Parasite SEO: Definition, Secrets, Strategy, Cost, Websites, and Benefits

Parasite SEO is an SEO strategy that involves creating and publishing high-quality content on third-party websites with very high PageRank, backlink authority, and trust in Google’s perspective.

The main Parasite SEO secrets include creating high-quality content, internally linking the parasite webpage with other relevant webpages of that parasite website, building tier-two backlinks to your parasite webpage, and getting traffic engagement from social media.

The Parasite SEO strategy involves publishing content on third-party websites, such as Outlook India and Yahoo Finance, and building off-page signals, such as backlinks and social signals.

The Parasite SEO costs include content writing costs, sponsor fees charged by third-party websites, the cost of backlink campaigns, and other off-page signals.

Parasite SEO websites (parasite SEO) are third-party websites that accept sponsored content or allow users to publish content.

There are various Parasite SEO websites on which you can publish your content, including free websites like LinkedIn Pulse, Medium, etc., and paid websites like Outlook India and Yahoo Finance.

The main benefit of Parasite SEO is ranking your content quickly on Google by taking advantage of the huge PageRank of the parasite websites.


What Is Parasite SEO?

Parasite SEO is an SEO strategy of publishing quality content focused on a certain keyword on third-party websites, such as Outlook India, with huge Pagerank, backlink authority, trust in Google’s perspective, and a huge amount of organic traffic from Google. 

The content piece is focused on and optimized for a primary keyword and published on high-authority websites such as Outlook India and Yahoo Finance.

Is Parasite SEO a Black Hat SEO Strategy?

No, Parasite SEO is not a Black Hat SEO strategy in itself. It is a white hat SEO strategy because it involves publishing high-quality and SEO-optimized content on parasite websites.

It could become a black hat SEO strategy if you employ black hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, copied content, link building using automated software, etc.

What Are The Main Parasite SEO Secrets?

The main Parasite SEO secrets include creating high-quality content optimized with content optimization tools, internally linking and forming a cluster of relevant articles on parasite websites, building multiple tier-two links to your parasite website’s article, and sending social signals and traffic.

  • Create High-Quality Content: write quality content focused on your primary keyword and optimized with content optimization tools such as Surfer SEO, Page Optimizer Pro, or MarketMuse.
  • Form A Cluster Of Relevant Articles: Order multiple link placements on the parasite website to internally link your main parasite articles and form a cluster of relevant articles.
  • Build Tier-Two Backlinks: Improve the authority of your parasite article by building 5-10 powerful Tier-Two backlinks to it.
  • Get Social Signals and Traffic: Send social media traffic and social signals to create a viral effect from Google’s perspective.

How To Rank Your Content In Google Using Parasite SEO Strategy?

To rank your content in Google using Parasite SEO, you need to find high-authority websites open to sponsored content, create high-quality content optimized for primary keywords, pay sponsor fees and publish content, build quality backlinks, and implement Parasite SEO secrets.

Find high-authority websites open to sponsored content.

Find high-authority publications or websites that accept sponsored content or allow users to publish their content. To find such websites, consider the following tips.

  • Search your topic (primary keyword) in Google and choose the websites with high authority, usually with very high DR and organic traffic.
  • Look for high-authority news publication websites.
  • Reach out to those high-authority publications and ask them if they are open to publishing sponsored content on their website.

Create high-quality content optimized for primary keywords.

Create high-quality content and optimize it using content optimization SEO tools such as Surfer SEO or Page Optimizer Pro. To write high-quality and seo-optimized content, consider the following suggestions.

  • Create a detailed article outline that includes various semantically relevant subsections.
  • Write content for each section by providing value and removing fluff or contextless words that don’t add any value.
  • Implement basic on-page SEO strategies like adding primary keywords in the URL, SEO title, H1 heading, etc. 
  • Optimize the content using Surfer SEO or Page Optimizer Pro. Add NLP phrases and other relevant phrases in the content at the right places.

Pay sponsor fees and publish content.

Pay sponsor fees to the high-authority parasite website that you chose and get your article published on it. Every parasite SEO website charges different amounts of money, and the amount can range from 500 USD per article to over 2000 USD per article. 

Build quality backlinks.

Build high-quality backlinks to your parasite article and improve its overall backlink power or equity. The parasite website has high link power or authority, and with a few quality backlinks, the parasite article can improve its ranking in Google. You can build backlinks such as guest posts, link insertions, and powerful tier-two backlinks from Searcharoo.

Implement Parasite SEO secrets.

Implement the Parasite SEO secrets like tier-two backlinks, social signals, and traffic engagement. Send social traffic to your parasite article and create a viral effect.

How Much Does Parasite SEO Cost?

Parasite SEO costs a varied amount of money and depends upon content writing costs, sponsor fees charged by the parasite website, the cost of building backlinks, and the cost of sending social traffic.

The general cost of Parasite SEO is described below.

  • The cost of content writing could range from 100 USD to 500 USD, depending upon the word count.
  • The sponsor fee for publishing content on the parasite SEO website could range from 500 USD to over 2000 USD, depending upon the website’s authority and quality.
  • The cost of each backlink could range from USD 50 to USD 450, depending upon the backlink quality.

There are various Parasite SEO packages offered by agencies like SEARCHAROO, and the cost ranges from USD 1950 to USD 3250. The packages include 1 SEO-optimized article, 1 article published on your chosen parasite website, 2-10 tier-two backlinks, and other features.

Which Are The Best Parasite SEO Websites?

The best Parasite SEO websites include paid websites such as Outlook India, Yahoo Finance, MSN, etc., and free websites such as Medium and Quora.

The following are examples of paid parasite websites.

  • Outlook India
  • Yahoo Finance
  • MSN
  • The Jerusalem Post (JPost)
  • Times Union
  • Deccan Herald
  • Mid Day

The following are examples of free parasite websites.

  • Linkedin Pulse Articles

What Are The Benefits Of Parasite SEO?

The benefits of Parasite SEO include quick ranking, increased domain authority, and higher rankings and more traffic.

  • Quick Ranking: Parasite SEO can help you rank your article on Google’s first page in a few days because of the high authority of the parasite websites.
  • Increased Domain Authority: Some parasite websites offer do-follow links to your website, thus increasing your website’s domain authority.
  • Higher Rankings and More Traffic: Your article can get more traffic as it will keep ranking higher in the Google SERP after implementing Parasite SEO strategies.

Will Parasite SEO Work in 2024?

Parasite SEO will work in 2024 because this strategy takes advantage of high-authority websites’ link authority and trust.

Backlinking is one of the top 3 ranking signals in Google’s Ranking System, and parasite websites have high backlink power, so they continue to rank higher in the SERP.

When To Use Parasite SEO?

Use parasite SEO when you have the following:

  • High competitive keyword that can give you great ROI over your investment.
  • Desire to rank quickly in the SERP and exploit other powerful websites.

Which Niches Are Best Suited For Parasite SEO?

Niches that are best suited for Parasite SEO include competitive niches with high commission rates and payout per sale, such as CBD, casino, hosting, drugs, supplements, and other YMYL niches.

Why is Searcharoo The Best Parasite SEO Provider?

Searcharoo was voted the best parasite SEO provider recently at the Digital Search Awards.

Searcharoo provides perfectly optimized content that ranks on high-DR parasite websites.

With off-page signals that include tier 2 backlinks and social signals, the Searcharoo parasite SEO packages can rank in competitive niches including the iGaming industry.

Searcharoo owners recently called the services Barnacle SEO, Authority HiJacking, and Piggyback SEO because they thought Parasite SEO was the wrong name.


FatRank has called parasite SEO the best SEO strategy for 2024.

Leveraging the power of 3rd-party sites to promote your service or product returns fast results.

Have a read of Best Companies’ overview of Parasite SEO for more information about this technique.

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