Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Small business lead generation is the process of attracting and converting target audience that has previously shown interest in your products or services into paying clients.

It provides a great opportunity to guide prospects through the buyer’s journey and generate revenue. Lead generation tools include content, blog posts, social media posts, inbound lead generation , live events, and coupons.

We’ve partnered with countless small businesses across the UK to enhance their credibility, visibility, trust, and interest from potential leads.

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Why Should A Small Business Work With A Lead Generation Company?

A small business should work with a lead generation company to attract higher market qualified leads, enhance market penetration, and incorporate specialised technology for the best results possible. A market-qualified lead(MQL) is likely to convert to a customer.

A lead generation company has the expertise and marketing knowledge to achieve higher MQLS. They can also provide other very useful services such as email marketing and social media marketing for Small Businesses.

It also dedicates significant time and effort to achieving unmatched results, saving precious time with properly executed lead generation campaigns. It can also help increase market penetration faster for more expansion possibilities.

Besides, these companies have specialised technology and tools for accurately monitoring and analysing lead campaigns to help generate leads.

Why Choose Us?

We are a full-service lead generation company that can bolster your market growth and help you achieve your goals through our lead generation process. We look forward to knowing you, your business, and your specialty. This enables us to create a customised lead generation strategy, the blueprint for achieving the most efficient results that capture leads for a long period.

We don’t make you commit to long-term contracts. We understand that navigating the marketing world as a small business can be challenging.

Whether you’d like to work with us for a month or two, we maintain our high standards and strive to offer customer satisfaction over the free tools you must have tried out. We aim to increase ROI and lower the cost per lead with every campaign.

We offer affordable lead generation services without compromising quality. From utility costs to employee salaries, funding can be a great point of strain for a small business. We try to make our quality services as affordable as possible, offering whole packages on lead generation strategies for great value for your money.

How Our Lead Generation Works for Small Business

It starts by identifying your customers. We establish your target customers’ characteristics using existing contact forms and sign-ups for special offers. This helps us create varying buyer personas based on their needs for relevant engagement.

Secondly, we create quality, engaging, and useful content for the audience. We’ll draft a specialised content marketing strategy to develop results-oriented and customer-centric blog posts, articles, images, and videos.

Thirdly, we drive traffic through your business’ social media channels. We aim to build an integrated, engaging experience across all your marketing channels to attract traffic.

Finally, we convert visitors to leads. We design compelling landing pages with offers, forms, and calls to action to influence purchases and subscriptions on your website landing page.

Benefits Of Lead Generation For Small Businesses

Inbound marketing increases brand awareness

Lead generation seeks to educate and inform current and potential customers about your products and services. It increases the number of customers who know your brand and ensures they think of you first when in need of your offerings.

It produces quality leads

Quality leads are potential customers willing to buy what you sell, making them ideal for generating profit. By allowing you to target customers, lead generation and google ads can locate people who will respond to your campaigns and want to interact with your brand. It ends with a higher conversion rate and reduced costs per lead.

It is affordable to generate leads

With lead generation, you can spend as little or as much as you like and target a relevant audience for your business. These leads are likely to convert into sales and generate revenue. A lead generation business, like us, tend to develop attractive packages to meet your budget needs.

It allows for tracking and measuring results

The various lead generation channels make it easier to monitor your results and measure the success of the campaigns. This is by accessing real-time data and analysing it to make a well-informed decision. It also helps identify what works and what doesn’t for future improvements that will foster the highest ROI.

We are among the best lead generation businesses offering businesses the best lead generation strategy, inbound marketing, and marketing automation at affordable rates. Get in touch, and let’s help develop an effective inbound marketing strategy that can work for your business.

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How We Generate Our Small Business Leads

Facebook ads on social media

We use targeting options like age, interests, and location to drive quality leads that foster success. We incorporate the best practices and make data-driven decisions for excellent performance, making it easier for your sales team to convert customers.

Personalised email marketing with the best lead generation tools

We use your business’ email platform to personalise your greeting and include the recipients’ names to attract leads. We segment the contact list by name, location, interests, and purchase history.


At Growth Giants we use SEO to ensure that your website ranks highly on search engines for key words related to Small Businesses such as, “Small Businesses in the UK”

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, check out our SEO for Small Businesses page to find out more information and to have a look at the service in more detail.

Coupons and discounts

We create deals or coupons and distribute them through online platforms like email and social media. This will help direct potential customers to your landing page, making it easy to convert them to paying customers.

High-quality content

Our lead-driving content tools include ebook guides, white papers, and in-depth videos. We gate them so prospects can only access them in exchange for their contact information.

How Much Does Lead Generation cost for Small Businesses?

The average cost of small business leads in the UK is about £40 to £80 per lead. This varies depending on your industry, level of competition in your area, quality, volume, target market, strategies used to collect leads, and the cost incurred in generating the leads.

Types Of Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Information Qualified Leads

These are leads just starting to research a solution to their problem. They are usually generated when someone fills out a form to access useful information offered in webinars, free ebooks, and reports. We can get in touch with them through emails, newsletters, and content with solutions that address their pain points.

Marketing Qualified Leads

These leads are actively researching solutions that can be of help to them. Typically, they watch videos about how your offerings work. We can guide them to the end of the sales funnel over an email, conversation, or presentation if we feel they are ready.

We can offer advertising services for your Small Businesses if that is something you would be interested, just simply check out our advertising for Small Businesses page for more information on what we can do for you.

Sales Ready Leads

They are the bottom-of-the-funnel leads ready to be handed over to the sales team. We’ll consider whether they are willing to spend money, have a pain that needs to be solved, and if they need a solution immediately or within a short period.

Testimonials From Our Clients

‘They are easy to work with and very intentional with getting quality leads. I look forward to more of their marketing input on my business.’

‘Ever since I started working with this company, there has been a great difference in my marketing campaigns. They are very professional and easy to reach.’

‘It’s hard to find a marketing company that actually delivers as promised. Luckily, investing in this SEO company was one of the best decisions I ever made for my small business.’


Who needs lead generation?

Every business in the 21st century, small or big, requires lead generation to efficiently guide its traffic through the buyer’s journey and generate revenue, which fuels growth.

How can I generate more sales for my small business?

Take advantage of various marketing tools which attract customers and convert them to paying clients through lead generation tactics and tools.

Do I need lead generation and SEO for my small business?

SEO attracts visitors to your website, while lead generation helps convert them into quality leads who can actually buy what you sell. So, you need SEO and lead generation in your marketing plan!

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Small business lead generation is a process of generating leads with the goal of converting their interests and paint points into sales and revenue. It is ideal for developing trust, credibility, and visibility with prospects.

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Small business lead generation is a potent tool that guides prospects through the buyer’s journey to secure a deal and earn more revenue.

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