Lead Generation for Mortgage Brokers

Lead generation is a vital part of any online business, providing a new way to get more potential customers and build up a larger target audience. Mortgage leads can be an incredibly useful tool to have available, but building them from scratch can be extremely difficult without help.

Mortgage brokers need a steady flow of new clients coming in to stay afloat, and that means using every option available to get more leads. We can provide a huge amount of lead generation options and strategies, all tailored to what your business needs.

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The mortgage industry is very competitive, and each mortgage lead you gather can be precious. A lead generation service like ours can help you get ahead and find new audiences in places that your competitors have overlooked, whether you own a small mortgage business or are part of a larger mortgage broker company.


What is Lead Generation for the Mortgage Broker Industry?

Proper lead generation is all about capturing interest and getting prospective customers to approach your sales pipeline, making it easier to gain more paying customers. While it can sometimes sound very technical, the main goal of lead generation companies is to help you get more clients.

A “lead” is any person with an interest in a product or service that you sell. Leads are very likely to convert or make a purchase, which means that you can use normal marketing and sales tactics to nudge them into fully purchasing something or taking on one of your services.

A lead generation company can help you find new customers by providing you with high-quality leads that are ready to buy. They also provide other services such as email marketing and mortgage broker social media marketing. If your business is not getting enough sales leads, you need to hire a lead generation company.

Gathering Leads

However, you can’t just make somebody a lead. Finding more leads means targeting audiences or groups that are likely to need your services: for example, a mortgage broker will look for people who are in need of mortgage services.

Generating leads is not always easy, but our professional help can make it much easier and simpler. Our experts and specialists know how to tackle each lead problem, targeting only the customers who are likely prospects for becoming a paying lead.

Our Experts

We have a wide pool of well-trained staff that can help with your mortgage lead generation work, providing the skills and expertise needed to handle full-scale leads generation. 

All of our online marketing expertise is relevant here, along with unique lead generation skills that are specific to the lead gathering process.

Our Work

The work that we do is tailored towards each of our clients, handled as bespoke work. This means that we can tailor our lead generation work to each client’s specific needs. We can base our lead generation efforts on your target audiences, your former clients, or whatever other groups you are trying to target.

Our Services

Our services are also very versatile and flexible. Keeping a consistent flow of clients coming in requires constant, careful changes to get the most leads generated per month, as well as to maintain the overall lead quality instead of relying on the cheapest, weakest options.

Our Experience

We have worked with a range of mortgage brokers in the past and understand the mortgage broker industry well. We have also had experience with real estate agents and multiple other related industries, giving us an advantage over newer lead generation companies that do not understand your business’ niche.

The Benefits of Mortgage Broker Lead Generation

Lead generation is a very useful process that provides some great results, but many mortgage brokers do not understand why having their own leads is so useful. 

Good mortgage lead generation can provide a range of benefits and upsides, some of which are much more effective or obvious than others.

  • A much easier set of tools to increase awareness of your brand, giving you more of a presence in the industry and increasing overall traffic.
  • An increased market presence.
  • New ways to expand your market into additional target audiences.
  • More methods for growing your online following.
  • Increased sales and revenue.
  • More visits from relevant traffic who may become paying customers.
  • New business opportunities, including partnerships with other brands.
  • Less of a need to rely on cold calling and emailing, which can be time-consuming and risky.
  • Extra sources of important data about the performance of your mortgage broker company.

Why Outsource It?

While all of these are technically possible if you do your mortgage lead generation yourself, it is often far better to rely on outside mortgage lead generation companies like us instead. 

We have all of the skills and tools needed to tackle lead generation properly, whereas doing it from scratch can be very tough and expensive.

Lead generation can have all kinds of benefits, but it depends on how you use the leads that you are given. Some companies may choose to sell leads that they do not need to other companies, whereas others will immediately try to integrate them into their existing clients.

There is no wrong way to use leads, so the benefits are all based on how you choose to use them. 

The value of an individual mortgage lead can also matter since some are much more valuable and important than others – usually ones that could be used to gain more valuable mortgage enquiries.

Why Choose Us?

Growth Giants is a long-standing marketing company with a wide range of experience under its belt, and we have spent a long time trying to improve our services as much as we can. 

Over the years, we have been able to work with businesses from all kinds of industries, getting a great understanding of what most clients want and need.

Our past experience with mortgage lead generation has allowed us to serve as a dedicated mortgage lead generation company, helping to generate leads for our clients based on their business requirements. 

Thanks to our past experience in the financial services sector, we understand how mortgage brokers operate and what kind of leads they would need.

We have managed to develop an excellent reputation in our industry, using years of past experience to become a reliable and reputable source of generating mortgage leads. 

We try to make sure that each client gets exactly what they need, working under their limitations or requirements while still trying to generate leads as often as we can.

We also put a lot of focus on the quality of each mortgage lead we generate. We are a high-quality lead generator business that aims to provide clients with exactly what they need, using lesser-quality leads only when there are absolutely no other alternatives.

Whatever you need, our experts can help provide it. Do not hesitate to contact us directly and let us know what you are looking for, especially if you have very specific requirements and would like to talk to our specialist staff directly.

What Makes Good Lead Generation For Mortgage Brokers Firms?

Good lead generation can take multiple forms since different mortgage brokers will want different types of mortgage leads. 

Lead generation can also sometimes seem very hard to quantify if you are not the one doing it, meaning that some people find it hard to know how well the process is going.

Lead generation as a whole focuses on two related details – the number of potential leads you can acquire and the quality of those leads. 

Keeping both of these factors in mind makes it much easier to generate mortgage leads that work for a client business, so we always keep them at the forefront of our work.

Lead Quantity

The more leads a lead generation company like us can provide, the more online leads you have to play with. 

This gives you a wider base of possible customers and more chances to acquire at least one new customer if you make a few mistakes, which is always a helpful backup option.

Mortgage lead generation often needs to focus on quantity to get a company started since mortgage brokers rely on a steady flow of customers. 

It is not hard to nudge people into becoming leads by offering them mortgage advice, but these lower-quality leads may not all be potential clients.

Even so, volume is important. Having ten leads is usually better than one since that is ten different people who could become a paying customer compared to one – and the right marketing techniques can dramatically increase the chances of that happening.

As professional lead generators, we can use your company’s niche and guidelines to help build up an idea of which audiences you want to target. 

If you want us to start gathering up leads regardless of quality, then we are capable of doing that, even if it is just so that you can get an idea of what leads are available.

Remember that you never need to pursue a lead if it seems like it would be more trouble (and money) than it is worth. Throwing out a wider ‘net’ can be important for first-time lead generation work since it gives you an understanding of what good and bad leads look like.

Lead Quality

Lead quality is primarily based on the overall chance of it creating a customer, as well as the amount of value behind the lead. 

A single independent person without much chance of converting is a very low-quality lead because they are barely in your sales funnel and do not offer you much.

By contrast, a high-quality lead has a lot of value behind it. It is a lead that will most likely lead to a converting client and might also come with a high chance of extra business in the future.

Most of the time, you want to target good-quality leads, such as people already showing an interest in your business. 

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Ideally, you want high-quality leads from sources that could throw a lot of money at your company, such as business owners with large properties that want to bring up a mortgage enquiry.

There is not a single way to judge lead quality since it depends on what your company needs most at that exact moment. 

In some cases, a high-quality lead will be somebody showing interest in your service. In others, it will be customers showing interest in your brand itself or a particular result of the work that you can do.

If you want to know more about lead quality vs quantity, then you can always contact our experts directly. They are always happy to break down the technical side of lead generation, especially if you are looking to take us on as your own lead generator team.

Types of Lead Generation We Offer for Mortgage Brokers

There are multiple forms and methods of lead generation. While they might not all be distinct – a single lead generation project can involve whichever methods work best – they are still important to understand as a business owner.

There are a lot of smaller specific types of lead generation, but the three main options are outbound, inbound, and exclusive generation.

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation involves “capturing” customers that might have an interest in your services, using tools like a lead magnet (free giveaway to gather interest) or social media marketing to help your sales team get a larger amount of possible customers.

Outbound lead generation companies usually focus on gaining information about visitors and then reaching out using that information. 

For example, a consumer-facing website might have an email newsletter, and visitors who enter their email address can be targeted with lead magnets such as a free consultation.

This might also mean creating a special landing page, using SEO to get into local search results, or resorting to paid digital marketing strategies to build interest.

Google Ads campaigns belong under this header, as do other digital marketing efforts and landing page work. This also includes creating a landing page specific to certain ads, as well as things like trying to run Facebook ads aimed at remortgage leads.

Mortgage lead generators like us know how to use outbound leads as a way of capturing contact details, even using the customer’s own buying habits to help you drive traffic to the right places. 

For example, somebody who entered their email address on a page about mortgage protection might be looking for a specific loan program or help from mortgage advisers.

Inbound Lead Generation

With inbound generation, companies aim to attract visitors to their site and services directly. Instead of chasing users with offers of exclusive leads, you use your own site, search engines and services to generate more leads.

Inbound lead generation is meant to be almost completely organic and helps to build up more trust and credibility than other options. This can mean resorting to SEO much more heavily and using new landing pages to make your site more appealing to visitors.

A mortgage lead generation company will not always recommend inbound lead generation options, but it can be a much cheaper and more passive way of gathering new clients. 

Even something as simple as posting on social media platforms can help draw in new visitors, all without costing anything extra.

This makes inbound generation harder to pull off but also makes it cheaper and much more useful from a public relations standpoint. 

We can provide multiple methods of setting up inbound generation, so do not hesitate to contact our specialists if you want to use it alongside your other marketing options.

If you need help advertising your mortgage broker company, be sure to have a read of our advertising for mortgage broker page for more info on what we can do to help.

Buying Leads and Exclusive Leads

Finally, there is always the option of buying mortgage leads directly. Buying leads can be important, even to mortgage lead generation companies like us, since it provides a direct way to exchange mortgage leads for money.

Mortgage lead generation companies will often buy and sell mortgage leads that they no longer need, allowing mortgage brokers to buy the mortgage leads for themselves. 

Some companies are even dedicated mortgage lead generators, getting mortgage leads only to sell them on for a profit.

These can be a great source of specific mortgage leads, such as leads for commercial mortgages, equity release or self-employed mortgage seekers. 

However, depending on the type that you try to buy, you may be competing with several other mortgage brokers for the same leads.

An exclusive lead is different. These are sent to a single buyer – or a small selection of buyers – for a much higher price. This reduces the competition (or removes it completely, for one-buyer leads) but increases the cost dramatically.


There can also be non-exclusive lead options, which are different from standard leads with no exclusivity. 

A non-exclusive lead will only sell when there are multiple buyers, usually to drive competition. This often happens in fields where competition is expected, such as contractor work.


We use SEO to ensure that your website ranks highly on search engines for keywords related to mortgage brokers, such as “mortgage broker company”. This allows us to reach potential clients actively seeking help with their computer sysems.

If you are interested solely in SEO for your mortgage broker, be sure to visit the link and take a look at the services we have in more detail.

How Much Does Lead Generation Cost for Mortgage Broker Companies?

Leads can be a tough thing to gather, and the costs can vary wildly depending on the exact lead. This makes it very tough to know what kind of costs are involved, especially if you are not trying to buy mortgage leads outright.

Most mortgage brokers should expect to pay anywhere from £20 to £80 for a standard lead or between £90 and £200 for a higher-quality one. This can seem like a lot, but higher-cost leads are more likely to lead to conversions and mortgage enquiries.

If you are choosing to buy mortgage leads, then it depends on what the lead generation companies decide their mortgage leads cost. 

Different leads cost more depending on their quality and expected revenue/value, so a more precious lead might cost more than you expected.

We can adjust our own services to match your budget as needed, ensuring that your new lead engine is not putting you in the red. We can also provide different fee model options for dealing with different situations, giving you more overall flexibility.

Client Testimonials

“We’re incredibly pleased with how our new leads have helped us get ahead of our competitors, and given us an edge in the industry.”

“We neglected leads for so long that we didn’t have the staff available to even start it. Outsourcing it to another company made everything so much easier.”

“The firm was really struggling to keep more customers coming in, but once we started targeting the right leads and buying high-quality clients, we could afford to bring in more specialists.”


Are mortgage leads important?

Mortgage leads are a vital part of the mortgage industry, and not gathering them can make it easy for your competitors to get ahead. 

Even relying on free leads or a simple ‘lead engine’ method of getting usable low-quality leads can be enough to earn repeat business – especially if you target them at something like equity release.

How many leads can loan officers generate?

Using your own staff as part of your business’ lead engine is a great option, but only if they know what they are doing. 

Dedicating multiple employees to acting as a lead engine that generates more each day can be a risky option, taking them away from other work.

Attempting to generate new leads without the necessary experience or understanding of how leads work can go wrong very easily. A single mistake, even at the final point of the sales funnel, can lose that lead for good.

Should I buy leads?

Buying leads can be a great option, but it needs to be done carefully. Not all leads are worth the asking price, and some are going to end up not providing the revenue that you expected.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about our leads and the way that we can gather them, then contact us to learn more about what we can offer. 

Our experts are always open to helping you figure out what you need most, and you can even preview leads we have gained for past clients to see an example of our work.

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