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Plumbing is an essential service used by all households worldwide. Pay per click or PPC campaigns for plumbers is a digital marketing method that allows you to advertise your plumbing company services directly to prospective customers.

PPC ads is a significant part of online advertising and digital marketing, and having a solid plumbing PPC campaign can be the heart of your overall marketing strategy. A range of PPC advertising methods can help your plumbing business reach potential clients easily.

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Whether it is google ads, or plumbing PPC ads is something you should invest in. We have worked with several plumbing companies across the UK for over eight years and positively helped their business.


What is PPC for plumbers?

Pay per click is an online ads advertisement model companies use to direct traffic to their websites by paying a publisher (such as google) when their site displays PPC ads.

As you only pay for plumbing leads that work, this is a cost-effective form of advertising for plumbing companies, and it is one of the cheapest ways to get new customers online. PPC marketing strategy is a way to pay for your web traffic; you only pay once the link has been used.

As a plumbing business, you are trying to reach a particular audience, which means traditional lead generation methods will not always work. That is why PPC campaigns are something to consider.

Getting potential clients needs to be location and time-sensitive, which is why our PPC services work so effectively for plumbing companies.

If you are interested in other ways we can generate leads for Plumber Companies, be sure to have a read of our dedicated Plumber lead generation page to find out more information.

Why do plumbers need PPC?

PPC ads are a great way to get new customers, more leads, increased sales, and traffic. With PPC search ads, you can reach out to people researching for the best plumbing services by using the keyword they’re searching for on google.

A PPC campaign can be used for branding a plumbing company and lead generation purposes. we offer PPC management services to ensure your plumbing business gets the needed attention from your target audience.

The benefits of PPC for plumbers

There are a lot of benefits to having pay per click carried of for your plumbing company, including:

It’s affordable market your plumbing company

PPC ads are among the cheapest ways to get noticed online. It is a way to get more leads without the time and money usually associated with such efforts. When using a PPC campaign, there is a small fee to pay. To appear in prime positions, businesses must bid against competitors to determine their status.

Those with the highest bids will get the best location on search engines or websites. You will only pay for your sponsored link once it has been used by customers, which makes the cost lower compared to other forms of online advertising.

Brand building for plumbers

PPC is one of the most effective ways to build your brand online because it allows you to create an identity around your company and services and can be used across all social media platforms and website emails.

It makes it easier to connect with potential clients as they already know who you are when they come across your ads online.

Drive warm leads with a plumbing PPC campaign

Warm leads refer to instant sales, which is what PPC campaigns is all about obtaining. Pay per click puts you in front of clients looking for your offer in google ads.

You can generate warm leads with increased visibility, accessibility, and ad customers trusting your work.

Why Choose Us?

We are the internet marketing company that curates the best PPC campaign strategy, search ads, and an effective digital marketing plan for efficiently achieving your goals. We have a highly experienced team of ad specialists with excellent analytical and creative skills who will focus on curating plumbing PPC ads and search engine optimisation.

We consider an accurate metric to generate the highest ROI before building your PPC campaign. We’ve partnered with clients in the plumbing industry and ensured customer satisfaction in each project.

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We know the best advertising platforms and how to best communicate with your clients to quickly achieve your objectives from your plumber PPC ads. Lastly, we offer affordable and effective paid advertising services and are confident we will deliver the results you want.

How our PPC services work for plumbers.

We start by defining your goals to create an effective PPC strategy. We target the audience with ad words and social media platforms.

We then optimise your landing pages. Then we create your ads, ensuring a strong link between the search internet and landing page to sell a unique proposition. We finally analyse and optimise the PPC strategy to make you the lead in plumbing businesses.

Type of PPC we offer for plumbers

Search ads for your plumber ppc company

It is the most common PPC advertising in which search engines such as Google and Bing deliver a search ad to those searching for specific keywords. We put up a campaign by writing ppc ad copy, choosing high-value keyword research, and selecting the best landing page on your site.

Social media ads for PPC advertising

It is the process of reaching several several several several potential customers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We achieve a high clickthrough clickthrough clickthrough rate to your site increasing product awareness and targeting your desired audience.

At Growth Giants our social media marketing for Plumber companies has helped hundreds over the years, so why not get in touch with us and see what we can do to help.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for PPC strategy

Organic SEO provides a natural way of increasing your search ranking engines and website traffic by using relevant keywords and content likely to be searched by users.

With this, we help you build trust with viewers, which can result in higher conversion and more sales, making our marketing efforts fruitful.

We can also carry out SEO for Plumber companies throughout the UK, feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested.

How much does PPC cost for plumbers?

The average cost of PPC for plumbers in the UK is £150 per month for the most basic PPC packages.

The figure varies based on your company size, volume, critical word popularity, and level of competition in your area.

Testimonials from our clients

“This team has been great to work with, highly knowledgeable with keyword research, proper PPC marketing to help your business grow; they are very responsive and keep updating my PPC advertising performance digital marketing strategy to keep me ahead of my competitors.”

“We have had amazing results since working with this company on our PPC campaign and digital marketing strategy, and our business is performing brilliantly on search results.”

“I recommend their digital marketing service to other businesses looking for an inexpensive way to advertise your plumbing business with proper keyword research.”


How do I get started?

You’ll need to set up an account with one of the major advertising platforms, such as google ads or Facebook ads, and start creating ads.

What is PPC for plumbers?

It is the process of using advertisements on search engines, social media platforms, and other websites to drive traffic to your site.

Can I reuse ads?

If an ad is successful, you do not stop using it\. It can be an excellent way to judge how your markets are changing, and you can adapt them to sell new services or target new audiences as needed.

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PPC for plumbers is an internet marketing model where advertisers pay the search engine whenever users click on their ads and visit their site. It is an excellent tool for branding your business, attracting new clients, and increasing sales.

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