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Do you know that most of us today, when we need something, whether it’s an answer, idea, strategy, or service, start by asking search engines? Just as search engine optimization has become integral to our lives, so has it become integral to many digital marketing businesses. We have years of experience as the best local SEO agency for Landscaping companies working with clients across the U.K.

An SEO campaign will improve your presence on the web and rank high when visitors utilise your site. Our SEO service, paired with keyword research, is the best for you to grow your landscaping company. If you’re new to search engine optimization and want to learn how to rank first on Google, we are ready to help with local searches and help improve your search results.

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What is SEO for Landscapers?

SEO for a landscaping company is about improving your website’s structure and content so people can discover its pages by searching for what you offer through search engines. When it comes to SEO for Landscapers, how the pages on your site are organised and the local keywords used and structured affect your search engine rankings.

As a result, this could affect your user experience (UX). You want to make it easy for visitors and search engines to find your landscaping services. With our SEO, we aim to align the Landscaper’s website page with a search engine’s ranking algorithm so that visitors can easily find it, crawl, index, and surface in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for relevant queries.

Why Do Landscaping Companies Need SEO?

A landscaping company needs effective local SEO services because clients are searching for any manner of things. It is both loosely and directly related to your landscaping business. As a result, these are all opportunities to connect with these clients, answer their questions, solve their problems, and become a trusted resource for them.

So, whether you want more brand awareness, online visibility, leads, sales, or loyal customers, our landscaping SEO services is your answer.

Why Choose Us?

We have gained more digital marketing relevance and have partnered with google and other online marketing companies looking for effective SEO strategies. Our highly experienced teams have skills and knowledge from lead generation, content marketing, keyword research, to creating SEO for lawn care companies.

SEO means producing helpful, high-quality content and delivering it appealingly. If you can master that, you’ll reap google search rewards. And this is what our team has mastered over the years, which has helped deliver effective search engine marketing that converts.

So, if you want your website traffic to increase and your web pages to receive much-needed attention, then get in touch with us for SEO services. We provide services that will propel your company to success within the landscaping industry.

Here at Growth Giants we offer everything from SEO services to lead generation for landscapers and more. Our goal is to help clients achieve their business goals through digital marketing.

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How our Landscapers SEO Services Work

If you have been looking for effective ways to grow your landscaping company then you are in the right place. Our SEO for Landscapers works in the following simple ways.

  • We create quality targeted content. It is by producing content that satisfies Google’s expertise, authority, and trust requirements, which satisfy its searchers’ requirements.
  • Google will then surface landscapers’ content on SERP. It uses an algorithm to order results based on several criteria, including the content’s quality, its relevance to the search query, the website it belongs to, and more.
  • Visitors will then engage with your website. We create an SEO that builds customers’ trust and increases landscapers’ brand awareness. With our SEO, landscapers will generate more Return on Investment.
  • Landscapers’ content will then get more traffic and backlinks on local search results. With our SEO Services, we create links using white hat techniques only so that you don’t get penalised by Google or other search engines. Plus, we perform an SEO audit to ensure your site is search-engine friendly.

Types of SEO We Offer Landscapers

On-page SEO

In this type of SEO, we optimise the quality and structure of the content on a page. Content quality, keywords, and HTML tags are the key players for our on-page SEO. And our keyword research tool offers the best results. We then update your meta description and title for each web page.

We also offer exclusive landscaping link building services, which is aimed at those who are happy with their website but just wanting that extra bit of power to help with rankings. We would recommend checking that page out if that sounds like something you may be interested in.

Off-page SEO

This internet marketing involves getting other sites and pages to link to the page you are trying to optimise. Backlinks, internal linking, and reputation are your off-page SEO as this goes a long way to attract more website visitors to your company site.

If you don’t have a website built out yet, our team can offer bespoke landscaping web design too, so feel free to take a look at that service if you are interested.

Technical SEO

We helpimprove your site’s overall performance on search engines. Site security and structure are critical here.

How Much Does SEO Cost for Landscapers Companies?

The average SEO cost in the U.K is £800 to £12,000. However, this varies depending on the work involved and the type of SEO we create. Don’t worry about our pricing; we are the SEO company that aims to keep our services as affordable as possible for our clients. We ensure that you meet your business goals and enable you to achieve cost advantage when you start using your SEO. Get in touch with us today and get more details on our pricing and the various services we offer.

Testimonials from our Landscaper’s Clients

“This company has a proven system for Landscaper’s SEO services and effective google Adwords campaign strategy. They did an A+ job with our online presence and updated our profile on google my business. They work hard and get the job done right.”

“This is the most fantastic firm for landscaper SEO. Our Landscaper’s firm gross income has tripled since hiring them last year. I recommend them to anyone trying to grow a business quickly.”

“Excellent ownership & staff; Superior communication; and unrivaled work, creativity, and results. Thank you all.”


What is long-tail SEO?

Long-tail SEO generates organic traffic to a web page by targeting long-tail keywords. 

How long will it take to rank on the first page?

It depends on factors like your starting point, competition, market, and ongoing


What makes a website search engine friendly?

Several factors make a website search engine friendly, including keywords, quality content, titles, metadata, etc. A website needs these factors to be ranked by a search engine and therefore found by a user.

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We have more experience when it comes to digital marketing. As an experienced company in creating effective SEO services, we offer three types of services for landscaping companies in the U.K.: on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO.

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