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Wedding planning services are one of the booming businesses today. The business is very diverse, going from the modern type of weddings, destination weddings, cruise weddings, vintage weddings, and so many other types.

Proving it is a very competitive business, and anyone who ventures into it must be very competitive for them to thrive. PPC advertisement is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to advertise your business on social media platforms to your target market.

If you are interested in other ways we can generate leads for Wedding Planners, be sure to have a read of our dedicated Wedding Planner lead generation page to find out more.

It is almost apparent that social media marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy for any business.

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What Is PPC For Wedding Planners?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is a digital method of advertising your business where the event planning business pays a fee each time its ad is clicked.

PPC also allows you to measure how often people see your google ads and how many clicks on your website. Therefore, you can make wise decisions on digital marketing, the best ads for wedding planners to implement, and keyword research, allowing you to change your PPC campaigns whenever possible.

This method of advertising attracts a significant percentage of potential clients. A high number of clients means increased bookings and hiring for your services.

Why Do Wedding Planners Need PPC?

Every wedding planner has a market goal that they intend to achieve by all means. PPC, google ads, and Instagram ads will help you reach and beat those targets efficiently and cost-effectively.

You can use PPC management to create more leads and grow your event planner business exponentially. Quality advertising, proper keyword research, effective PPC management and relevant ad copy are what make your business get a global audience.

We give the best PPC services to our customers, conduct keyword research, and offer effective online marketing to help us attain your campaign goals and grow your business.

None of our resources is spared in achieving the best results for your wedding planning business. We are the PPC management company that offers you valuable results.

The Benefits Of PPC For Wedding Planners

Contributes To Business Goals

Every business has its set goal that needs to be achieved to mark progress.

Poorly set goals lead to negative results, and well-set plans benefit a company. Adopting PPC for your business will help you achieve your marketing goals. Plus, an analysis of your google analytics helps us understand your client’s buying habits.

Building Customer Loyalty And Trust

Even your current clients need to be sustained to have a progressive, positive change in your business. You have to build trust with them to retain them.

PPC advertisement puts your brand name on the top of search engines. This creates the confidence of clients to approach your company for wedding services.

Creating Traffic To Your Website

We specialise in PPC campaign management and know what it takes to get traffic to your wedding planning company landing page.

We will help you create an ad that will attract an audience and boost your business. This can only be the case for your business if the ad is of good quality, with relevant long-tail keywords for successful results. Plus, we shall optimise your site for mobile devices to ensure our best strategy gets relevant results and new leads.

Why Choose Us?

We have created PPC for businesses for the longest time, and our craftsmanship is unparalleled. We critically take into account every step that goes into creating the best ad for your business. And with our extensive experience over the years, you are sure we are your best option to curate successful Facebook ads and google ads that have desirable conversion rates.

Also, our services are the best at a considerable fair price. We love to see your business benefit from our services. As such, we not only create ads for you but also offer any marketing advice that would make your business a success.

How Our PPC For Wedding Planners Works

In PPC advertising, we bid on keywords relevant to wedding planning businesses. These are terms used to trigger potential consumers into viewing the ads. A lot goes into getting the best keyword.

Having the correct number of words can easily catch a client’s attention. After that, the ad is set up in search engines. Every click on the ad is then paid for, as we will agree.

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Types Of PPC For Wedding Planners

SEO, such as Google and Bing, show your ad to users who search for a particular keyword. This isa common type of PPC advertising. In this type of advertising, we set up campaigns for your business by writing an ad copy and selecting the relevant and captivating keywords.

Here at Growth Giants we can carry out SEO for Wedding Planners throughout the UK, so please do feel free to get in touch with us if this is something you would be interested in.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, we create PPC ads for your site and place them in targeted content sites, heavily tracked websites, price comparison websites, and search engines.

This type of marketing is advantageous because it targets a larger market. However, it is very time intensive and requires continuous management.

We can also offer social media marketing for Wedding Planners, our services has helped hundreds over they years, so why not chat to us on how we can help your business get to the next level.

Re-marketing PPC advertising

It is sometimes referred to as retargeting advertising. It is based on users’ previous searches to determine their interest; it then uses cookies to redirect them to your company’s ads.

For example, a user who searches for wedding gowns could see your ad display on wedding planning.

How Much Does PPC For A Wedding Planner Cost?

The average cost of PPC for a wedding planner in the UK is $500. The price, however, is dependent on several factors.

Such as the type of PPC you prefer, the competitiveness of the keywords, quality score, and several other factors. We can design a PPC ad within your budget, and as your business grows, you can invest more into it.

Testimonials From Our Wedding Planner Clients

“I began small with my event planners business, and I didn’t think I could afford PPC ad to attract my target audience, but you really helped me even with my small budget to get effective paid ads that can grow my business.”

“You have such creative google ads that use the relevant keywords for my PPC campaign. I wouldn’t have thought of that forever; I love your professionalism, and with the results in the conversion tracking, your services are truly legit.”

“You have a great team who know how to deal with wedding coordinators; they are very strategic and knowledgeable about digital marketing and how to gain organic listings. I would consider working with you again as you always present a solid strategy to help grow my event planning business.


Why should I advertise my wedding planning business on PPC ads?

PPC is a digital marketing type of advertising that will help you target a vast clientele. It is also very budget-friendly, and it can be adjusted anytime.

How often should I check my PPC ads?

You should check your PPC ads weekly or as often as possible. This will help you determine its functionality in advertising your business.

Where can I advertise with PPC ads?

You can advertise across the internet. We highly recommend that you promote through the following, social media, search results, and third-party websites.

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PPC advertising is a good way of advertising your business online. Whether you have a small business or recently began, it doesn’t matter; PPC can work within your budget to boost your business. You can also change your ad depending on the response it gets.

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