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PPC advertising is one of the most common forms of digital marketing to see online, with PPC campaigns becoming one of the core tools of modern online advertising. Even more niche businesses like mortgage brokers often have to rely on PPC to gather up more customers.

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We can offer a range of different types of PPC for mortgage brokers, as well as the experience needed to build an entire mortgage PPC campaign from scratch. Our digital marketing experts are fully equipped to offer a mortgage company the PPC campaigns they need to get ahead of the competition.


What is PPC for Mortgage Brokers?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a standard method of advertising online. Under PPC, ad groups can be placed on relevant sites with a fixed cost for each time one of the ads is clicked – regardless of whether it makes a sale.

PPC ads have become a popular choice of ad type in every industry, including among mortgage companies. Careful use of these ads can drive traffic to sites, improve conversion rates, and expand the sales funnel of a company to draw in even more customers.

The world of PPC is surprisingly complex and deceptively hard to manage on your own, meaning that most companies turn to third-party marketing companies like us instead. 

We can provide a wide range of online marketing and advertising services, all suitable for mortgage brokers and any other business within the industry.

If you’re interested in other way we generate leads for mortgage broker companies, be sure to have a read of our dedicated mortgage broker lead generation page to find out more.

The Benefits of Mortgage Brokers PPC Advertising

PPC comes with many benefits, even if it takes a while to get established. Mortgage brokers that choose to invest in PPC ads can see benefits like:

  • More mortgage enquiries.
  • Easier ways to capture your target audience.
  • Full control over a range of dynamic search ads.
  • A large pool of useful data from platforms like a Google Ads account.
  • Tools to help discover and reverse-engineer competitors’ ads to understand how they are succeeding.
  • More visits without having to rely on organic listings and search results.
  • A new campaign type to cover the weak points of other marketing techniques.

The other benefits you will see through PPC depend on the kind of PPC campaigns you decide to rely on. PPC itself is an umbrella term, not an exact structure, and different companies will approach their advertising in different ways.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the most reputable and highly regarded business growth companies in the UK and have worked with countless businesses to help them reach their intended marketing goals. 

Whether it is through PPC or some other campaign type, we are able to aid our clients as they slowly grow into larger, more stable companies.

Our expert staff have developed a large pool of experience across all kinds of industries and market sectors, including working with multiple mortgage brokers in the past. 

This enables us to provide ongoing support and guidance for any mortgage broker company looking to expand its marketing reach.

If you want to know more about the services we can offer, then do not hesitate to contact us directly. We have a wide range of different service types and techniques on offer and can build up the perfect marketing campaigns for your needs.

What Makes Good Paid Ads For Mortgage Brokers?

Advertising using PPC means taking on multiple different responsibilities and relies heavily on understanding how ads function on websites. 

The most common platform is through Google AdWords, which serves ads to the entire Google platform and network of sites.

We understand exactly how to build Google Ads campaigns through a Google Ads account, but that is not the only expertise that is needed for PPC. Good advertising can take a lot of individual skills and tools to function.

Our social media marketing for mortgage brokers businesses has helped hundred over the years, so why not chat to us today on how we can help your business get to the next level.

How Does PPC Work?

As mentioned earlier, PPC works on the idea of pay-per-click advertising: your search ads are only paid for each time somebody clicks on them. 

This means that most PPC digital marketing is meant to maximise how many of those clicks are going to become paying customers, which usually leads to relevant content being incredibly important.

If somebody sees a PPC ad through relevant results, then they are in the market for that particular service – or at least close enough for the Google ads system to trigger.

The real problem occurs when people who have no interest in your business or services end up clicking your ad, which costs you money for nothing in return.

Ad Copy

Before an ad can be created through platforms like Google ads, some relevant ad copy is needed. This is the text, images, and other assets that are put together to form a finished ad, which is often specific to each ad group. 

Some platforms, such as Google Ads, can automatically form ads out of the content you provide it – meaning that you do not need to piece them together yourself.

Twitter and Facebook advertising is a bit more open since they allow you to sponsor particular posts or push a certain piece of content into other people’s feeds. These do not use the same system and require you to write the text ads (or create the image ads) yourself.

Like any ad, the ad copy matters a lot. Ads need to contain content that will start driving traffic (ideally relevant traffic with an interest in your services) to your website, and that means understanding your target audience.

Digital Marketing Audiences

A Google Ads ad group can be targeted at a specific audience, meaning that you can have a single Google Ads campaign that covers multiple different goals or kinds of content. Services like Google make it easy to target people within your current niche, at least in theory.

However, pay-per-click is very complex. Each business and website have their own targeted locations and audiences, but you can’t just specify an audience and start paying for ads. 

Instead, you need to know details like keywords, as well as the schedule you would want your ads to follow.

Each ad group and audience might also require a different campaign or service type. This can spread the daily budget thin if you are not careful, meaning that a large part of pay-per-click campaigns involve research into the best markets to target and planning ahead to see which keywords or campaign options are going to be the most profitable.

Keywords are words that you want to trigger your ad. If somebody’s search terms include a keyword that you are bidding on, then your ad might be the one the search network displays.

However, you can’t just start using keywords like “mortgages” and see results instantly. Searches can only display so many ads at once, and services like Google use an ad rank system to decide which ones to show. 

A good advertising campaign does not just recognise this issue but finds ways around it by using specialised keywords.

This ad rank is influenced by quality score, relevancy, and bidding amounts. Bidding on Google ads increases their chances of showing, as does improving their quality score or using more relevant keywords.

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If two ads are evenly matched in quality, then the bidding is all that matters. This means that larger companies often have an edge in stalemates – but smaller companies can still choose less conventional mortgage keywords to bid on, focusing their bidding money on keywords that other companies have not considered or used.

You do not pay anything until your ad is clicked, so bidding on keywords will not take the money away from you immediately. 

However, it is important to understand which keywords you are targeting and to manage the amount that you are bidding on each individual keyword relative to the others.

Keyword Research

Keyword research involves looking into potential new keywords. It is a core part of pay-per-click advertising since competitive markets often have thousands of possible keywords to consider. 

A smaller company may have a campaign that only focuses on two-dozen keywords, but this all depends on how many keywords you are aiming to use.

While some keywords are a strong call, such as the name of your business or website, other keywords might be more obscure. Keywords like “mortgage” or “mortgages” are good but can cost a lot to bid on since they are incredibly competitive.

Good keywords have a high-quality score, are relevant to your business, and are not already outbid by a larger business. While more popular keywords may get more impressions, it is also very expensive to use them since countless other companies will be bidding on them.

Our keyword research work involves looking at potential keyword leads and trying to find keywords that have not already been overused by other companies. We also seek out high-performance keywords that are worth bidding on thanks to the high traffic they could bring, even if their price is higher than other keywords.

Landing Pages

A landing page is any page that a link or ad leads to – which makes your landing page the first thing customers will see after they engage with your ad. Having a good landing page can sometimes be even more important than a good home page since it directly influences how people will react after clicking on your ads.

Pay-per-click advertising is heavily focused on maximising how many customers convert after clicking on your ads. Good landing pages that serve relevant results, information and offers are the best place to start, but it helps to have unique landing pages for each of the campaigns you are setting up.

If somebody visits your website and sees a landing page that clearly is not finished, they will be very unlikely to convert. A solid landing page is the best way to keep conversion rates high, especially in the mortgage industry, where a single website mistake could lose you an entire mortgage inquiry from a new customer.

Google makes it easy to choose which page your ads go to, as do most platforms. We can help set up everything from your landing pages to the ads themselves, matching it all to your chosen search terms and keywords with ease.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Organic SEO provides a natural way of increasing your search engine rankings and website traffic by using relevant keywords and content that is likely to be searched for by users. This type of digital marketing helps build trust with viewers, which can result in higher conversions and more sales.

We can carry out SEO for mortgage broker companies throughout the UK, so please do feel free to get in touch with us if this is something you are interested in.

Types of PPC Advertising We Offer for Mortgage Brokers

Pay-per-click has multiple match types that change how keywords are handled. These are a vital part of the Google Ads system since they allow a mortgage broker company to exclude or refine certain keywords.

Broad Match

Broad match casts a wide net. If somebody searches anything loosely similar to your keyword, then Google Ads will try to show your ad. For example, mortgage ads may appear for searches like How does paying off a house work? And the term mortgage does not even necessarily have to be in the search for the ad to appear.

Modified Broad Match

Modified broad match means that you can specify words that must appear in search terms for your ad to show. Putting a plus symbol before a word means that it becomes a requirement for the ad to be displayed, and you can do this to as many words as you want.

For example, specifying your ad keywords as +mortgage services means that the ad will only show if the word mortgage is used in the search terms.

Phrase Match

Phrase match lets you choose an exact phrase that has to be included. By putting quote marks around a phrase, you can mark it as a requirement – even the words included in the phrase have to be in the same position.

For example, “mortgage brokers” services mean that the ad will only display if the term mortgage brokers is used in the search, regardless of any other circumstances.

Exact Match

Exact match shows ads only when the entire phrase has been included. Square brackets are used for this: for example, [mortgages services] requires that exact phrase to be used – nothing more and nothing less. 

This creates highly targeted Google ads at the expense of impressions and widespread visibility.

Negative Match

Putting a minus sign (AKA, a dash) in front of a keyword excludes it from the list. For example, adding -mortgage leads means that the ad will never show for any search that uses the term mortgage but can still appear in searches using the word leads.

We have had a lot of experience related to creating both image and text ads and then marketing them to the right audiences. Your campaign lives and dies based on the terms you use, so we can help establish a Google Ads campaign that works with your company’s needs and target audiences.

How Much Does PCC Advertising Cost for Mortgage Broker Companies?

UK pay-per-click advertising can have a very variable price, making it almost impossible to judge an average. Like lead generation, where more leads increase the cost of lead generation as a whole, pay-per-click gets more expensive as you begin to involve more ads and keywords.

This goes for all sites, from Google and Facebook campaigns to YouTube advertising. If you do not know how much the advertising would cost, you can talk with our experts to get a breakdown of what you should expect to budget for.

Client Testimonials

“Our new marketing strategy has let us double our clients in only a few months, and more keep coming each week.”

“It was hard to run ads with a value proposition on our budget. Ever since we switched to using these new strategies, we’ve been able to stay on budget and sell more services than in the entire last year.”

“We’re incredibly happy with the results of our new Google and Facebook marketing campaigns.”


Is Google a good advertising platform?

Google is the main advertising platform for almost any website on the internet, including the mortgage industry. Focusing on Google first is always a great way to start your new marketing campaigns.

Is Facebook a good advertising platform?

Facebook can be used to capture a very specific kind of audience and offers more of a personal connection than Google searches. A lot of the Facebook marketing tools are also very similar to Google Ads and other popular platforms.

Can I reuse ads?

If an ad is successful, you do not need to stop using it. Reusing old ads can be a good way to judge how your markets are changing, and you can adapt them to sell new services or target a new audience as needed.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about what we can offer and the services we are able to provide, then get in touch and talk with our expert staff. It does not get much to build a basic plan and get started with your new marketing methods, especially as a smaller business.

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