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PPC campaigns for financial advisors are an affordable way to raise brand recognition and gain quality leads through google ads. It is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy and essential for online success.

We’ve partnered with businesses across the UK to enhance their customer reach through various paid search marketing efforts and can do the same for you!

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What Is PPC For Financial Advisors?

PPC is a form of paid advertising strategy for financial advisors. The advertisers pay a fee whenever someone clicks on their PPC ads and visits their website. It is a worthwhile investment since the visit generates more than the click is worth. PPC campaign aims to influence a specific type of user action, including purchases and registration.

At Growth Giants we can also offer Financial Advisor lead generation packages, if this sounds like something you would be interested in check out the page.

Why Do Financial Advisors Need PPC?

Financial advisors need PPC campaigns to gain online exposure, achieve thought leadership, attract quality leads, and increase sales. Financial advisor ads are essential for attaining your marketing goals. It lands you in front of those who matter most to your business when you effectively implement a google ads campaign.. 

The Benefits Of PPC For Financial Advisors

It is measurable and trackable

You can measure and track your performance using Google Ad tools, ad groups, and google Analytics. It makes it easy to establish the results driven by the ads for a set budget, which is vital for knowing what works and doesn’t for future improvements. 

It provides a quick entry for small businesses

PPC provides an added advantage to startups and small businesses. These google adwords get you up and running in no time to steal your way to the top.

They can target people outside those who already know your business. PPC ads also appear at the top of organic search results boosting the chances of being the go-to business. To ensure your PPC campaign is effective, you will also need to add the negative keywords you your list to ensure your business is presented to the write target audience, but this is what our PPC management team will handle for you.

It gives you unmatched control

With PPC, you control various choices to reach your target market. This includes the keywords and placements you’d like, you get to choose to how restrictive you want to be with your search engine marketing just to ensure you reap the benefits of financial advisor ads.

You get to decide which PPC ads show on which location, to which audience, and on which days. Besides, you can start small with your budget and pause or stop your PPC ads based on real-time results. 

It has rich targeting options

It’s easy to cast a wide net with PPC, thanks to the multi-targeting options. You can target keywords through text ads, run ads through remarketing, or concentrate on a specific audience.

Targeting variables include your audience’s interests, purchase history, age, hobbies, location, browsing habits across platforms, and more. This enables businesses to get as many impressions as possible while concentrating on the personas of their prospective audience. 

It provides a plethora of marketing data

With PPC, the value of information goes beyond your ad performance. You can access every keyword’s impression, conversion, and click data to enhance your PPC and SEO strategy.  

Why Choose Us?

We are a full-service PPC agency that dedicates time and effort to tried and effective strategies for the financial services industry. We keep up with the digital marketing landscape, ad group, and advertising networks to ensure we incorporate the best and most healthy practices and earn you a coveted top spot. 

We allow you to get involved as much or as little as you like with the campaigns. Still, we work tirelessly to meet your satisfaction and ensure an excellent customer experience. We look forward to knowing you, your business, and your PPC goals to get your marketing off to a good start.

Our vast team of highly talented and experienced PPC specialists is second to none. PPC is a whole world of data, and we understand how to utilise the numbers for new approaches that improve return on investments. Our team is diligently chosen to ensure they possess the best skillset for creative ad placements. 

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How Our Financial Consultancy PPC Services Work

  • It starts by establishing your business goal and objectives to increase the chances of success through guided strategies.
  • We research your target market and their behaviour. We take a meticulous approach to uncovering your audience’s pain points, desires, needs, and feelings to curate highly targeted approaches. 
  • We segment your audience into smaller, specific groups to properly utilise the available resources. It results in personalised campaigns, which reach your target market when they are likely to take action. 
  • We define the ideal platforms for your business. We’ll focus on the distribution channels that your audience engages with and program the ad targeting to the platform and its users. 
  • We create targeted ad copies and landing pages. We use landing page optimisation techniques to bring the conversion trophy home. We’ll develop compelling headlines, copy and content calls to action, and brand-relevant page design.
  • We put up analytics and data tracking to influence data-driven and customer-centric decisions for improved performance over time.

Types Of PPC For Financial Advisors We Offer

Search ads 

It is a common paid search ad and is usually tagged with the word ‘ad.’ They appear at the top and bottom of Google search results and contain text with no visuals. 

We can also carry out SEO for Financial Advisors throughout the UK, our aim is to help businesses achieve their goals and rank highly in search engines.

Display ads

This PPC ad type can be used to reach potential customers. It appears on Google’s partner websites and includes both a photo and text. The possibilities include setting a particular target market to targeting those who have visited websites similar to your own. 

Social media ads

It is a popular paid advertising model in which ads appear in social media feeds across platforms. It involves choosing from multiple popular platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, to reach your relevant audience. 

Our experts on social media marketing for Financial Advisors have helped hundreds over the years, so why not check out our page discussing this in much more detail.

How Much Does PPC For Financial Advisors Cost?

The average cost of PPC for financial advisors in the UK cost about 200 to 300 pounds per month. This figure can vary based on keyword popularity, cost per click, the level of competition in your area, quality score, and volume of ads. In some cases, business owners pay a specific percentage of the total ads spent, which ranges from 15 to 25 per cent. 

Testimonials From Our Financial Advisor Clients

‘The team pays attention to my needs and specifications, and their extensive research is a big plus. They are also easy to reach and very helpful.’

‘My business was struggling to gain leads and sales until I leveraged the expertise of this company. I am happy with the results, and their rates are affordable for a business with a tight budget!’

‘If you’re looking for a PPC company that can attract traffic to your site and strengthen your conversion rates, this one is simply perfect. They are a great PPC partner. Would highly recommend them.’


What makes a PPC campaign successful? 

It should be unique and tailored to your business, with an organised structure, extensive keyword research, and continuous optimisation and management to keep up with the evolving digital world.

How do you know if your ads are working?

Track performance, including the traffic, conversions, and sales before, during, and after the ads. Considering social media interactions for social media ads is also a great idea.

What is the most important metric in PPC?

ROAS, which stands for Return on Ad Spend. It is the quantity of revenue that your business spends after paying for ad campaigns. It allows you to compare your ad spend versus what it is driving to your business.  

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PPC for financial advisors is essential for online marketing success. The ‘spend money to make money’ model is a good value for your money as you only spend when someone actually clicks on the ads. It also fosters visibility and credibility, which is important for making consumers think of you first when looking for your offerings. 

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