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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a critical aspect of the modern law firm. It’s especially important for law firms that have a web presence and want to attract prospective clients.

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This post will introduce you to law firm SEO basics and how to use it to improve your website’s performance in search engines.


What is SEO for Lawyers?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s the process of getting your law firm website and business in front of prospective clients through search engine results pages.

When someone types a query into Google, Bing, or Yahoo!, they are presented with many different results. Law firm SEO aims to optimise your website and business so that when someone searches for a lawyer like you, you appear as one of the top results.

Law firm SEO strategy can be used in several ways: to attract prospective clients, to increase online visibility and credibility, and to generate leads from organic search results (someone who came directly to your site because they were searching for something related to your practice).

If you’re not getting enough leads from organic search results, we’ll help you get more by search engine optimisation, and there are a few strategies to implement, like on-page content so that search engines understand what your site is about and find it relevant enough to show it in their rankings.

Why Do Law Firms Need SEO?

Law firm websites are no different from other businesses. They need to market themselves and their services. The best way to do this is through the Internet.

Lawyers want to attract prospective clients and be found by people searching for legal advice so that they can serve them. But with the number of law firms, how can you make sure your business stands out from the crowd?

The answer is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Here are some other reasons why a law firm SEO strategy is important:

You’ll attract prospective clients who do not know about you yet and those who have heard of you but don’t know where to find you online.

You’ll create better brand recognition with your law firm websites by targeting keywords that are relevant to your practice areas and geographic location (think: “personal injury attorney” or “criminal defence attorney” in [your city]).

You’ll get more traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Which will help boost your website’s rankings, improve its visibility among potential customers and boost SEO success.

Why Choose Us?

We’re a local, full service marketing agency, offering everything from SEO services to lead generation for lawyers and more. We are the best law firm SEO company because we know what you need and how to help you grow in search engines with technical SEO.

Our team of experts will create a strategy to help you reach your goals and give you the visibility you deserve in the search engines and the legal industry.

We have worked with many law firms across the country, so we know exactly what it takes to gain success with local SEO. Our team uses the latest techniques to help you reach the top of Google and other search engines.

Our law firm SEO services have a proven track record of success in helping law firms increase their online presence through our technical SEO services. We will ensure that your website ranks well in all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How our Lawyer SEO Services Work

The first step in our law firm SEO services is to conduct a comprehensive review of your website, its current rankings and better understand your google analytics.

We will then perform keyword research and develop a strategy for improving your search engine rankings by leveraging your industry’s most commonly used keywords.

We have found that using long-tail keywords can be more effective than using singular, broad terms because they are more specific, making them easier for people to find and less competitive.

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Long-tail keywords also tend to have fewer searches per month, which means there is less competition for them than there would be for more popular terms in the legal industry.

The second step in our lawyer’s SEO services is to create an organic backlinking strategy that incorporates link-building tactics that are both ethical and effective for an online search.

This part of our service aims to build high-quality links from authority sites in your niche that will boost your search engine rankings over time.

The third step involves creating compelling content on your website that attracts visitors, our law firm SEO experts engages and drives them toward conversion (i.e., converting them into leads). This type of content typically includes blog posts, legal articles, and client testimonials/testimonials.

Types of SEO We Offer Law Firm

We offer five different types of SEO for law firms:

On-Page SEO (i.e. keyword research and optimisation)

Our team will thoroughly review your website’s on-page content to see if it’s already optimised for keywords related to your practice area or specialty. If it isn’t, we’ll recommend changes that will help improve the quality of your website so that it ranks higher in search results for relevant terms.

Additionally, if you don’t have a website built out yet, our team offer bespoke lawyer web design too, so feel free to take a look at that service if you are interested.

Link Building & Content Creation

Link building is earning links from other websites that point back to yours. These links help search engines determine how relevant your content is to users’ queries, ranking them higher within their results pages. This helps drive more traffic to your site!

We also offer exclusive lawyers link building services, which is aimed for those happy with their website but just wanting that extra bit of power to help with ranking. We would recommend checking that out if that is something you would be interested in.

Google AdWords Campaign Management

Google AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform. It allows you to advertise on Google directly, so people searching for specific terms will see your ad when they search on Google Search or Google Maps. We manage these campaigns for our clients and ensure they get the most out of their budget!

How Much Does SEO Cost for Law Companies?

The average SEO cost for Law firms in the UK is £1,000. However, this figure could be higher or lower depending on how much work your website needs to do and which keywords you want to rank highly for.

Testimonials from our Law Firm Clients

Here are reviews from some of our clients

“Thank you for the amazing work that your company has done for us. We just received our first call from a client and are very excited about it. We are trying to build our business, and we believe that SEO is one of the best ways to do that. You have been great to work with, and we will be using your services again in the future.”

“The SEO campaign was an excellent idea! Our website traffic has increased dramatically since the search engine optimisation campaign began. The results were beyond our expectations, and now we can see the fruits of our labor in an increase in revenue and client base. We would recommend this service to anyone who is serious about their business! Thank you for all of your help!”

“We are so happy with how our new website looks! You did a wonderful job designing it; we couldn’t be happier with how professional it looks on the web now! My wife and I really appreciate all of your hard work – thank you so much!”


How does SEO for lawyers work?

For lawyers, SEO combines content optimisation, link building, and social media strategy. It’s all about ensuring potential clients find your law firm’s website easily when they search for your services. The goal is to get your law firm’s website to rank on the first few pages of Google search results (or even at the top of the page) so that you can start getting more clients in the door—and keep them coming back!

Why should I care about SEO as a lawyer?

You should care because you’re going to want clients who can find you! Many people search online for lawyers, but they don’t always know what they’re looking for or how to describe their needs. If your website isn’t optimised for these kinds of searches, those clients might never find you—and miss out on the opportunity to work with an amazing lawyer like you!

How do I get started?

The best place to start is by reading up on our guide to SEO for lawyers—it’s got all the basics covered!

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SEO for lawyers is a great way to make your law firm stand out from the competition. In addition to increasing your visibility online, it can help you attract new clients and manage your reputation.

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It’s also an easy way to give back to your community by helping other lawyers find the information they need.

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