SEO for Accountants

Search engine optimisation has become a core part of modern digital marketing. Countless industries, including the accounting industry, need a solid SEO strategy to achieve a decent search engine ranking, getting themselves visible on sites like Google search.

Improving your SEO efforts can get you more visible in search engine results, drive more traffic to your web page, and make sure that you are attracting potential clients who are actually interested in your services.

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No matter your scale or services, you need prospective clients coming in to turn a profit.

We can provide a wide range of search engine optimisation tools, techniques, strategies and tweaks that will allow your accounting firm to shoot up in search engine ranking, as well as attract new customers whom you can pitch your services to.

We offer only the best SEO for accountant businesses, aiming to improve each accounting firm’s website and visibility wherever possible.


SEO for Accountants

We are an accountant SEO specialist company with experience working alongside countless accountancy firms throughout the United Kingdom.

Our expertise has allowed each accounting business to tackle its own issues with search results and visibility in a personalised, flexible way.

Our excellent teams of SEO specialists know how to improve site rankings in search engine results pages, allowing us to build a dedicated SEO strategy for each client.

All accountancy websites are different, and we can construct a content strategy that suits your specific needs and requirements.

What is SEO for accountants?

Search engine optimization is the process of altering your website (or individual web pages) to include important keywords.

These keywords are used to alter the way that a web page appears on search engine results – called ‘organic’ search results since they are not directly paid for like Google ads.


Good SEO makes sure that your site will appear in Google searches for relevant content. For example, if prospective customers lookup phrases like “accounting firms in (your location)”, you want your business to rank on those search results.

SEO can cover a lot of different ranking factors, especially local SEO.

Tailoring your web pages to market them towards local search results can be a very powerful move, but it can also be very difficult, and poor SEO will often result in many missed opportunities.

The Basics of Search Engine Optimisation

When somebody enters search queries like “accounting” into a site like Google, it searches for terms and phrases related to those search queries, putting the words in the actual search bar as the highest priority.

However, there is a whole algorithm running behind the scenes to decide which sites appear where.

Ranking on Search Engines

Ranking higher under Google allows your business listing to appear higher in the search results, with the best and most relevant content appearing on the first page of results.

This is the same across desktop and mobile devices since the system is the same on every platform.
A limited company that uses the right keywords and terms on its site – as well as building up “authority” by receiving inbound links from other sites – will start to rank a little higher.

Some of the highest-ranking limited companies have entire departments related to SEO, solely focused on keeping them in the top spots.

Of course, SEO also has to be done in a very precise way for the best results.

Inbound links from online reviews (or sites that review businesses) are great, whereas links from spam sites are not.

Why Do Accountants and Accountancy Firms Need SEO?

In a technical sense, search engine optimisation is never necessary to keep your business running.
However, with search engines becoming the most popular way to find products and services, it would be incredibly risky to ignore them completely.


SEO is cost-effective, reliable, and can drive sales as well as website traffic.

The relevant keywords are easy for professionals like us to build up through keyword research, and an accounting website can really benefit from having SEO backing up its regular marketing techniques.


High-quality SEO is powerful for three core reasons: it helps drive in appropriate traffic (i.e. potential clients) from relevant searches, it boosts the visibility of your new business site, and it can give your firm a more established internet presence.

Why Choose Us?

We’re a local, full service marketing agency, offering everything from SEO services to lead generation for Accountancy Businesses and more. Our goal is to help clients achieve their business goals through digital marketing.

We have dozens of years of combined experience across all of our expert staff, pooling all of their skills and techniques into one of the most reputable SEO businesses available.

Our past work has seen us assisting companies of all sizes, boosting their marketing and internet presence while generating hundreds of fantastic reviews and satisfied customers.

Our work is done to the highest standard of quality, handled bespoke for each of our clients. Instead of getting a generic local SEO strategy that does not match your needs, we aim to provide the best digital marketing results for your specific requirements and preferences.

This could be something as small as targeting Google search results specifically over other search engines or improving your web design to integrate keywords better.

We talk with each of our new clients to figure out what they need and how we can provide it quickly, effectively, and consistently.

How our Accountancy SEO Services Work

Accounting firm SEO is split into two different kinds of work: the parts that influence your web pages and the parts that do not.


Gathering relevant organic traffic – mainly qualified traffic, the potential customers who are already willing to become a paying client – means playing around with keywords and specific phrasing.


The words and phrases used on your site can influence how it will appear in a Google search and how often the right target audiences will see it.

Accounting firms will obviously want accounting-firm-related keywords, but part of our digital marketing expertise goes into the less obvious elements of SEO.


This could mean creating a new blog post that contains highly specific phrases to draw in a certain target market or trying to create pages with more keywords buried organically into the copy text.

Our SEO work is all bespoke and specific to our clients, so we build each plan specifically for that business.


Our dedicated team of SEO experts consists of web designers, small business experts, and other specialists – all of whom can help give you the best SEO marketing plan that your business will ever need.

Types of SEO We Offer Accountants

We have a wide variety of SEO options available for new clients, whether they are a larger company or a small business.

Even a brand new business can benefit from good SEO, and we make sure to tailor each project to the requirement of each of our clients.

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Remember that these SEO options are not mutually exclusive: many top-tier accountancy websites will use a combination of different SEO methods, building up a balanced mixture of everything that suits their accounting firm (and their marketing goals).

Local SEO for Accountants

Local SEO is focused on the local area – something that matters a lot for a smaller-scale accounting firm. If you mostly focus on serving clients in your local area, then we can help you create content that matches those people, search results, and target audiences.

We can help you optimise your site to draw in more local queries – while this will not happen overnight, it can be an important part of company formation and growth, especially for a new business.

The details of local searches can often be viewed in the Google search console or similar platforms, meaning that it is possible to target locally while also targeting the entire country in a different way. This enables us to give clients both options, helping them market the right services to the right people without mixing them up.

National SEO for Accountants

National SEO is focused around a larger geographic region, which can be important for an accountancy website that has a wider reach. This usually means targeting the entire country, something that can become really effective for online-only or remote-working businesses.

This can be a great way to draw in potential clients from a larger area or to spread your influence further across the country. It also provides you with a lot more reach, which can sometimes help if your company is fairly niche and needs to build an audience outside of a small local area.

On-Page SEO for Accountants

Our on-page SEO focuses on optimizing individual pages to improve rankings in search engines and draw in more traffic.

We can provide numerous types of on-page work to help refine and update your site’s content, all while pushing your Google analytics slightly higher as a result.

This can include creating numerous kinds of content for your site, as well as updating existing content to have more relevant keywords or other beneficial tweaks.

Off-Page SEO for Accountants

Off-page SEO allows us to improve your business’ rankings without changing anything about your site directly, leading to better business growth and higher traffic without altering anything that your own firm has created.

For example, we can create business listings on other websites that include all of the right keywords or alter your existing business profile to make it appear more in relevant Google searches.

We can also fix broken links to boost your rankings further, making it easier for your site to gain extra authority and ‘sway’ within most search engines.

Additionally, if you don’t have a website built out yet, our team offer bespoke Accountants web design too, so feel free to take a look at that service if you are interested.

Technical SEO for Accountants

Our technical SEO work is aimed at improving the technical side of your website, from the way that individual assets load to the overall site speed.

Somebody who follows site links to visit your business’ homepage will leave if it does not load fast enough or if the site presents them with annoying technical issues.

Our web design experts can tackle any issues that your site might be having, helping to speed up and simplify your entire site as a whole. This can lead to more customers sticking with the ‘buying journey’ and prevent some from leaving due to slow loading times.

Video Marketing for Accountants

Video marketing is a powerful SEO tool, but it has to be used very carefully to get the best possible benefits.

Even something small, like creating a video that links back to your company page, can be enough to draw in more attention and improve rankings.

Video content also does not need to be expensive, and good videos can be created with only a few basic assets. We can provide the services necessary to get content like this finalised and posted in a reliable timeframe.

Link Building

Link building refers to creating links between different websites to increase traffic flow. Links are like online signposts – they tell search engines where they should be directing their results pages (SERPs).

With our Accountants SEO Services, we’ll build links using white hat techniques only so that you don’t get penalised by Google or other search engines for trying to cheat the system, plus perform a technical SEO audit to ensure your site is search engine friendly.

We also offer exclusive Accountants link building services, which is aimed for those happy with their website but just wanting that extra bit of power to help with rankings. We’d recommend check that out if that is somethin you would be interested in.

How Much Does SEO Cost for Accountancy Companies?

The average cost of SEO in the UK varies heavily, with most people paying something between £1,200 to £9,000 per month for a full agency. Of course, this all depends on the work involved and the exact SEO strategies or benefits that need to be focused on.

We aim to keep all of our SEO work as affordable as possible for our clients, working with them to find something that balances cost with results.

There is no perfect strategy, and something that works for one company may not be ideal for another.
If you want to know more about what we can offer, and what kind of costs might be involved, then you can contact one of our expert members of staff today. We are always happy to talk over the specifics of the work that we do.

Testimonials from our Accounting Clients

“We really struggled to get our firm ranking for the right terms, and advertising was costing us far too much. A few weeks after turning to using SEO instead, we started seeing huge increases in website activity, and new clients keep rolling in. The friendly staff made everything a lot easier for us, since we didn’t have any SEO experts of our own on hand.”

“Everything was handled in a very efficient way that we couldn’t have managed on our own. Even our high demand tax services weren’t getting much attention, but they knew exactly how to help us and walked us through every step of the process.”

“Other businesses were eating into our profits, and we weren’t able to pay for a full advertising campaign. Search engine optimisation was a gamble, but it has really paid off, and we’re not sure that any other company could have done what they did.”


Do I Need SEO for my Accounting Firm?

If you are not getting as many business inquiries as you expected, or are finding it hard to gather up more customers and clients, then SEO is usually the best way to fix that problem.

Not only does it draw in much more attention, but it makes sure that you are actually getting relevant visitors with a high chance of turning them into paying customers.

Having suitable SEO is always better than not having SEO – even if you are hoping to rely on the natural use of keywords in your content, rival businesses will be using every trick they can to increase there client base.

SEO is completely legal, and search engines encourage it, only punishing people who use underhanded methods to boost their websites through spam or fake content.

Why Is SEO Important for Accountants?

SEO is vital for building up a wider pool of clients, mainly because it allows you to show your firm off to a wider range of people. It is also far cheaper and less restrictive than regular advertising, although the two can work together for even more benefits.

Find Out More

If you are interested in our SEO services, then you can contact us directly to learn more about the work that we do.

No matter the scale of your company or the specific kinds of accounting that you offer, we are dedicated to providing the best SEO services we can for each client.

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Our work is all done bespoke, with each individual plan being designed for a certain client. If you have specific requirements for your SEO or just do not know where to start, then contact one of our specialists today, and we will talk you through some of the options that might work best.

Whatever you need, we can provide it, and we aim to keep all of our work as high-quality as possible.
Of all the accounting firms we have partnered with in the past, everyone has walked away satisfied with the work that we have done, and we still retain many of those clients to this day. All of the work we have done was meant to fill their needs as accurately as possible, and so far, we have not failed.

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