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We are an industry leading business growth company that has a passion for and specialises in digital marketing. We have numerous different services that we can provide for all different clients in the health and fitness industry in order for them to obtain more customers on their personal trainer website.

We understand that being a personal trainer and running fitness sites at the same time can be a challenge, and learning effective link building strategies can be time consuming, this is where we come in.

We are a hard working, experienced team that specialises in building links for personal trainers.

We have years of compiled knowledge under our belt from building quality backlinks for hundreds of different brands and businesses across the UK. We understand the link building process and numerous link building methods inside out, meaning that you can no reason not to trust us with your fitness sites!

If you want to receive quality backlinks today for your personal trainer website, get in touch with our amazing team of professionals.

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What is Link Building for Personal Trainers?

Link building is a form of SEO that strategises and focuses on developing your personal trainer website by bringing in inbound links from external websites.

Link building is one of the most important parts of a successful Personal Trainer SEO campaign, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood.

In order to stand out from the other competitors in the industry, you need to build links and connect the link to your site.

There are many link building strategies for personal trainers, so having high quality sites and backlinks are a way that you can establish domain authority in the health and fitness industry.

When potential clients see a link to your site from relevant blogs on other sites and similar search results, you will become their first point of call as they place some trust in you.

Along with keyword research, reverse image search, guest posts, and more- link building is a crucial point for ranking your website higher against others in the fitness industry. Sites with the highest authority are deemed by how many positive links they contain, therefore, it is important that you are not taking part in broken link building as broken links can affect your fitness website negatively.

With more links from other sites to yours, you are way more likely to drive traffic to you as a local business. Site owners should be very focused on lead generation as this can bring in a huge amount of prospective clients to you as a personal trainer.

If you are wanting to connect to your clients and target audience, build backlinks and other quality links with us today.

How Will Link Building Help my Personal Training Business?

There are many factors in digital marketing that all come together in order for a fitness website to suceed in getting visitors, link building is one of these.

Without building quality links to your site, there is a lower chance of brand visibility as your brand exposure is likely to come from other competitors and sites that link targets back to your site.

For personal trainers, hyperlink building is an effective way of obtaining traffic from organic search results. It is a way to expose your brand and firm to the right audience, as each link is a way to reach new users who may have otherwise not found your personal training websites.

Link building is an important tool for Google Analytics so you can see valuable insights, but it will only work alongside good web design and quality content. There is more that goes into a personal trainer’s website, but these are some of the key elements that can affect other SEO efforts.

Benefits of Link Building for Personal Trainers

There is actually a very wide range of advantages that prersonal trainers will experience from effective link building SEO strategies.

These benefits will include:

  • Increases exposure and visilbilty online
  • Increase site metrics and SEO scores, making it easier to rank higher on search engines
  • Greater connection with more clients
  • Keeps people on your site for longer
  • Guest posting can reach out to social media meaning that your powerful links will be in more that one place
  • Content formats with backlinks create a stream of referral traffic that is continual
  • Organic traffic from other websites based on the target keyword research

It is important to attempt to gain an interest from target audiences before selling your services to them, so having a blog post that has been brought through a guest post or link built into other sites on search engines can really benefit you in this way.

As marketing leaders, we have worked with numerous different forms of businesses, however, have a speciality in personal trainer link building. We understand how to make a bespoke service fit you so that you can have the full advantage.

We can also offer social media marketing services for Personal Trainers as well, so be sure to look through that page if you are interested.

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Why Choose Us?

We are one of the most trusted digital advertising agencies in the UK, specialising in making your fitness site gain more traffic and be climbing high on different search engines.

We want to enable your site’s page to be constructed in a way that establishes links with other brands, all whilst optimising your pages with keyword research and relevant content.

Working with our in-house and outside professionals, you can have confidence that your website will get the attention it deserves.

Growth Giants can help you generate more Personal Trainer leads, through our expert link building services.

How Does Our Personal Training Link Building Services Work?

The process of our services is always set up in a stremalines procedure that creates links for you.

You will get to choose the specific target websites domain authority and then decide on how many links you would actually like.

After choosing this, you can then specify the anchor text and sector, to then finally complete your order.

We always ensure that every link made is of the highest quality.

Types of Link Building For Personal Trainers That we Offer

Tier 2 Backlinks

If the links you have are old, not receiving traffic, or typically a broken link, you will benefit from a tier 2 backlink.

A tier 2 backlink will increase the authority of the links and resurge any low quality content into a place of existing.

Press Release Backlinks

This form of link building is for a website that appears as a press release and gives news articles regarding your services as a personal trainer.

Having the press release type of link building used on your website will help to disseminate information efficiently.

Other methods are also available.

Wikipedia Backlinks

Wikipedia is a commonly used website that has daily usages for your potential clients.

Including your own links your relevant Wikipedia pages ensures that your fitness website will be referenced by people working in the same industry.

How Much Does Link Building Cost For Personal Trainers?

Typically, the average price of link building for personal trainers will begin at £100 in a subscription method of pay.

You should expect to see a varied cost as there are some factors that change the price, such as the size of your business, the time spent on the site, and the type of link building you require.


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How many backlinks should I have?

Depending on the size of your site and your company as a whole, you should be looking at more links if your company is more competitive and has a larger scaled audience.

How long will it take for me to see a difference?

Ofcourse, this is different for every company, however, we would suggest that you will see a form of improvement by 3 months to 12 months time.

What is white label link building?

White label link building is a service that requires contact with a third party to enforce a delivery on link-building projects.

You should remove any mention of yourself from your final product when you use white label link building.

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We understand, that as a personal trainer, you will be busy the majority of times and focusing on building your business online will be one of the last things on your mind.

That is why we want to help.

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