The Benefits Of Video Testimonials

You cannot find a more significant sales force than a group of happy clients willing to spread the word about your business. By recording their insights, a powerful and user-friendly resource can be built.

While having written testimonials posted on your website or printed in your marketing materials is helpful, having a video testimonial is much more effective.

Because videos capture viewers’ interest and keep them watching, this type of marketing has been increasingly popular in recent years.

A recent survey found that thirty per cent of video viewers went on to learn more about the company featured in the clip, and twenty per cent ultimately shopped at the establishment where the clip originated.

The usage of testimonials could be more straightforward. Marketing videos based on testimonials are compelling, including raising brand recognition and encouraging viewer participation. The post describes the uses of testimonial videos in marketing.


What Is A Testimonial Video?

Customer video testimonials is simply another expression for “referral” or “review,” and you already know how crucial positive reviews and referrals are for B2B and B2C businesses. Testimonials were effective a century ago and will be effective a century from now.

People desire to feel like they are making intelligent decisions, particularly when spending money. To assist them in deciding between product X and product Y, consumers often read reviews on sites like Yelp and Google or consult recommendations from friends and relatives.

You can put your money on product X outselling product Y if it receives more positive evaluations. Almost ninety-five per cent of buyers consult reviews before making a final decision. That tells you that when you collect video testimonials is a statement of satisfaction from a satisfied customer, making it a powerful marketing tool.

It is encouraging to see positive comments, but you must consider the potential of an unfavourable review. Even if your marketing and public relations team responds to a negative review in an attempt to defuse the situation, the review will likely remain in the digital ether indefinitely. The best part of running your website and social media platforms is deciding what goes up.

The Value of Testimonial Videos in Advertising

Improved Reliability and Confidence

The credibility increase gained from using testimonials in video marketing is a significant factor. People are more prone to trust their peers’ opinions than a company’s. Visitors to your website may be persuaded to purchase if you feature a final video testimonial from satisfied customers. Still, they must be more confident that the testimonials are accurately represented.

They can trust the words of their peers more when they come directly from the people in the film. Customers can watch real people talking about your items in unscripted testimonial videos. It is a way to humanise your company and build trust with clients. You can describe your objectives, goods, and overall mission and support your claims with specific client stories.

 Using video testimonials shows appreciation for people willing to share their thoughts. You place your credibility in the hands of these customers, demonstrating your appreciation for their feedback by making an effort to record it. When consumers feel valued and trusted, they speak positively about your company to their peers, boosting your reputation.

They Are Extremely Sharable

A video endorsement is a great conversation starter on social media, an effective email, and a valuable addition to any website. Marketers who need hardworking content to disseminate across an ever-expanding number of media will find them a valuable and versatile commodity thanks to their ability to infuse each channel with life and personality.

Better Conversion Rates from Video Testimonials

Video endorsements help any company reach its digital marketing objectives. Did you know that people retain over eighty per cent of the information presented visually but just twenty-five per cent of the information presented in the text?

This startling data proves video reviews are far more effective than textual ones. For this reason, your intended audience will be more interested in watching a quality video than reading a lengthy article. Fifty per cent of buyers said they prefer testimonial videos because it helps them visualise the product in question.

Enhanced Storytelling Capabilities

A video encourages customer feedback and participation. In doing so, they can provide more nuanced assessments of the product’s value. One way to increase sales is to have your target audience experience the testimonial subject’s pain.

Better Emotional Connection

A video testimonial, in which you can see the giver’s face and emotions, is much more effective than reading a quote to convey an idea or sentiment. Unlike a written testimonial, a video captures all of the nuanced facial expressions and alterations in tone that give words more weight and authenticity.

This helps the video feel more genuine, creating an emotional connection with the viewer. The power of a testimonial lies in its ability to persuade an audience that they, too, would have the same results from using your product or service.

Making customers feel something is the most effective technique to get their attention and close the sale. It also enhances the impression that customers deal with a company representative individually.

Relatable And Aesthetically Pleasing

Testimonial videos provide a more immersive experience than their written counterparts do. These supplementary visuals enhance the overall quality of the content. The written word lacks emotion and personality.

On the other hand, videos do not have this issue. It cannot be denied that videos are vibrant. All three media (images, sound, and text) are presented excitingly. They work well together to make people feel how they want.

This is in sharp contrast to a written recommendation. There needs to be more to learn from these letters and words. They do not move, act, smile, or frown to make the message more relatable.

It Gives The Brand A Face

The absence of direct human interaction is a significant challenge for online enterprises. Screens and images of the products are presented to you rather than providing the personal interaction of a physical store. Many of these companies are efficient, but they need more human touch. Humanising your brand by adding a face to your product can be accomplished via video testimonials.

Showing prospective customers a friend or acquaintance who benefited from your product or service might increase their confidence that they, too, will have the same success. This brings consumers closer to a real-world shopping experience, strengthening their conviction that you offer the best solution to their problem.

Boosts Your Visibility

Advertising testimonials increase brand awareness, which is a win-win. In today’s digital age, a company’s online presence is crucial to its success. Sharing videos is commonplace because they are both simple and visually engaging. Video testimonials are more exciting and stand out from sales pitches in a way that text-based content simply cannot.

If a potential buyer has never heard of your goods, using a video demonstration instead of just words on a page will help you make a lasting impression. Videos can be used successfully in many different types of business media, such as:


If expanding your company’s online visibility is a top goal, then video marketing is the way to go. When you embed videos on your website’s landing pages, you immediately provide potential customers with engaging, helpful, and shareable information.

If you optimise your videos for Google, you can boost your visibility online. Potential customers will have a far easier time locating your website, leading to increased site visits and a continuation of the loop of capturing their interest.

Networking sites

Testimonial videos have the advantage of being simple to distribute via social media. Videos shared on social media platforms typically gain more views and exposure than those posted directly to a website. Posting films to niche-specific social media and online communities is another great way to increase brand awareness and loyalty among your target audience.


You may use testimonial videos to make your email marketing more engaging. Hubspot data shows that incorporating “video” in an email subject line increases open rates by twenty per cent.

Using videos generally increases click-through rates by seventy per cent and decreases mailing list unsubscriptions by thirty per cent. The numbers support this claim. Make sure your video can be easily seen on mobile devices.

Video Testimonials Can Be Used In Many Different Ways

Video testimonials can be distributed via numerous web channels, including email, newsletters, landing pages, and social media. They can be hosted on some platforms and made publicly available with just a link, making them easy to embed and display. Examples of such videos would be:

  • Customer and client testimonials: Distributing customer-generated content like product/service reviews, customer testimonials, and case studies in the video.
  • Employee testimonials: Recognizing and rewarding employees’ successes can boost recruitment efforts, bring in more qualified applicants, and help keep talented workers around.
  • Education testimonials: Exhibit good feedback about your school through student and parent reviews.
  • Event Testimonials: If you want more people to sign up for and donate to your events, you should collect testimonials from previous attendees and donors.
  • Medical testimonials: Patient testimonial videos in support of medical procedures in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.
  • Nonprofit testimonials: Gather testimonies from those who have benefited from charitable efforts, those who have donated, and the general public.
  • Expert and influencer testimonials: Use thought leadership videos and material influencers make to boost brand recognition and credibility.
  • Partner and investor testimonials: Highlight your cooperative efforts with partners and investors to impress potential customers.

Methods Of Collecting Video Testimonials From A Customer

Getting fantastic video testimonials from customers that accurately reflect their ideas and experiences can seem impossible initially. But a humanitarian approach goes a long way.

You Have to Ask

Take time with something until you have heard from satisfied clients directly or through social media. One indicator that a customer has become a brand advocate is when they go out of their way to tell others about their excellent experience with your business.

If you inquire too soon, before they have had a chance to gain knowledge or work through their issue, you can get an unhelpful answer.

Time Savings Through Asynchronous Video

Once you have identified your brand’s most vocal proponents, you can email them requesting a video endorsement. Putting yourself in customers’ shoes and catering to their needs is essential. The availability of both parties in a video call must be coordinated across time zones.

The situation may become more complicated for the client. Asynchronous video testimonial solutions make it simple for the consumer to respond with a video when convenient, eliminating the need for your presence.

In contrast to synchronous recording, in which all participants must be present at the exact moment, a link will be emailed to your clients, who can then choose to record whenever it is most convenient for them.

Exhibit To Buyers Why Their Experience Is Valuable

Even if you ask your most devoted and helpful customers for their input, you’ll still need to convince them. Instead, think about how their story touched you and how it might touch the lives of others.

Assist them in understanding and appreciating the benefit your product or service has brought them. Among the valuable benefits of testimonial videos. This technique lets you guide your customers in the right direction while allowing them to express themselves freely.

You can also help by providing a video case study of a testimonial. Open-ended questions can be helpful if you do not have a video clip to show for yourself.

Make The Process Of Gathering Testimonials Simple

Despite their seeming ease, written testimonials can be more challenging to acquire than video testimonials. You should expect higher quality and more entries if you make submitting a video testimonial as easy as possible.

Remember that you may use the text transcriptions from the collected testimonial videos; this means you obtain both written and video testimonials in one convenient package.

You might lose customers if your video recording software is not mobile-friendly or requires users to install a separate app. An authentic, conversational testimonial can help you win over new clients with minimal effort.

How To Produce Testimonial Videos

Finding happy clients eager to share their experiences is a prerequisite to shooting and editing video testimonials. Customers are most receptive to video feedback requests when they have recently experienced a positive emotion.

Create A Video Testimonial Script

Even though you do not want to create a film that looks scripted, there should be a basic framework and flow to guide your customers. Include at least the following in your testimonial:


In this part, the customer will detail the challenges they have encountered and the drawbacks they’ve experienced.


The buyer must explain their problem, the alternatives they considered, and why they settled on your product or service.


A customer’s final views on how your product or service helped them accomplish their goals are included in the testimonial.

Prepare Questions And Discussion Starters In Advance

Customers typically are not public figures like actors or public speakers. Some people may feel uncomfortable or nervous about appearing on camera. The most effective method involves interviewing the target audience.

Before interviewing the topic of your testimonial, you should provide them with this list of questions. You do not need to use that list. Ask further inquiries to explore the customer’s concerns further. Here is a compilation of questions to put to clients:

  • Specifically, what problem were you hoping to fix?
  • When did you first hear about us?
  • What led you to consider us a potential answer?
  • Was there anything that stood in the way of you getting your hands on this product?
  • Did you need help with making the purchase? If you did, please explain the concerns that made you rethink joining forces with the company.
  • Tell me how this product has helped your company.
  • In what ways do you find the product worthwhile?

Explain to the client how you want to shoot or record the video. Advice can also be given on where to look, what to wear, how to speak, etc.

Ensure High-Quality Video And Audio

The video’s picture and sound should be of the highest possible standard. You should not give an inch on this front. You must ensure excellent sound and visual quality to have the finest time.

Professional-grade tools like a camera and microphone can significantly improve the final product. Make sure your customers have these items on hand before asking them to record a testimonial video remotely.

The Reluctance of Many Brands to Invest in Customer Testimonial Videos

  • Traditional methods of creating video testimonials are time-consuming and expensive, which discourages many firms from considering their use.
  • Using the services of a film team or cameraman with access to high-quality video, lighting, and audio gear.
  • Locating and booking a suitable shooting location.
  • Getting help from post-production experts by hiring a video editor.
  • Producing even a few high-quality videos for your marketing strategy takes a lot of effort and money.


Using testimonial videos is a tried and tested strategy for increasing consumer involvement, gaining trust, and increasing brand awareness. Positive and negative online reviews have given customers more influence over a brand’s success.

With the help of testimonial films, your business may reclaim the narrative and, if I use the cliché, make an excellent first impression. While featuring written testimonials on your site is a good idea, research shows that video is an effective form of social media marketing.

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