Lead Generation for Boiler Servicing

Lead generation can be a vital way of gaining more potential clients and customers, but picking out high-quality leads can be tough. We offer an effective lead generation service that can make all the difference in your company’s current list of prospects, expanding your reach and customer base significantly.

Whether you need us to buy leads directly or just want us to start generating leads from your own email marketing material, we can take advantage of customer data and lists of potential clients to build more leads with a high chance of conversion. Boiler leads might sound easy to find, but locking down high-value boiler leads takes a lot of skill and careful planning.

Even if you want us to buy leads directly, we will make sure to target only the highest-quality lead options, aiming to get valuable lead lists that will eventually pay for themselves. A good lead can be priceless in an industry like boiler repairs and installation, and we will find you a worthwhile investment.

Marketing to Leads

Generating leads is not the end of the process, either. Once we have more leads, we can work to help capture them for you, targeting boiler leads with online marketing and advertising materials to try and make them convert.

We can easily take your new boiler leads and begin targeting them with effective advertising campaigns, marketing your services to the new customer base or client company. A lead is worthless if you do not act on it, and we are able to create specialised marketing materials that aim to grab the attention of high-value leads.

If a lead wants boiler repairs, then boiler repairs need to be marketed to them. They will not want boiler installation, or boiler comparisons, or free boiler quotes, or boiler payment plans. Identifying what each potential boiler installation customer wants is a major part of using leads correctly.

How Much Does Advertising Cost for Boiler Installer Companies?

Boiler installation advertising can have a range of different costs involved, making it a tough investment to find an average cost for. Advertising boiler repair services sounds simple, but there can be a lot of different factors to consider, and all of those impact the associated costs.

For example, advertising keywords like “boiler installation” may be more competitive than those like “central heating installation”. Targeting less popular phrases like “boiler installation average installation costs” can help, but the costs will still vary.

Some companies may spend between £400 and £1,000 per month, but it is impossible to tell if this is accurate. Different boiler installers will want different marketing options, and even a small boiler repair business might need something niche or bespoke to promote their boiler repair services.

Client Testimonials

“Our central heating and boiler repair business was really struggling to get users visiting our website. Now, conversion rates have doubled and we have dozens of new customers interested in our boiler repair services.”

“We’ve seen a spike in boiler repairs since the website overhaul and new marketing campaigns went live.”

“We are a new boiler business that couldn’t compete with larger boiler installers. Thanks to Growth Giants, we have carved out a niche in the boiler installation business market.”


How much should a new boiler installation and boiler repairs service spend on advertising?

Boiler installation can be a tough field, and advertising it is not easy. It is important for a boiler installation company to stay within their budget even if they are advertising – spending too much on Google advertising can cause problems later on.

We will be able to help you get the best boiler advertising service possible within your budget, making sure that we do not form a strategy that puts your business at risk of going into the red.

Can a boiler installation company use images of a previous boiler fixed in advertising materials?

You can usually use images from your own business – whether they are from your website or pictures from a boiler repair job – in ads. However, you still need the correct permissions to do so, and they need to be good-quality images.

We can help you get appropriate images for your website and boiler advertising materials, using either boilers you have had to service on a previous job or stock images bought for use in ads.

Is advertising a boiler repair service website worth it?

A heating and boiler installation business needs a constant flow of customers. A new customer means a new job, and while free advertising methods can work, paid boiler installation promotion is often the best way to draw more attention to your business.

The results of your advertising efforts depend on how much you spend and how you use the boiler installation advertising techniques you have available. We can help guide you to the right advertising options, but we are still here to provide whatever you want, so careful planning is important.

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If you want to know more about how we can help a heating and boiler installation business grow, feel free to ask one of our specialists about what we can offer. We have a wide range of services suited to helping you with every advertising job you might need.

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The heating and boiler industry can be tough, and advertising your heating or boiler service correctly makes a big difference. We are ready and waiting to take you on as a client – feel free to contact us and tell us what you are looking for.

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