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As a photographer, you know your service’s importance to the community. You have a role of keeping memories alive. So, it would help if you had an effective way to market your product and services.

One of the best ways you do so is using Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC for a photography business is a digital marketing platform that lets you find new clients and grow your businesses through google AdWords.

We are a U.K based company and have been helping photographers market their products and services through our PPC services and google ads campaign.

Our tools and ads for photographers allow you to reach thousands of people on a google search looking for photography services to get more leads and increase your profits. Read on and find out more about our google ads campaigns and how it will benefit your photography business on search engine results pages.

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What is PPC for Photographers?

PPC is a form of digital marketing that allows you to pay for clicks on your ads. You pay based on how many people click on your ad or site. It can be highly beneficial to reach a specific audience or target keywords to increase the chances of getting found online.

You can set budgets and targets for each campaign on your google ads account, this way we will help you track its effectiveness over time. Our PPC google ads campaigns include text, displays, and videos on Google and other search engines. We will assess your needs to know the PPC campaign for your firm.

Why do Photographers Need PPC?

Photographers need an ad campaign to help them appear on top of search engines and reach more audiences.

If you currently have a small budget for your paid advertising, then this online marketing option is perfect for your photography business. You only spend as little or as much as you would want for your google ads campaign.

PPC can help you reach your search traffic goals directly through social media without the hassle of having a website or blog. Our team will create campaigns that drive more traffic to your site and increase search volumes than other photography website.

We want you to get more leads and convert them to paying customers. Get in touch and learn more about our effective ad schedule that will turn your business around. 

The Benefits of PPC for Photographers

The following are the benefits of PPC for photographers.

PPC is an effective way to get new clients

If you’ve ever tried to sell photography services online and found it hard to get your name out there, then PPC may be the solution. PPC allows you to target specific demographics, locations, and keywords in a way that traditional methods don’t qualify.


PPC can be a lot cheaper than traditional digital marketing. It doesn’t cost as much to run ad campaigns and track results, so it’s more affordable to experiment with different strategies. Our team will create a system that works for your business.

Increases sales

PPC ads are designed to get your potential customer’s attention and convert them into paying customers. Usually, PPC drives more traffic to your site, where they will be converted into active customers.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of digital marketers who have been serving U.K clients for many years. We have a reputation and a proven track record, which will help you get the best results from your PPC campaign.

Our team is passionate about photography and understands the needs of photographers. Our company works with various photographers by offering them tailored PPC packages to increase sales. We aim to provide you with the best PPC campaigns so they can achieve their goals faster and easier than ever.

Please get in touch with us today and get affordable PPC packages.

How do our Photographers’ PPC Services Work?

First, we offer a free initial consultation to help you know about our PPC campaign. We help you create a PPC campaign tailored to your business goals, budget, and audience.

We’ll work with you to determine what keywords will be most effective for your campaign and how much you should spend on each keyword. Our team will provide you with a report on our progress.  

We will adjust the campaign based on what works best for your website traffic and conversions. Our team will conduct regular reviews to ensure that the drive works as intended and continues to meet its goals.

It includes looking at top-performing keywords, ad quality scores, landing page performance, and more so that we can help you increase traffic to your website through PPC advertising.

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What Types of PPC For Photographers Companies do We Offer?

The following are types of PPC:

Display PPC

Display PPCs are ads that display on a website or an app. They can be text-based or banner ads, but they’re typically displayed in the same place where users search for products and services. Our team will help you show your brand in front of your targeted audience.

Email PPC

Email PPCs are similar to display PPCs in that you get them in email form. The emails are sent to a targeted audience with links, so when they click them, it will bring them to your site. You will eventually be able to convert the lead into an active customer.

Video PPC

Video PPCs are videos designed specifically for Google’s video ad network. They can be either short videos or long-form videos with sound effects. Our team will work with you to create video campaigns to be displayed in front of your targeted audience.

How Much Does PPC Cost for Photographers Companies?

The average cost for PPC management for photographers in the U.K is £25 to £100 per hour. The cost varies depending on your monthly budget, the number of keywords, and the campaigns you want to run. We have affordable PPC packages for photographers to grow their companies.

Our company offers free consultations so that we can discuss your needs in detail before setting up a campaign plan with our team.

Testimonials from our Photographers’ Clients

Our clients had to say the following about our services:

“We’re delighted with the results of our PPC campaigns so far. The work done by your team manager has been awe-inspiring, and he has provided us with all the help we needed.”

“I highly recommend them to other photographers looking to run PPC campaigns as they have proven themselves extremely professional and knowledgeable about their field! We no longer have to worry about managing the campaign ourselves because they know what they are doing.”

” It’s nice knowing someone else handles all aspects of running successful ad campaigns. We love the PPC management services of this company.”


How long does it take to get my PPC campaign running?

PPC campaigns take at least three months to work. However, it varies depending on the keywords you want to target and the amount of competition in your industry. We can usually get you up and running within a month if you start with just one or two key phrases.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves optimizing content to appear higher in SERP’s search engine result pages (SERPs). In contrast, Pay per click (PPC) consists in placing ads on top of search engines. You only have to pay when your ad is clicked.

Is PPC effective for my business?

Yes. PPC campaigns will increase traffic to your site and eventually increase your sales. We have affordable PPC management services that will enable you to grow your photography firm within months.

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If you want to grow your business and get new clients, then PPC for photographers is the way to go. It’s cost-effective marketing that will help you increase sales within months. It is a digital marketing strategy that allows you to target customers based on their interests and needs.

You can also use it as an opportunity to show off your work and build relationships with potential clients through social media. We are a U.K based company and have been providing PPC services for Photographers for many years, and we are here to help you. Our company offers Display PPC, email PPC, Video PPC, and more.

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