Email Marketing For Play Equipment Companies

Emailing your current clientele can be a fast and straightforward approach to re-engaging them in dialogue and getting them back into the sales process. Your message could be anything from an alert about the impending trends to an offer of a time-sensitive discount.

Growth Giants are experts in email marketing strategy and can help your business find new customers using your current advertising channels. Achieving success in the play equipment manufacturing market might be challenging. Still, we are convinced we can help every company with our effective subject line and ecommerce email marketing strategy that converts.

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What Is Email Marketing For Play Equipment Companies?

Email marketing for play equipment companies is a method that entails sending emails to consumers’ inboxes to get them to engage with your brand and purchase your goods or services. This email marketing service allows you to engage with customers, advertise your products, and guide leads through the sales cycle.

The Benefits Of Play Equipment Companies’ Email Marketing

Easily Accessible

Nowadays, 85 per cent of email users check their accounts on their smartphones, allowing you to contact your target audience all year round at any time, day or night.

Improvement Of Sales

Relationships with customers can be strengthened with email marketing to promote loyalty programs and exclusive discounts. These strategies can help a company expand while staying within a limited advertising budget.

Has A High Rate Of Investment

A study found that for every euro put into email marketing, a 42-cent return is seen.

Why Choose Us?

Growth Giants specialises in email marketing for play equipment companies, and our skills and experience will ensure that your campaign exceeds your expectations. We comprehend the specific requirements of the playground equipment sector and are committed to giving the best level of service from our email marketing efforts.

Our team of seasoned specialists is dedicated to remaining current on the newest trends and technology so that we can offer you the most efficient solutions. We have in-depth expertise in creating successful email marketing campaigns for firms that sell play equipment.

What Makes Good Email Marketing For Play Equipment Companies Firms?

To enjoy your email marketing performance, you must incorporate personalized subject lines to your target customer. But this is not all. The following are the most important considerations for creating effective email marketing campaigns.

Audience Permission

Getting the audience’s consent before contacting them is crucial to an email marketing campaign. Members who have yet to opt-in to receive promotional emails should never receive one.

Valuable Content

Your content’s visual style should be uniform as well. Keep your content’s style consistent across different marketing efforts.


Assuming you have segmented your audience correctly, rest assured that your message will reach its intended recipient. The key to boosting open rates and sales begins at this moment.


This is always the best strategy to improve the results of an email marketing campaign. A/B testing can compare two versions of an email’s subject line, body copy, CTA text, etc.

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Types Of Email Marketing We Offer For Play Equipment Companies

Here are the types of email marketing we provide for play equipment companies:


The most predictable of your newsletter types is the newsletter. They are issued regularly to a specific list of opt-in recipients and will likely adhere to a consistent format.

Co-marketing Emails

Co-marketing emails are likely a rare form of email on your schedule. These only occur when you organise events, sweepstakes, integrations, or other promotions with another brand or company. The apparent benefit is that you may boost your reach by leveraging your partner’s audience.

Post-purchase or onboarding emails

Whether you are in the retail or SaaS industries, following up with a consumer through email after making a purchase could help you maintain their interest.

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost For Play Equipment Companies?

The average cost of email marketing for play equipment companies in the UK is between £250 and £3500 per month for medium-sized firms. The price tag for email marketing can vary depending on the number of subscribers, the intricacy of the campaigns, and whether or not you hire an outside firm to handle things.

It is possible to send email newsletters free if you have a straightforward campaign and do everything yourself. Still, most firms will spend up to a thousand euros yearly on self-managed email marketing, which is only the beginning.

Client Testimonials

“I have been utilising this firm’s email marketing software services for a while now and am thoroughly satisfied with the number of existing customers on my platform. Their service and care for their customers are exceptional, which you clearly see in each promotional messages the formulate.”

“For the past year, I have relied on this firm’s email and digital marketing services, which have been effective for my target customers. If I ever have a question, they are there to help me, and I know I will do well because of them. For a great marketing automation service consider this company for assitance.”

“I’ve been working with this firm for email advertising. Their work is reliable and high quality, and they never miss a deadline.”


What Is The Most Crucial Part Of Email Campaign Creation?

The QA procedure is essential. After clicking the Submit button, it takes much work to make any changes. The consequences of a misspelt word, wrong message, or absence of terms and conditions might be severe. Establish a pre-send checklist and have someone other than the sender proofread the material.

How Long Should My Email Campaigns Be?

A proper email length is arbitrary. Distributing a monthly newsletter is a terrific way to keep people up-to-date on news, events, and other pertinent information.

In What Ways May I Use Dark Mode When Sending Emails?

The introduction of Dark Mode in the mobile sector paved the path for the dark mode to become a popular motif in digital advertising. The dark mode is cutting-edge and fashionable and produces eye-catching designs and videos. Using transparent logos and contrasting colours for graphic elements are two steps toward integrating dark mode into email campaigns.

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Most of the time, hiring an email-marketing firm is a prudent financial choice that will satisfy your play equipment firm.

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