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PPC for Note Brokers is a popular digital marketing tool that can reach thousands of prospects in minutes for immense exposure. We’ve worked with small and medium businesses across the UK to achieve their marketing goals and generate leads through effective PPC advertising. We take the time to curate tailored PPC campaigns that achieve the highest return on investment with the use of Google display network.


What is PPC for Note Brokers?

PPC for Note Brokers is where advertisers pay a fee whenever users click or interact with their sponsored ad. Pay-per-click is vital in any online marketing strategy and can be combined with traditional or other modern advertising forms for tremendous results. It uniquely offers a wide array of targeting options and avails user data that can help boost performance.

If you are interested in other ways we generate leads for note broker companies, be sure to have a read of our dedicated note broker lead generation page to find out more information.

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Why Do Note Brokers Need PPC?

Mortgage Brokers need PPC and Google ads account to generate webpage traffic, gain brand exposure, convert first-time visitors to buyers, and drive quality leads. It helps your business appear before those looking for your offerings for higher conversion rates.

The Benefits of PPC for Note Brokers

It is cost-effective

Businesses only pay when a prospect clicks on their ad, making it a worthwhile investment. It also works with a tight budget since you can control your spending and adjust your budget if needed.

It offers instant results

With search engine optimization in mind, organic marketing efforts will surely but slowly bring traffic to your website. So you can use PPC ad relevance slots to defy time and process and get ahead of everyone else. It is especially true when introducing a new product to the market. New businesses can also use PPC ads to boost their online relevance.

It acquires quality leads

An outstanding benefit of PPC is assisting businesses to reach the right people with each ad spend. Those who click on your sponsored ads are already searching for your services and have a purchasing attitude. That means minimal effort is required to turn them into leads.

It offers many targeting options

PPC provides a sea of choices and control to reach your target audience effectively with google search partners. You can choose your preferred keywords and placements based on your marketing objectives. You also decide which ads to show in specific geographical locations, to which audience, and on which days. You can additionally start, pause, and stop your ads whenever you like. Its multi-targeting options also allow you to consider your audience’s age, purchase history, interests, hobbies, browsing habits, and location for a hyper-targeted approach.

It allows businesses to monitor the performance of campaigns

You can easily track your PPC campaigns using tools such as Google Analytics. It enables companies to access real-time performance data like generated leads and converted sales. That is important in making changes that create the highest return on investment.

Why Choose Us?

We work towards your goals and objectives

When you sit down with our professionals, we strive to get a clear picture of what you wish to achieve with the sponsored ads in your real estate business. These include building brand awareness, selling a product, increasing quality leads to your real estate agent, and increasing the number of visits to a landing page with online advertising. We’ll then curate the best strategies, paid advertising techniques, and campaigns that can achieve your desired results.

We pay attention to data and analytics

While making compelling PPC ad copies is essential. Optimisation, in-depth analysis, and prudent, continuous management are essential for success. We strive to understand numbers to strategise new ideas that can enhance returns.

We are well-immersed in all things digital marketing

While PPC advertising can achieve tremendous results, it can’t stand alone. It is part of a more extensive digital marketing strategy. Combining PPC and other marketing campaigns can yield the best results. Our vast experience allows us to streamline different elements of your digital marketing system.


How Our Note Brokers PPC Services Work?

Keyword research

We use creativity and diligence to perform extensive research on keywords. After establishing appropriate short and long-tail keywords for your industry, business, and services, we utilise different digital tools to assess the search traffic they can generate.

Determining the marketing budget

PPC campaigns can be costly since they work on a pay-later basis. That means the costs can reach millions of pounds without setting strict boundaries. It’s why we experiment with ads on a smaller scale before going large. We’ll also test variables and keywords that will produce successful campaigns within your limited budget.

Use of unique landing pages

Getting potential customers to click on sponsored ads is excellent. But the power of converting visitors to buyers lies in the quality of the landing page. Our job is to create quality and relevant landing pages that match the visitors’ interests, feature attractive aesthetics, and convince them to accomplish the goal of the ad.

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Types of PPC for Note Brokers We Offer

Display Advertising

It is similar to the traditional billboard ad, except it is a digital medium. It is a type of advertising where websites set aside space on their pages for images and video banners that firms can buy to advertise their services or products. While it may not foster the highest click-through rate, it can generate brand awareness.

It is the most common PPC advertising form. When users type a keyword or query into the search engine, paid search advertising will appear on top of the search results disguised as organic results. It is more likely that searchers will click on it than other competing sites.

Social Media Advertising

It is an effective digital marketing form since brands can directly communicate with their audience. Businesses can use social media PPC to encourage users to click on links, acquire a large follower base, generate exposure to posts, and increase online purchases.

Our social media marketing for note broker business has helped hundreds over the years, so why not chat to us today on what we can do to help your business get to the next level.

How Much Does PPC Cost for Note Brokers?

The average cost of PPC for Note Brokers in the UK is £150 to £500 for the most basic packages. For ongoing management, that may add up to £1800 to £2500 per month. The price variation will depend on the project scope, PPC services provider, the level of competition in your industry and local area, and the type of PPC channel used.

Here at Growth Giants we also carry out SEO for note brokers throughout the UK, so please do feel free to get in touch today if you are interested.

Testimonials from Our Note Brokers Clients

‘This PPC company was great to work with. I have also seen improvements in numbers on our landing page and can’t wait to see the results in three months from our new YouTube ads!’

‘Working with this dedicated and highly professional team is worth every pound you will spend. They intentionally deliver results for your mortgage business and know what they are doing in each marketing campaign.’

‘I am truly impressed by this PPC agency and the landing page quality. They don’t overpromise but deliver results for for mortgage broker. If you are looking for a PPC or digital marketing agency to help increase the real estate investor you currently have, I highly recommend this team, best ad group to showcase your mortgage services.’


Q. What is the difference between CPC and PPC?

Pay-per-click involves paying per click on a sponsored ad, while Cost-per-click is a metric used in measuring those clicks. That makes them the same thing.

Q. Is Google Ads and PPC the same?

Google Ads is a type of PPC advertising that lets businesses bid on keywords to show their ads on Google search results. PPC advertising is broad and can be Google, Social Media, and Microsoft ads.

Q. Which is better, Facebook or PPC ads?

Facebook ads are best for building brand awareness, targeting specific demographics and interests, and engaging users. Pay-per-click advertising increases traffic and conversions, achieves quick results, and targets specific search terms and keywords.

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PPC for Note Brokers is a worthwhile investment for small, medium, and large businesses. It grabs the attention of searchers likely to buy your products and services for a high return on investment. It can also achieve results faster since it can reach thousands of people once the ad goes live. Even better, you only spend when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website.

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