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Retail business is a competitive industry, and as a retailer, you must stay top-of-mind for potential leads and grow your network by consistently marketing yourself. And one form of digital marketing outperforms the others: retail email marketing.

We have years of experience as digital marketing agency with various specialists working with clients across the UK. As a result, our email marketing service will help Retail marketers to keep in touch with their existing customers and provide them with information about new products.

Our team of experts can create post-purchase emails, which are essential since they show that a brand cares even after a purchase. Besides, an email marketing strategy is a great chance to collect customer feedback and improve your service and retail sales. Find out how our email marketing for retailers can have a positive impact in your business.

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What is Email Marketing for Retail Companies?

Email marketing for Retail Companies is a set of strategies that help them increase their sales by promoting awareness and interest in their products. We help Retail companies to choose the right advertising strategy and practical tools. Convdersly it helps them get good business development ideas and a high return on investment.

Retail businesses need a unique email campaign with catchy subject lines to attract new clients and partners. Thus, we are the best when it comes to email marketing services, and we have a list of retail email marketing examples for you to explore. What are you waiting for? Visit us for the best email marketing campaigns.

The Benefits of Retail Companies Email Marketing

With us by your side, you are guaranteed to enjoy many benefits from email marketing. It is from gaining loyal customers in your online store to increased sales with our marketing strategy and much more.

Better ROI (Return on Investment)

A well-planned email marketing campaign can increase your sales level. Do 72% of users prefer receiving promotional content via emails, but mind that bulk emails with the exact offers sent to thousands of recipients won’t do? We fuel your efforts with personalisation and segmentation options to provide an individual approach.

If you are interested in other ways you can increase sales and revenue, be sure to check out our lead generation for retail companies page for more information.

Direct communication

 A personalised email is a proven way to attract potential clients. Also, you can use some of our email services, such as SendPulse, to cope with this task more effectively.

Valuable feedback

You can get valuable feedback from your clients on what they think about your products and services. And since most customers are always on their mobile devices, be sure these are real-time feedback you are receiving. As a result, it will give you insights into improving your strategy.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the most reputable email marketing companies with the right email marketing software the guarantees results. A lot of work goes into developing an effective email campaign, so hiring our professional team is the best way to get started.

With years of experience in the field as a reliable email service provider, we can offer email marketing services that represent your business well and are designed impeccably. Get in touch with us today and get the best email marketing strategy to help your business grow.

Here at Growth Giants we also offer a more traditional style of marketing, if this sounds like something you may be interested in, be sure to check out our retail company advertising services page for more information.

What Makes Good Email Marketing for Retail Companies?

Email marketing had been found to be a handy technique that never grows old. Some of the things that make good email marketing platform for Retail Companies include the following.

A well-designed email

Good email marketing is complete with an email design. Sending a simple text works, but an HTML email has more appeal to persuade the customer to click on the CTA. To design your emails, we lay out the key elements you want to include in the email. Like the subject line, body text, graphics, CTA, and footer.

Catchy email signatures

An email signature makes it look professional, helping you build trust, connect with your audience, and show subscribers a glimpse of your brand’s personality. We consider these tips when creating your email signature. However, we keep it simple, ensure consistent branding, and add links to your website.

Content personalisation

Email marketing personalisation targets your campaigns to specific audiences based on their last purchased product, demographics, etc. We tailor your content to your customers’ needs and provide offers relevant to their interests to give them personalised experiences. Doing so helps you connect, engage, and nurture relationships with your audience, boosting conversions and sales.

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Types of Email Marketing We Offer for Retail Companies

Promotional Emails

Promotional Emails are a great way to drive sales funnel, signups, and new product offerings for your small business. Our promotional emails include offers that entice and encourage your target to buy your new product or service.

Acquisition Emails

Acquisition marketing emails can help your small Retail business acquire customers who have opted to receive your emails but have yet to be converted. We create attractive offers and informative content for Retail Companies. You can show those in your email list the value of becoming an active customer. 

Brand Story Emails

Storytelling can be a powerful tool to get your point across to customers and prospects by taking advantage of emotional responses. We help sell the story behind your brand and even send a company profile video to your audience.

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost for Retail Companies?

The average cost of designing an email marketing campaign in the UK is between £200-£350, depending on the kind of email being developed and the work involved. If you want better results and fewer demands on you and your team, you can engage our professional team to manage your email marketing. Working out your ROI can be an excellent way to evaluate and cost your marketing efforts.

At Growth Giants we also offer social media marketing for retail companies, be sure to check out that page if his sounds like something you may be interested in.

Client Testimonials

“This company gave our business several solutions that help us sell our goods via email campaigns and establish and manage our internet domain without incurring significant costs. Thank you so much to the team for creating the best digital marketing tool for us. The best email service providers.”

“I found this company’s email marketing generates economic growth as it plays a massive role in aiding our businesses targeting messages to particular connections. It’s such an easy thing to make leads with your customers as small business owners. They incoporate email marketing best practice and help increase your customer relationships. An with their retail email marketing tips you can go wrong.”

“The convenient email marketing tools they created perform all the work for us, it allows us to quickly and easily build marketing strategies and afterward assess the outcomes so that our next marketing plan is more successful than the one before.”


How often should I send emails?

You can send emails as often as you can without annoying your customers. For some companies, this might look like once a week; for others, they can send daily emails while maintaining high engagement levels.

What is the best time of day to send emails?

It will differ depending on your business and customer base.

How long should my Emails be?

Your emails need to hit a sweet spot of being long enough to convey your message and short enough that people don’t lose interest – or think you’re not putting effort into it.

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Email marketing for Retail Companies is a tactic that can help them achieve their earning goals. By choosing our email marketing services, planning strategically, and implementing our expertise, you will stand out from the competition.

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