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We are a leading video marketing company based in the UK that specialises in video marketing for every type of charity.

Being a part of the digital marking world for so long has helped us to learn a lot of video marketing strategies that can increase online traffic and result in more attention being brought to your charity, including search engine optimisation.

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As a well-established company, our team can offer the best video marketing strategies in the UK, to get people talking about your charity and spreading the word about your cause.


What Is Video Marketing For Charities?

Video marketing when it comes to charities is creating video content to raise awareness about the organisation and get people talking.

Creating introductory videos is one of the best ways to tell users everything they need to know about your charity.

Creating videos is the perfect way to get the message across to your target audience by creating a compelling video that engages your audience.

Videos can be created and uploaded across various social media platforms to gain more views and interactions.

The Benefits Of Video Marketing For A Charity

Easier To Raise Awareness

The whole point of bringing your organisation online is that it makes raising awareness a lot easier.

Using the right video marketing strategy will allow you to have more engagement and gain a better understanding of your audience’s insights.

Better Chance Of Raising Money

Video campaigns make it a lot easier for organisations to raise money through social platforms due to video production services and content marketing videos.

Charity videos will create an engaged audience which will in turn make it easier to raise funds since your audience will know that your charity is legitimate.

Recruit Volunteers

One of the things that charities may not even think about when entering the digital marketing world is that they can actually recruit volunteers through different social platforms by having a social media video.

Whether this be through advertising for new volunteers through video creation or getting a message off someone who is keen to help out with your charity

Additionally, if you use a video ranking service such as Video Veggie to help rank your videos in YouTube, you could expect to see some great results.

Why Choose Us?

Producing content as a video marketing company that specialises in content creation for various different charities and nonprofit organisations is a very niche market and can sometimes be hard to get the right video content for that specific charity.

We have worked with many charities over the years to help them reach a wider audience and improve brand awareness through different platforms by creating promotional videos.

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By doing so we continue to expand our knowledge and learn new strategies every day, which allows us to easily learn how to create the right video content for our charity clients.

Growth Giants is a very well-established video marketing agency that can create top-of-the-range video content to ensure that your charity gets the attention it deserves. You can always make the most of our Charities social media marketing services in order to maximise your video’s potential.

What Makes A Good Marketing Video For Charities?

Video marketing is crucial when it comes to determining how well your organisation is going to do in the digital world.

Nonprofit video marketing can produce an amazing video for a charity that will help them to get people talking about the cause

It is very important that you post consistently across the various platforms you may have whether this be Facebook, Instagram or your website. All of this will help guide you on the path to success across various social channels.

If you are interested in generating as many new leads as you possibly can for your Charity, take a look at our lead generation services for this industry.

Types Of Video Marketing We Offer For Charities

We offer various amounts of different video marketing strategies some of these include:

Explainer Video

An explainer video is a way of letting your audience know who you are and what you do as a charity.

These types of videos can include personal stories and why the charity is so important to you and the others involved which can also encourage people to get involved as well.

Feature Video

A feature video can showcase how your charity has already helped people and volunteer stories about how they got involved with the charity.

These types of videos are very useful for educating your potential donors on your nonprofit’s mission which will potentially lead to online donations.

Short Form Social Media Videos

These types of videos are made to be suited to every type of social media platform. These videos usually run around 10-15 seconds long to give potential donors insight into what you do.

Creative ideas to showcase who you are and what you do can be condensed into a short informative video.

How Much Does Video Marketing Cost For Charities?

For a charity marketing video, the cost can vary between £900-£4000 depending on what type of video marketing strategy you require.

This could be either fundraising films, scenes footage or a corporate sponsorship video. Brand videos are very popular since they showcase everything their target audience needs to know about them.

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Is Video Marketing Worth It For Charities?

Video marketing is one of the best ways that charities can spread the word about their cause and why it is so important to support it.

Nonprofit videos allow users to get an insight into what the charity’s mission statement is and how they operate as an organisation.

How Will I Know Video Marketing Will Work For My Chosen Charity?

The whole point of video marketing is to create videos that will inform and engage the viewer.

The right content production will correctly target the right audience for your cause and effortlessly bring attention to your charity.

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If you are wanting to reach a wider audience and see more support come to your charity you need to consider video marketing.

We can produce content such as fundraising films and fundraising campaigns to increase your audience retention through a promotional video.

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