Link Building for Mortgage Brokers

A good link building campaign can be one of the most effective ways to improve your own marketing efforts, giving you a deep pool of inbound links to use for all kinds of different purposes. Of course, having links is pointless if you are not sure how you should be using them.

We are one of the UK’s leading company growth and marketing specialists, providing a wide range of different services for mortgage brokers all across the country. Our past work has given us a deep understanding of what a mortgage business often needs and how to provide them with the support they need to keep their business growing steadily.

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If you are looking for link building services, then our experts are able to provide them. Whether you are refining your own website or just looking to take stock of your current inbound links, we aim to provide the exact results that you need as easily, quickly, and reliably as possible.

While links might sound simple in theory, they can actually be incredibly complex and hard to manage. Without the right expertise and experience, it is easy to overlook some important details that might get in the way of your expected results.

If you want to know more about our services and what we can offer a new client, then feel free to contact us yourself to chat with our specialists. Otherwise, keep reading – below is a breakdown of link building and what it can mean for your business as a whole.


Specialists in Link Building for Mortgage Brokers

We are one of the UK’s top web marketing and design companies, offering dozens of larger-scale services and hundreds of individual ways of tackling your business’ current problems. Link building – part of our overall SEO process – is just one of many services we can offer.

What is Link Building for Mortgage Brokers?

Link building is one of the most important parts of a successful mortgage broker SEO campaign, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood. So what exactly is link building for mortgage brokers?

Link building is a search engine optimisation strategy that aims to increase your rankings in search engines. Most search engines rely on a quality score for each website, which dictates how high they will appear in search results for relevant terms or phrases.

How does link-building Work?

Good-quality links (links from popular or high-quality sites that are highly relevant to the page that they are linking to) not only provide a new source of website traffic but improve your search rankings.

Having more links is not always necessarily better – only high-quality links will actually result in major changes, whereas poor-quality links can have a negative impact on your own website. Building links takes skill and a solid strategy, as well as multiple different methods of finding worthwhile links to capitalise on.

In a nutshell, more good links mean that your website has a higher search ranking. This allows it to appear higher in search engine results, letting you overtake competitors and receive more natural search traffic to your website.

How does link building help mortgage brokers?

Mortgage brokers rely heavily on a constant flow of business coming in – a lot of their work will be one-on-one projects. Every new potential customer is a new source of revenue, and some of them will have a chance of becoming long-time customers that can really help keep the company’s growth steady.

Like any other industry, building links ensures that a mortgage broker company has a higher presence on Google and other search engines. Even if you do not focus on search engine optimization (SEO), link building is highly effective at getting you more website visitors and a greater variety of potential customers.

Unlike advertising, links are entirely natural. Refining your website, building a deep link profile and improving your site’s overall domain authority can all lead to more customers stumbling across your business – most of which will be from relevant target audiences.

As an added benefit, link building is a partially free process. While you can pay third parties for links on other high-traffic websites or negotiate for existing links to be altered, links practically run themselves once they are established.

The Benefits of Mortgage Broker Link Building

Good link building can provide a mortgage broker website – or any other financial services website – with a range of useful benefits. Some of these are fairly obvious, while others are more obscure and might slip over your head at first glance.

Gathering great links – and trying to actively build new links – can provide your business with multiple company-wide benefits:

  • Higher rankings in search engines.
  • More natural website traffic, including more potential customers.
  • More consistent ways for constant traffic, rather than traffic gained through ads (which will dry up if the ads stop running).
  • Reduced bounce rates due to more traffic coming from relevant content and sources instead of random searches.
  • More traffic arriving to view your site’s content means that you have more chances to get them invested and turn them into paying customers.
  • Increased sales opportunities, as well as other revenue generation options.
  • More options for improving search engine optimization.
  • Stronger relationships and connections with other sites in your niche.
  • More options for networking with blogs and similar platforms that are linking to your business.
  • More varied site metrics, making it easier to tell how your own websites are performing.
  • Improved website credibility.
  • Additional traffic that you can potentially turn into social media followers, email subscribers, or other converting visitors. 
  • A way to legitimise a new mortgage broker website that may not have fully established itself yet.

Of course, link building is different for every company, and no two businesses use it in the same way. One may prioritise website traffic, while another may treat it as a way to pad out their backlink profile for SEO reasons. This also heavily depends on the kind of links that you build and which sites they are coming from.

Why Choose Us?

We are a professional, reputable, and long-standing business growth and marketing company with countless clients spread all across the UK. We have been able to provide a huge range of different services to our clients, including in-depth link-building services and strategies.

Over the years we have been operating, we have been able to gather up a large pool of experience in the link-building niche. This has allowed us to turn our link expertise into a valuable service, one that can help boost the traffic and standing of any company online.

Our specialists and experts are fully trained and equipped to deal with a range of link-building strategies, meaning that we can provide the specific results each mortgage business needs. Alongside this, we are able to produce a wide range of digital marketing material, online listings, web design tweaks, and other great service options.

No matter what your company needs, we can try to provide the best quality services, even if that means looking deeper into the SEO world or reworking your existing digital marketing efforts. Link building is only one of our many services, but it is one that we can use to a high degree of success every time.

Growth Giants can help you generate more mortgage broker leads, through our link building services.

What Makes Good Link Building Strategies For Mortgage Broker Firms?

Link building can be a tough service to approach on your own since financial services websites may not know how to even start looking for new links. The hardest parts of link building and technical SEO are finding a solid starting point and then planning out the expected end result.

Do you want to target local customers through local SEO, including local listings and local search results? Are you aiming for more widespread industry blogs through guest blogging? What kind of valuable information or traffic are you trying to gather?

There are hundreds of ways to approach link building, and this can make it overwhelming at first. However, we are able to help you build links based on whatever suits your brand, personality and services best.

Beyond that, we have our own expectations of quality that we try to match during all of our projects. We will not just flood your link profile with thousands of cheap, unhelpful links: when we build links, we always aim for some core goals alongside your own personal needs.

Building a Strategy

Building links requires a good knowledge of what will stand out and work best. Unlike advertising, where there are certain strategies that almost always work, link building for mortgage brokers is a much more personal and guided service.

Appearing high in organic search results is important, and this means that you need to figure out a winning combination that can push your business higher. Our SEO experts, like those from most SEO companies, fully understand that links are a valuable tool for staying competitive.

For example, you want your links to match your business’ goals, image, and services. These links serve a dual purpose of SEO benefits and drawing in real traffic, which means that they should ideally manage both as well as possible.

Building up a backlink profile can mean taking many steps towards different tricks and tactics and figuring out what works best. Slipping by competitors to seal link opportunities before they can, using Google search results to find common search terms, or even contacting blogs to get them to redirect their link to another one of your pages – all of these can work.

Understanding Relevancy

While there are going to be some links that are always worth having – like links from major financial advisors or a blog post praising your business specifically – others are more situation-specific. You want each link to come from relevant content whenever possible.

Relevancy and quality content are extremely important. You want to appeal to your target audience, and that means that your SEO needs often revolve around the market and niche that your business is part of. This means spending a lot of time and effort to pick out links that fit your company rather than using whatever is available.

This does not necessarily mean that a site has to align with your brand’s core values – a link just holds more value and sway when it matches up with your niche and services. For example, mortgage broker services will want links from the blogs of financial advisors and other websites under that general umbrella.

Without a good grip on relevancy, it can be incredibly hard to figure out what will work best for your business. Just like digital marketing, creating quality content is not enough: the content has to be relevant, appropriate, and hold some kind of obvious link to nudge potential clients in your direction.


Passive link-building is possible but far less effective than taking an active role in making it happen. As mentioned earlier, you can often contact blogs and other websites that are already hosting links to your site, asking them to change details like the anchor text or link destination.

Taking direct control of a link allows you to make changes that can really benefit your business. For example, a link with sub-par anchor text is not going to be as effective as one with entirely relevant anchor text, but you can contact the blog and try convincing them to change it.

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If convincing them is not an option, then money can do the work for you. A common link building strategy is to pay for guest posts or custom content, approaching a blog and giving them some money in return for a piece that contains a link to your site -with your chosen anchor text.

Our marketing services include an entire range of ways to get hold of more links, and we can easily approach a site to see if they will install a new link or create some guest content that benefits your business. Even something as simple as changing the anchor text can make a link gather twice the target audience.


Before we do any work, we make sure to perform a full link audit on your current situation. This includes your existing links, sites that are connected to you but do not have ideal links, and any sites that might be worth pursuing paid links on. Technical SEO requires a strong understanding of a business’s current status.

For example, we can take stock of the links currently providing the most notable boosts to your rankings in search engines, then prioritise aiming for similar links. This avoids the problem of us targeting new links that will not provide much of a boost to your actual website performance and traffic.

Bing, Google and other search engines all tend to work under a similar structure when it comes to links. Each one handles website rankings slightly differently, but they are close enough to make most linking strategies work across all of them. Even so, an audit specific to each search engine platform can be a good idea for struggling businesses.

We will want to get a good overview of how your company is currently performing and what kind of specific needs or requirements you are currently struggling with. The more we know about your website and link performance, the easier it becomes to target options that will help your website grow and gain even more visitors.

Types of Link Building We Offer for Mortgage Brokers

There are multiple different kinds of links to approach during a link building project, and not all of them are identical in how they function. Even the most basic strategies can involve a combination of two or three types, with some going even further and requiring more than six types of individual link.

Each link type is gained in a different way, and that requires using specific strategies to target the link types you need most. Like all SEO work, there is not a sure-fire strategy that will fit perfectly with every business, so we try to carefully analyse each company and strategy rather than rushing into creating links without a plan.

We can also offer social media marketing services for mortgage broker companies as well, so be sure to look through that should you be interested.

The most common kinds of link building strategies that we focus on include:

Inbound Links

A straightforward inbound link is a simple link that is coming into your site from another website. This could be from a new website, a long-standing company site, social media profiles, YouTube video descriptions, forum posts, and countless other sources.

There is not a specific way to tackle your standard inbound links since they are just links gained through every kind of strategy. General link building can be effective for companies that have not established themselves properly yet, such as a brand new mortgage broker website that have not existed for very long.

While your typical link might not be particularly powerful or special in any way, they still contribute to your site’s rankings, meaning that it can be a good idea to target them anyway if no other options are available.

Even the most basic links still need to be checked for relevancy and consistency. A simple link from a generic blog site might not have much sway behind it, but you still do not want to have spam sites being used as inbound sources of links.

We can provide a wide range of ways to gather up simple inbound link options, padding out your link profile with low-authority links that can give you a slight push ahead of the competition. Extra links are always a good thing, as long as none of them are harming your own marketing efforts.

Editorial Links

Editorial links come from pages that are linking to your site as a source of information or resources. They are not earned directly from trading, buying, or requesting them – instead, they usually come from larger publications that are using your site as an editorial reference or additional source of factual information.

While we can’t directly target these through the usual digital marketing methods, we can add more content to your website that might make them more common. If your website hosts pages full of important information, then that website page might receive some editorial links.

This can be an effective strategy if done right, but the links you get can be entirely random. However, it never hurts to create a new website page that goes into detail about something your target audience will want to read about, like important financial information or mortgage advice.

These website pages can often be a win-win scenario. You get more content for your site that might attract new customers, but you also have a chance of earning editorial links – boosting your traffic even further and improving your SEO.

As a side note, these pages can become a great starting point for your own SEO work. We can help create a new website page that fits with your existing SEO strategy, gains you additional links, and brings in a large amount of natural traffic that might end up as paying customers.

Guest Blog Links

Approaching guest blogs for backlinks is a major part of link building, and our experts know exactly how to aim for the right blogs for your business. If we are building you a set of new links, then we will often approach a blog or similar website that deals with content relevant to your business.

For example, we might approach a financial blog website, paying them to create some guest content that includes a link directly to your business’ website. This also gives us control over the anchor text, as well as the destination of the link itself.

This might be one of the more common ways of handling backlinks, but it also requires some expertise to get right. The website that we choose is not random – we always aim for a website that can actually offer something to your business. For example, we would not choose a web design blog if your company has no web design services.

It is important to note that not all search engines like obvious guest blog links that much. They need to be natural and feel like regular links, which can take some very careful planning to achieve. If the link is totally irrelevant to the content in question, Google might decide to penalise it to prevent spam.

Our staff are able to work with blogs to develop website links and anchor text that fit perfectly with your needs but also do not stick out like a sore thumb. This is one of the many reasons why using a professional marketing company is better than attempting to build links all by yourself.

Directory Links

Similar to an editorial link, directory links are a more formal use of a link. However, they are also much more calculated and are often possible to buy your way into.

Directories will contain lists of hundreds of sites organised into different categories and are usually the recipients of thousands of links themselves. This makes their overall domain authority extremely high – boosting any inbound backlinks coming from them.

Getting onto a directory like this can sometimes involve a fee, but a lot of them will provide a big boost in traffic and authority if chosen correctly. We spend a lot of time looking over directories before choosing to use them, making sure that they would actually be worth the effort.

It is best to note that website directories are usually just big lists, meaning that your own website will not necessarily stand out from any others on the website directory. Directories are a great source of links but might not offer as much traffic as expected unless your business stands out somehow.

Some directories are more than simple lists, offering distinct pages for each company – like social media profiles, only geared towards company details and nothing more. These can be more effective than just having a company link in a long list, so targeting these is often our first choice if you decide that directory links fit with your company’s requirements.

Outbound Links

There are situations where an outbound link – backlinks coming from your site and going to other sites – can actually provide benefits as well. Outbound links improve your website SEO slightly and can offer some more functionality, something that might have a slight benefit in terms of search ranking.

The social and resource-related elements of outbound links are much more important, though. If your website can link to outside information that you can’t host yourself, then you might actually be able to gather backlinks from people using your website as a “stepping stone” to the content that you are referencing.

We can set up systems that use outbound backlinks to help support your site’s own quality scores and domain authority, all while making sure that we do not take people away from your own website. This often means making the linked pages open in a new tab, keeping your website open for them to revisit later.

Outbound backlinks are a very niche option that does not always work, depending on your web design and which resources you can link to. Like all strategies and techniques, we will discuss them with you before trying anything.

Nofollow Links

Nofollow tags are the bane of any good company – they mean that the link does not provide any actual authority. This is most common on any website that does not want another website exploiting it for their own benefit, and looking into the site code (or your own backlink checking tools) can identify each nofollow link.

For example, YouTube comments are nofollow, so there is no point in targeting them. However, a social media profile might have an account link that does lack a nofollow tag, making it one of the few ways to get any authority from the social website.

Understanding which backlinks are nofollow ones can be important since it changes the link options you can actually pursue. Since nofollow backlinks offer nothing in terms of Google ranking, it is often best to avoid spending money on them unless they are guaranteed to offer a high amount of traffic.

We can help deal with situations where you have paid for a link that has been set to nofollow without your knowledge, something that certain site owners may do at random. Even if there is no way to resolve the issue, we can always find an equivalent link that makes up for the lost Google search rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation

Full SEO is not just about backlinks but about making your site better as a whole. This can mean changing keywords in the site content, optimising the site’s loading times and web design, or even just making it a more comfortable space to use.

SEO is a very customer-driven field. If something makes a site better for customers, then it often boosts your SEO score, which can improve your rankings directly. Relevant keywords, fast loading times, useful internal links and easy navigation all tend to boost your overall site authority.

We can tackle your SEO, from the overall planning stage to the implementation of different changes and tweaks. While it might be too complex to handle yourself, our experts can make the process a lot simpler and easier for everybody involved.

SEO is a very effective strategy: it just needs to be approached correctly to have the impact that you want.

How Much Does Link Building Cost for Mortgage Broker Companies?

Link building price estimates can be very hard to figure out since the price often varies between different strategies, industries, and even individual backlinks. Just like web design, there is no exact average price that you can use as a guideline.

A single link could be worth anything from £1 to well over £200, depending on how valuable they are and what kind of value they could supply to your business. Just like leads or customers, the more valuable backlinks are going to lead to more revenue and customers.

All of our link-related services are meant to be highly flexible and versatile, and we aim to keep everything within our client’s budget. If your website needs improvements to its backlink profile, then we can aim to provide them without going over budget or forcing you to spend more than you are comfortable spending.

If you want to discuss the costs and budgets involved, or just want to make sure that you understand what kind of costs you should be expecting, then you can always talk with us directly. We are happy to break down all of the average costs and find ways to reduce them wherever possible.

Client Testimonials

“We’re incredibly pleased with the amount of traffic we’re seeing now. The new backlinks have already paid for themselves and we barely used up our digital marketing budget.”

“Using a new link strategy gave us a way to find in-house celebrities and experts, then get their content on other sites to link back to us. The results have been well worth the effort.”

“We expected linking to be like email marketing: easy to spread but not very good at bringing in traffic. I’m very satisfied to have been proven wrong, and our website has pushed up the rankings on Google very quickly.”


Are social media links worth it?

Social media platforms might not have the greatest sway on sites like Google, but they are still worth using. Backlinks on social media can improve your Google score, as long as they are not nofollow backlinks, and having a social profile allows that to appear on Google as well.

Should I only focus on Google?

Google is the main search option used in most parts of the world, but it definitely is not the only one. Google should be a primary concern, but it is still important to consider other search engines, especially if you are struggling to find new audiences.

How else can I rank higher in search engines?

Backlinks are a core part of how you rank higher, but not the only way. Full SEO work means overhauls of certain parts of your website and changes to your content – but it can lead to much higher search rankings if done correctly.

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There are countless different ways to approach linking, SEO, and site quality as a whole. Not all methods work best for everybody, but it is a good idea to figure out what you want with the help of an expert company like us, rather than rushing ahead with no plan and wasting your money.

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Do not hesitate to start small and ramp up your options as needed. We can give you flexible support and services that can easily be tailored around your business needs and budgetary limits.

If you want to know more about what we can offer or even discuss your needs with one of our specialists, then feel free to get in touch. The more you know about what we can provide, the easier it becomes to understand what your business might need most.

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