Advertising for Lawyers

Advertising is not a luxury but a necessity. A good lawyer, like anything else in life, has to compete and this is where law firm marketing comes in.

The legal profession is highly competitive, and there are more lawyers than ever in the legal industry.

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Add to that the fact that more people are going to law school and passing the bar exam every year, it gets even more competitive making it essential to incorporate some legal advertising into your budget.

Keep reading to find out more about online advertising and the value it adds to your law firm.


Advertising for Law Firms

Advertising for lawyers is a form of marketing that can help promote your law firm within the legal market. There are several different ways in which you can advertise from traditional advertising methods to advanced digital marketing. You can choose to advertise online, through print media, or by hiring a professional marketing or PR agency.

With so many options available, it’s important to understand what each type of law firm marketing advertisement offers before choosing one.

Why do lawyers need to advertise?

Lawyers have long been regarded as professionals who are not reliant on advertising and digital marketing, but this is no longer the case. The legal professional is becoming increasingly competitive, and clients are harder to attract to your legal practice than ever. If you want to stand out from the crowd within the legal market and attract new clients, then online advertising is an essential part of your business plan.

What is Law Firm Advertising?

Law firm advertising is the process of marketing a law firm’s services, offerings and reputation to target clients. Law firms advertise their services in various ways, including television, radio , digital advertising, and print advertisements; billboards; flyers and brochures; websites; social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; and other forms of digital media such as video news releases (VNRs).

The Benefits of Advertising for Lawyers

There are several benefits to having advertising carried out for lawyers, these include:

Increase brand awareness

The first benefit of law firm marketing is that it can help improve your brand recognition and increase awareness among potential clients within the legal industry.

This can be especially helpful if your practice has recently expanded to intellectual property, in house counsel or changed locations or your contact details since these situations can make it more difficult for existing customers. An ad campaign can help them remember where you are now so they can return in the future.

Generate leads for your sales funnel

The second benefit of advertising for law firms is that it can generate leads for prospective clients who want to hire an attorney but don’t yet know which one they want to use (or even if they need one).

You may not get all of these prospects as clients — many will simply make phone calls just to ask questions or get advice — but they’re still valuable contacts who might refer other customers down the road. Plus the generated leads help your sales team improve your current sales funnel.

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Advertising helps raise awareness about legal issues that affect everyone — such as identity theft or wrongful death lawsuits — as well as specific issues that affect certain groups (such as discrimination lawsuits, personal injury claims, or getting divorce lawyers).

At Growth Giants, we can offer many different lead generation packages for lawyers, so feel free to click the link to learn more.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re a law firm, there are many reasons to choose us as your digital advertising agency.

We can help you:

  • Bring clients in the door from interactive landing pages on your website. We’ll help you find new clients and retain existing ones through our marketing services.
  • Save money on ads that don’t work and improve your search engine results. We’ll make sure every ad you run makes a positive impact on your business.
  • Increase sales in your practice area. We’ll provide targeted advertising campaigns that now reach customers who need your services, just prepare yourself for the many phone calls you will receive.

We’ll help you get greater results from every dollar spent on marketing and improving your landing page website, so you can spend less on ineffective ads and more on the things that matter most to your business (and clients).

Types of Advertising We Offer To Law Firms

There are many different types of advertising that law firms can use to promote their business. Some of the most popular options include:

These are the most common type of ads you’ll find on the internet. Banner ads are generally rectangular images that can be placed anywhere on a page and can contain text, graphics and video. They are used to promote products and services and can also be used to advertise legal services and direct clients to your website landing page.

Email marketing campaigns

 Email marketing is a great way for law firms to reach out to potential clients and keep in touch with existing clients without conducting face-to-face meetings. Email newsletters allow you to send messages directly from your office without relying on third parties like Facebook page or Google.

Social media marketing campaigns

Social media has become an extremely powerful tool for promoting businesses on internet explorer and online platforms, especially for law firms looking for ways to connect with new clients and build brand awareness for their business areas.

If you are interested in finding out more about our social media marketing for lawyer firms, be sure to check out that link for more.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is an advertising model that uses keywords or key phrases to drive traffic to website or landing pages. SEM also includes lawyer firm pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns, where advertisers bid on ad placement alongside search results to have their ads appear next to relevant content on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other platforms. SEM may include all forms of internet marketing, including email marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing (SMM).

Online advertising

There are many different social media platforms available that can help you reach out specifically to your target audience through various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How Much Does Advertising Cost for Law Companies?

The average cost of advertising for law firms in the UK is £25,000. This figure includes both print and online advertising. If you are advertising on TV or radio, then this will add an extra cost to your campaign, but it is a fantastic way to get more calls on your services.

Testimonials from our Law Industry Clients

“The team is very knowledgeable about the law industry and offers a personal service that is second to none to lead clients to your landing page.”

“We would highly recommend them to any law firms looking for an effective way to reach their target audience, marketing has become essential, thus ensuring you get good advertisers for the job will make a difference for your name in the industry.”

“I am very impressed with the results we have seen since working with you. Your team has been great to work with, and I look forward to continuing this relationship in the future. You create our legal brand effectively in the market and made us look better than the competition, no other team of marketers could have created such a legal brand for us, thanks”


What is advertising for lawyers?

Advertising is a way to make your law firm better known, leading to more clients and opportunities. Ads are usually placed in newspapers or on television, but there are many different options available to you as a lawyer.

Who can use advertising services for lawyers?

Anyone interested in making their law firm better known can benefit from advertising services for lawyers. This includes attorneys and legal professionals who want to increase their business.

What are the benefits of advertising services for lawyers?

Advertising offers many benefits to lawyers and other legal professionals, including an increased client base and exposure within the community, among others.

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The bottom line is that lawyers’ advertising services are essential to your business’s growth. 

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If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to hire a marketing agency, just consider this: if you don’t advertise, your competition will do it for you. And they’ll probably do it better than you hope to do it yourself.

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