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SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most effective tools you can use for boosting your site’s own website traffic and presence in search results. However, this does not make it easy – understanding SEO takes a lot of experience and a deep understanding of how search engines function.

Almost every company needs an online presence, with ever more mortgage brokers relying on online customers and advertising for a large percentage of their clients. Making improvements to that online presence is the heart of any SEO strategy – but that is not always that simple.

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We at Growth Giants can offer you a wide range of different SEO services, from basic site SEO improvements to complete overhauls of the experience that new website visitors will see. Our expertise allows us to help push your company to new heights, improving your online presence and spreading awareness of your brand.

Below, we are going to go over everything we can offer and all of the different benefits that our work can provide, as well as breakdowns of the strategies that we can employ. The more you know about our SEO work, the easier it becomes to approach us with a well-laid plan of what you are looking for.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, get in touch today and talk with our experts. Otherwise, keep reading for an in-depth look at SEO for mortgage brokers.


What is SEO for Mortgage Brokers?

Search engine optimisation, at its core, is exactly what the name implies: optimising your website to make it more appealing to search engines. People who are unfamiliar with SEO may not understand why this matters, but it all comes down to how your website appears in searches.

Search results are dictated based on a site’s overall quality score, with higher-quality sites appearing higher in search results overall. If somebody looks up “mortgage brokers” then search engines will return the highest-quality site that mentions mortgage broker services.

However, it also has to be relevant to their search. Somebody in Germany will not seek a UK-based mortgage broker, and something like “budget mortgage broker” will bring up very different results than simply searching “mortgage broker” since the two are aimed at different target audiences.

There are two different elements to SEO: usability, traffic and relevancy.


A large part of any SEO strategy revolves around making a website better. This could be something like reducing loading times, improving the functionality of the site’s navigation bar, or even just overhauling page layouts to make content more accessible.

This serves two different purposes: it makes potential customers more likely to use the site and eventually convert, and it also makes your site higher quality in the eyes of search engines.


The most important part of search engine optimization is relevancy. Using relevant keywords in the content on your mortgage website will make those pages more likely to appear in search results for those words, meaning that your website is naturally spread around more.

Not only does this mean that more potential customers find your website, but it allows you to appear in more organic search results in general. Every organic search that brings up your business is another search that might spread awareness of your company, putting knowledge of your company’s existence out to a wider audience.

Why is Search Engine Optimisation Important?

Search engine optimisation is a core part of any large-scale business marketing plan, and for a good reason. Being able to appear in more organic search results is one of the most effective marketing benefits that you can get, and it has become a standard marketing technique in all industries.

Not only can SEO effectively be free in the long term (since you do not have to pay any adverting upkeep), but it is also entirely based around organic traffic. This means that the customers you are getting through SEO were not directly paid for and instead arrived through entirely organic search means.

While this might not seem all that important at first, it can actually mean a lot for a mortgage business. Organic traffic is always targeted since they arrive through doing a search related to terms that your website contains and represents – meaning more qualified traffic overall.

Mortgage companies exist in a very competitive industry, and a brand new mortgage business can struggle to find new customers at first. Having potential clients who arrive through natural searches means that your brand is starting to define itself and gaining more of a presence than just appearing in paid ads. It also means that the new visitors have an intent to buy from you.

In short, mortgage SEO allows your business to grow on its own terms and can open up even more avenues of growth. This could be more business opportunities, a new target audience, or just a way to spread the name of your business through Google search results.

The Benefits of Mortgage Broker SEO

A good mortgage SEO strategy can provide many different benefits to mortgage brokers who are struggling with getting their business page or website out there. Even a simple, template-based mortgage broker website can be enhanced through a reliable SEO campaign.

Some of these benefits are more obvious than others, but the end results are always the same, no matter the exact SEO strategy being used: higher rankings in organic search result pages, more qualified traffic, and a wider pool of customers to market towards.

Using search engine optimisation for your mortgage broker company can lead to:

  • More website traffic.
  • More potential clients coming from the increased traffic.
  • An easier way to spread awareness of your mortgage broker business.
  • Multiple ways to adopt a local SEO campaign that focuses on local search results.
  • An improved user experience.
  • Easier to track your analytics and traffic details.
  • A chance to get ahead of other local businesses in the mortgage industry.
  • Improved website credibility.
  • More sources of quantifiable data.
  • Higher overall user engagement.
  • More options for free marketing.

Of course, the exact benefits of a good SEO strategy can vary from company to company. Depending on how you decide to approach SEO, we can give your mortgage business the results you want within the limitations and target audiences that you need us to follow.

Why Choose Us?

We’re a local, full service marketing agency, offering everything from SEO services to lead generation for mortgage broker businesses and more. Our goal is to help clients achieve their business goals through digital marketing.

We are one of the most notable and reputable business growth companies in the UK and have worked with countless companies across the country to provide a huge selection of marketing services and options. This includes some in-depth SEO services that have helped push many mortgage brokers and other financial businesses to new heights.

Over the many years we have operated, we have been able to build up a wide pool of experience through our past clients. Every one of our SEO experts is fully trained and equipped to handle your mortgage broker SEO needs, providing the experienced SEO perspective that you might need to overhaul your site content and rocket up the search rankings.

The SEO process is a complex one with a lot of specific things to consider, and SEO companies or teams like ours can spend hours figuring out the best SEO strategy for each client.

All of our experience means that we can provide services that smaller companies would struggle to offer and we know how to complement your business’s strengths while fixing your online marketing strategy weaknesses.

If you want to know more about our digital marketing offerings or just want to get a free consultation regarding your mortgage broker SEO needs, then get in touch. Our staff are always standing by ready to help another client with their digital marketing troubles.

What Makes Good SEO Services For Mortgage Brokers?

Technically, anybody can do SEO, but good SEO is a different subject entirely. It is very easy for inexperienced SEO newbies to optimise their site in the wrong way or even cut off their own avenues of success by accident. Focusing too much on the end goal can also make it hard to notice the obvious solutions or creative ways of advancing your digital marketing.

We tailor our SEO and digital marketing options to match each client’s needs, but we never lose sight of the fact that we want to deliver quality with every project we take on. That means understanding what would help us offer excellent-quality SEO for mortgage brokers and other financial companies.

An Understanding of Customer Needs

There is not a single “best” SEO strategy, and different companies will choose to target different things. For example, if you prefer to aim for customers in your local area, then your SEO work should be related to local search results rather than an international market.

We have worked with a wide range of mortgage companies in the past and are able to assist them with every part of their chosen strategy. We allow our clients to specify their needs and discuss their overall goals with us on a regular basis, rather than forcing a pre-prepared plan on them.

Realistic Goals

SEO always has positive benefits when done correctly, but an SEO company can’t usually predict exactly where each project is going to go. This means that reasonable goals are an important thing to have, especially if your company has never gotten involved with SEO before.

It is easy to include “get into local business listings” in your local SEO plan, but that may not be as simple as it sounds when the project is actually being taken care of. Most SEO is heavily reliant on hard data and the algorithms of search results, which are not always easy to predict. We can provide multi-stage plans that keep goals reasonable and within easy reach.

Planning an SEO Strategy

Planning is everything when it comes to digital marketing, including SEO. A lot of technical SEO success relies on understanding how marketing efforts interact with search engines and how each professional service can be leveraged to draw in new customers or improve the site rank.

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Our SEO expertise comes from multiple different sources and a wide range of projects, ensuring that we can give your mortgage company the balanced support it needs to gain more traffic and new customers. We also make sure that our plans are open-ended, allowing us to remain flexible if a certain part of the plan is not possible or brings back less-than-stellar results.

An Understanding of Search Engines

Search engine optimisation revolves almost entirely around the search results that your business appears in. Without a good understanding of how search results work, it can be easy to misunderstand the purpose of SEO or aim for the wrong goals.

Our staff have gained thousands of hours of collective experience working on companies in the mortgage business alone, giving us plenty of knowledge about the industry. It also means that we understand how mortgage brokers appear in those major search engines and how to push mortgage companies higher in search results.

Types of SEO We Offer for Mortgage Brokers

We can offer a range of SEO types to suit individual projects and situations, all of which are suited for particular niches or roles within your business. The way that we approach your SEO depends on your needs and the kind of business strategy you are trying to pursue.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is dedicated to adjusting and altering your own site, making it more suitable for appearing in search engines. This usually relates to optimising your own website, from page loading times and layouts to the keywords used in your own content.

This kind of SEO is built on the back of high-quality content, meaning that there is a large focus on writing more content for your own website. This could be informative content meant to gather inbound links for link-building purposes, landing pages to capture more leads, or just better sales pitches being used to replace old content.

This kind of on-page work can include things like replacing the titles of certain pages, reworking text to include new keywords, adding metadata to images, and even cleaning up page code. It might also relate to changing the way that navigation works or adding more pages to hold extra content that does not relate to any existing pages.

Anything that makes the page more useful and functional is a worthwhile option since this can naturally improve your search rankings without requiring any paid advertising. This also improves the overall quality of your site, something that will naturally give you more authority and legitimacy even if it is not done for SEO purposes.

We can offer a range of on-page services to help improve your site’s rankings. If you want to know the specifics of what we can provide, then talk to one of our experts to learn more.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO, also known as building links, is more difficult. This generally focuses on getting good-quality links pointing back to your own website, either by earning them legitimately or paying for them through guest content.

This is often done by approaching blogs or mortgage business listing sites and finding ways to get links to your own content inserted into theirs. If done correctly, your own search rankings will be boosted by the original sites that those links come from.

Higher-quality websites give better boosts, whereas spam sites can get your own website penalised. While the natural traffic of these links is useful, the entire point of off-page SEO is to improve your site quality score through any means possible.

Keywords are extremely important here. A mortgage company can’t just get links from a random Facebook page or unrelated blog: the content needs to be relevant to the company, and the keyword used for the link also needs to be one that is highly relevant to the page receiving the link.

We have a long list of past off-page SEO and link-gathering experience, so feel free to contact us if you want a specific service or have a particular plan in mind.

Additionally, if you don’t have a website built out yet, our team offer bespoke mortgage broker web design too, so feel free to take a look at that service if you are interested.

Link Building

Link building refers to creating links between different websites to increase traffic flow. Links are like online signposts – they tell search engines where they should be directing their results pages (SERPs).

With our mortgage broker SEO services, we’ll build links using white hat techniques only so that you don’t get penalised by Google or other search engines for trying to cheat the system, plus perform a technical SEO audit to ensure your site is search engine friendly.

We also offer exclusive mortgage brokers link building services, which is aimed for those happy with their website but just wanting that extra bit of power to help with rankings. We’d recommend checking that out if that is something you’d be interested in.

Technical Site SEO

Technical site SEO is a version of on-page SEO that is focused almost entirely on the technical side of your site. This means speeding up page loading times, offering more responsive designs, and making the site work on all screen types and sizes.

This can be tough to do since it requires a lot of knowledge about how sites appear in different circumstances. Gathering the right tools to do things like compressing images or double-checking screen size compatibility can be hard if you are not an experienced site designer.

We can provide a range of technical improvements and adjustments depending on your needs, right down to the individual pages or page elements that need improvements.

Local SEO

A local SEO strategy is any SEO technique that primarily focuses on your local area and local searches, aiming to grab local customers instead of a more spread-out audience. Local SEO can be the best option for any company with a physical office meant to serve local customers directly.

While you might not think that local SEO is important for a mortgage broker, it can actually be really effective. Many customers tend to do local searches, and getting into their local search results can make your business much more visible to them.

For example, it is quite common for somebody in London to look up terms like “mortgage broker London” or “best mortgage broker London”. This local search is not necessary since mortgage companies do not rely on in-person meetings often, but potential customers are still likely to do this out of habit.

A good local SEO strategy can capture these local SEO opportunities. Even if you do not need a local SEO strategy specifically, it never hurts to capture local SEO audiences through some simple changes. Some companies even treat local SEO as just another part of their main SEO campaign.

Whether local SEO is important to your business or you just want to use local SEO to get quick and easy access to a local market, we can help come up with a strategy that works for you.

How Much Does SEO Work Cost for Mortgage Broker Companies?

SEO costs can vary quite heavily depending on a lot of different factors, meaning that it can be hard to suggest an exact average. 

Cheap SEO in the UK can range from between £50 to £2,000 depending on the scale and scope of the work involved, and that price could be weekly, monthly, or even for a pre-agreed period of time. Prices are nearly impossible to judge on an individual level since all clients need different things.

This means that it is best to just talk to us directly and learn more about what we can offer. This gives us a chance to ask about your budget, your needs, and the kind of work that you might want to be done to your current SEO profile and website.

Once we know what kind of situation we are working with, we can come up with a suitable price estimate that suits your needs and requirements. All of our projects are flexible, and we can tailor them to the limits and needs of each client individually.

Client Testimonials

“Trying SEO by myself was getting too time-consuming to do it correctly. Ever since we let an outside company take on our SEO responsibilities, we’ve seen an influx of positive reviews and more leads than we can even use.”

“Our loan officers would have periods of high traffic followed by barely any calls. Now, we have enough clients to keep each one of the loan officers working consistently.”

“The service was fantastic, and my mortgage company has started to grow faster than I thought. Our new SEO work is much cheaper than the advertising we used to rely on.”


Does SEO matter for a mortgage company?

SEO is the best way to improve your Google analytics, gain more traffic, make your site more mobile-friendly and keep your loan officers working with a flood of new clients. There are very few cases where SEO is not a good idea, and it can be a deceptively powerful marking tool.

Improving the site rank of your mortgage company can help, even if you only target local markets. More brand awareness and new ways of reaching out to target audiences can be invaluable things to have in such a competitive industry, and our expert help can make it even easier.

How do I get new keywords?

One of our services involves keyword research, the process of finding new keywords that work with your business. For example, terms like “FHA loans” might apply to your business, while “loan officers training” will not – even though both are related to the same general industry.

Keywords are not always as obvious as you might think, and using incorrect keywords can make it harder to narrow down the right target audiences. Keyword research takes a lot of time and effort and often involves gathering data about your site’s performance (as well as the performance of your competitors) to find new keyword opportunities.

Is Google My Business good for SEO?

Google My Business is a platform that displays a business listing of your company, along with online reviews. This makes Google My Business a very effective tool: positive reviews on Google My Business will be shown to anybody looking your company up, along with Google Maps to your office.

Combining Google My Business and Google Maps like this makes your site business listing more mobile-friendly and also gives viewers more details about you. Setting up Google My Business is always a good option, especially if you plan to use the Google Maps element of Google My Business to draw in local mobile device users.

Features like Google Local Pack help a lot – Local Pack displays the location and details of your mortgage company to local searchers, giving them an immediate overview of who you are and what you offer.

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We have a huge range of different digital marketing and SEO service options available for clients, all of which can be adjusted or reworked to match their general needs and requirements. The options that you choose depend on what you are looking for and how you want to approach your marketing efforts from now on.

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Contact us and let us know what you are looking for, especially if you have very niche requirements or particular SEO details that need to be adhered to. Our work is meant to be flexible and customer-focused, meaning that we will gladly change the way we approach the project to match your overall plan.

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