PPC for Roofing Companies

Roofing PPC campaign is ideal for increasing a site’s visibility on search engines, especially if you incorporate relevant roofing keywords.

It creates massive brand awareness and boosts visits to the landing pages of the roofing company website.

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What Is PPC For The Roofing Industry?

PPC for a roofing business is an effective advertising model where businesses pay a fee each time someone clicks on their ads and visits their website.

Considerable effort goes into pay-per-click advertising, especially for roofing contractors, from researching and selecting proper roofing keywords, and getting the best Google AdWords to finally putting up landing pages that can easily convert visits into sales for your roofing services.

If you are interested in other ways we generate leads for Roofing Companies, be sure to have a read of our dedicated Roofing Company lead generation page to find out more.

Why Do Roofing Firms Need PPC?

Roofing firms need PPC ad to achieve their branding and marketing goals faster, from brand exposure and thought leadership to creating awareness for a new product or roofing services.

This advertising channel lets you land in front of many potential customers who need your offerings to generate quality leads and traffic to your roofing business.

The Benefits Of PPC For The Roofing Industry

It offers granular control for ad campaigns

PPC allows you to spend as much or as little as you like according to your roofing business budget. Everything is within your control with no paid entry barrier and minimum ad budget.

Moreover, you can pause or stop the roofing PPC campaigns based on real-time performance.

It is a highly targeted approach

PPC stands out with its rich targeting options that marketing agencies can exploit. Marketers can select how, when, and where their google ads will be displayed. These include which PPC ads are displayed where, on which days, and for which search queries.

Google Ads can be specified based on age, gender, purchase history, interests, hobbies, mobile vs desktop use, cross-platform browsing habits, and more.

It can be measured and tracked through PPC platforms

It allows a roofing contractor to access loads of feedback data, adjust the campaigns, and wait for new data to come in to measure the effectiveness of the changes. With excellent analytical skills we develop a digital marketing strategy where businesses can generate the best returns possible.

Digital marketing provides results almost immediately

Advertisers can get results as soon as their ads go live. PPC is ideal for increasing revenue quickly and making the most out of short-term marketing windows like events, product launches, and seasonal sales. All you need to do is esnure you properly use the roofing keywords in each ppc ad you run.

It offers quick entry into any market

Small businesses and startups can level up to their competition by creating effective PPC ads and continuously optimising them. It helps companies earn a position that would otherwise take years to achieve traditionally.

Why Choose Us?

We are a full-service PPC agency that curates the best strategies for efficiently achieving your goals. Whether you want to run display ads or social media ads for more clicks, impressions, or brand awareness, we can get you off on a good start to online success.

We have a highly experienced team of ad specialists with excellent analytical and creative skills. We consider a whole host of metrics before building your campaigns to generate the highest ROI.

We also incorporate state-of-the-art PPC tools to measure data accurately and make well-informed decisions.

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We’ve partnered with clients in the roofing industry, ensuring customer satisfaction with each project. Rest assured that we know the best advertising platforms for you and how to best communicate with your audience for faster attainment of your objectives.

We offer affordable and effective PPC advertising services. We work with data and are confident that we’ll deliver results. Moreover, you can partner with us for as long or as short as preferred. We don’t force you into long-term commitments because our work speaks for us.

How Our Roofing PPC Services Work

It starts by defining your goals to create an effective PPC campaign strategy. This also influences the choice of platforms and ad types that meet your marketing requirements.

The second stage is audience targeting with AdWords and social media platforms. We’ll choose advertising options based on your target audience, and their point in your sales funnel.

Thirdly, we optimise your landing pages. We take time to create relevant landing pages that match the initial search intent to boost click-through rates, purchases, and sign-ups. The fourth stage is creating your ads, ensuring a strong link between the search intent and the landing page to sell a unique proposition.

Finally, we analyse and optimise the PPC strategy. This is by identifying the keywords and targeting features that best drive your ads and making changes for better returns.

Types Of PPC We Offer Roofing Companies

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Organic SEO provides a natural way of increasing your search engine rankings and website traffic by using relevant keywords and content that is likely to be search for by users. This type of digital marketing helps build trust with viewers, which can result in higher conversion and more sales.

We can carry out SEO for Roofing Companies throughout the UK, so please do feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested.

PPC management

It is the practice of overseeing and optimising a brand’s PPC strategy and budget. It involves proactively managing PPC campaigns to make more strategic and data-driven decisions. It boosts pay-per-click performance for the highest return on investments.

Search ads

It is the most common PPC advertising in which search engines such as Google and Bing deliver your ads to those searching for specific keywords. It involves putting up campaigns by writing ad copy, choosing high-value keywords, and selecting the right landing page on your site.

Social media ads

It is the process of reaching a large number of potential customers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It’s ideal for achieving a high click-through rate to your site, increasing product or service awareness, and targeting a particular audience.

Our social media marketing for Roofing Companies has helped hundred over the years, so why not chat to us today on how we can help your business get to the next level.

How Much Does PPC For Roofing Companies cost?

The average cost of PPC for the roofing industry in the UK is about £150 to £500 for the most basic PPC packages.

This figure varies based on your company size, industry, ad type and volume, keyword popularity, and level of competition in your area.

Testimonials From Our Roofing Clients

“This team has been great to work with and is highly knowledgeable. They’re also very responsive and keep updating me about my PPC advertising performance.”

“Highly recommend this PPC partner to any roofing business out there. They are highly responsive and easy to reach whenever I have any questions with my PPC ads campaigns.”

“This PPC team is super helpful. They provide more than PPC-specific insights and I am glad to partner with them for my ad campaigns. I didn’t experience any issue with them and recommend them to anyone in need of quality PPC.”


Does PPC come under SEO?

Search engine optimization attracts traffic from organic searches, while pay-per-click advertising gets its traffic from paid search, display, and social media ads.

How do I choose between PPC and SEO?

SEO is free, while PPC campaigns cost a fee each time someone clicks on the ads. Still, paid ads appear above the organic listings fostered by SEO before a searcher can scroll down to discover more choices. SEO is a long-term solution, while PPC produces results almost instantly. 

Is Google Ads and PPC the same?

No, Google Ads fall under PPC. AdWords is Google’s PPC advertising platform that allows businesses to appear in front of users seeking their specific offerings.

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PPC for roofing companies is an internet marketing model where advertisers pay the search engine whenever a user clicks on their ads and visits their website.

It is an excellent tool for seizing branding and marketing opportunities by appearing on top of organic search results. It’s ideal for brand awareness, increasing sales, and launching new products.

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