Social Media Marketing for Plumbers

Social media management plays a huge role in local businesses as it can contribute to business growth, increase revenue and create brand awareness especially when you use paid advertising. Social media campaigns also help you build a relationship with your potential and existing customers.

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Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are excellent lead generation tools. Let us explore all the aspects of social media marketing for plumbers and why we should be your social media marketing company to help your plumbing business grow.


What is social media marketing for plumbers?

Social media and digital marketing for plumbers is a way to promote your business and attract new customers. It is a way of communicating with your target audience, getting your business in front of as many people as possible, and getting more leads from social media posts.

There are over 3. 5 billion users across apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which is why these are great places to connect with potential clients within your market.

A proper social media presence allows companies to reach out to their customers directly through various forms of communication, including messaging and video messaging.

If your are looking to make a change in your plumbing company, then it is time to incorporate digital marketing into your company’s growth strategy. Get in touch with us and find out how our marketing services are the solution you have been looking for.

If you have not got a professional video created for your Plumber company yet, this could be a great thing to have a look at doing side by side with your social media marketing campaign. Click the link to find out more information on our video services for Plumbers today.

How can social media marketing help a plumber?

You will be able to reach the right audience with a social media platform, and the best thing about social media accounts is that you can easily find your target audience.

This way, you don’t have to spend too much money on advertisements and other marketing strategies that do not give the good results that social media channels guarantee to most plumbing companies.

It’s even better than traditional advertising techniques because social media users search for information about what they need on the internet instead of being forced by an advertisement.

With that, you increase the awareness of the existence of your plumbing company services, increase sales and also increase your customer base. We are here to help create a solid social media presence that will help you reap the benefits of online marketing.

Benefits of social media marketing for plumbers

There are many benefits to social media marketing for plumbers, which include:

Increased brand awareness of your plumbing services

Social media marketing helps put your plumbing business out there and make it known to people. It helps you reach more new customers, so it’s a great way to expand your audience. It enables you to build a relationship with your customers and gives them a way to interact with your services.

This builds trust between you and your customers, leading to more referrals and recommendations from your loyal customers and building a brand for your assistance.

Increased online presence of your plumbing company

Social media helps you build your image, gain followers or subscribers and make you known as a plumbing expert. Providing your audience with high-level content makes sure they are engaging and will always be eager for the following content you have for them.

Enjoy increased sales from our social media services

Once you have established trust with your audience, they will likely hit you up for your services. Social media allow you to interact with your customers in real-time and share valuable information about your services, and that helps to increase sales.

If you are yet to have a website set up for your Plumber company, we can also offer web design services for Plumber brands too.

Why Choose Us?

We are a company that has helped many plumbers across the UK with their social media campaign, and our campaign yielded positive results for them. We are a company that creates a unique strategy for you and help you create content that will engage your audience.

We have over 12 years of experience in digital marketing and the necessary digital literacy to make you a leader in your industry. We have a proven track record of success with our clients. Our prices are fair for every plumber seeking our services, and our contracts are easy to understand.

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We can help you connect with your audience on all platforms, whether you are an individual or a company. We help you create a plumbing advertising strategy to help you reach your goals and ensure you are up to date with all the latest trends in social media management.

We understand you may be interested in a more traditional type of marketing for your Plumber company. If so, our Plumber advertising services may be of interest.

How does social media marketing work for plumbers?

We begin by analysing the current situation of your social media platform through an online survey. Our team then gathers data and creates a social media marketing strategy for your company.

We then create a content calendar that includes everything you need to know about your audience and how often you should post to reach your goals.

Types of social media marketing we offer for plumbers

The types of social media marketing we offer for plumbers include:

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Ads

These ads allow you to target a specific group of users most likely interested in your services. We help you specify your location and the type of plumbing services you offer.

Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is a great platform where we help you post images of your plumbing work and share them with others who may be interested in what you offer. It is considered a unique way of advertising your business.

Social media management

Our social media managers will post updates to your social media account regularly throughout the week or the month, depending on what works for you. They will also respond to real-time comments, questions, and concerns to ensure that your customers are being taken care of.

How much does social media marketing cost for plumbers?

The average cost of social media marketing in the UK ranges from£300 per day to£ 4000 per month.

The price depends on the social media management service types, the packages you need, how many accounts you want us to manage, and what platforms those accounts are on.

Testimonial from our plumber clients

“We have worked with this company for months, and our sales have significantly increased.”

“They are always available to answer your questions or concerns you have, their customer services are great, and they go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met”

“I love the way this company uses social media to engage with our audience, but what I appreciate is their willingness to listen to feedback. I recommend them”


How long should I post each day on social media?

Posting often without accurate content won’t help grow your audience but posting twice or thrice a day with high-value content helps your business grow.

Is social media marketing effective?

Yes, it is effective when used correctly and can help your business take positive growth and generate more revenue.

Is social media marketing cost-effective?

Social media marketing is highly cost-effective if you use the right keywords and target your audience correctly.

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The rise in the number of people using social media has created an opportunity for plumbers to connect with their audience and create a loyal customer base.

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