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Video marketing is an invaluable tool in your promotion toolbox that you cannot afford not to use. Audiovisuals help you hold and maintain your audience’s attention better than other forms of communication. As. result, video marketing is even better when used together with other forms of promotion.

However, video production requires specialised audiovisual production and marketing skills. Many businesses have been unable to invest in these requirements and have had to forgo the benefits of video marketing.

We are an experienced video production company in the UK. With our marketing expertise, we create videos that will take your marketing to the next level in attracting your target audience.

Here is all about video marketing and its necessity for your business. Plus, how our marketing tool can make a difference in your company’s growth.

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Why do Plant Hire Companies Need Video Marketing?

Plant hire companies like yours need an effective way to reach out to your clients, who might be executives of their businesses. Since you are certainly one of many people reaching out for their business, you need to stand out, and video marketing helps you do that.

Here is why your plant hire business needs and effective video marketing strategy:

Audience Preference

Many business executives prefer video over written content. So, make your pitch stand out by presenting it in the form your audience prefers. Besides, video messaging is more memorable and impactful than other types of messaging.

Great for SEO

Video marketing makes your business stand out not just in your audience’s mind but also in search results. Search engine ranking bots respond better to video content or content with video than they do to plain writing.

Also, the video keeps visitors on your business site longer, boosting your profile.

Complementary to other Marketing Methods

Your other marketing initiatives perform much better with video in them. Embedding a video in your written content makes it more compelling and increases engagement.

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Plant Hire Companies

Boosts Conversions

Video marketing effectively passes the message and stimulates engagement, encouraging your audience to respond to your call to action. This boosts conversions regarding subscriptions, registering emails, seeking more information, or completing purchases.

Additionally, if you use a video ranking service such as Video Veggie to rank your videos in YouTube too, then you can expect to see some seriously great results from this.

Builds trust and credibility

Video content presents information clearly and efficiently; use it to give insight into the issues affecting your prospect’s business and build credibility and trust. Your prospects will find it easier to trust you with the solution to their problems after that.

Mobile devices friendly

More people than ever consume content on their mobile phones. Fortunately, video marketing is compatible across many devices. You do not have to spend a lot to recreate the same video for different platforms.


Videos are among the most shareable of all forms of content, especially if they are helpful or very entertaining. Your video will generate more exposure for your business when widely shared than you thought possible.

Why Choose Us?

We have established ourselves as specialists in digital marketing. We have a team of members skilled in digital marketing, including video marketing. In our years helping businesses grow through digital marketing, we have gained experience and unique insight that will put you ahead when you engage us.

Besides working with the right people, we are backed by the best tools in video marketing, which helps us produce high-quality work that achieves its targets.

Our expertise and experience in other areas of digital marketing mean we approach your video marketing holistically and can offer you other complementary services.

If you want to share your videos across social media platforms but are worried that they won’t get the engagement or recognition that they deserve, you can always make the most of our plant hire social media marketing services in order to maximise your video’s potential.

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How do Our Plant Hire Video Marketing Services Work?

When you reach out to engage our services, we first assess and ascertain the needs of your plant hire business. Then we formulate a strategy and course of action to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

We then create and produce the most appropriate video and publish it to your audience.

We have other services we invite you to sign onto to get the most out of your video marketing.

We understand that you may be solely focused on generating as many new leads as you possibly can for your plant hire company, if that is the case, you should check out our lead generation services for this industry.

Types of Video Marketing We Offer for Plant Hire:

Here are the types of video marketing we offer for plant hire companies like yours:

Explainer Videos

These may be animated and are used to break down and explain complex concepts to establish your expertise and build credibility.

Educational Videos

Educational videos teach your audience how to interact with your products and services. Most clients will pass up services they think are too complicated to use. Trainer videos solve that.

Expert Interviews

Expert interview videos use known experts to shed light on specific issues related to the industry. An eminent expert on your video builds trust in your brand and indirectly endorses the product.

Product Demos or marketing videos

Product demos create awareness of your products, which is especially useful for launches. Just like real estate video marketing, you need to ensure your company gets high-quality videos for the product demo.

Event Videos

Event videos document what events you have held or participated in. And if these are added to your youtube channel, it makes for an effective marketing tool to get your name out there.

Customer testimonial videos

These videos show your audience the successes you have created and highlight your likeability. Testimonial videos are a gold mine in online videos, but only if these are well incorporated into your marketing strategy.

Landing Page Videos

This is a short corporate video clip posted to your landing page to give visitors a view of what you do and believe in. Our production team and video marketers are the best at this.

How Much Does Video Marketing Cost for Plant Hire Companies?

Video marketing from most video production companies will cost you between £500-£25,000, depending on the scope of the work. But to reap the benefits that effective videos can offer then, you should get in touch with us. We are happy to offer you a more accurate estimation of how much video marketing will cost.

Testimonials from Our Plant Hire Clients

‘Professional and were able to incorporate video into our site! They took a keen interest in my company’s needs, and their engagement showed a lot of insight. I was pleased by the process, and I am pleased with the results.’

‘Growth Giants is the best! If you are looking for a company with the digital marketing expertise to propel you to the top, this is it.’

‘Our company is very happy with Growth Giants. Their expertise is phenomenal, and they were happy to answer all our questions.’


What Does Video Marketing Include?

Effective video marketing includes sound strategy, relevant and valuable content, high-quality video, effective publishing, and proper client engagement management with the video.

How do I Measure the Performance of Video Marketing?

You measure the performance of video marketing by looking at the engagement rate, play rate, view count, and click-through rate.

What is a Good Marketing Video for Plant Hire?

A good marketing video must tell a compelling story that your clients identify with and engage with meaningfully. The video must be long enough to hold attention and tell the story and should strategically emphasize the call to action.  

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